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Old 05-03-2016, 04:48 PM
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Missing in Action


Na'enti El'nyn
Race: Kagonesti, feat: Sharpshooter
Class: Ranger 3 | Rogue 1
Alignment: Neutral Good
Background: Soldier
Languages: Common & Elven
Rank: Standard Bearer (Squire)
Personality Trait: I face a problem head on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success.
Bond: I would lay down my life for the people I serve with.
Ideal: Our lot is to lay down our lives in defense of others.
Flaw: I obey the law even if the law causes me misery.
Skills: Athletics,Intimidation,Investigation,,Perception,P ersuasion,Survival


Na'enti El'nyn is a Kagonesti Wood Elf of the forests of Krynn. She is a mercenary soldier for hire and as an adventurer she has come to Flotsam with the prospect to be the standard bearer of services to Captain Truetower. Na'enti is a skilled ranger and survivalist. With a penchant for persuasion when the time is good, she uses her charm to get the information that she needs. When that does not work, she can be intimidating to get information from those that try to avoid her angst.

A daughter of Ill'vear Na'enti El'nyn and Galanodel El'nyn she is a resident of Woodsedge. A small populated town located within the Kenderwood Forest. Raised to be a skilled huntress, she left the town of Woodsedge to seek fame and fortune at the city of Flotsam. While being deathly afraid of water, she has overcome her fear at the request of Truetower.

Na'enti El'nyn wears light green armor, made from the crafters of Elven intricacies at Woodsedge. Bearing a longbow, greatsword and rapier with shield, she is a horde breaker. Able to rapid fire her bow in times of need and her innate fey ancestry has gifted her with magical prowess of the longbow. Na'enti El'nyn uses her magic to defeat and vanquish foes of an evil nature. Her gift to her people is the care and love for her brood and as she has come of age, she leaves Woodsedge to make a name for herself and protect the realm of the surrounding region anyway possible.

RP Sample:

Running through the forest, the smell of evil in the air and Na'enti knew it. Tracking the creature through it's blighted den, Na'enti stumbled on it's tracks. Kneeling down and pointing a finger in it's tracks, the Kagonesti Wood Elf raises her finger to procure a scent of the beast. It was Auntie Wormtooth that fled through the fey wild forests of Kenderwood. After having stolen a elven baby of high authority, the town of Overtree had lost a special infant of a couple of a regal position.

The Hag Coven was located deep within the enchanted forest. Avoiding thickets of thorns, snarled branches, dense fog and deep bogs of muck and mire, Auntie was close by. It was a wonder that Na'enti even closed the distance after Auntie had such a leading distance from the town of Overtree. But it not for her fleet of foot and quick speed through a land that she knew well, the outcome may have been different.

Arriving at a cave located within the side of a small mound of rocks located near a brook of water, the water cascaded down the small stream near the entrance to the Coven. Closer she got, the smell of the corrupted place assaulted her nose. The evil darkness penetrated the cavern in an unholy and necrotic aura as if the place spoke of the curse of this land. Entering, her darkvision allowed El'nyn to see the ground scattered with bones of her victims. As cages of wood seamed together by crude rope contained creatures that were famished and looked starved.

Quietly she crept through the Coven, finally entering the makeshift temple where Auntie Wormwood stood over iron pot seething with bubbling liquid and floating debris. Taking out an arrow, the female ranger aimed try and true and sent forth an arrow that struck deeply into the Hag. As the monster reeled in pain, the creature bore it's evil eyes upon the Kagonesti warrior. Visions of danger and thoughts of harm invaded Na'enti's mind. The vicious mockery tricked Na'enti into dropping her weapon and falling to her knees. Then manic laughter errupted from the twisted visage of Auntie Wormwood.

Then the Hag's mimicry intruded the wood elf's mind. "No, no,no!", exclaimed Na'enti. "You shall not trick me into submission!", with revitalizing grace, the female warrior quickly drew her long bow back up, jumped acrobatically at Auntie Hag. But the creature wasn't there. Hags known for their illusions showed a mirrored image of several forms. Deciding quickly, El'nyn aimed her bow and released an arrow that zipped through the air. With a thud, the arrow pierced the Hag's heart. Falling over deceased. The baby rescued and brought back to their parents without harm and alive.

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Name: Sylvia (sheet)
Race: Human (variant)
Class: Sorcerer (Draconic origin: red)
Alignment: N
Background: Entertainer
Languages: Common (R), Elven (R), Draconic (C)
Skills: Acrobatics (BG), Performance (BG), Persuasion (C), Arcana (C), Deception (R), tool prof: violin, disguise kit (BG)
Appearance: Image

Concept (Part 1)An easy girl possessing some otherworldly beauty. Not much is known about her other than she arrived with one of those slaver ships. While slave trade was forbidden in Flotsam, the ship needed to refill supplies. Sylvia was part of the merchandise and during the long journey she earned special privileges. Taking advantage of that she managed to sneak to the harbor escaping the ship. She was lurking there hiding form her former captivators when she was encountered by Cpt. Lelaina Truetower. Revealing some of her secret magic talents to the captain, Sylvia persuaded her to accept her into the ranks of the Flotsam Guard.

When not on a mission Sylvia likes to spend her time at inns, chatting, dancing and even playing her violin with devilish skill. She's known to often walk away with this sailor or that soldier of fortune at the end of an eventful night, thus it's not unusual that tavern fights break out around her. Though she sometimes enjoys the turmoil her position at the Guard compels her to quell participants before things get out of control.

Intermezzo (RP)Two thugs blocked the only exit of the dark alley.
- "There you are! Now, don't be afraid, we'll take you back to the ship." - they approached with slow, slightly swaying steps. Sylvia couldn't decide whether it was the gait of a sailor or too much rum. Probably both.
- "There's many dangers in a large town like this to a frail girl like you. Why don't you just come back with us." - their vinous, raspy voice was supplemented with intermittent idiotic laughter. Sylvia kept backing away but the alley was a dead end. She scanned the alley left and right in panic hoping to find help to no avail. - "No... please don't!" - she pleaded on thinning voice raising her chained arms defensively.
- "But first we'll have a little fun! Don't worry, it won't hurt... much. Hah, hah." - the men continued, but then a clear voice sounded behind them:
- "Hold it right there!"
- "Mind your own business, fool. This one is ours. Our property, see?" - grunted one of them turning back while the other still kept his eyes on Sylvia.
- "I am Captain Lelaina Truetower of the Flotsam Guard" - replied the newcommer on a rigid, cold tone - "and slave-trade is forbidden in Flotsam." - the sound of an unsheathed longsword gave extra weight to her words. - "Get out of my sight while you still can!"
The thugs looked at each other and reluctantly moved off. They shouted back numerous curses for goodbye from a safe distance.

- "Thank you!" - Sylvia panted - "I owe you my life."
- "You owe me nothing. There are no slaves in Flotsam. You are free. Do you understand?"
Sylvia nodded.
- "Hold still!" - the captain instructed Sylvia to hold her chained arms against the wall and then she cut the chain in two with a single blow of her longsword.
She grimaced. "Slavers rampaging in Flotsam... A few years ago that would've been exceptional. Now it's just everyday business."
- "Buy yourself some clothes and go somewhere safe for the night." - she dropped turning her attention back to Sylvia, and she was about to throw a small pouch to the girl but she denied.
- "No, I can't accept. You've done much for me already. Though I'd like to ask something...." - she cast down her eyes embarrassed by the request. After a short pause she rapped out: "I'd like to join the Guard!" - she said with shining eyes. - "I would stand up for the oppressed, the women, the slaves!"
Captain Truetower laughed out. - "It takes more than a good heart and nice words to join our ranks. Get some rest!" - with that she turned away and started to walk out of the alley. Loud clinks made her stop - heavy shackles sliding off of improbably thin wrists. - "I do have some talents." - Sylvia said with a smile in the corner of her mouth. Only, it wasn't her mouth. When Captain Truetower turned back she saw her own face in front of her as if she was looking into a mirror - except for the rugs, muddy skin and unkempt hair. "Impressive." - she thought.

Concept (part 2)Sylvia hated that there must had been a period (beyond where she was able to reach back with her memories) when she truly loved her mother. Every child does.
Later she developed anger and then fear, hatred and lastly a deep certainty that she was her absolute superior. The only person she could ever hope protection from but also one that would dispose of her on a whim should she become displeased with her. Her mother was adept in the dark arts - it became evident for Sylvia after a while - always scheming, charming, making pacts with forces far more dangerous and darker than herself.
Strict instructions and cruel punishments attempting to mean: "were her fate" - these phrases are so hard to look upfell to Sylvia's lot.
Until one day she carelessly ruined a precious magic item. Her mother was furious. She was about to strike down on her with a nasty lash but then something strange happened. Her arm halted as she was listening to voices only she could hear. And then she banished Sylvia without any explanation.

She set out to explore the world anxious about the source of her magic powers and the pacts that may lay behind them. Slowly she started to feel free. Free from her mother's terror, free from looming dark magic, free from evilness and cruelty. She decided to leave her earlier life behind. Keeping her past to herself she slowly learned to fit into the world of humans, elves and dwarfs. And for the first time in her life she fell in love.
Ben Rhust was a young Solamnic knight on a long mission far away from his order. Sylvia fell for his chivalry and he fell for her otherworldly charm. Their burning love was true. But it slowly and involuntarily corrupted the young knight's soul. He neglected his duties and spent all his time with Sylvia. Eventually an elder knight came to check on him and he thought he recognized what Sylvia really was: a witch. He convinced Ben and they turned on Sylvia together. She was shocked to see hatred and disgust on her lover's face as he shot a crossbow bolt into her shoulder. She tore the elder knight apart with her powers but she couldn't harm Ben. Concealed by magic she fled their home.

Wounded and broken she wandered aimlessly when shortly she was captured by slavers. She could have escaped even despite her wound but she learned that captives were to be sold oversees. She was fascinated by the idea of traveling trough the realm of water leaving the place of her sufferings forever behind.

When the ship finally docked in Flotsam she had had enough of the slavers' company and she escaped the ship sneaking to the harbor. The slavers were after her, not wanting to lose one of their most valuable catch. She managed to lure two of them into a dark alley. She carefully looked around - there were no witnesses nearby. But then just when the fun could have started a female guard captain appeared, ruining it. Still, Sylvia was fascinated by Captain Truetower's proud presence, her shiny armor, her sharp blade, her strength and authority. She wanted to be like her - for a while at least. Carefully weaving magic into her words - and demonstrating some of her powers - she managed to persuade the captain to accept her into the ranks of Flotsam Guard.

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Name: Vilhulm Blackbrier (sheet)
Race: Half-elf (Kagonesti)
Class: Fighter 4 (Battle Master)
Alignment: NG
Background: Urban Bounty Hunter
Personality Traits: Proud - Takes compliments and insults personally. Envious of the bond among true elves, and somewhat resentful for being excluded.
Ideal: Loves Flotsam and is committed to its safety and prosperity.
Bond: Would drop all commitments if presented with a chance to confront his betrayers.
Skills: (c)Animal Handling, (c)Athletics, (bg)Deception, (bg)Insight, (r)Stealth, (r)Survival
Languages: Common, Elven, Sylvan



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Name: Tyranthalas "Tyran" Isandiir (TEAR-en-thah-lus Ih-SAHN-dear)
Race: Silvanesti Elf
Class: Wizard
Alignment: True Neutral (has fairly decent Chaotic and Good tendencies (give him a century or a life-changing event, he'll probably even hit CG))
Background: Outlander
Skills: Perception (Elf), Athletics (Outlander), Survival (Outlander), Arcana (Wizard), Medicine (Wizard), History (Red Robe), Nature (Ranger); Flute/Woodwinds (Tool - Outlander)
Languages: Common, Elven, Kalinese, Hand Talk
Trait: The civilized world is filled with ease and distractions. It makes discipline a greater challenge.
Trait: My Test taught me that the right action is louder than a thousand words.
Ideal: Growth in Adversity: In nature, the strong survive and the weak perish. Or they outsmart the strong.
Bond: I have no family or home, so I've made Lunitari both, as well as any companions who've proven worth it.
Flaw: If growth comes through change, then when nothing changes, it must be stagnation. I can be... abrasive on this point.
Concept: Banished as a dark elf for his dedication to Lunitari and his voice all but stolen by his test, Tyran retreated into the wilds for more than half a century, leaving his people, the Order, and the world behind him, though he never officially severed his ties to the Order. In the wilds, he became everything a wizard was not: a skilled woodsman, gifted archer, and fine athlete, using his body to meet the challenges his magic could not. When he believed himself ready, he left the wild places once more, finding himself in Flotsam, where he offered his skills to the city guard, though he never said why. Still his magic, and willingness to bend the traditions of the Order, made him a useful, and unpredictable, addition to his new allies. He wears a single scarlet glove on his right hand, his only concession to the red robes his fellows wear.
RP Sample: In the corner of the tavern, an elf sits silently watching the room. With brown hair to his chin and a tattoo of vines over one of his brown-gray eyes, he is easily recognized by most there. Tyranthalas is one of Truetower's strike team. Though he does not look it, with a simple suit of leather armor, a thick green scarf, and finely carved longbow, the rumors that he and his companions have inspired mark him as a wizard.

He raises his cup above his head for several seconds before taking a drink and setting it on the table once more. Only a few moments later, the barmaid is by his side with a new mug, a dark wine. He nods in thanks, before handing her his now-empty mug. As she leaves, someone else approaches the table. He makes no introduction, but sits down and stares at the elf expectantly. Tyran only raises an eyebrow in question.

"New mission. Captain Truetower wants you at headquarters." Tyran begins to recognize the man. A guardsman. Timothy or Thomas or John - human faces tended to look remarkably similar. The elf looks out the window and points to the sun, tracing a line to the ground. Then he gives the same inquisitive stare. "Tomorrow morning. She wants you fully rested and ready." Thom then. The other two didn't understand hand talk, nor even the simplified version he was using now. The elf nods and begins counting, his fingers slowly moving through the numbers. He stops at seven, and the human nods. "Full team. This one's difficult."

The elf settles back in his seat with a pensive nod, raising his goblet to his lips for a sip. For several moments he simply stares at the fire, as if the man who'd joined him no longer existed. Finally, he holds two fingers over his left eye. Tom nods.

"Blackhorn," Tyran whispers. He hold his cup in the air again, before draining it and setting it, along with a few coins before Tom. He raises, places a hand on the guardsman's shoulder and nods at him, before grabbing his bow and leaving the tavern. As he exits, the barmaid brings the human a round.

Outside, the elf glances around the street, before turning and walking for the gates. There are still a few hours of light left. His hands had been idle enough today. Time to stretch them again.
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A thread for former PCs who have left the game.
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