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Old 05-17-2018, 11:40 PM
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Thomas Pell and God's Land

The former Army Sergeant, Thomas Pell had been travelling to town for a nice game of poker, he had noticed tracks from a strange creature and at first didn't pay much attention to it. At first, he made jokes about three toed Joe now riding his three toed camel. Maybe it was a Shoshone ploy, they were sly ones but this would be a new one. Pell finally realized, whatever it was it wasn't a joke when he came across two bulls ripped to shreds from a series of deep puncture wounds to the lungs before shredding the meat. It was just three hours old from the signs of it and the meat would still be safe to eat if this creature wasn't poisoned.

Bigger still, the tracks were not human or any animal known to experienced trackers. It was also heading towards the Crow reservation.
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