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Old 07-17-2018, 04:17 PM
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Though she watched how the others exited in case it was required of the rest of the party goers, Zyanya stays in the tower. She starts to organize and strengthen the defenses that they had at hand, starting with securing the stairway better. "Move the tables to block the entry." She looked about, hoping to find things that they could use to make the ascension to their tower refuge even more difficult and unpleasant.

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Old 07-19-2018, 06:34 AM
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Sara dons the cape that Eilund gives her and follows without a sound. She slip farther into the shadows as they watch the group under the trees. Slowly, Sara gets her bow in hand and notches an arrow, but doesn't pull it and keeps it pointed to the ground. "Well, now what? Gnolls are pretty nasty creatures." She also looks around to see if she might be able to sneak closer to the group to overhear anything.

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Old 07-19-2018, 10:52 PM
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Aurius remains stealthed, keeping out of sight as best as he can to increase the chance of survival for himself and company. Even if its timing is both auspicious and extremely conspicuous, he intends to ambush these attackers on the gate made bridge. With a well timed obscuring mist and an effective use of Hydraulic Push, Aurius is confident he can prevent these savages from crossing over the moat.

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Old 07-23-2018, 11:08 PM
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Unable to do much else, Larry readies his crossbow and prepares to defend the building
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Old 09-08-2018, 05:40 PM
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Nobor, Sara and Eiluned follow up front. Bram arrives soon after, catching the familiar scent from his old friend.

From the shadows they stare at the seven enemies that gather within darkness. The sounds of battle are muffled here, and the group can sense the heaviness and secrecy demanded for the gathering that happens before them.

Nobor sharpens his senses, trying hard to uncover any leads as to what's happening.
the first thing he finds out is that the troop movement around the manor has been kept minimal so far. Only that covenant seems to care about the area as they communicate and gesture. Nobor glances around and realizes that the city walls have, in fact, been ignored. Only the manor's being charged by the attack. It won't take long till help comes from the city, he thinks, and when it does, conflict will break out at the road leading to the gates as well.

As for Sara, she leans forward from her cover to try and discern any parts of the dialogue.
She manages to overhear the conversation, conducted in ancient araratian, a language fortunately not entirely different than its contemporary counterpart. One of the humans gesture towards the tower, saying "He'll pay for that dishonor, I assure you. And soon both of us shall have what we're looking for. Just remember, Katha, I want the girl alive" - his voice sounds strong and definitive. One of the gnolls, the bigger one, it seems, moves forward, saying between growls. "Very well.... You'll have that wife of yours, and we'll have the bloodstone. Remember, though: when all is done, you'll help us break the curse." - the two shake hands and issue quick commands to the five remaining men. They turn and begin moving silently towards the back walls of the manor! Sara notices their equipment: weapons, light armor and climbing gear. They want to invade the place without being noticed! Seeing their orders accomplished, the leaders move on the opposite direction and into the darkness....



Larry holds his crossbow high, ready to shoot. One of the archers on his side points down.

"We have problems, mister guest." - he points out at several scattered gnolls running towards the moat as if ready to jump in and climb. The beasts run naked and lightly-armed. They hold on to strange staffs, crying and howling to the moon. "SHAMANS! PUT THEM DOWN!" - if Larry recalls correctly, gnoll shamans can call on the powers of nature to help them out. If they're powerful enough, they'll surely cover the walls with fire and lightning!

And that's not all... As they approach, Larry understands why they're naked: their skin and fur looks rigid, even under the winds of battle! Barkskin! They sought out guarantees for sure!

[Ok, if you want to shoot, go ahead! They'll surely profit from the opportunity to rain curses on your side of the lines! ;p]


As they climb, Zyanya commands a few servants - and a score of soldiers as well, to help barricade the way. Broken chairs, turned tables and a fair amount of barrels are all employed to build decent hold-out points between the first and second stores, as well as the second and third. As she reaches the top tower, Aurius is already there. She manages to barricade the door, bringing no small amount of distress among the scholars lodged inside. A closed door and two heavy shelves are a significant barrier, but the scholars are somehow scared that someone might be able to penetrate the fortress! After the amount of barricades she built, though, it seems pretty clear that no army would be able to just invade the place.

On the other hand, Aurius contemplates the battle below. As the gates begin to surrender, he focuses on the spells he has prepared for the occasion. But as he glances at the fields below, he sees the gnoll shamans scattered amidst the crowd! Each of them also prepares a distinct spell. They can control the primal forces of nature, and they might be able to silence his efforts - as well as those of the other casters upon the tower!

[Ok, you still have time before the gates fall. It's up to you! What are you guys gonna do?]
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