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Old 09-23-2016, 09:54 PM
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It's a rare game that actually gets me excited to play, especially forum based. This one did. A large part of that was the crew. Legioned picked well when he selected all of you for the game.

I think it's time for me to lay off the dice based games for a while. Something about the dice has been turning downward for me lately, both here and in reality. Our last Pathfinder session at Legioned's place had some horrid rolls come from my hands (on six different d20's across the night, five 1's and one 20, with two of the 1's showing up in a simultaneous roll of two d20's, and a disproportionately large amount of sub-10 rolls). It gets frustrating when I try to do something Awesome or dramatic and the dice say, "Nope!" repeatedly.

Otherwise I might have taken you up on that oWoD game, Ajivani.

I may be around. Peace!
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Old 09-24-2016, 06:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Casino Jack View Post
Honestly it may be because I've worked back to back full shifts and haven't had any time to catch up or parse what's happened with this walk back, but I'm completely lost in terms of what just occurred and what Oliver could contribute. Again I probably shouldn't post OOC with the sour mood I have right now, but I really didn't like how this was handled.

I understand the need to keep the party on a track to make sure interest doesn't peter out but I did not like or enjoy the sudden appearance of Lucius, how the offer was made and think it goes very poorly in completing what we wanted to do on a meta-level. The fact that his objective assigned was one we already had placed on a list doesn't solve the 'directionless' issue, which honestly I think was a lack of posting rather than a lack of motivation. Due to the party split, which in a party of this size will be common in PBP, at least to my experience. I don't mind hand-waves onto rails, but I do mind what I percieve to be poor hand-waves onto rails.

I won't post tonight since I simply don't have the mind to do it, but I'll try and read it again tomorrow and see if it makes sense to me.
I have to say that I agree very much with Casino Jack's opinion on the last ST post of this game. Honestly, I was a little taken aback by the sudden appearance of Lucius and I felt like the entire forced scene was more than a little ham-fisted. I don't think an ST-GM-DM should have knee jerk reactions like this whenever a game slows down just a bit or if something doesn't go entirely according to plan. From a player's standpoint, it feels exactly like having the rug pulled from under my feet.

Sure, the posting rate was down a notch or two these past few days. Still, I think that just offering some comments, help or questions posed to the players in the OOC thread would of been sufficient (do players need more direction? do they need more help etc etc). I think that the posting rate was down mostly because players were thinking about what to do next (not in a confused 'I don't know what to do' kind of way, but more so in a thinking about the best way to approach the current situations kind of way) and the coterie split amplified the slower posting rate (one person taken a day or two more to post kept the rest of the players waiting to reply). Personally, I enjoyed the freedom given to the coterie-- to tackle the situations as we voted - chose and to go out in that city on our own terms so to speak. Having Lucius magically pop up there and try to send us on a fetch quest kinda killed that buzz.

In the last game (Diachronic Millennium), I saw a bit of this impulsiveness as well on the part of Legioned when a new coterie member (a new player coming into the game at a later stage) was not readily accepted by the original PCs-- a few of the already established PCs were giving him the cold shoulder and were distrusting (as was totally natural and normal for any group of vampires to do in the World of Darkness, I think). I believe our PCs at the time were totally in-character and logical in not blindly taking an outsider into the fold who claims to be apart of the Black Hand and who was not at all first cleared as a veritable member by either of their sires. Instead of having the player of this new PC work harder to earn their trust or hell, even get to scrapping with our own PCs because he feels insulted and rebuked (either option being interesting from a storytelling - drama standpoint in my own opinion), we were told (OOC-wise) that we should play nice. Again, sure, OOC-wise we know that this PC is one of us, but we kept the game IN-game and I think that the slight friction was necessary to keep the game real and engrossing. I saw a bit more of this uneasiness on the part of the ST in this current game when some of the PCs were not immediately liking each other or getting along.

At the same time, I can understand Legioned's willingness to do almost anything to keep the game running on track--just so because our previous game started to crumble piece by piece by less and less frequent posting by some of the other players. I can even understand his motivations for not feeling so well about letting characters - PCs argue and squabble among themselves. Still, you have to find the right line between a crisis situation that may kill the game and just something that has been spawned by the player freedom or game organics that the ST and players can take and run with it (inter-PC conflict, etc). I don't see game ending factors in PC conflict in a WOD game, I see opportunities for secondary story lines and yet more hooks to keep players interested and stimulated in the game. I'll say it again for the upteenth time: WOD's strong point is just that: character individuality and being original. We are not playing the roles of a tank, a healer, a ranged damage dealer and all the other necessary cogs of a military tactical unit in a D&D game. These PCs do not have some kind of loyalty software built into their android brains. No, we are playing living and breathing individuals who probably will not get along with all their other 'allies' just like in the real world.

Legioned: I do not say these things to be insulting. It is only my intention to offer some constructive criticism (if not that or if you will not accept these comments as such, then my own frank and direct opinions on the matter then). To the contrary, I've stated numerous times and in numerous posts on these forums that your Diachronic Millennium game was and is still my favorite game of all time ever since I first started dwelling within these forums. As an ST, your overall strengths outnumber these small points. Plus, you are a cool guy and I am very much sad to see you go and to see this game fall into the ash heap of other failed games on this site. I hope to see you and Sciondraconis back on here one of these days.

My thoughts and heart goes out to you Legioned and your wife. I hope that she can fight and win the battle that she now founds herself facing. If you ever return to the site, please give me a head's up. I will always be interested if you put up an add for another game.

To the rest of you:
Again, I felt like we had a pretty awesome gang of writers and characters in this run. I lapped up every post. It's not every day that you're in a group of players that have nothing but quality to offer.

That being said, I do want to take a step back before I get involved in any other games straight off the bat. This is yet another game that has died out--for important and acceptable reasons obviously-- but that has still died out nonetheless. So, my morale and faith in believing that post by post games can actually survive has taken another hit.

Also, I did have a few ideas for running a game of my own in the future-- I may want to tinker and focus on these ideas as well before committing to anything else right now.

So, I wish the remainder of you all the best and we might just cross paths again down the road.
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