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The Agents of Silver Fox

Herein lies the agents of Silver Fox. All agents are assumed in ACTIVE status unless noted otherwise.
To a commoner, orcs are terrifying brutes.
To a soldier, orcs are savage and dangerous opponents.
To a king, orcs are a constant threat to the peace.
To an adventure, orcs are 135 XP apiece.
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Name: Stacey Profett (AKA - Icicle)

Country of Origin: USA

Power Set: Cold/Ice Based Powers

Power Origin: Beta Level Metahuman

Physical Description: Stacey has brown hair and green eyes. She is 5'11" tall and wears clothes that look like a parka, and cold gear, but don't hold any heat in at all. She's pretty, and fit. She loves to dance and listen to music when able to let her hair down; this is literal as she keeps her hair up in a ponytail under her hood, and lets it down when relaxing and having fun. Her brown hair is naturally wavy, slightly curvy and down to the small of her back when brushed out.

Personality: Two words. Fun, and Sassy. "I'm good people. As long as we can let our hair down when this is all over, and maybe a little in between, I'm happy. And I get paid, right? Good."

Goals: Icicle - "Oh. You're "asking" me. I thought you were about to give a list or... never mind. My Goals are... Truth. Justice. The... Are we the good guys? We are? Ok. *ahem*... and the American Way!"

Brief History: Her background is a mystery. As a baby, she was left on the doorstep of a Detroit orphanage. She grew up in a series of state institutions and foster homes (one of whom gave her her name), never quite fitting in.
Although she was a nice enough girl most of the time, something about her — including the way her hands were always so cold! — seemed to put people off . When she was around 14, She decided she’d had enough. She ran away and began living on the streets of New York, surviving by stealing. She hung out with street gangs and often got into trouble with the police, but was never arrested. One day, shortly after she guessed she had turned 16, she got caught shoplifting from a market by the store’s owner. Deciding he’d teach her a lesson, he locked her in his freezer “just for a few minutes.” Fifteen minutes later, her metahuman powers of ice control had fully erupted. She blasted her way out of the freezer and out of the market, and soon began using her powers to commit bigger and bolder crimes. She’s been neglected and poor for too long; now she’s going to attract some attention and get rich!

Posting Status: Normal.

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Thomas Taylor
left-aligned image

Name: Thomas Taylor AKA Tank

Country of Origin: USA, Louisiana

Power Set: Touch range manipulation of magnetic fields. In practical terms, he can control ferrous metals, but only if they are touching his skin or touching metal under his control. By those means he can chain multiple pieces into larger structures, but if any link in the chain is severed, he loses control of the pieces beyond that link. Usually uses his powers to protect himself and augment his own strength and speed by wrapping himself in metal.

Power Origin: On the higher end of Beta. Powers manifested in his teens.

Physical Description: Tom is a 19 year old African-American man (although his father was white, he never knew the man, so he considers himself black like his mother). Thin but not skinny, the word slender comes to mind. He is 5’10”, fit, and has high cheekbones, a pointed chin, and an easy smile. He usually keeps his black curly hair quite short.

He dresses simply, as his wallet allows, but has a sense of style. His usual civilian outfit includes some kind of collared shirt with rolled up sleeves, slacks, suspenders, and some kind of cap. When worried about trouble, he fills his pockets with loose bits of metal (nuts, bolts, screws, etc) that he can use to protect himself.

Personality: Tom is friendly and gregarious, always up to meet new people. He does not drink, but has no problem being around those who do, provided they don’t lose control. He also has a strong interest in machines, particularly vehicles. He was never formally trained, but he did work in a garage for most of his teens.

Although charming and relatively handsome, Tom has never been very successful romantically. He is a shameless and constant flirt, but never pushes it any farther than that. In fact, although he would never admit it, the few dates he has been on were disasters. As soon as things get the slightest bit serious or emotional, he panics and redirects the conversation to a joke or an anecdote. The same principle applies to his friendships, leading him to have many friends but none that would call him a close friend. The only people he's ever really been close to are his mother and his sister.

Goals: Tom has a couple reasons for joining the task force. He tells those who ask that he merely has a moral conviction that the axis must be stopped, and while that’s true, it’s also not the whole story. Tom has a bit of a chip on his shoulder about his talents. He wants to be the best at something, or at least exceptional. He was hoping he could find that in engineering, but in a world of super geniuses his slightly above average intellect couldn’t keep up. His powers are, of course, amazing and rare, but he has never felt as if he earned them. He is hoping that he will find what he’s looking for in war.

Of course, having come from a poor background, the money isn’t exactly a downside.

Brief History: Born to a single mother, Tom’s childhood was poor but loving. He flourished in school, but had to leave at 10 to help his mother when his baby sister was born. Once his baby sister was had hit toddler age and become more manageable for his mother, he decided to get a job instead of going back to school. After a string of menial jobs, he ended up working at a garage after the owner saw him tinkering with a go-cart he and a friend were making out of junk parts. His powers manifested soon after, and only helped him at the garage. He worked there for 6 years, and is just now leaving at the age of 19 to join the army.

Both his sister and mother are still living happily in Louisiana, along with his sister’s father, who his mother ended up marrying a few years ago. His own father has never returned, and he knows nothing about him.

Character Sheet

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Father O'Kelly

Name: Father John Edward O'Kelly (no alias)

Country of Origin: United States

Power Set: Ritualist (Enochian magic), knowledge of all forms of magic, expert detective and marksman.

Power Origin: Father O'Kelly is highly trained in observation and marksmanship, and has extensively studied the practice of magic in all its forms. He has mastered the use of Enochian rituals to create a variety of effects.

Physical Description: Father O'Kelly is approaching 50 years old, but remains in excellent physical condition. His hair is short and dark, but showing signs of grey. With a clean-shaven face, a warm smile, and reading glasses, he appears as little more than a harmless priest.

Personality: Father O'Kelly is kind-hearted and eager to offer forgiveness to those who seek it, but also willing to hunt down and eradicate evil when necessary. Having seen his old life destroyed by alcoholism, he never drinks, even for Communion. While a brilliant scholar of magic and theology, he is also a man of action, believing that all the knowledge in the world is useless if not employed for the greater good.

Goals: Father O'Kelly's primary goal is to serve God, and he finds that he is most effective as His sword arm, fighting against dark forces of magic and human evil. The horrors of Nazi Germany inspired him to reinlist as an Army chaplain, but his paperwork quickly found its way to Operation Silver Fox.

Brief History: John O'Kelly served with distinction as a sniper in WWI, and transitioned to police work in New York City after the war. With his keen analytic mind, he quickly rose through the ranks of the NYPD and became one of the best detectives in the city. However, the trauma of the war, coupled with the grisly criminal underworld he dealt with, weighed on him and drove him to drink, eventually costing him his wife and son, who left him for parts unknown.

As O'Kelly handled bigger and bigger cases, he increasingly found himself opposing warlocks, sorcerers, and occultists. Seeking a way to better combat these magical criminals, he turned to the study of Enochian magic, based on the language of the angels. The same intellect that made him a great detective allowed him to master the complex rituals with ease. In the course of his study, he relied on the expertise of priests and theologians, who eventually persuaded him to turn to God and join the Catholic church. His skills proved useful enough that he quit the police in favor of joining the Church's exorcism task force, eventually becoming one of the most seasoned exorcists on the East coast.

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WadjetName: Dalilah Amari AKA Wadjet

Country of Origin: Egypt

Power Set: She can eat almost anything, and can precisely transform the chemical composition of anything she eats before regurgitating it for use. This includes swallowing items to hide them, producing poisons, or spitting harmful substances at enemies. In addition, Dalilah has received training as an assassin, making her stealthy, acrobatic, and capable in close-quarters combat.

Power Origin: Alpha meta improved with magic

Physical Description: Dalilah has shoulder-length, dark, curly hair, tan skin, and almond-shaped, brown eyes. Her lips have several small scars on them. Dalilah is tall and very thin, with little muscle on her, especially for a soldier. She almost always sports a slight smile. Dalilah is in her early twenties.

Personality: Dalilah is quiet, although not shy. She is intelligent, cunning, and manipulative. Her powers have cultivated in her compulsion to seek out new materials to consume. She is anti-social and a thrill seeker, taking pleasure in stealing and harming others. However, in recent years, some within the military have befriended Dalilah, mostly by bringing her exotic things to eat and tolerating minor pranks. To those few she has befriended, Dalilah is manically loyal and protective towards.

Goals: Unlike many others, Dalilah is not driven to oppose the Nazis out of morality, due to her self-centered nature. Rather, she is interested in maintaining her lifestyle as a military asset. Before, as a child, all had been disgusted by her, feared her, even hated her. Even Dalilah's parents ultimately gave up on her, sending her away. Now, within the Egyptian military, she has found usefulness, and even friends. Instead of being told to suppress her abilities, she is encouraged to improve upon it. The Nazis would threaten that, should they direct their attention toward Egypt. Dalilah is well aware that a Nazi take over would likely result in her being... "dismantled"... for the sake of study.

Dalilah is also driven by loyalty. Her superiors - those who have provided her with a purpose and with friends - have pointed her at an enemy, and she will do her best to destroy them. And who knows? Maybe she can find something interesting to eat along the way...

Brief History: When she was born, Dalilah only had the ability to eat anything she could swallow without suffering ill effects. While a nightmare for her parents, the ability was nothing special among metas. Regardless, she was ostracized by many, not only because she was a meta, but also because others were disgusted by her ability. Rather than try to hide her powers, Dalilah instead learned to revel in it, becoming anti-social. She would use her meta ability to sicken those around her, including her parents, as revenge for treating her poorly.

When she was ten years old, Dalilah broke into her parents' study. As capable wizards, Dalilah's parents worked for the Egyptian government, studying alchemy. Once inside their study, the girl eyed the magical substances gluttonously. Wanting to "eat magic," she consumed many alchemical reagents, and was irreversibly changed. From that point on, she acted as a living philosopher's stone, able to convert anything she ingested into something else entirely. Her parents took the opportunity to study Daliliah, in order to replicate the result outside of her body. However, because Dalilah had eaten so many ingredients, and so randomly, their research was long and arduous, producing no significant results.

With her newfound power, Dalilah's pathological urge to eat things and anti-social behavior became uncontrollable. She drove her parents to the brink, with the final straw being an incident in which Dalilah ate another child's toy and spat shards of glass back into his face. Finally giving up on try to control their child, and on creating a philosopher's stone, Dalilah's parents gave her over to the Egyptian military to be studied and trained as a meta soldier.

In her training, Dalilah has learned to utilize her ability to the fullest. With extensive schooling in chemistry, Dalilah can more precisely tune the products of her power to whatever she may need. In particular, she has developed a penchant for producing various poisons, which she carries with her to apply to weapons. The military also trained her in covert operations, as both an assassin and spy. Her love of poisons was allowed to flourish, and her ability to swallow normally toxic object lets her smuggle small items in and out of locations with ease.

She is still under study, with magicians from all circles of magic trying to find the precise source of her alchemical abilities, but to little avail.

Character Sheet:

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Name: Doctor of Psychology Augustus Holland, AKA Doctor Holland, AKA "Sandman"
Country of Origin: England
Power Set: Mass Hypnosis, Mind Warp, Sand Form
Skill Set: Psychology, Persuasion, Deception

Power Origin: Psychic Sand, Presumed Psychologist

Physical Description: Doctor Holland is a well-kept gentleman, precise in both dress and grooming. However, his entire image is a juxtaposition of white and black: trimmed, jet-black whiskers against a pale face; a black hat with a white band; a black overcoat with a crisp white shirt; black trousers with hair-thin white stripes, and so on. There is no color to the man, and that matches his perfectly neutral expression as he observes the world around him with a piercing and impassive gaze.

Personality: Holland is so detached you might assume him under the influence of a substance. He's calm, steady, and painfully dispassionate. When he speaks his voice is sickeningly comforting, like poisoned syrup. While his manner makes him almost impossible to argue, there's still something deeply unsettling about the man. Perhaps it's the way he looks right through you; maybe it's that twitch of a smile that creeps across his face at an odd moment; or, just maybe, it's that feeling that he knows everything about you, but somehow doesn't care a thing for you. Holland is a polite man by all accounts, but nobody is rushing to claim him as a friend.

It's hard to say what makes Holland tick except for the obvious interest in psychology. Having read the biography of the man he believes himself to be, he at least feigns interest in a number of mortal, terrestrial pursuits. But perhaps the most driving motivation he has is sheer desire to learn and know, especially when it comes to the secrets of consciousness itself.

Goals: Holland is government property, but Operation Silver Fox offers him a chance to spread his wings a bit and experience the world for himself. He seems vaguely interested in freedom, but doesn't seem altogether convinced he's detained in the first place. Perhaps as much a reason as any to join the operation was mere idle curiosity.

Brief History: In the 1870s, a coalition of scientists and alchemists with back-door funding from Britian's Bureau of Futurism conducted experiments in the deep Sahara. The goal was lofty, but simple: to create sentient life. The Sentience Ray was created, tested, altered, and re-tested in an ongoing effort create a human-like intelligence that could reside in an object or machine. After nearly 20 years of effort, the project was scrapped and many of the researchers returned to Britain. But a stow-away, an unexpected byproduct of the experiments, returned with them. At some unrealized point, the sand which formed the test bed of their efforts had indeed been imbued with sentience, and had risen as a man. He, or "it", had apparently been perusing the research station's library for some time prior. Within it were the complete works and biography of the late Doctor Augustus Holland, a lesser-known contemporary and vocal critic of the famous Sigmund Freud. This "sandman", as the creature became known, assumed for itself Holland's identity, and seemed to have no awareness of its actual origin.

Upon returning to Britain, the Sandman was locked in a detention facility for further study. The Sentience Ray would be studied for another 30 years to no avail while Sandman, living as Holland, casually and repeatedly breached his various containments one after another. Every time they moved him or built a new facility, he eventually manifested some new power that allowed him to escape. He never went far, mostly preferring the quiet of his study, but it was nonetheless a constant irritation to the rotating officials in charge. Finally, with the rise of the Nazis and the threat of another Great War, British intelligence decided they'd turn their liability into an asset, and deploy the Sandman with a specialized team of other rare individuals. Holland agreed.


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Name: N/A, but often goes by fake names and false identities. Known under various code names such as The Big Guy, The Big Ugly, Der Golem, L’Homme Gigantesque, The Lightning-Born, and simply The Monster.

Country of Origin: Technically he was born in Bavaria, Germany but Adam has rejected anything resembling a national identity for over a century now. A wanderer living at the edges of society, he’s taken to keeping a collection with the flags of emblems from the uniforms of everyone he’s killed since the war started and there’s a lot of Swastikas in his collection. A lot, but not all. Some allied countries are represented in his collection.

Power Set: While “Big Ugly” is significantly larger, stronger, and tougher then a baseline human, his main ability is actually Electricity Absorption which he then uses to fuel other abilities like increased speed, manipulation of electromagnetic fields, and regeneration. He might also be Immortal but that’s unknown.

Power Origin: Created from the mad genius of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Adam was born not from a woman’s womb but from the boundary of biology and alchemy with a Bolt of Lightning as his official Birth. Possessing the Spark of Life, electricity is tied to his life force in a way that it isn’t in others. Vlad Dracula believes that Adam’s Spark of Life makes it theoretically possible to restore the Undead to Life for example.

Physical Description: Basically start by picturing a leaner, meaner, Boris Karloff in the full MGM costume and you have a solid start. Standing at almost 8 feet tall and weighing over 400 pounds he towers above most other beings but at least he can still pass for human. His skin is actually more along the lines of a tanned Caucasian and while there is a generous amount of scarring most of it has healed over since his creation. He tends to dress only barely better then a homeless person and likes it that way.

Beyond his towering stature and obviously very powerful and scarred build, there isn't anything really inhuman about his appearance until he takes his shirt off. The famous massive neck electrodes from the MGM movies are fictional - the electrodes are actually a series of small metallic studs that run down the sides of his spine.

Personality: A survivalist first and foremost, his main preoccupation is keeping himself alive. This isn't entirely selfish but based on memory, straddling the line between Man and Monster he knows that he'll often be put into the other category of whoever tries to figure out where he falls. Until he has to do otherwise he just tries to lay low from both sides, passing as a human and trying to steer clear of most other monsters.

That is, until it is time for the hunt. He keeps it hidden away but "Adam Weiss" always sympathized with the downtrodden, the weak, and the lonely. Sometimes this means the poor just trying to scrape by, sometimes this means the "monster" just trying to live in peace. This has led to a belief in a sort of equilibrium where man and monster can live in stability if not peace. Something about being the only one of his kind, rejected even by his own creator and hounded by those who don't understand - or worse. No, he hides when he can, but when he can't hide anymore suddenly you're at the receiving end of a vengeful juggernaut empowered by the elements with almost 130 years of experience who in many ways wrote the book on hunting monsters whether they be literal or metaphorical.

Goals: Survival, closely followed by Vengeance. The Big Ugly ultimately just wants to be left alone, but the Nazis made that impossible when they raided Castle Frankenstein and began experimenting with Victor’s research. Now the governments of the world know for a fact that he exists and are trying to mass produce beings like him into a slave race and he won’t have it. Until he can recover and destroy the research of his “father” he’ll never be left alone again.

Not to mention he was in Warsaw when the Nazis invaded and has witnessed several Nazi atrocities first hand. He doesn’t like most people, but he absolutely hates Nazis too the point that the stories of his exploits has led many to believe that the Golem of Jewish Legend has returned. He also hates Vampires and wants to kill Vlad Dracula as well, but concedes that Vlad wants him alive so he can experiment on his Spark of Life so the Nazis are the more immediate threat.

Brief History: The mad genius of Dr. Victor Frankenstein would lead to a miracle of biology that has never been duplicated. Stealing corpses from graveyards around his ancestral home in Bavaria and uniting them with surgery and alchemy, the Creature would be born not of a woman's womb but in a bolt of lightning in the fall of 1818. The Creature's horrifying appearance led to Victor immediately rejecting and trying to kill his creature, and so the game began.

By the winter of 1820 the private war between creature and creator came to its ugly conclusion. Victor promised his creation to make him a companion so he could not be so alone if in return the monster dropped the vendetta and left him in peace. The monster agreed, but Victor instead delivered a barely animated corpse filled with explosives. So the monster killed Victor's wife and fled North. Victor tried to give chase but succumbed to the cold and the Monster's brief meaning for existence went with him.

He just lived off instinct as a vagrant going between towns and cities, feeding on their fledgling power grids before moving on. A purpose finally came to him again in 1840's Toronto when the then young city's poor were being farmed like cattle for a sect of vampires and one mistook him for just an unusually large vagrant.

By the next summer, Toronto's vampire cell was wiped out. He returned to his wanderings then but not as a vagrant. Now a Hunter, he's been spending a century finding his conscience and defending the downtrodden from things that go bump in the night. Sometimes that meant sticking up for the other creatures from overzealous human hunters but that's the breaks. In 1897 The Monster was invited to a meeting on the neutral ground of London by Vlad Dracula supposedly to make peace and end his vampire-hunting but “the deal went bad” as Vlad’s real goal was to steal the Monster’s “Spark of Life”. Not to mention the things Vlad did to friends of “Boris” on the side just pissed him off more.

By the 1930's, "Adam Weiss" took his biggest departure from his previous tactics. He was in Warsaw when the Nazis came, hiding among the Jews originally to put down a werewolf pack but the Nazis tore through them on their way to being bigger bastards to the Polish Jews then the Werewolves ever were. Hunting once again, this time coming concentrating on the Human Monsters, “Adam” is happy to take no official sides and to keep taking flags and patches as trophies, but the War and Fate seem to have other ideas.

Character Sheet!
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Name: Alexander Mayard, alias Flux
Country: United Kingdom
Power Set: Teleportation, healing. Swordfighter.
Power Origin: Beta-level Metahuman
Physical Description: Alexander is a 27 year old white British male of below average height, around 5'6", with unremarkable brown hair kept short. He's usually seen in an old brown suit with a loose black bowtie and bowler hat, but is almost never seen without his gas mask except at home, when his kind brown eyes and his warm smile can be seen. He's thin and athletic, having trained long and hard with his short swords as weapons of choice.

Personality: Despite the mask's appearance, Alexander is neither creepy nor heartless. Spirited, to be sure, but mostly he 'just feels sorry for those German bastards'. Not so sorry as to let their armies alone, mind you, but sorry enough to neither kill unnecessarily nor prolong their deaths.

Goals: Alexander is driven by a strong sense that Germany's leaders are evil men, corrupted almost beyond humanity, but that the average soldier is just some poor bloke who wishes he could go home. To that end, his goal is to end World War Meta and the bloodshed, by any means necessary, and the task force seemed the best way to do that. Especially since it's so much fun!

Brief History: Alexander was born into a butcher's family; one of the few trades that had never gone out of style yet, though there were a few rough patches when rationing was in effect. His family is still alive, safe at home in Cornwall, and he visits as often as he can, bringing by gifts of money, toys, clothing, even food when he can get his hands on it. He's unmarried and his mother died in the birth of his youngest brother, Thomas, having survived the births of himself as the oldest and his little sister Mary, who's not so little anymore. His father still runs their butcher shop, his sister's family living in the flat above, younger brother still too little to join the army but too old not to help out.

Character Sheet:
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[*dice="Expertise: Magic"]1d20+18[/dice]

left-aligned image

Name: Sebastian Wayland Angell II
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 179 lbs.
Eyes: Acid-Blue
Hair: Blue-Black
Country of Origin: Canada
Power Set: Magic
Power Origin: Occultist of R'lyeh

A blossom of flame fights to climb up to the end of the Marlboro Red, partially shielded from the elements by the yellowed fingertips of Sebastian’s other hand. Oily acrid Zippo fuel entwines with the sickly sweet stench of the smoke wafting out of his chosen cancer-delivery device. The cherry glows with each inhalation, revealing flashes of the shape swaddled in the inky black of the small hours. Rivulets of rain cut lines down the waterproof, heavy-duty knee-length black cotton gabardine trench coat, its buttons secured, belt cinched, and collar drawn up to ward away the moist chill. He was tall, but lean, indicative of one who subsisted predominantly on magic and single-malt whiskey, the second of which solved the mystery of the hollow tinkle from the dripping satchel slung over his shoulder. Worn jungle boots, peeking out beneath the cuffs of wet denim jeans, stoically accept the downpour. From beneath a mop of rain-slick blue-black hair, his acid blue eyes, ancient from knowledge unfit for mortal consumption, reveal more than a hint of madness. Pearl-white teeth flash forth slyly, as if encouraging the storm to wash the city from the face of the planet.

Sebastian's passions ravenously seek to quench an unquenchable curiosity, which has let him to be privy to ancient slithering things that should remain unseen. What remains is a burned out husk of what was once an innocent, but the charred remnants retain a sense of foundation-less optimism, though even with this optimism he does not expect to live long. Has forsaken wealth and luxury as unnecessary distractions, though psychoactive elements are embraced as old friends just returned from a long voyage. Wry smiles come easily to the young thaumaturge, though they are marked by a weight too heavy for anyone to bear, for this man has sworn to end the supernatural threat by any means necessary.

It would be a gross understatement to say that the report was unflattering.

A spellcaster, the source of his power unknown, of no small means that was brought in for the murder and burning of one John Reginald Legrasse. Several assaults on prison staff, unexplained phenomenon, the gruesome murder and defilement of 13 fellow prisoners, non-compliance with the edicts of his attending psychiatrist, pyromania, a madman's esoteric scribblings: strange symbols, talismans, spells, rituals, and pentacles of every major religion, gibbering in numerous tongues both man-crafted and otherwise, suicidal ideation and multiple attempts...

He would be perfect.
A powerful, yet deniable asset.

Little more than a tormented shell of the proud man that he once was is dragged into the chamber gagged and bound for questioning. Haggard and exhausted, his mop of sweat-stained hair covering his haunted and bloodshot eyes, the dull blue sleeves of his prison garb partially occluding the scars of his ravaged wrists, the dissected any shattered remnants of a psyche stitched together only by obsession; it would difficult for any to look past the pitiful creature before them.

"Remove his gag." The guards who brought the man in each take an unconscious half-step back, wondering if the General had suffered some sort of psychotic break, but they complied. It was not a request.

Hard men sitting board-straight assessed the man as one would a malfunctioning weapon, simply trying to determine its worth versus the resources that will be necessary for effective operation in the field. There was no compassion in their eyes, just the cold pragmatism of those tasked with making impossible decisions that would send men to their deaths to serve larger purposes.

For too long he remains unresponsive and silent, save his ragged breathing, until finally Sebastian speaks with such lucidity that one wonders if it had all been a ruse. The words are an accusation aimed at one crushed under 6' of soil, with the weight of a headstone added to ensure he stayed in his pine box, "I took tea at 10 Barnes Street."

10 Barnes Street was where he had been hired to contribute his sketches for the restoration of an ancient grimoire. At first he had thought that Howard had enlisted him for his artistic acumen, but he would later conclude that the invitation was of a more insidious bent. Descriptions were provided of smothering shadows that regurgitated tentacled blasphemies of sinister flesh with agonizing detail, seemingly so they could be immortalized onto the page. What he did not realize at the time was that H.P. was purposefully flaying back the veil of ignorance that shielded him to reveal the truth of reality.

Some doors are never meant to be opened.

He thought he had escaped until on March 15, 1937, the very day of Howard's last breath, a package had arrived for him, wrapped in musty misfortune, a mouldering tome bound in the stained skins of slaughtered animals, its spine cracked with age: The Necronomicon.

He had since hidden the book where none would ever find it...or so he thought.

Even now, months later, his mind recoils even from the memory of the abomination's silhouette, understanding innately that to remember too accurately would be to unravel the remaining threads of his sanity. Just a glimpse had left an impression on him...

each breath a suffocating mass of sticky bile
dull rusted razors flowing through my veins
ravenous hunger
shards of exposed bone lancing through my flayed eyes dripping desperation
endless labyrinthine corridors
moans, whispers, footsteps, the feeling of a hand upon your shoulder, laughter, strange echoes, the feeling of being watched
cockroaches fighting to crawl beneath my skin
dull tentacles carving a deep furrow into flesh with fresh blood burbling up to fill the gaps
arterial blood cutting rivulets down my straitjacket

Paralyzing fear and the cold sheen of sweat washes over the man to imagine the waking nightmare that would be eternally wrought on all peoples living and dead should the existential terror of the Great Old Ones ruling anew.

The offer is extended without room for negotiation. Military duty for freedom and pardon. Its terms are so vague that only a medicated or desperate man would sign it without reading them fully.

He does not hesitate.

His time on the prison wing of the Bellevue Hospital Center had been fruitful: 13 pagan cultists dead, their too-accurate scribblings burned and even the ashes swallowed lest another decipher the words: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn.

Sebastian left, transported in cuffs, having been drafted into military service.

  • Strength: 0
  • Stamina: 2 (6)
  • Agility: 0
  • Dexterity: 0
  • Fighting: 0
  • Intellect: 0
  • Awareness: 3 (10)
  • Presence: 0
  • Initiative: +0
  • Attack: Magic Array
  • To Hit: +8
  • Damage: 12
  • Dodge: 6
  • Parry: 6
  • Fortitude: 6
  • Toughness: 6
  • Will: 10
  • Artificer
  • Fearless
  • Cursed: The grandson of a single night's tryst, which produced the unwanted and unloved George Gammell Angell. In sharing the late man's bloodline, means the Sebastian can never escape the stain of the crimes committed by his forebears. He is cursed to pay for the sins of generations past, as his father had up until his death, even if those sins were simply in bearing witness to things best meant to remain unseen. He is destined to die screaming.
  • Motivation (Obsession): Tasked by H.P. to guard the portal between reality and the Great Old Ones, Sebastian seeks out and slaughters any pagan cultist of this Cthulhu fhtagn he meets and destroys any evidence that he finds that might lead others to the truth of reality.
  • Secret: Sebastian will never reveal the truth of reality, save for the one person he hands the mantle to, as his death is nigh, as Howard had.
  • Vices: You too would liberally partake of psychoactive substances if you you had seen what he has seen...that is if you maintained your sanity long enough to care. The mix of prescribed and street drugs is ever an interesting one, the effects of which are best countered by the constant numbness provided by liberal doses of marijuana.
  • Insomnia: An immense carved door, carved out of the eternal bones of the ancient mountain, with a squid-dragon bas-relief carved into it, opens to reveal Cyclopean masonry and permit the escape of agonizing cries, their voices distorted like a record being played at too slow a speed, with a low slithering mass of mist innocuously entwines around his feet and dragging him to his screaming demise, often haunts his infrequent sleep, foretelling the price of failure.
  • Madness: Sebastian remains charmingly quirky right now, but there are hints of something a tad more insidious squirming about beneath the surface. He tries to appear in control, but the truth is that he is barely holding onto the shattered remnants of his psyche. No mind can withstand such force as the insurmountable presence that casts an inexorable force upon Sebastian, isolating him and making him question his own sanity, for long.
  • Gremlins: Don’t get along with technology. Devices malfunction inexplicably, vehicles refuse to start, components become unusually fragile at his touch, and communication suffer faltering connections and odd interference whenever Sebastian is directly involved.
  • Acrobatics: 0
  • Athletics: 0
  • Close Combat: 0
  • Deception: 0
  • Expertise: Magic 18 (18)
  • Expertise: Art 5 (10) (Limited: Sketching)
  • Insight: 3 (13)
  • Intimidation: 0
  • Investigation: 0
  • Perception: 0 (10)
  • Persuasion: 0
  • Ranged Combat: 0
  • Sleight of Hand: 0
  • Stealth: 0
  • Technology: 0
  • Treatment: 0
  • Vehicles: 0
Exposure to forbidden, dark, esoterically-veiled knowledge permitted the man to piece seemingly disparate pieces of knowledge together in unexpected ways, forming impossible patterns into chaos, and providing an intuitive understanding of the universe at its most fundamental level. Paradoxical thoughts become commonplace, such as how every place was actually the same place, made the process of crossing the span of miles in a heartbeat as simple as taking a step. Such movement, little more than proof of how mutable the laws of reality are, is what he calls thaumaturgy.
  • Primary Magic: Eldritch Force Evocation 12 (Extras: Accurate 4, Affects Insubstantial 2, Incurable, Indirect 3, Multiattack) [46]
  • Alternate: Teleport 6 1800' (Extras: Accurate, Change Velocity, Easy, Extended to 60 miles, Portal, Precise, Subtle, Turnabout) [1]
  • Alternate: Move Object 10 "Psychokinesis" (Extras: Perception, Precise, Split 5, Subtle) [1]
  • Alternate: Variable 5 Limited to Senses and/or Remote Sensing, Linked with Quickness 11 "Wizard Eye" (Extra: Linked) [1]
  • Alternate: Illusion 9 Sight and Sound (Extras: Independent, Precise, Selective) [1]
  • Alternate: Healing 10 (Extras: Affects Objects, Homing 2, Persistent, Ranged, Stabilize, Subtle 2) [1]
  • Alternate: Nullify 9 Magic (Extras: Broad, Perception, Precise, Sustained, Simultaneous) [1]
  • Flight 1 (Limited: Levitation -1) [1]
  • Regeneration 1 [1]
  • Feature 1 "Dimensional Pocket" 100 lbs. [1]
  • Comprehend 3 "Tongues" Speak, Understand, and Read Any Language [6]
  • Enhanced Ability: Awareness 7, Stamina 4 (Extra: Continuous, Flaw: Permanent) [22]
  • Satchel
  • Drawing Supplies
  • Cigarettes
  • Zippo
  • A rather impressive array of psychoactive substances, alcohol, and the like
  • a complicated alchemical device consisting of several crystals of different sizes. Pressing them together firmly causes them to give off powerful, short range vibrations that operate on a frequency similar to radiowaves. Speaking into the crystals can thus transmit a signal that can be picked up and repeated at any other Vox-crystal set to the same frequency. In effect, it is a short range radio.Vox-Crystal



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Second Lieutenant Eknath Ka-Kanla (aka. Ghost Dance / aka. The Apache)
left-aligned image
Country of Origin: American.

Power Set: Hand to Hand Expertise with knives and tomahawks, stealth, survival/tracking skills, communion and augmentation from natural/animal spirits.

Coming from a long Military Liniage, Eknath was trained by his Grand Father in the same skills of fighting, tracking, and survival that has made his ancestors so welcome in the American army. Eknath's mother however came from a long line of shamans who helped guided their people to lasting peace. This lineage has manifested in Eknath as an awareness of all spirits and the ability to communicate with them, even those currently held within objects like plants, animals, and items with history. This spiritual sensitivity has also made it possible for such spirits to easily posses Eknath, with his permission, to augment his abilities and sometimes create effects otherwise impossible for a normal man.

Power Origin: Magic (Spirit/Divine?)/Beta Meta. Technically, Eknath's connection to the spirit world is based on his own body and mind being uniquely sensitive to such things. This would very likely place him in the Meta category but many of the abilities Eknath manifests when possessed by spirits are more closely associated with magical energies. It's possible Eknath could even be possessed by the spirit of a Meta, channeling the powers such a person had in life through his body but too much power could possibly break Eknath as he attempts to channel it.

Physical Description: Coming from a long line of native Americans, Eknath's black hair and tanned skin is quite typical of his people. Because of his strict military upbringing, Eknath usually keeps himself as clean and groomed as possible, wearing either typical military fatigues or simple, clean cut, cloths. This however changes when he is on mission. Although still typically found wearing military garb, Eknath paints his face in traditional war paints, adorning his leather cloths with small charms and trophies from his ancestors. Although this is typically frowned on by the military it's permitted because of his family's history and the special place they hold within it's ranks.

Personality: To any observer, Eknath would appear to be a quiet, if not odd, combination of military doctrine and native American tradition. Eknath rarely talks and seems content to live his life by a strict military regiment of training, service, and maintenance. Despite the more native aspects of his gear, Eknath regularly cleans and maintains them with the same attention and precision a life time soldier would his regulation equipment; which is what Eknath is. Those times when The Apache isn't busy, cleaning, training, or tracking; Eknath spends in quiet meditation.

In truth, this outward appearance is one which was drilled into Eknath by his Grandfather who was determined to make his grandson into a warrior worthy of their name even if Eknath's heart wasn't in it. Buried deep within this stoic soldier façade, is the heart of a poet and a peacekeeper who wishes to express himself, even if he doesn't know how. Eknath knows there are better ways then fighting but having only been taught to be a soldier, he uses what he knows to make a difference and help how he can.

Goals: Eknath's Great-great-great grand father was one of the original chiefs that assisted the colonists in driving out the French from America. Eknath's Great Grand Father was one of the first of their line to officially join the American forces. Since then Eknath and his family have held strong ties to the American military, they're sons joining as soon as they are capable to continue the tradition and to pass on their skills with knife and tomahawk. When it came time for Eknath to join, he was expected to join as soon as possible, even if Eknath himself had reservations about it. Still, he did as his grandfather told him to without question, having to hone his abilities and talent to the art of war so that he might survive the coming confrontation.

On the surface, Eknath wishes for his grandfather's approval, to be seen as a skilled warrior and scout despite his reservations about combat. Eknath isn't a coward but since he was a child he has held a natural empathy towards life and would rather see people resolve their differences without violence. His grandfather's training has however ensured that such 'weak' ideas stay where they belong, at the back of Eknath's mind.

Brief History: Eknath's family have had strong ties to the American military ever since the war of 1812, and have always sent their sons to fight for their people. For four generations the Ka-Kanla have used the teachings of their ancestors to fight for the Americas with knife, ax, body, and soul; Eknath was to be no different, even if that was not his wish. Originally Eknath took after his mother, a kind soul who hailed from the Iroquois Confederacy and whom was a was a prime example of their belief in unity and peace. This was much to the dismay of Eknath's grandfather who always argued against his son's union to a Iroquois but allowed them to continue as his son stayed true to the family heritage by being a soldier. It was only after Eknath's father died in World War 1 that his grandfather, tired of his daughter-in-law's 'codling' of Eknath, took the boy and began training him how to be a true Ka-kanla warrior.

Although Eknath's mother protested this, Grandfather's influence, both with in the tribe and the government, ensured that he ended up as Eknath's only guardian and with full control of the boy's future. Determined to create as great a warrior as Eknath's father, Grandfather drilled Eknath as one would a grown man despite the boy's young age. Initially this worked only partially as, although Eknath feare.. respected his grandfather enough to at least do his best, Eknath's gentle nature was an ill fit to such a harsh lifestyle. It grew even worse when Eknath began talking with "imaginary friends" who Eknath repeatedly retreated to when his grandfather's training grew too harsh, which only perpetuated Grandfather's belief that harsher training was needed. This all came to a head when finally having enough, Eknath's grandfather left the boy out in the mountains with nothing but a knife and simple cloths to survive; in the middle of winter.

Eknath would have died had it not been for the awakening of his powers and the animal spirits who took pity on him, lending him their strength to ensure his survival. On that day "Ghost Dance" was born as Eknath finally found his strength.

Excited that his bloodline had created such a warrior, Eknath's grandfather continued to train the boy into a true Apache warrior and, although he has still yet to reach the abilities of his father without the help of his powers, eventually joined the American Armed Forces under the code name Apache; a title that had been used for many of his ancestors before him.

Equipment of Note: Although Eknath is trained in many forms of melee weapons and unarmed combat, there are two items, passed through the generations of his family, which have awakened as powerful artifacts within Eknath's hands.
Lightning CallerA Tomahawk once wielded by the first of the Ka-Kanla to join the army, Lightning Caller earned it's name when it's first user threw it into a charging bear to only have it struck by lightning the moment it cut into the beast. A rare chance to be sure, and not originally magical, but it's history, lifetimes of use, and Eknath's abilities allowed the young man to awaken it's spirit to become a truly devastating weapon.

Charged by the lightning that began it's legend, Lightning Caller not only surges with this power when it strikes an opponent but also slowly paralyzes it foes as that electricity begins to surge through the very muscles it cuts through.
Spirit CutterMuch like it's partner Lightning Caller, Spirit Cutter is a knife with a long history and legend. Originally crafted using the grip from a dead soldier's gun, used by a tribesman who died standing against the colonists expansion, before being used for ritualistic scarification during the first Ghost Dance; the blade was past from shaman to shaman as a symbol of the connection between the people and the spirits which the Ghost Dances were meant to invoke.

Thought to be haunted by some, Spirit Cutter awoke in Eknath's hand to become a true ghost knife, not only able to affect both Substantial and Insubstantial foes but also attacking the minds of such opponents with the pain which it's users have inflicted upon themselves over the years.

GMing: Life Within the Maw (A Sandbox Pirate Campaign)
Active Games (Playing): Crawl Out Through the Fallout.

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Name: Uzumati "Zander" Ferrari

Country of Origin: AMERICA (F*** Yeah!)

Power Set: The soul of artistic performance

Power Origin: Where does any music come from? It comes form the soul. So too does the sonic seduction of the Ferraz. His music taps into the cosmic power of primal emotion to seize the hearts of those around him, fortify their spirits with resolve, or blast that music into his enemies. He's been classified as a Theta meta verging on Delta, but Zander isn't really into labels.

Physical Description: Zander is a beautiful man. He has long and straight black hair, sometimes dyed with single color highlights in purple, orange, or blue. His eyes are like twin emeralds, sparkling with an inner light and he almost always has a smile showing his brilliant and perfect teeth. He isn't massively muscled, but he is toned and well defined and beautifully bronzed, which is made obvious by his clothing choices. Though he is almost always changing his outfits, he rarely wears a shirt, and when he does, it is either completely unbuttoned or sporting the deepest of v-necks. His clothing varies wildly with his mood, and thus he is almost perpetually surrounded by a low fog. Because he generates his own clothing, he isn't shy about tearing it off or tossing it aside. He stands with a confidence of one accustomed to being the center of attention, and being 6' 1" helps with that.

Personality: Imagine a spoiled princess, a smooth con artist, and James Bond all rolled into one and you will begin to understand Zander. He has a stage face that is very easy to put on, he knows how to say what is necessary to get what he wants, but he also feels like what he wants should be his. He has a massive ego and when he introduces himself, he gets rather upset if people don't recognize him. He has a constant need to prove himself since his fall from the mainstream public eye, and since he doesn't always get the crowds he used to he has turned, predictably, to drugs. Specifically, he is hooked on the drug sourced by a meta who can crystallize emotion, called Feelz. As adamant as he is that everyone should know his name, he is equally in denial about his drug problem, and when he runs out of Feelz he is liable to turn to whatever is locally available. Despite these flaws, he truly love music for music's sake, and when he plays he zones out and loses touch with anything else but him and his instrument. Unlike his clothing, the instruments he creates he treats with reverence and respect. He greets each one like a long lost friend and thanks each one for their service when he is done.

Goals: Zander wants more than anything to find his way back into the spotlight. Having tasted the sweet life of being the media darling and his presence begged for worldwide, he wants it back, he feels being part of this task force will finally let him get over that black mark.

Brief History: Zander's fame was at it's peak when his abilities manifested in the most unfortunate of ways. Growing up he was an instrumental prodigy. Every one he picked up sang in his hands and he found his soul among them. He played in many school ensembles and tried to start bands of his own, but nothing felt as good as playing solo. He learned quickly that he couldn't share the spotlight or be an equal partner in a group, to truly let his spirit soar with the music he needed to lead. He spent a lot of time beating himself up over that revelation, but eventually he accepted it and moved on. And for a time it worked.

He went through many instrumentalists and back-up vocalists, as he has exceedingly high standards, little tolerance for failing to meet them, and a short fuse when it came to realizing his artistic visions. But his genius showed through and the crowds loved him for it. Until his abilities manifested in the middle of a show. He was deep in his music, just him and a flute at that moment, he signaled the others to cut out and he dug deep into a flurry of notes that were not only executed perfectly, but seemed to echo back and let him accompany himself. The crowd was strangely quiet, even when someone started up the fog machine randomly, and Zander danced up and down the stage, using the acoustics, his footfalls, and the slapping of the keys to reach new heights of creativity and he also reached toward something in his mind. The pressure of the music built, begging to be released and Zander's tempo picked up steadily, until his fingers were a blur and the sounds came almost faster than the mind could process, still the pressure in him built. He played until it burned him from the inside, and with a final stomp and a deep breath he played a final piercingly clear perfect note at the edge of human hearing, and it would have been the perfect finale, if not for the gout of flame that accompanied it.

News Clipping

...has been described as a 'stunt gone wrong' and 'taking art too far' by critics. Mr. Ferrari's official statement was that he had no such effects planned and is working hard to discover who planted the firebomb. Although there were no deaths, many were treated for smoke inhalation and three suffered broken limbs from falling pieces of the venue. The firefighter's preliminary report indicates that the flames spread faster than you would expect and they suspect there might have been an accelerant involved. The venue is expected to be closed for months at least and no one knows if it will even be able to be salvaged. The owner was optimistic in his words but.....

If Zander had understood what was happening he may have been able to bounce back, but by the time he realized it was his budding meta ability, he was destitute, and a pariah in the musical community. No other artists would work with him, and the best he could do were dive bars and third and fourth stage performances which were poorly attended. He had a few diehard fans, but most abandoned him as public opinion turned, and then the war started and it pulled everyone's focus thankfully away from his fall from fame, but also dried up what few gigs he had been able to find. He first joined up with a tour among the troops for morale, but he had to cut that short when he almost lost his cool on a fellow performer who had tried to critique his performance. The recruiter found him packing for home and offered a different alternative, a chance to be part of a group that would help end the war. Helping to end the war would not only be his ticket back to the spotlight, but also let the music flow more freely.

Character Sheet: Not final quite yet, but the beginnings of my thoughts at least. SHEET LINK
-Life before death. Strength before weakness. Journey before destination.
-I will protect those who cannot protect themselves.
-I will protect even those I hate, so long as it is right.

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Screaming Eagle
right-aligned image
Name: Mason Beshkno AKA 'The Screaming Eagle II'

Country of Origin: United States

Power Set: A cybernetic Eagle Suit has been grafted to Mason's body. This grants him the ability to use the suit to fly and attack with various blade attacks along with a minor cloaking device. Mason also has a meta ability to let out a sonic scream and enhanced Strength.

Power Origin: Mason was a Beta Meta and pilot in the Allies Aerial Navy consiting of many of the various airships that had been build to compensate for the Atlanteans crippling their navy and making them unusable. During one of his missions he was captured by an AXIS agent known as the alchemist who experimented on Meshkno and nearly killed him. He was brought back to the states where some of the best scientist and doctors were brought to work on him. Seeing him as a desperate case he was offered a clinical trial where they would use some of the newly discovered dark matter to graft a cybernetic alloy to his body to help keep him alive. Because it was a military operation they alloy was grafted into a flight suit for use in combat. The procedure not only saved Beshkno but it gave him enhanced abilities. He had full control over the flight suti and seemed to have the enhanced strength required to maintain it.

Physical Description: The Screaming Eagle has become the poster boy for U.S. Patriotism leading to a highly marketable costume. The hood of the costume is in the shape of an eagles head and although metallic gives the look of Mason having an Eagles head unless he flips up the visor. The wings are metallic and painted in white to match the blue and red suit on the rest of the Screaming Eagle costume. The wings have blades on them that are razor sharp and can be ejected towards enemy. The Cybernet alloy then reforms a new blade in its place.

Personality: Like most pilots Mason was a thrill seeker before the accident. He is very passionate about the things he believes in and generally wants to stick it to the bad guys. An ideal patriot by most terms. After the accident however he has an incredible fear of doctors, hospitals and pretty much anything that would involve a labratory. He's taking to drinking a lot when he is 'off the clock' to help block out any memories and nightmares he has from the time he was tortured. So far the nightmares are winning. The only other solution he can come up with is to get back at the bastards who did this to him. Despite his dark mindset he clings onto the Ameerican ideals of Freedom and Justice and devouts himself to protecting them.
left-aligned image

Goals: The Screaming Eagle didn't have a choice in joining the task force, but he didn't need one either. Any chance he gets to go head to head with a bunch of fear mongering Nazi's he is more than happy to lead the charge.

Brief History: Mason was born into a military family. Mostly airforce once the steam engines came and the airships took flight. He was the third generation to graduate from the Airforcer academy and followed his father's footsteps. His father was in fact the first Screaming Eagle, a much more conservative version he had used a voice modifier to make sonic attacks along with a jet pack. Hailed a hero he was the inspiration when Mason needed to be saved.

Life growing up as a military brat was good for Mason and he got to see much of the country and he world and had quickly grown and appreciation for their place in it. When there were vampires and immortal tyrants like Cao Cao about the need for a country promising freedom was more important than ever. Mason had signed up for the Air Force Academy as soon as he was able graduating at the top of his class and quickly was stationed at Fort Brag shortly after. He rose through the ranks and began to take on some of the more dangerous missions. Earning accommodation after accomodation he served his country well, but hid the fact he was a meta. Counting on his flying abilities alone he lead a squadron of the best air marines the States had against the various threats that were posed to the US. It wasn't until he was sent on a recon mission in Germany where things went south.

They were put on expectedly and lost a rear turbine causing the ship to go down. In an attempt to save his crew he sent them off in a parachuted drop shipment while he steered the ship into hostile territory shooting down a few Nazi fighters in the process. They took the bait like a dog to the bone and Mason was abducted allowing his team to go home scott free. It would be months until they could organize a rescue effort, and when they finally did pull out the hero he was a changed man.

One of his former officers had risen to rank in the R&D group and worked to bring Mason in on the project as son of the first Screaming Eagle. They had started developing advanced tech that could be used for a new eagle, but couldn't seem to replicate a sonic enhancer that worked with the technology. It was then that Mason revealed his secret talent and one that the nazi's had heard often during his torture, the scream of an Eagle.

Character Sheet:


Work is very busy this week. Please bear with me if posting is limited and feel free to NPC me where necessary. I expect things to normalize by the end of the week.

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left-aligned image

Name: Deacon Kairos
Country of Origin: USA, third generation Japanese immigrant
Power Set: Meta(Beta). Portal Generation, increased spatial awareness

Physical Description: Deacon is tall, which helps him to fit in among the older soldiers, but scrawny. He wears a large leather flight jacket to downplay this aspect. His facial features are recognizably japanese though most people have trouble noticing them behind the orange-red hair (theorized to be a meta-trait given his family's uniformly black hair) and assume he is irish. Along with his flight jacket he wears a heavy scarf and goggles that he pulls up in combat situations to protect his face from the wind pressure of portal launching.

Personality: Because of his age Deacon tries to convey an image of an introvert, rarely expressing much excitement or going out of his way to engage with other people. He would rather be seen as unfriendly than immature. However he has always been a bit of an adrenaline and speed junkie, using his power to rocket through the sky whenever he can find the time and space to cut loose.

Goals: Deacon often says he just wants to serve his country, but in his heart he feels he has what it takes to be a hero. Growing up with the stories his grandmother told him about her homeland he wants to make sure that Cao Cao and others like him are brought to justice.

Brief History: A little publicized fact compared to the capturing of meta users for Emperor Cao Cao is the uses that he puts them to. The assumption is military or death, to fuel the Emperor's might, and for most this is true. But many are also funneled into a breeding program, particularly those that demonstrate exceptionally powerful abilities. Deacon's grandmother Nui was one such individual, who after escaping the program smuggled herself across the world and eventually ended up in america.


Nui's child was born without a power, a fact she took some smug satisfaction in. And when her grandchild was born with a power similar to her own she took it as a sign of divine favor. Deacon grew up with stories of his homeland, of Nui's fight against the empire. He idolized his grandmother who he saw as a hero. When he made clear his intention to join the military when he was old enough she began teaching him everything she knew, not just how to use his power but how to fight without it.

With rumors that the U.S. would be joining the war Deacon immediately left home, lying about his age (17) to join the military. His training with his grandmother gave him a significant advantage even compared to older recruits with no prior experience, and displaying tactical use of his power saw him flagged as a special warfare potential for the higher ups.

Unfortunately this increased scrutiny also meant that the deception about his age was found out. When he was pulled from basic and driven back to his home he thought that was the end of it. He was confused when a second vehicle drove into his driveway behind the one he'd arrived in, discharging what seemed to be a U.S. general. He was absolutely floored when that general saluted his grandmother.

It was revealed that Nui had worked as a secret operative for them for several years to secure citizenship and a pension to provide for her family. When asked if 'the boy' had what it took, apparently the response of 'he'll learn along the way' meant more to the man than it did to him, as the generally merely chuckled and handed Deacon a folder labeled 'Silver Fox'.


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