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Orcs of the Mountains

Flussige Berge OrcsThe orcs of the Flussige Berge live in loose tribal groups. The tribes have lived in the region for over five hundred years and consider these lands to be there's, they are willing to bow to the authority of the Herzog only because his tribe has so far proven stronger. They live mostly peaceably with the Aldansich, whilst still following their own customs. The orc tribes believe that no one can truly own anything, as one is born with nothing and can't take anything with them when they die. They also have little use for the New Gods as they call them, mostly worshipping nature and concepts, such as strength and courage. Orc culture is nomadic and, whilst mostly confined to the Flussige Berge range, does occasionally take a tribe onto the flats. It is the great mission amongst the orcs to bring the greatest honour to their tribe and, by doing so, rise in its ranks. This can be done through warfare with the other tribes, hunting dangerous game, single combat with dangerous foes or, most challengingly, absolute mastery of a necessary craft, such as smithing or leatherwork.

Most tribes in the modern era confine their warfare to combat with the wilder races of the Festmeer, or in contending against the monsters that live there. It is not uncommon, however, to find a tribe that is particularly strong (or ahs a particular need for Coal) that is willing to raid members of the Herzog's tribe that have invaded the mountains. These people who call themselves valleyfolk are miners and traders that live in the valleys of the Flussige Berge. The Orcs are willing to trade with them for what they need and have reasonable relationships, but mostly they don't interact with them at all. A few of the valleyfolk have run off to join the tribes and these have been accepted and put through their paces just like any other member defecting from another tribe. Sometimes they survive and are found worthy, sometimes not. Occasionally a member of the orc clans will defect to the Herzog's tribe, joining the valleyfolk. Naturally, this makes them an enemy of their former clan, but no more so than defecting to another orc tribe. In order to return to the tribes they would have to prove themselves worthy again like any other initiate, no matter their former position, but any great deeds they had performed would be recognised once they had done so.
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