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Old 04-16-2020, 07:49 PM
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March POTM

Wow, March certainly was different this year. The world changed, and for most people, slowed down. But the world at large didn't slow down our gamers, and they came through with some great posts! The best were nominated, and our esteemed panel of judges (the best in the world) sat down and chose the best of the best for March.

And, we are happy to announce that the Winner of the March POTM contest is Otherwise Apple.

Over a thousand players here have gone through a New Player Solo Game, but OtherwiseApple took the time to submit this initial post that breathed it's own life into a game, almost creating a background in the progress. New player, first game post in a game, and knocks one out of the park!

Because it's in a private thread, you can read the winning entry HERE, and read the other nominations (great in their own way too) here.

Congratulate OtherwiseApple for the well deserved win, and give a little RPXP love to the other nominees too! They all deserve a read, and some reward!

Remember to nominate your favorite post from April in the 2020 competition. Without you, we have no contest!

If you'd like to be an even deeper part of the Post of the Month contest, contact Dirkoth about being a Judge! The pay isn't much to brag about, but the abuse is constant!
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