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Old 05-08-2017, 04:27 PM
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Maple Hill Characters

A good place to store our Player and Non Player Characters.

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Originally Posted by SpookySpecter View Post
Mage is all about Mysteries. Mages are drawn to them and they are everywhere. If something supernatural happens in the vicinity of a Mage, they feel it. If a vampire dominates someone, if a werewolf uses their gifts, if a ghost manifests; a Mage knows. They have access to a whole host of powers and worlds. Ghosts, Spirits, Astral entities... They can deal with them all.

But with all of that power and knowledge, comes Hubris. They're certainly tempted to do some awful things in their search for understanding.

Understood, thanks! I'll look around for a friend that has the books and try this puppy out.

As an off concept, however, I'm tempted to revive the character concept-ish from my werewolf game. Lithe Musician and Freerunner, probably an Acanthus in the Free Council? While according to the census 3.5% of the population there was Asian-American, I'm tempted to eschew that race choice and build from what I find around me. More to come in the next couple of days.

Cody Maeda-Parker
right-aligned image
Name: Cody Maeda-Parker
Shadow Name: Narcissus
Concept:Music is the purest form of Time
Nationality: Japanese-Italian
Age: 23
Occupation: Busker and musician extraordinairOccupation? What occupation?
Path: Acanthus
Order: Free Council?
Arcana:Time 3, Life 2, Fate 1,
Description:One short, Half-Asian Half-Italian girl, with close cropped hair that's about as messy as you can get it. Born and raised blind, she's never really too far away from her cane and guitar at any point in time. Regardless of her lack of vision, she dresses in a ridiculously colourful fashion, matching colours partly because linguistically they make sense and partly because her roommate can be a godsend sometimes (The colours don't match all the time, she can't tell and therefore couldn't give enough of a crap). Once you get past the cheeky sunglasses and style of clothing, there's a fairly likable person that many end up ignoring. She's more than happy enough to talk to you about her own experiences and how she functions on a day to day basis, just as long as you have a story to exchange in return.
Background:Cody Maeda-Parker is the first generation in both sides of her family, both Italian and Japanese sides of the family having only moved to the East Coast recently before her parents met, and quickly got married. They lived quietly as Sleepers on Staten Island in New York State, getting by with what odd jobs they could as their first, and second child were born. Cody's older brother, Anthony, was the definite brains of the family; an absolute whiz educationally, he was their parent's pride and joy. Cody, the blind tomboy, was perhaps anything but. While loved and cherished through her life, she could still feel restrictions tightening around her as her parents' superstitions kept her forever indoors under their protective wing. Even on her own she flourished as a sweet talker and respectable musician, learning to play from her uncle who came by for, "family matters" as it were. She was loved, and cared for, but felt flighty and often did her best to sneak out of the house, exploring the world around her before coming back to parents who knew but said very little about her ventures outdoors.

Rolling through her young years quickly she took opportunities eagerly as they came, the final nail in the coffin being a quick ferry ride off the island, which led to a train, and another train, and another. She had, unknowingly, but perhaps willingly, left home with nary a belonging but her guitar, a tuner, and some basic amenities on her back. A great adventure if you would, that found her wandering and eventually settling in Maple Hill where another group of buskers had taken her in.

Not the high life, no, but the years had treated her kindly. Her awakening brought upon newer powers in herself that could be scarcely imagined, with her music and voice giving way to find the melody of the world around her. While perhaps not necessarily happy in where she is, the events of Maple Hill around her bring some new curiosity, and that curiosity is now driving her forward.

Awakening: Cody awakened shortly after ariving at Maple Hill. The buskers that brought her in were infact a cabal-less group of Acanthus mages, bringing magic to those around them with their music in an attempt at awakening more mages into the world. They couldn't refuse an opportunity at a lost puppy as it were, and took her around the town to all the spots of magics that they could. She awakened in an abandoned warehouse just on the outskirts of town, chasing after a strange ticking noise that could never be found. She walked through the threshold of the warehouse and like a burst of noise and flash of light her senses opened up and she could feel rhythm. Not akin to the beating of a drum, your heart in your chest aligning with songs playing in your head, but akin to feeling the heartbeat of the world. The music that drives the world forward. She came out of the warehouse days later having felt only moments pass and she opened her eyes for the first time to see the world around her. Metaphorically.

Tone: Cheerful, never let down. Always finds a way to move forward from a situation. While she understands the need for serious behaviour, she's generally on the side of levity.

Swear upon the oath, and may your adventures be fruitful
Update 07/05/18: Quick update on my situation; TL;DR: I'll be back soon
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Will post a completed character sheet once it's done.

right-aligned image

Character Sheet
Shadow Name: Providence
Real Name: Valmir Krasniqi
Path: Acanthus
Order: Silver Ladder, and a passing association with the Mysterium.
Age: 35
Starting Arcana: Fate 3, Time 2, Mind 1 most likely.
Starting Merits: Mystery Cult (Innovative Investment Foundation), Shadow Name, some Resources maybe?
Description: Tall. A thin but fit man of Albanian descent with black hair, usually dressed well.

Concept: Magic is trickle-down Awakenomics!

Sleepers cannot change their Fate; they need someone to change it for them. Providence is a maker of destiny, a peddler of miracles. A respected businessman in the community, he has applied the principles of laissez-faire capitalism to magic. The Supernal is a trickle-down economy, and Providence is there to help make sure that everyone gets their share. Some might have a bigger share than others. He carefully weaves together destinies and people to help everyone find their place in the Ladder.

Providence runs a Silver Ladder Cryptopoly cult designed to facilitate his own rise to power both mystically and politically, while those below him can reap the benefits and climb the ladder themselves. He believes in the wonders of private social responsibility: a business exists to make its owners richer, but also might be a force for good. The same is true of Providence's Cryptopoly.

Providence's loftiest goal is to influence massive Sleeper populations towards Awakening from the Astral Realms, and even reorder the Fate of the cosmos itself. To that end, he has recently started exploring the Astral, and plans to eventually make it out into the Anima Mundi. Like any Silver Ladder mage, Providence opposes the tyrannical reign of the Exarchs. He particularly despises the Arcadian Exarchs. The Ruin destroys destinies, and when you're in the business of making destinies, that's bad for business.

He is one of the newer mages that arrived in Maple Hill. It's clear that these people don't know how to govern themselves, much less do magic properly. Luckily, Providence is there to help facilitate that. Regarding the strange Time phenomena in Maple Hill, Providence is interested in exploiting them in some way to cement Pentacle power and/or help Sleepers (and himself). If time loops can be harnessed, failures can be erased, or Sleepers with a chance at grasping the Supernal can experience something over and over until it clicks and they finally Awaken.

Providence's Hubris derives from the fact that, in his mind, he definitely knows what is best for Sleepers (and often, other mages). Even his Shadow Name carries a tone of arrogance. Providence is defined as "the protective care of God or of nature as a spiritual power." When you can fabricate the future for people and rewrite their past, why wouldn't you? Sleepers can't see past the Lie, but if they're pushed in the right direction, then just maybe they can.

Cryptopoly: After selling his consulting business, Providence used his personal fortune to create the Innovative Investment Foundation, with the slogan "Investing in the present to change our future." The Foundation is a complex corporate structure with both for-profit and non-profit arms. It binds up Providence's personal fortune as well as assets belonging to other wealthy individuals. It invests in ideas and technologies that will help Sleepers pierce the Lie, and its charitable arm improves conditions for people all around the tri-state area.

The Foundation was specifically set up to attract influential investors/donors who nevertheless feel that their lives are incomplete. Members are inducted into the Investment Foundation, and many don't progress beyond that. The investment managers use their money to make more money, and then pay out dividends. Providence watches carefully for employees or investors with signs of being touched by the supernatural. These members are brought to Maple Hill for a test and, if successful, inducted deeper into the Mysteries of the Supernal. At the highest levels, the magical nature and true agenda of the Foundation's leadership are readily apparent.

Sleeper Life: Valmir Krasniqi is the son of an Albanian immigrant. He is a pillar of the community and founder of a successful management/financial consulting firm (Krasniqi Consulting) and an investment fund/charitable foundation (the Innovative Investment Foundation). He is a loving husband and father to three children. The family is Muslim, but secular and well-integrated into America's melting pot society (something Providence uses to his advantage to break down barriers).

Awakening: Valmir Awakened eight years ago. It was a dark winter in Staten Island, New York City in 1979. Everything in Valmir's life was going wrong. Some months prior, he had started taking hard drugs. He was high-functioning, until he wasn't. He was fired from his job. Financial stress was causing problems in his marriage, and when his wife discovered his drug use, she left with the children. At his lowest point, Valmir was arrested by police on the street, on suspicion of possession. The evidence was solid. The police, in a questionably legal move, gave him the confession document before they gave him a lawyer. Valmir had given up, and prepared to accept his fate of at least 15 years in prison.

The room grew larger and larger around him as he stared down at the confession document. Valmir's head was spinning. He saw millions of names were scrawled on the walls around him, and he great feeling of simultaneously being cosmically insignificant as well as the most important soul in the universe overtook him. He signed the document, and then suddenly realized that his entire fate was a Lie. His acceptance of fate as prison opened his eyes to the truth: that all humanity is imprisoned, but that it was also possible to escape.

Just as he finished inking the paper, a public defender rushed into the room. The confession document was thrown out. The ensuing court trial found that the officers had acted grossly negligent and failed to follow procedure. Most evidence was thrown out, and eventually the case itself was thrown out as well. Valmir walked away innocent of all charges. His life was quickly back on track, as his natural charisma and expertise allowed him to start a successful consulting business. He even worked things out with his wife. Trust was shaky at first, but slowly returned. Valmir's rising from the ashes, and moreso his drive to climb even higher, got the attention of the Silver Ladder of New York City.

Seven years later, Valmir Krasniqi sold his consulting business for a substantial amount, and moved far away from the city to "get away from it all" and created the Innovative Investment Foundation. He arrived in Maple Hill, NJ in 1986.

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Concept: Younger guy, grew up in Maple Hill, awakened extremely young as a result of the odd forces surrounding the area, and didn't understand why nobody would acknowledge the kid that was so obviously there. Studies time intently, trying to gain enough knowledge to understand the oddities that are happening in his neighborhood. Includes some research into space and prime, as they're somewhat related, especially to Sleepers.

ApplicationShadow Name: Asterisk
Name: Remy Harper
Age: 18
Arcana: Time 3, Prime 2, Space 1
Path: Acanthus
Order: Mysterium

Background: At 8, Harper was extremely young for an Awakening. Looking back, he's still not exactly sure why it happened when it did, but he thinks it has something to do with the various odd occurrences that happened at the time. That boy being frozen, the monsters prowling the night, the weird shimmerings he sometimes spotted out of the corner of his eye. Maple Hill was a very unusual place, and after that night it only got weirder.

Remy Harper grew up without much that could be called a family. He had parents, but not anything he would consider parental figures. Constant fighting kept Harper on edge for most of his life, and he learned when to keep to himself rather than trying to socialize with the other two people in the house. Not long after he moved out just before his 18th birthday, his parents moved away. It had been in the works for a while, but Harper had wanted to stay, for various reasons. The town was worth more to him than staying with them was.

The town, in fact, was worth quite a lot to him. Ever since that fateful night, he had been noticing odd occurrence, strange happenings. Nothing he could put his finger on, but he knew something was going on, and it all seemed to revolve around that boy. It didn't take too long before Harper noticed that not only was the boy stuck, but nobody else knew. He brought it up a few times, but those he asked either ignored him entirely or acted like they misheard, which sometimes scored him ice cream but was still weird enough to take note of.

Recently, he'd been spending more time around the boy. He took to writing down everything he noticed, including the shadows darting past his vision when he walked by him. The abilities he'd gained, the books he'd been reading, they were leading up to a moment very soon. He would be ready to begin experiments within a few days. Nothing too dramatic to begin with, just some minor tests, but maybe he'd finally get answers. Maybe he'd finally understand. Maybe he'd even be able to bring him back.

Awakening: Remy's Awakening was strange by most Mage's standards. It wasn't preceded by some life-endangering event. It didn't happen because of some major change in his life. It just happened, one fateful night. His Awakening happened during a dream.

In this dream was a dance. A ball, a masquerade. Beautiful people flowing in and out of this pool of bodies, dressed to the nines in white and black clothing. He was quickly grabbed by one lovely-looking woman (though he was eight, so they all seemed about the same to him, though they still held an unearthly beauty) and pushed to dance with her, though it did not last very long, as he was then passed around like a bottle of good wine, dancing with first one then another, until he'd danced with most of the congregation. Through all of this, he was largely on autopilot, swept from one set of arms to the next, never knowing exactly what was going on, but enjoying it all the same, odd that it was.

When it ended, he was swept out the door, and gently woke up, remembering naught but a whisper of things to come. The only thing that actually stayed in his memory was a tall tower, covered in vines, in plain view of a window when the rest of the landscape was bare.
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