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Old 09-24-2012, 10:41 AM
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Handouts and Stuff

Greetings Adventurers,

I am DUNGEON MASTER and I will be your guide in the realm of...

My name is James and I am an professional artist and D&D enthusiast. I have been playing and DMing for nearly 20 years (mainly 2nd edition). However, I am famously absent minded so if you spot me making mistakes or using 2nd edition or 3.5 rules I'd appreciate a heads up

I've run First Quest many times and its a blast. I've changed some of the opening story (which has more holes that a swiss cheese) and added some Mindflayers and Beholders surprises of my own.

Character Creation

Ability Stats: 19 point buy. BOOM!
Traits: Not allowed. Core Rulebook Rules only please
HP: Max starting
Spells, skills, gear + feats: CRB or APG allowed
Money: 35GP from the college + 3d4 X 10 savings for all players
Gear: I'm flexible on this. If it's in the CRB or APG you can buy it.
You can assume that you get standard clothes to go under your armor.

COMBAT 2.0 - New Rules

So I've spent the last day or so speaking with some old pros and checking out some other PBPs and I've decided that from round 2 onwards to introduce a new *simplified* combat system as for a large and very creative group such as ourselves, I think this was was a bit clunky.

Here it is in a nutshell:

1) Initiative

Scrapped. From round 2 of this battle onwards - I propose that PCs go first and monsters go second. Simple. No neet to wait your turn, just post and go. As you post - boom! - you do damage. Instant results.

I know that this is advantageous for people like me who work from home and can keep an eye on things but the advantage should be minimal because a) there will be plenty of monster to go around b) I tend to post at strange times so nobody will be able to predict when an attack will occur c) I'm putting all combat experience into a group kitty so it doesn't matter if you get more finishing moves in.

I will send a group PM when combat is about to go down so nobody will be left behind.

2) Data cards

Some of you guys have put very stylish looking data cards in your posts. It would be great if everybody had one so choose your favorite and steal it!

If anyone has a real huge fat beef with this proposal then PM me. If you have a slight beef then please wait it out for a few battles and see how it goes.

Oh yeah and special thanks to Shinobi for your help.


The reasons:
1) There may be magical sh*t going on that you don't know about.
2) This world has feng shui and karmic energies which affect the motions and emotions both PCs and NPCs. I think it is clear that a sombre energy of growth, reflection and questioning is present at the moment
3) Any person to contradict the DM will find themselves in a pit of Tarrasques.
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