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Old 09-07-2019, 08:17 AM
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The World


This is the state of the world as you know it:
The Homestead Village is a town of farmers located on a relatively large island near the eastern end of the main continent. This is where you come from, and were you ventured out of.

Endtown named so due to its location at the eastern end of the continent, is a decently sized harbor town mostly focused on trade with foreign lands, and trading ship transported from the west.

Endland quarry, is the main source of stone used for the construction of Endtown, the Capitol, and likely other towns in the region, though don't know any at the moment.

Capitol is the largest City in the kingdom, where most citizens reside. Rumors say that a magic guild and university are located somewhere in or around the capitol.

Castle of Golm erected by the Golm royal family, it withstood hundreds of years as the seat of the kingdom's power. Likely the most important political structure on the eastern side of the continent.

Elvenwood owned by the elves, it is where they live. Rumors say that the trees themselves can move around the forest and lead you astray. Only one path has been build through the forest, and it was created with help of the Elves themselves as a compromise. Nonetheless, it is still seen as dangerous.

The Steppe located above the Capitol, these plains are more barren than the rest of the kingdom, but populated nonetheless. People there hold a pagan faith poorly understood by outsiders.

Northren mine purchased by humans from the dwarfs, it is the only place where the kingdom can legally dig for iron.

Dreadspire a giant tower located at the edge of the Dreadlands, which is used as a lookout for foul activity within the swamp.

Dreadlands a place of massive battles in the past, it is currently a foul piece of land, inhabited by monstrous creatures, and rumored to house the undead.

Ironheart Forge is the largest dwarven hold on this side of the continent, at least out of those that humans managed to discover.

Eberron Waste was once an ancient Kingdom. So ancient, that no records of its culture remain. It is now a barren desert housing ruins and legends.

Vein of the East is the only road connecting the Western and Eastern sides of the continent. It's often used by merchants.

Jarmhold is an independent port city.

Revival Plains is a vast grassland with access to forest, but lack in good sources of water, making it unpopular among settlers.

The Eye is the largest lake on this side of the continent.

Gallwood divides the two sides of the continent. These woods have been planted by humans, and fostered to harvest for wood, as to avoid skirmishes with the Elves.
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