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Old 05-17-2018, 01:01 AM
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Game Rules Reference

Originally Posted by Melchior View Post
We decided it would be nice to have a full list of all the previous change logs compiled in one place for reference. So that is what we did.

Changelog 1.08 - 11/23/15

Shinigami Classes
-changed bankai to last for a number of rounds equal to the shinigami's level.

Battle Expert Gestalt Class
-removed entirely. It has always been a balance concern, and now that we've lost the last person who was actually using it, we've decided to just purge it entirely.

-increased Mask's duration to 2 rounds per level of Vizard

-clarified Senkaimon ability. It may be used a number of times equal to 1/2 the caster's casting stat modifier.

Hollow Talents
- added a line to Special Ability Talent, instilling a max spell level known on the spell-like you gain.

Blood Type
-Blade of Blood- removed lack of cap. Take ability multiple times, its effects stack.

Mind Type
-removed superior & supreme insanity - these were largely redundant abilities, the only difference over regular insanity being the duration, which we have removed due to balanc concerns
-reworked controlled madness. The results of the insanity roll may be altered as much as you wish, but doing so now reduces the duration of the effect.
-removed improved control & supreme control as they are unnecesary with the above abilities

Oppression Type
-changed how the oppression aura function. Instead of an opposed reiatsu check, it is now a Will Save based ability.
-reworded Soften Armor to remove the hard cap on ability stacking.
-increased Suppress Attack Speed's effect to a -2 penalty per stack to bring it in line with the rest of Oppression Type's abilities.
-reworded Selevtive Oppression aura. The ability has no prerequisit.
-added Improved Oppression Aura. This ability increases the DC of the Oppression effect.

Poison Type
-reworded Greater Virulence. The old prerequisite ability did not exist.
-removed Inhaled Poison & Poison Cloud. They were both redundant with Venom Cloud.

-removed Superior Unarmed Strike from Soketsu requirements
-added Improved Hollow. This allows hollows and Vizards to gain an additional hollow ability.

Kidou Spells
-reworked Bakudo #10

Changelog 1.07 - 02/08/2014

Misc Rules
-removed the line pertaining to shinigami phasing through walls in the human world. They are unable to do so.
-added ability classifications. Most abilities have been classified as either Extraordinary or Supernatural.

Base Classes
-Final Shikai. Removed confusing explanation. Final Shikai now gives you 2 hero points to be used immediately to perform a final desperate ability with your zanpakutou.
-Final Bankai. Functions the same as Final Shikai, but you must be in Bankai to activate it, and your get 4 hero points.

Shinobi Gestalt Class
-improved Mark for Death. The attack bonus now lasts for the duration of the fight, and the first attack made agains the target renders them flat-footed.

Kenpachi Gestalt class
-changed the name of this gestault class to Diehard Swordsman. The Kenpachi title has too many connotations in universe.

-halved the bonus provided by Reiatsu Master to +5 for both Sense Motive and Suppress Reiatsu. The previous bonuses of +10 each were deemed to significant an effect for a single ability.

-removed need for balance checks to stand on air in the human world, all shinigami can just walk on air as easily as ground.

-Dedicated Warrior: In addition to the previous effects, Dedicated Warrior now grants Spell resistance equal to 10 + character level.
-added new feat. True Name: Your zanpakutou reveals its true name to you. You may rechoose your zanpakutou’s abilities as if you were building it from scratch, with as many abilities as your level and feats allow. This feat may even be used to change your bankai. You may even rechoose the zanpakutou’s typing, though at least one type must remain the same as previous.

Once undertaken, this process is irreversible. This feat may be taken multiple times, each time taken allowing you to completely rebuild your zanpakutou again.

Shikai abilities
-removed Blood Component. The current Kidou system does not use material components, so the ability had no purpose.

-upgraded Spell Resistance to 10+ character level. Previously, the ability had been 2+ character, and was not really worth taking.

-removed Improved and Greater Awareness.
-removed the Discern Lies and Detect Thoughts functions of Superior Awareness.

-The Summon ability has been reworked. The summon building aspect should be much clearer, and easier.

Weapon type
-changed Increase Damage to a flat +5 damage.
-lowered Superior Weapon of Heaven's prerequisites to +4 natural enhancement bonus. Previously the ability could only be taken at lvl 20.
-changed Godslayer's Edge. Previous ability redundant with Weapon of Heaven. The ability now doubles your zanpakutou's natural enhancement bonus.

Bankai Abilities
-removed Vital Pierce. We were unable to rework this ability in a way that satisfied us, so the ability was scrapped entirely.

Changelog 1.065 - 10/16/2013

-removed Hide in Plain Sight from blood. It is a darkness ability and it was placed in Blood by mistake.

-reduced the scaling on Ability Increase. It now can only be taken to a single stat at a rate of 1/5 your shinigami level, rounded down. This increases to 1/3 for Bankai.
-removed the stacking on Skillful. This ability can only be taken to a single skill at a rate of 1/5 your shinigami level, rounded down. This increases to 1/3 for Bankai.

Rules Update 1.06 Changelog - 10/06/2013

-the PDF is now bookmarked

Base Classes
-reworked the Quincy class to better balance it against shinigami.

Gestalt Classes
-reworked Battle Expert to function as a Warblade rather than as a Swordsage, in regards to disciplines available and how to recover expended maneuvers. Warblade disciplines much better fit Bleach flavor.

Prestige Classes
-clarified 12th Division Scientist. Forbidden Experiments may be used to take the Hollow Ability 'Increased Ability Score' multiple times, but each time it will apply to a different stat. This is to prevent abusively high save DCs.
-reduced requirements for Flash Dancer Prestige Class, and reworded several of the abilities for clarity.
-reduced BAB requirement for Ketsugo prestige class to 10+.

-increased the range of Summon Reiraku to 10 feet per point of Sense Motive result.

-increased Damage Reduction feat to 2/- per time the feat is taken.
-added Interpose and Improved Interpose.
-the damage bonus from Kidou Artist now scales with the number of spell point expended in the casting of the spell.

Shikai Abilities
Multiple Shikai Types
-All of the damage increasing 'Blade' abilities (crackling blade, flame blade, frost blade, etc) have been condensed into a single ability that stacks on itself.

-Combined Bestow Darkvision into the Darkvision ability.
-Added the Hide in Plain Sight ability.
-Added the Strangling Shadows and Improved Strangling Shadows abilities.
-Added the Shadow Jump, Shadow Shock and Flicker abilities.
-Added the Incorporeality ability.

-Blended Elemental Blast into Spell Blast. Spell blast can now freely change it's elemental damage type.

-Changed Juxtaposition. You now get to make a standard action after switching places with your doppleganger instead of a single melee attack.
-reduced damage taken during Nemesis to half what the illusory nemesis takes.

-The Create Vegetation ability has been expanded into the Control Plants ability.
-merged Wood Shape, Repel Wood and Wooden Sword. Additionally Wooden Sword now treats your sword as ironwood and if broken may be regrown.
-removed Wooden Sword requisite from Entangling Weapon and clarified ability.
-added the Animate Plants ability.

-Moved Ranged Maneuver from bankai abilities into Projectile type.

-clarified several of the mechanics of the summon ability.
-Increased the summon's base hp to 1/4 your maximum hit points, and reworked Increased toughness to take account of this.

-Crushing Wave Blade now does bludgeoning damage. It's damage has been increased from 2d4 to 2d8 to compensate for this.

Bankai Abilities
-reworked Tempo, it now provides an immediate +10 to hit following a missed attack, that lasts until you successfully land an attack.
-increased Mystic Regeneration's SP regeneration to 10 SP/round.
-Changed Kidou Enhance, enabling you to apply any metamagic feat to one spell per encounter, whether you actually possess the metamagic feat or not.
-Bankai restoration removed due to vague wording and favoring those types more easily able to acquire mass quantities of their 'element'.
-Strengthened Healing removed due to Overheal making it redundant.

-added several new spells to the level 7,8 & 9 lists to help improve selection.
-finished developing all the Bleach canon spells, and added them to the pdf. They have also been added to the New Kidou Spells thread for easy access.

Rules, Changelog 1.05 - 11/02/2013
-Standardized Hollow and Arrancar rules, for my own sanity.

-clarified 12th Division Scientist's Forbidden Experiments to clarify that you may only take Generic Hollow Ability.

-fixed many grammatical errors in Shikai Ability lists

-clarified Igniting touch, You are only immune to being set on fire by your own sword, not to all fire damage produced by your Zanpakutou

-combined Imporved power, potency and proficiency into one ability: Increased Healing Power
-added Energy Doping

-increase Ability Increase's bonus to +4
-Increase Skillful's bonus to +10

-removed Enhancement ability, Improved Weapon of Heaven made it redundant

Rules, Version 1.04 Changelog - 09/29/2012

Changes made to General Rules
-added Massive Damage rules to the Variant Rules section
-add Knocked Flying rules to the Variant Rules section
-added note about shinigami unarmed damage to Variant Rules section

Changes made to Classes
-expanded Elite Shinigami gestalt class to include another 10 levels.
-Heighten Kidou has been reworked. It now only adds 1/2 your level, rounded down when used.
-added action cost to the Ritualist prestege class' Hanki ability (Immediate action).

Changes made to Skills
-removed limitation on Suppress Reiatsu
-added note indicating Sense Motive can be used to Sense Spiritual Strength as well. It had been indicated under Suppress Reiatsu, but not Sense Motive.

Changes made to Feats
-reworded Shunko
-fixed Sokotsu, as before it was identical to Ikkotsu. It is now a full-attack action that applies Ikkotsu's effect to all attacks.
-clarified Uncanny Dodge as it relates to shinigami defense bonus. It does not apply.
-added a new feat, Zanpakutou Type Mastery, which adds +2 DC to saving throws against abilities from a selected Zanpakutou type.
-added Flurry of Blows and Greater Flurry as feats, since they had gotten deleted at some point by mistake.

Changes made to all Zanpakutou abilities
-With few exceptions, all shikai abilities that gained multiple options upon being taken multiple times have been redone. Abilities now gain all listed effects when taking the ability subsequent times.
-Note that with a few specific exceptions, the option to increase the save DC of an ability has been removed from virtually every ability. DCs already increase with level, so there is no need to raise them them more.
-removed upper caps on 'Elemental Adaption' abilities

Changes Made to Specific Types
-added Independant wall ability to Barrier
-added Pain Release Blast ability
-added Healing Form
-added Overheal ability
-reduced Healing Aura to 5 fast healing per stage. With all the stacking of this ability it was almost impossible to seriously threaten characters short of one-shotting them.
-shining laser no longer has prerequisites, and has been reworked to grant the option between a single target touch attack, and a AoE line.
-Bend Light no longer has to be taken twice to bend light not created by your own zanpakutou. This also applies to Improved Bend Light's Minor Images.
-removed Improved Bend Light's ability to create Major Images upon subsequent takings.
-Brilliant Energy now bypasses all DR in addition to its normal effect. This includes DR/-.
-increased Thunderstorm's radius to 20ft per ability
-removed Wall ability, as Barrier already has this ability and it fits better there thematically.
-removed/condensed redundant abilities
-removed water breathing and related moves, as the Undersea Knight chain does the same and more
-reworded Crushing Wave Blade abilities

Changelog for v 1.03: - 07/22/2012

2 new Barrier abilities

3 new Healing abilities

2 new feats: Enlightened and Kidou Artist

Changed Twin Zanpakutou Mastery a bit to prevent exploits.

Added a line about how metakidou works in the Kidou section.

Changelog for v 1.02 - 07/12/2012

Prestige Classes:
12th Division Scientist
Flash Dancer
Kidou Adept

Added Abilities:
5 new abilities to Light type

Added Feats:
Shunpo Mobility
Shunpo Rend
Soul Companion

Bardic Knowledge feat has been changed to Academic Knowledge. Function remains the same.

Changelog for v1.01 - 07/07/2012

Shikai Abilities:
Added Mind & Plant type
Added 1 new ability to Oppression type
Added 6 new abilities to Illusion type
Added 1 new ability to Light Type
Added 1 new ability to Ice Type
Added 5 new abilities to Fire Type
Added 2 new abilities to Wind Type

Changed Save DCs of all Zanpakutou abilities to Constitution

Added new Feat: Changed Source

Deleted duplicate abilities
General formatting, spelling, formatting changes
Posting Status: Having some unexpected medical issues... Posting significantly impacted, but working towards recovery.
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Updated Bleach ruleset book Attachment 76618 version of the PDF from Trouble in Paradise. Credit to Melchior and Bade.


Cheers, Xian
Posting Status: Having some unexpected medical issues... Posting significantly impacted, but working towards recovery.
DM:The Forsaken Plane: The Plane of Elder Evils
"The only way to do the impossible is the to believe that they are possible."
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Effectively, we will transition to this ruleset and it will supersede the house rules with the following exceptions:

- Retain the PrCs created by Blakk
- Retain the Battle Expert Class with the following modification. This class can only be taken by Warrior and Expert Shinigami. Warrior Shinigami will use the recovery, maneuvers, and maneuver progression associated with a Warblade and Expert Shinigami will use the recovery method, maneuvers, and maneuver progression associated with Swordsage.

An additional rule modification is that we will use the Pathfinder rules for the resolution of combat maneuvers and the associated Improved and Greater FEATS for those maneuvers. This does not mean that we will include all of the additional combat maneuvers from Pathfinders. We still only use the maneuvers that are in 3.5e, just use PF rules to resolve them.

At the very fundamental level there is no opposed rolls for a maneuver, it is resolved like an attack roll (Combat Maneuver Bonus or CMB) against an opponent's AC (Combat Maneuver Defense or CMD).

Base CMB is equal to BAB plus Strength bonus, with the exception of trip which may use either strength or dexterity bonus. The Agile Maneuver FEAT (think Weapons Finesse for combat maneuvers) will be available and allows you to use your dexterity bonus in lieu of strength for the calculation of your CMB.

CMD is calculated as 10 + BAB + Strength Bonus + Dexterity Bonus + Size Bonus + Misc Bonus (FEAT, spells, deflection, dodge, etc.)


Cheers, Xian
Posting Status: Having some unexpected medical issues... Posting significantly impacted, but working towards recovery.
DM:The Forsaken Plane: The Plane of Elder Evils
"The only way to do the impossible is the to believe that they are possible."
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