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Old 05-22-2019, 10:59 AM
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Broken Isles

Broken Isles

Applications Closed as of: 6/3/2019

The Breaking

The world has been destroyed. For reasons lost to time, a great cataclysm rocked the entire planet with powerful earthquakes. Massive fissures opened, releasing molten rock and sea water. In the span of minutes, entire cities were destroyed and countless billions were killed. Then, a deafening rumble and great cracking sounds filled the air. The ground began to rise.

Practitioners of the arcane arts called upon their abilities and men and women of faith called upon their gods, both to the same effect. Magic was gone and the gods became silent.

The survivors of the Breaking watched in surreal horror as islands of floating rock began to ascend around them. Some were the size of continents, others barely large enough for a person to stand on. In varying speeds and directions they ascended, but all had one thing in common, a dull yellow crystal covered the underside of them all.

The islands eventually stopped rising at various altitudes, but most continued to move in a slow orbit around what was left of the planet below. For nearly a hundred year, Islands crashed into one another to catastrophic effect until those that were left settled into peaceful orbits.

The people that had managed to survive found themselves trapped on their floating bits of earth with only the resources that happened to be there. Many islands' inhabitants died from lack of water, food or exposure. Some floated so high they could no longer breath.

Over 500 years passed in this way, with most people finding simply surviving occupied most of their time. Farming, hunting and simple trades became necessities. Some islands had lakes large enough where even fishing was possible. The magical and technological crutches the world had previously depended on were gone. Magic became a thing of legend and the races born of it so too withered and died.

Some found it simpler to take from others what they wanted. Towns were formed to pool resources, skills, and to provide protection. The occasional skirmish broke out between towns from time-to-time, but the islands large enough to support more than one such town was usually rich enough in resources to go around.

Starting Out
right-aligned image
Players begin their adventure in the town of Willow Grove, located on a moderately sized island, taking about 15 days to walk from one end to the other.

You wake to the sound of the town bell ringing frantically only to stop a moment later. It is still dark outside. You can make out screams from men and women, mixed with the sound of fire and wood breaking, while the occasional strange snarl adds to the cacophony.

You are in the town the night of the attack. Who you are and why you are there is up to you to determine.

InformationDeadline: 6/2/2019
Party Size: 5
Starting Level: 0
Ability Scores: Roll 4d6 six times, taking the 3 highest values from each throw. This can be done twice, taking whichever set of scores you want. Dice should be rolled HERE. If desired, players can also select their scores using a standard 27-point buy.
Class: None - Characters will be starting at level 0 with the ability to train in certain classes as they become available in the campaign. Magical classes will be available, but not without certain risks.
Races: PHB only - No elves, dragonborn orTiefling (Forest Gnome is allowed, but will not get cantrip)
Hit Points: Everyone will start with 6 hp (plus modifiers, etc.)
Feats: If human(variant) race is chosen, feats can only be selected from the PHB. The following feats are not currently available: Elemental Adept, Mage Slayer, Magic Initiate, Ritual Caster, Spell Sniper, War Caster
Backgrounds: PHB only. Noble and sage are not available.
Books allowed: PHB (Other choices from Core books might be allowed. Please ask)
Starting Wealth/Equipment: As per background only. Nothing rolled from wealth table.
Character Sheet: A basic sheet will be needed, as characters will be under attack from the outset. Players that are selected will then need to ensure that their sheet is fully fleshed out. See Application Process below.
Posts per week: 3-4

Application ProcessAll complete applications will start the campaign. The town is under attack and everyone is fleeing for a series of nearby caves. All applicants will need to make it from their starting location to the caves. Not everyone will. The party will then be selected from those that have survived.

This process will serve as your roleplaying sample, a little random element to the selection process, and to set the grim tone of the campaign.

Applications should include
  • Name
  • Race
  • Background
  • Traits, Ideals, Bonds, Flaws
  • Physical Description (include a picture)
  • Personality
  • History (This should include an explanation of why you are in Willow Grove(i.e. you live there, passing through, trading, etc.)


# Player Character Name Race Background Starting Location Sheet
1 Stadiumite Taos Bookman Human (Variant) Guild Artisan/Scribe Residence X
2 delpinator Joshua Moore Human (Variant) Sailor Tavern X
3 Hiruma Kohaku Marcus Dorlu Human (Variant) Urchin Lean-to on the outskirts of town X
4 Anea Thorgrim Steelbreaker Mountain Dwarf Guild Artisan(Blacksmith) Smithy X
5 HughtheHand Bodo Stursk Human Hermit Building on the outskirts of town X
6 Oakie Jorge Swenson Human (Variant) Soldier Tavern X
7 tom0eh Glennon Greystout Dwarf Guild Artisan(Brewer) Tavern X
8 Mrjoegangles Conlin “Blackthumb” Human Criminal Jail X
9 Impaleddearan Bernard Lakurion Human Soldier Residence X
10 TiesKnots Gorbug Half-Orc Caravan(Cook) Wagon on the outskirts of town X
11 Simandl Gilligg the Goatherder Forest Gnome Outlander Stables X
12 RadarD Roscoe Lightfoot Halfling Urchin Tavern X
13 MontageManiac Donovan Whistler Human (Variant) Charlatan Tavern X
21 epelj1 Enola Half-Elf Guild Artisan(Bowyer) Residence X
15 Reisespieces Koki Greentea Halfling (Stout) Acolyte (Yondalla) Residence X
16 Jrod Adam Khrome Human (Variant) Guild Artisan(Woodcarver) Residence X
17 SalmonMax Maighan Human (Variant) Hermit Lean-to on the outskirts of town X
18 Draidden Brasil Regnault Half-Elf Entertainer Residence X
19 Houtoku Alaric Ingmarr Human (Variant) Criminal Residence X
20 Trapper Poulde Human (Variant) Hermit Jail X
14 Hundur Vidri Human (Variant) Criminal Jail X

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Name Taos Bookman
Race Human (variant)
Background Guild Artisan/Scribe
Calligraphy Tools
{one language}
Travelers Clothes
Traits Likes to talk at length about his profession
Ideals Committed to the people he cares about, more than ideals
Bonds The written word can be more powerful than any weapon or army. The key to restoring this world lies in hidden knowledge that can be discovered through study.
Flaws Intolerant of those that do not appreciate words and learning

Physical Description Stat Block

Taos is the son of the master scribe in the town of Willow Grove. The town is large enough that the written word has become important. His father ran a shop in the merchants district for creating, copying, buying, and selling written documents and maps. Taos learned at a young age the skills of calligraphy and map making. He knows the tools of the trade very well. He spend many hours in his youth copying documents to be sold in the shop. In doing so he has become unusually well-read for someone in this age. He's fascinated with old documents, and with the idea that the history of the time before The Breaking might be discovered somehow, through recovery of documents from an earlier age.

He believes that magic is real, and that its secrets must be written down somewhere.

Notes on starting equipment
The guild artisan background grants a set of tools. Scribe tools in this case. Parchment, ink, calligraphers pen etc.
It it also grants 15 GP. Which I will spend on a shield and a quarterstaff. Total cost 10.2 GP.

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Name Joshua Moore
race variant human
Class sailor
Background sailor
To me, a tavern brawl is a nice way to get to know a new city.
I never pass up a friendly wager.
I'm committed to my crewmates, not to ideals
Ruthless pirates murdered my captain and crewmates, plundered our ship, and left me to die. Vengeance will be mine.
My pride will probably lead to my destruction.

Physical Description
A human male with brown hair and eyes. He stands at six feet in height. He is dressed In simple tan shirt and black pants. A tricorn hat adorns his head. He carries a club. Rope is wound from shoulder to hip. A rabbits foot is attached with a leather rope around his neck.
Joshua has always had the spirit of adventure. It's what led him to the sea in the first place that or the ale. He's always up for a brawl and finds the greatest companions in doing so. When he's not brawling he trading wagers on dice or actions. He's loyal to companions following no higher ideals than one for all and all for one. One day though his pride will be the end of him but until that day he plans to work hard and play harder with his coattails riding the wind.

Joshua has been on the move as long as he remembers his parents were sailors and he has grown up in the lifestyle. He eventually joined on to the crew running rope and swabbing the deck. He did this until Phillip "the reaver" Weaver over took the ship. Joshua did what he could but eventually fled and took shelter in Willow Grove a simple seeming town. He did odd jobs as a handyman while living in the tavern.

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Name: Marcus Dorlu
Race: Human Variant (Mobile feat)
Class: N/A
Background: Urchin
Traits: I hide scraps of food and trinkets away in my pockets.
Ideals: I help the people who help me—that’s what keeps us alive.
Bonds: I owe my survival to another urchin who taught me to live on the streets.
Flaws: I’d rather kill someone in their sleep then fight fair.
Equipment: Backpack, 10 Torches, 20 darts, Bedroll, 2 Waterskin, two person tent, 5 days trail rations, dagger, a map of the city you grew up in, a pet mouse, a token to remember your parents by, a set of common clothes, and a belt pouch
Physical Description (include a picture): dressed in rags full of holes and covered in dirt, short black hair that hasn’t been brushed in who knows how long, has mud covered feet because he doesn’t own shoes, his face is sunken from lack of food, but his eyes have a haunted look behind them of someone who has seen some things nobody should see

Personality: skittish, paranoid, curious, opportunistic
History (This should include an explanation of why you are in Willow Grove(i.e. you live there, passing through, trading, etc.): Marcus has lived here his whole life. Originally, he had parents but they both died due to disease when he was about six years old. Resources were already tight for everyone at the time, so nobody made the effort to take him in. At best they would give him scraps if he begged for it. Bone marrow became a constant part of his diet. There was one person who did take him under his wing, Stefan. The man was in his mid thirties and an experienced street rat himself that had wandered into town about a month after Marcus became an orphan. Stefan initially just used the kid as a way to play on people’s heart strings and to steal while he had people distracted. Overtime, Marcus viewed Stefan as a mentor and learned as much as he could from him. Instead of being told what to do, he took more of an active role in their plans. To keep the people of the town from completely turning on him, he only took the bare minimum that he needed to survive. Any more and they were likely to get lynched or imprisoned. Such is the life of a street rat.

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Ohh, dice roller was not kind to me....

The Anvil
right-aligned image

Name: Thorgrim Steelbreaker

Race: Mountain Dwarf

Class: None currently

Background: Guild Artisan (Blacksmith)


Thorgrim doesn't part with his money easily and will haggle tirelessly to get the best deal possible. This sometimes makes him comes off as a miser but this attitude has ensured his smithy has prospered when others have gone out of business. Additionally, he believes that anything worth doing is worth doing right. His quality work is used by the town guard for their commission pieces as well as their best weapons.


Mr. Steelbreaker always believes in the community they built in Willow Grove is what matters most, as their ancestors didn't survive the calamity of the Breaking for all of them to revert back to wild animals.


The smith pursues wealth and fortune for his family. He would hate to feel that he was unable to provide for them if the need arose.


Thorgrim is quick to assume that someone is trying to cheat him, especially if they haggle better than he does.

Physical Description:

Thorgrim is a stout dwarf with copper skin and brown hair who is well muscled from long days in the forge. Laugh lines spread out from his blue eyes, many having been gained with his interactions with the town guard while he fixes their equipment. He wears a heavy leather apron over his rough spun clothing when he is working while his beard is tied by a bracelet to prevent singeing. When he is out to the tavern or at the market he will wear general traveler's clothes to appear a bit more put together.


The dwarf initially comes off as rough and serious with anyone he meets, but once he gets to know you he acts much like an older brother. He tends to use simple, direct language especially when he is haggling. His critical eye can spot flaws in most craftsmanship, but he also believes that some minor imperfections can give an object a character all their own. He places no stock in gods or higher beings and responds with harsh admonition whenever they are invoked.

History (This should include an explanation of why you are in Willow Grove(i.e. you live there, passing through, trading, etc.):

Thorgrim has lived in Willow Grove for nearly one hundred-fifty years, serving as the main smith and occasional tinkerer for the town guard. His forge, The Steelbreaker's Hammer, is the first shop on the market row nearby both the tavern and the guard post. It provides a great location for travelers to secure arms or new horseshoes for their journey as well as the prime contractor for the guard weaponry. He is quite fond of the Greystout brews produced in town, but has had little interaction with any of their family besides fulfilling orders for metal items used in brewing.

He and his wife Helin are expecting their first child within the next few months, and so Thorgrim has been working longer hours within the forge recently so that he can afford to take some time off to raise his future bouncing baby boy, or at least he hopes it will be a boy. Among the various tools and items of war strewn about his shop are toys that the dwarf attempted to make for the future little one. They include dolls from shaped from iron rods, tiny hammers, and even a miniature wire horse. Hanging on the back wall of the shop is a single mundane warhammer, the first weapon Thorgrim professionally made and what gained his entry to the guild.

Stats rolled
"We are sons of Durin, and Durin's folk do not flee from a fight. I have no right to ask this of any of you, but will you follow me one last time?"

Tomb of Annihilation | Labyrinth | Broken Isles | Descent into Avernus

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What proportion of the game would you say will be combat and what proportion role-play?
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I like to keep an even balance, but this game will be about 60% combat.
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How much do people know about the time before The Breaking? Do they even know there was a time? Are their artifacts or ruins that survive?
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  • Name: Bodo Stursk
  • Class: TBD
  • Background: Hermit. As a young man, a vicious disease swept through Bodo's town. Bodo survived, owing to his incredible constitution, but the disease ravaged his features, making of Bodo a social pariah. Hiding his face behind a heavy cowl allowed him some modicum of privacy, yet more and more Bodo began to retreat from society and seek solitude. Once, caught out in a terrible storm and desperately seeking shelter, Bodo took refuge in an old stone structure near the edge of the island. When the storm had passed, he found it a somewhat serviceable ruin, perhaps the remains of an old mill or some structure. Enjoying the quiet, he turned it into his home, and began building a life of solitude.
  • Traits: Bodo feels tremendous empathy for those who suffer.
  • Ideals: Meddling in the affairs of others only causes trouble.
  • Bonds: Bodo entered seclusion because he loved someone he could not have. His wife and child were killed by the disease that marks his face.
  • Flaws: Bodo harbors dark, bloodthirsty thoughts that his isolation and meditation fail to quell. Though Bodo empathizes deeply with those who suffer, his own suffering and loss causes him to spend hours brooding on violent ends to himself, others, and the whole island.
    [*History: Bodo ekes out a simple subsistence on the edge of the island, only venturing into Willow Grove with his small, hand-drawn cart to trade water and herbs for the occasional tool or special foodstuff. In addition to farming simple vegetables, he harvests water from the fog using nets, and store it in small barrels. The night of the attack, Bodo was sleeping in a barn that belongs to an innkeeper that he trades with and who does not shy away from his disfigurement.
  • Physical Description Bodo is a Human, 5'6" tall, with black hair and blue eyes. Strong and extremely robust, his face and body are marred by large boils, scars left behind by the disease.
  • Character Sheet


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How much do people know about the time before The Breaking? Do they even know there was a time? Are their artifacts or ruins that survive?
Most of the islands that are inhabited would have stories passed down of a time when the lands were connected together and when gods walked among the people creating fire from their hands (or similar).

If there are ruins from that time or people that have knowledge of it, none exist on your island.
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Name: Jorge Swenson
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: TBD
Background: Soldier
Specialty: Infantry (Guardsman
Personality Trait 1: I enjoy being strong and like breaking things.
Personality Trait 2: I'm always polite and respectful.
Ideal: Nation. The people of Willow Grove and our island are all that matter.
Bond: I fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.
Flaw: I obey the law, even if the law causes misery.

Character Sheet (Stat Rolls)

Physical Description: Jorge is exactly the kind of big, imposing man you want at guarding the homeland. His athletic blond physique, square jaw, and hard, gray-eyed stare makes you think twice about trying any nonsense.

Personality: Loyalty to his liege and an unwillingness to back down from any enemy or hardship — that's what you want in a guardsman, and Jorge is an exemplar. He does like a laugh, a drink, and games of chance in his time off. But on duty? Like trying to make a mountain smile.

History: Jorge is a town guardsman in service to X [TBD by DM], the ruler of Willow Grove. He grew up near the lord's compound and around the guardsmen and other soldiers as his uncle, Dorf, is the Master at Arms, and his father, Swen, was an infantry sergeant who died in the line of duty. During the attack, he is off duty in plain clothes at the Greasy Pig with some of his friends, armed only with a quarterstaff and a large antler-handled knife he won in a quarterstaff competition at the last harvest faire.

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@Oakie There would not be any castles on the island. There are quite a few towns, some larger than others, but palisades would be the greatest defensive structure any of them would have. That being said, they definitely could have some kind of town watch or guard.
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Glennon Greystout
right-aligned image

Name: Glennon Greystout
Race: Dwarf
Background: Guild Artisan - Brewer

Traits: Glennon is well known for his ale, and wants to make sure everyone appreciates it. Glennon is always taken aback when people haven’t heard of his family's work.
Ideals: Glennon's talents were given to him so that he could use them to benefit Willow Grove.
Bonds: The brewery where Glennon learned his trade is the most important place in the world to him, although ale in general is a very close second.
Flaws: As success came, Glennon has had more time to drink and rely on the brewery name and the rest of the company.

Physical Description (include a picture): Glennon is a man of middle dwarven age, who always seems to be holding a drink of some kind - generally one of the Greystout brews his family is known for. His red hair is fleeting from the top of his head but hangs tight to the lower half of his face in a long, classically dwarvish display. The red of his hair is rivaled by the reddening of his cheeks and the bridge of his nose, a constant flushed look from the drink he loves to consume. Glennon is always found in fancier attire, generally with the odd stain or blemish and in the past few years as the drinking has become heavier, the buttons have been under a bit more strain. While many people would note that things seem like they are starting to shift for Glennon, and not for the better, everyone is in agreement on one thing - the smile that is always found on Glennon Greystout's face hasn't wavered a bit.

Personality: Glennon is a joyful individual, always ready to joke and party. He is and always has been a happy-go-lucky individual. Never a stranger to hard work, Glennon always takes on any task with a smile. As of late though, the partying aspect of his personality has slowly been taking over the hard worker aspect.

History: Glennon Greystout is the oldest of four children in a long line of Greystout brewers that have lived in Willow's Grove since the very beginnings. Through generations, they have been developing their formulas to make brews that are known far and wide. Since a very young age, Glennon has been part of the business in every way - from brewing to sales to consumer and everything in between. As his father Gureg Greystout got older, Glennon took on more and more of the business. As things shifted, the family business only seemed to grow more and more. Glennon took an extreme sense of pride in the work of his lineage, and worked hard to make his father proud. Between this work ethic and his kind, jovial way of working with tavern owners and their patrons, things flourished.

But, behind the scenes, Gureg's health was failing. Glennon worked and partied harder to try to avoid facing the reality that he was losing his hero. Sadly, Glennon was out on a delivery run when his father ultimately passed, and he was days late when he finally returned and got the news. Since then, people have noted that his smile has not faded, but there certainly has been a shift. Now, more of the work of the business falls on the other members of the team, as Glennon has found himself wanting to enjoy a good drink more and more often.

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Conlin “Blackthumb”
I’m the best at what I do, and what I do is take care of me self.”
right-aligned image
The Blackthumb
Class: TBD
Background: Criminal/Spy
Specialty: Criminal
Personality Trait 1: “It’s all part of the plan.”
Personality Trait 2: “Never tell me the odds.”
Ideal: “There is good in us all. We all deserve a chance at redemption.”
Bond: “Someone I love is dead. The blame falls to me.”
Flaw: “When the going gets tough, the smart thief gets going.”

Physical Description: A handsome lean, angular face, hidden behind a rough beard. A twinkle of life peaks out from deep within his sad dull eyes. A trim, wiry body as equally suited for climbing rooftops and squeezing into forbidden areas, as it is seducing highborn ladies on the ballroom floor. Scars crisscross his hands and knuckles, badges of his life surviving on the streets. One thumb is blackened to its second knuckle, many rumors exist, but no one knows what accident or incident caused such a recognizable mark on the young thief.

Personality: A quick dismissive joke, a snide comment, a flippant remark. These are the cornerstones of Conlin’s conversational skills. Slow to trust, and slower to forgive The Blackthumb has little use for comradeship or kind words. When working a mark, his personality seems much more friendly, open, and genuine, a hint of the person he used to be.

History: ”The world we now live in isn’t easy. You’ve heard the fairytales of what was, what used to be. Dismiss it from your minds. From noble to street rat, we are all in the same game. Survival!.”
DMing: Last of the Hunters
Playing: Jayson Nesbitt , Thron, Zel

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right-aligned image

Name: Bernard Lakurion
Race: Human
Background: Soldier
Specialty: Infantry

https://www.rpgcrossing.com/profiler...id=80733raits: I’ve lost too many friends, and I’m slow to make new ones.
Ideals: Independence. When people follow orders blindly, they embrace a kind of tyranny. (Chaotic)
Bonds: Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.
Flaws: I have little respect for anyone who is not a proven warrior.

Physical Description: Bernard is 5'11. He is medium build. He has brown hair on his head and a full beard on his face. His eyes are light blue.

Personality: Bernard likes to hang around other soldiers. He likes to challenge others to friendly bouts in order to boost his own skills while also using it to help him stay in shape. Bernard has not yet found the lucky woman in his life but he wants to find one with nice long black hair.

History: Bernard's family has lived in Willow Grove. His father also being in the military, that is what pushed Bernard to join. He is proud to server for Willow Grove and wants to advance to a high rank.

“The imagination is a weapon. Those who don't use it die first.”
DM - Curse of Strahd
I swear upon the Oath of Sangus

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