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The Starless Skies

Game NameThe Starless Skies
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeRebuilding after catastrophe
FlavourDungeon crawl heavy, a bit of horror
Plot Summary

There was a time before the stars fell to the earth. A time when heroes wandered the land performing great deeds. A time when civilization beat back the darkness. A time long ago... but it doesn’t have to be in the past. What’s lost can be recovered. All it will take to reclaim it is an iron will and cold steel. It’s not glamorous, and it ain’t easy, but someone needs to be a hero now.... Any volunteers?

You live in a port city. It used to have a real name before cataclysmic event that was the stars falling to the earth (ie rocks fell, everyone died), but since sailing without stars has proven a fools errand, it’s come to be known as Shipwreck. It’s an isolated city, as new salvage washing up is the only sign you occasionally see that you’re not the only ones to survive. Monsters roam everywhere and those living outside the city wall have little means of protecting themselves. And that’s where you come in.

The long and shortI’m looking for three or four players.
PCs will have just formed their own adventure guild (using the term guild loosely).
I’m using the “gritty” version of the rules, so 8 hour short rest 1 week long rest.
You’ll have a lot of freedom to choose your quests, but it will be a “doing this means not doing that” situation.

CharactersStandard point buy. Anything from the official books can work, though be ready to justify it if you go too left field on it. Level 1. And leave enough room in your backstory for starting an adventure guild with your friends. Clerics/paladins be vague about your deity, we’ll work on the specifics later. Noble background characters would have the surname Stormwalker, and be on the outs if not a storm sorcerer. I’m trying to leave most stuff open so we can work it out together, but I’ll let you know if something just doesn’t work.

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Name: turbulence
Race: air genasi
Class druid
Background. Sage
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Character App
Name: Luthien
Race: Elf (or Variant Human)
Class: Fighter or Ranger
Background: Outlander (Bounty Hunter)
Personality: Typical loner, he's not a people-person, but can tolerate most anyone with enough booze.

There was a time when everything was 'normal'. Plenty of work for a bounty hunter,.. plenty of town and villages to spend a night in before disappearing into the wilderness for the next job. Luthien had always been a loner, his parents had died of disease when he was just a child. It never really bothered him, or at least that's what he told himself. Years growing up alone in the wilderness helped train his abilities to be a natural hunter and he could make good coin hunting wanted people. But then the sky fell...
With no people left to hunt, or at least no people looking to pay someone for it, he had to rethinking his life. Sure, he could spend the rest of his life out in the wilderness, alone... but he would miss a good ale and the kiss of a sweet bar wench. So he eventually wound up in what was a one point a profitable fishing village, back when there were ships and fish to catch. He needed work and was sure that someone would find his skill set useful.

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Mik'al Storm Walker
right-aligned image
Name: Mika'l Stormwalker
Race: Half-Elf(High)
Class: Sorcerer (Storm Sorcery)
Background: Noble
Born a Stormwalker, Mik'al always believed he needed to be above the rest of the world. That is until he got to go out on his own. He saw people struggling to make do and his family standing by. He started going out as often as he could using his abilities to help where he could.

While doing these excursions. he made a few friends that his family didn't approve of. They didn't stop him, thinking that his "new friends" would eventually use him or get him into trouble, and he would learn his lesson.

Personality: Outgoing and friendly, Mik'al wants people to think he is a good guy or maybe even a hero. That being says he will usually do something foolhardy if it means helping others.

Description: Dark haired, Blue eyed, Mik'al prefers to dress in fine clothing of Black and Red, even when getting his hands dirty,
---If at first you don't succeed, next call a Halflng---
Characters: Nik, Samred Genrona
Status: Not at full strength.

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NixName: Nix
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Warlock
Background: Far Traveler. Nix never knew her parents. Born as an illegitimate child of a Stormwalker, your mother sick and dying sent you to your father, only to be given away to a laboratory for free. Nix was never her true name, it was given to her during the experiments. While in this lab she was being experimented on with seemed to be a crystal that seemed to pull on her mind almost talking to her. Nix was experimented on for all of her life until the catastrophe happened. Now with mysterious new powers and a wave of newfound anger, she is driven to hunt down the people who did this to her and discover who she actually is.
Personality: Nix is a serious and introverted individual with emotional fragility due to her upbringing. At her core, however, Nix has a caring personality devoted to protecting innocents, and a willingness to fight for what she feels is right. While she is very passionate about her beliefs and quite direct about how she feels, this has proven to be a deadly flaw, as it makes her prone to impulsiveness and error. Nix has deep seeded anger bubbling down inside. She actively fights against this anger as if it is a physical being. However, her anger cannot be subdued forever. During this anger, Nix is vengeful toward her enemies, as she is willing to psychologically torture them and personally hunt them down. For people that look closely into your eyes, they can see the rage that often scares them into either running from you or helping you out sheer fear of what's inside of you.
Description: https://bit.ly/2EOg2rQ
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left-aligned image

Fenix the Fox
Name: Fenix the Fox (Click on name to see CS.)
Race: Halfling
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Urchin
Skill Proficiencies: Sleight of Hand, Stealth
Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit, Thieves' Tools
Equiprnent: A small knife, a map of the city you grew up in, a pet mouse, a token to remember your parents by, a set of dark common clothes including a hooded cloak, and a belt
pouch containing 10 gp
[*]Personality Traits: I like to squeeze into small places where no one else can get to me. I also have a way of somewhat bluntly saying what I think other people are hinting
at or hiding. Or what I think they should hear.
[*]Bond: I owe my survival to another urchln who taught me to live on the streets.
[*]Ideals: People. I help the people who help me-that's what keeps us alive. An Change, the high and mighty are brought down and The low are lifted up. Change is the nature
of all things. But there are times when change is not happening as quickly as one would hope. Thus sometimes needing a helping hand!
[*]Flaw: or NOT??? It's not stealing if I or someone I know needs It more than the person that has it. Fenix now a days that he no longer needs to steal to just to survive.
He only steals from those who can well afford the loss of what he has pilfered.
Backstory: Fenix, who was given the moniker 'The Fox' by his childhood chums, in crime. Because of the color of his hair. But also for the sly plans he came up to help them
gain the things that his urchin gang needed to have to survive and more. While growing up as a Urchin, in the Port City of Shipwreck. After his parents that were only passing through
the city, were killed by a runaway freight wagon. When he was only five. Young Fenix survived the incident relatively unharmed. He was thrown in the city's orphanage until he was eight. Where he is taken to a workhouse, where he is ill treated. Thus one night when one of the overseers fouls up and leaves a outer doors unlocked while slipping out for a drink. Fenix getting up in the night to use the privy. Discovers it and makes a break for it.
The young halfling soon discovers that life on the streets is not all what he thought. Starved and exhausted, meets a older human lad named Jock Dickins. Who offers him shelter in the house of his benefactor, Flagin. It turns out that the man was a career criminal who trains orphan boys to pick pockets and otherwise steal for him at every opportunity. After a few days of training, Fenix is sent on a pickpocketing mission with some others. It turns out he has a natural affinity for relieving others of useful things without there noticing it. At least for a short while. Over a number of years Fenix learned every manner of larceny that there is under sun. As well as running cons and bit of racketeering. Then when Fenix was fifteen. On night Flagin drank to much and had a terrible accident falling down some stairs. Which broke his neck, killing him. It was Jock that stepped up and took charge of things. With Fenix being his right handmanhalfling. Then a handful of years later. Late one night Fenix was returning from a burglary job. When he discovered that there house was being raided by numerous members of the city watch. With all those there being carted off and where hanged the next day at noon. As part of the new city administration's 'Get tough on Crime' initiative. Being scared straight, Fenix sought a way he might use the skills he had in a more legitimate manner That was when he heard of the Adventuring Guild. An it's mission to help those who lived outside Shipwreck's city walls. While at the same time being somewhat fairly compensated. Fenix thought it would also give him a chance to perhaps track down some of his long lost relatives. Though he had little to work with. As his memories of his life before his parents death. Was fussy at best.

Persona: Fenix projects a cheerful, happy-go-lucky demeanor. But at moments, one might see a bit of melancholy come slipping through. Hinting, as with other things, at some
sort of tragedy in his past. If one watches closely his eyes for any length of time. If they are at all insightful they will see he is always constantly calculating how he might best take
advantage of any situation. For the en-betterment of himself, but also the Guild.
Description: You would have have most likely first crossed paths with the halfling, Fenix, while spending a evening at some decent Tavern, Inn or Coaching House. He'd be sitting
at table with his back to the wall. Facing towards the main entrance to the establishment. Keeping his eyes open for any trouble.
When the halfling stands and stretches, You can see he is a couple inches short of being three and a half feet in height and is slim for his kind. With copper red hair and charismatic
green eyes. You noticed as he raised a goblet of wine to his lips, that he is left handed. His clothes are slightly travel worn, though clean. He would have on dark brown tooled leather
jerkin over a long puffy sleeved off-white Poet Shirts. With matching dark brown breeches. At his waist is a belt. On which was a sheathed dagger, and several pouches of different
sizes. All of dark Brown leather. For his extracurricular activities, he has a set of black clothing to don.
With in easy reach would be a stack of his belongings. Which would include his backpack. With his basket hilted rapier in it's scabbard attached, so that it is easily accessible to be
quickly drawn. Along with his unstrung shortbow in the holder that was attached to his shoulder quiver of arrows. On top would be a neatly folded reversible dark green/black
weather-proof hooded cloak, where his second dagger in it's sheath was secured in a secret pocket and a dark green beret with a large tuft of reddish fox fur stuck in it's brow.

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Name: Dame Astra of the Grey Hand
Race: Fallen Aasimar
Class: Paladin (Oath of Conquest at level 3)
Background: Knight of the Order (Knights of the Grey Hand)

The Knights of the Grey hand were founded as a Knightly Order to supplement the city watch of the damned city of Shipwreck. The Knights believe they are guided by the divine to protect the people at whatever cost. They are taught to be bulwarks of dourness, and will ever stand watch over their charges. They are trained to be competent swordsmen along with fearsome intimidators; Believing that "It is not enough to merely defeat an enemy in battle. Your victory must be so overwhelming that your enemies’ will to fight is shattered forever. A blade can end a life. Fear can end an empire." Their reputation is... complicated. People respect the work they do to keep the city safe, but are... weary of the rather scary countenance they instill in their Knights.

Astra follows the tenants of her Knighthood to a T. She is charismatic and her presence simply exudes the might of her Order. When she walks into the room, she does so with her head held high and knows that she is the baddest mother****er in the room. Or she tries to project this, anyway. When interacting with the common folk, Astra speaks in curt and precise, but nevertheless polite ways. To her fellow Knights and friends she is likewise amicable, if not again rather serious, not liking to be the butt of any joke.

Of course when she is pursuing a wrongdoer, Astra is the very definition of terror, showing little mercy for those she deems her enemy.

Astra is an attractive young woman, in her mid-twenties. She stands at around 5'9" and has a physique duly appropriate of a Knight. Her skin is a light bronze, half due to her Angelic heritage, and half due to spending most days out patrolling the streets of Shipwreck. The Aasimar's hair is a deep black, and their feathery locks flow just past her shoulders. The Knight's eyes are an intense orange, and they almost seem to flicker with flames(perhaps they sometimes do, that Angelic blood is strange like that).

The Knight wears a set of well maintained chain mail, over which she wears a white tabard with the Grey Hand of her Order. Around her waist is a sword belt, off of which hangs various pouches, but most importantly a shining longsword. Finally slung over her shoulder is a bag of javelin in equally immaculate condition, along with a steel heater shield painted white, with the Grey Hand emblazoned on the front.

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Name: Sica Stormsdaughter
Rance Human (Variant: +1 Con, +1 Wis)
Class: Cleric (Tempest Domain)
Background (pending revision to link in with other characters, fill in more information about faith, etc...): Acolyte. Sica was a ward of the temple. She was laid on the temple steps as an infant. Her parents either did not want her, could not care for her, or were dead. Sica does not know, and thinks of them as "good as dead". Female orphans within the church are given the name "Stormsdaughter", but her given name was bestowed upon her by Edwin, an elder warrior of the faith appointed to oversee the church's wards.

Cared for by cloister servants and elder orphans, once she could stand her's became that of service. First the brush and the broom, assigned to sweeping and cleaning. Then the quill, when she came of age to be instructed in the tenants of the faith and the history of the order. That was where she learned the history of the Eldingar, warriors of the faith who wielded the power of the storm, and Tarna, founder of the Eldingar, an ancient warrior blessed by their god who fought against a terrible danger to the city ((details to be sketched out later)). Finally, as she reached the age to begin her martial training, the mace and the shield. Of all the implements of service she had held in her hands, these felt the most right.

She excelled to such a degree that she was selected to train to join the Eldingar, and she began to learn how to weave divine magic into her combat. Yet her promising training was brought to an abrupt and tragic end. There is a tree outside of the city, a tall oak that stands in the midst of a clearing. Elder acolytes often challenged the younger, forbidden from passing through the gates, to sneak out under cover of night and carve a mark in the tree. Sica was brash and brave, and convinced Meline to try. They approached the tree, pulled out their knifes, but as their footsteps fell silent, they could hear raspy breathing coming from above. Out of the tree a creature leapt, its form masked by the utter darkness of night. The two ran for the gates, Sica and Meline side by side, but just as safety was in reach, the thing pounced on Meline and dragged her screaming into the night. Her screams and those of Sica trying desperately to find her friend brought the guards, who pulled the young woman back into the safety of the walls. The church laid the blame for Meline's death squarely on Sica's guilt-ridden shoulders, and after her penance she was cast out of the order. Her devotion has not flagged, and she is desperate for revenge.

Personality Trait: "I idolize a particular hero of my faith, and constantly refer to that person's deeds and example." Sica idolizes Tarna, and dreams of having her power to kill the creatures that took Meline, to drive back the dark night that fills their minds with nightmares as night. She is young, her eyes fierce and serious. She never jokes and her face is rarely graced by laughter or a smile.

Ideal: I seek to prove myself worthy of my god's favor by matching my actions against his or her teachings.
Bond: I owe my life to the priest who took me in when my parents died.
Flaw: I put too much trust in those who wield power within my temple's hierarchy.

Str 14 Dex 10 Con 14 Int 8 Wis 16 Cha 12
Skills: Perception (from Race), Medicine and Persuasion (from Class), Insight and Religion (from Background)
Feat: War Caster


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right-aligned image

Oloro “Watcher” Navali

Race: Goliath
Class: Barbarian (Ancestral Guardian)
Background: Outlander
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: Watcher is a man of many thoughts and few words. Far from being the dull, aggressive brute that some may envision when they imagine a goliath, the man is not only diplomatic in his approach to dealing with others, but actually abhors wanton violence. His guiding virtues are honesty, wisdom, and prosperity for all.

Though he possesses the bearing and temperament of a natural leader, Watcher’s tragic past has left him somewhat cautious in attempting to take charge. He prefers instead to advise and council, feeling that it should not matter who calls the shots as long as they do so with the right mindset and information. He is a team player, and is surprisingly patient with the immaturity or shortcomings of others. Imperfection is a part of life after all.


Characters: Oloro "Watcher" Navali | Skelmara of the Iron Claw | Milo Dunnwood | Woodwind | Rin Mikuyo | Krei Belarus

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Going to remove my application. Good luck to everyone.
| Leo|

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Originally Posted by Jrod View Post
Is multiclassing allowed?
When will applications be due by?
Is there, or do our characters know of a larger world; A map?
I don’t have a problem with multiclassing.

No due date yet. I want to get the game approved and set up and then give a couple of days for finishing up.

Your characters know there is a larger world, but wouldn’t have access to much in the way of maps and don’t know how much of it still exists.
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Questions1. How long ago was the cataclysm? Was it recently enough our character's or their parents would have been alive or has it been a significant amount of time?
2. Does Shipwreck have any libraries or other repositories of knowledge? Wizards or institutions?
3. How much knowledge of the old world is preserved in Shipwreck (stories, legends, spells, etc.)?

ApplicationName: Ander Hornraven
Race: Human (varient: +1 INT, +1 WIS, Feat= Resilient:CON)
Class: Wizard (transmutation)
Background: Sage
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Posting rate returning to normal

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Name: Ewyn Stormwalker
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Sorcerer (Wild Magic)
Background: Noble
  • Personality Traits: My favor, once lost, is lost forever. If you do me an injury, I will crush you, ruin your name, and salt your fields.
  • Ideal: If I can attain more power, no one will tell me what to do.
  • Bond: I will face any challenge to win the approval of my family.
  • Flaw: I too often hear veiled insults and threats in every word addressed to me, and I'm quick to anger.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Backstory: Born without the inherited ability to control storms, from birth Ewyn has been considered the black-sheep of the Stormwalker family. While still a reasonably powerful caster in his own right, falling outside of the family's trademark skills branded him as different, and in many eyes, subpar. This is compounded by the fact that Ewyn does not seem to be able to control every aspect of his abilities, with various spontaneous effects occurring outside of his control.

Personality: Ewyn is very bitter as a result of his family's attitude towards him. He has developed a pronounced inferiority complex due to their constant derision, and the fact that nothing he ever does is good enough. This results in severe tension when interacting with family members, and constantly being on guard outside of the family, "So as not to bring further shame on them." While not overtly unkind, he can be impatient and gruff with others.

Description: Ewyn is fairly slim, with black hair and green eyes. About 5'9", 160ish on a good day.

QueryCan we get a bit more background on the Stormwalker family? Bit of their history, etc. Family "culture". I based my background on your statement that members of the Stormwalkers who aren't Storm Sorcerers aren't regarded well within the House.
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Dungeon crawl and a bit of horror? I'm all ears!

As you mentioned a noble house and the idea of guilds, I extrapolated a bit on the BG about the base workings of Shipwreck, giving it a waterdeep-ish guild system. Tell me if it's completely different from your idea of it and I will adjust!
Any feedback would be appreciated ^^

right-aligned image

Name: Viridian
Race: Levistus Tiefling
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Bard (Probably Lore at lv3, heavy emphasis on support archetype)
Background: Courtier
Personality Trait: Viridian always want to know how things work and what makes people tick. With others, she changes her behavior to fit her current environment, but deep down she seems is brash young woman who for the most part enjoys life. Grins and smiles come as easily to her as gallows humor, should she feel comfortable with her entourage. If she is not sure about the inner workings of the people who surrounds her, she will poke and prod to see how people react to various words, reactions or gestures.
Ideal: Knowledge should be pursued at all costs
Bond: She will one day form her own Guild or House dedicated to the pursuit and recovery of knowledge, big enough to be influential throughout Shipwreck.
Flaw: She is never satisfied with what she has and always wants more. She has trouble trusting people and always expect the worst of them.

Appearance: Viridian's name comes from her greenish-blue skin, the pure ice blue of her lineage having been muddled over the generations. She stands at a height of roughly five feet and two inches. Her waist length dark purple hair is usually braided behind her back, with only a few loose strands of hair forming two bangs left and right of her young face.
Sporting a slender and yet toned build, her skin is pretty much completely covered in tattoos, only her face and arms are free of the swirling designs. Not that it matters much as she is most of the time covered in a mix of armor and purple and ice blue colored drapes.
Her horns twirl and curve down into two points behind her head, one of the horns capped with gold and linked to her necklace with a chain. Her tail is adorned by five silver rings along its length.

When the sun goes down, a sky without stars makes for a frightening darkness at times; it is no wonder people would naturally hurdle together, their sense of community heightened. But people are people. An unfortunate byproduct of this formation of close clans and guilds is the inevitable conflict between them. At the heart of the Shipwreck, ruthless guilds and trading companies still vie for control over trade deals, lands and knowledge in this ruthless, starless world.

Without growth and expansion, you get stepped on. In an effort to stay in the race against powers like the Stormwalkers, several houses have forged an alliance, centralizing wealth, arts, magics and knowledge, looking for opportunities in ancient relics and stories, all in order to tame the harsh environment along the coast and stay ahead. All in all, they were betting on a mix of profits in business and research on the occult and the arcane.

In order to further their goals, unwilling to rely on adventurers and mercenaries, this alliance dubbed The Compact decided to create their own group of agents bred and trained to accomplish various missions. Gathered from orphans, younglings from poor families or street urchins lured by promises of food and shelter, the promising young were given education in various fields, from arithmetic to magic, stealth to persuasion. Their purpose would be to gather intelligence, steal, recover or pillage ages old artifacts. They would have to be adaptable, able to survive in treacherous society and wilderness both.

It is among these people that Viridian grew up. Discarded for her fiendish ancestry as an infant, the Compact saw in her the opportunity to raise an operative from the crib. Dubbed after the blue-green of her skin, she was taught myths and legends, trained to recognize ancient artifacts of value, scrolls of forbidden knowledge and all information that could help the Compact gain influence over their rivals.

Some of the kids were trained to steal. Others to kill. Viridian's role was to navigate the courts, find her way in the administrations, perform in sumptuous receptions and extend a web of contacts to accomplish her goals in more subtle, slower but less conspicuous ways.
And the worst part ? She was pretty good at it. In the eyes of the guild she was the incarnation of her infernal ascent : Charming, bold and ambitious.

Yet, Nature and Heart as not always one and the same. Arts and knowledge cannot be without Passion, and if the tiefling was good, it was because she was full of it. With a near pathological curiosity forming the core of a personality her employers never managed to crush, it wasn't unusual for her to go beyond the objectives of her mission to indulge in her own insatiable thirst for discovery. To a painfully obvious point, some assignments almost failed due to her being sidetracked by her own inquisitiveness. As one could imagine this type of behavior, deviant from the ruthless and cold operatives the Compact wished for, did not go well. At some point, her results no longer outshone the growing discontentment of her superiors.

Feeling the tide turn against her and with assignments that no longer fulfilled her, Viridian decided it was time for a change. She wanted more out of life than doing another’s bidding, and with a world potentially full of wonders outside the walls of the city, maybe it was time to find a way to go further, deeper, where people no longer had the guts to venture. She started laying low, hiding from her former employers until she assumed to be presumably dead. Next step would be, while staying discreet, to find like minded individuals who would be as curious and as thirsty for exploration as she was.

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Originally Posted by AlphaP View Post
Questions1. How long ago was the cataclysm? Was it recently enough our character's or their parents would have been alive or has it been a significant amount of time?
2. Does Shipwreck have any libraries or other repositories of knowledge? Wizards or institutions?
3. How much knowledge of the old world is preserved in Shipwreck (stories, legends, spells, etc.)?
1: Being kind of intentionally vague to allow for some wiggle room. It’s more than a human lifetime ago, but not ancient times.
2. Nothing super organized, but if you want a modest library or low level wizard to exist for the character you have in mind, then there can be one.
3. The people who survived the thing were more worried about survival than preserving history, but it’ll be there if you go looking for it.
Originally Posted by Houtoku View Post
QueryCan we get a bit more background on the Stormwalker family? Bit of their history, etc. Family "culture". I based my background on your statement that members of the Stormwalkers who aren't Storm Sorcerers aren't regarded well within the House.
I will say the current patriarch has high ambitions of returning to a time when his family had more than just one city to lay claim to, and part of that, to him, is making sure the bloodline remains strong, with their signature storm magic being the truest indicator of bloodline. Thus those with “weaker” blood are basically thought of as bastards/mutts, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, and those with the “stronger” blood are thought of as legitimate heirs.

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