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Old Sep 7th, 2012, 03:29 PM
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Elsir Vale Public Service Announcements

This thread is for the DM to make important announcements that pertain to both groups (Blue and Silver teams).
Congratulations on being selected to play The Red Hand of Doom!
It was a tough decision for me, but here you are.

1. Post a "Hello" message or something wity in the OOC Elsir Vale Social Network thread below

2. Read the reference material in the Character Creation and Setting Information Thread (below)

3. Go to the Folder above for your team (Blue or Silver)

4. Find the character thread for your team and post your character information (basedon your application)
- Update that post when finalizing your character for the game
- Don't include the interview questions

5. Ask any questions you may have

6. Most importantly -- Have fun!

The two teams are operating in a parallel universe ... what goes on in one world does not impact the other. Please don't peak in the other team's thread area ... you don't want to spoil the surprise for your team, right?

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Old Sep 9th, 2012, 01:24 AM
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Selection Notification Message

The Selection of Heroes
right-aligned image
Selection Dream Sequence

Fifteen individual souls stood ready, their material forms shimmered in the dream-like aura surrounding them. They could view each other, yet could not distinguish identifying features. It was as though each were in a shared reality, yet also a dream. The group congregated in an open field – none exactly sure how they arrived.

A loud thunderclap crashed from the sky, causing everyone to reflexively look up. The clouds rapidly swirled away as a magnificent beast gently descended, landing near the group of souls. He was a gargantuan dragon, reflecting the bright light of the noon sun from his shiny scales – not just any dragon, but a Platinum dragon! There is only one of this kind. Clearly, this was an aspect of Bahamut himself! Yes, the great dragon-god of goodness and purity … justice and righteousness! Even in dragon form, he bore an unmistakeable expression of sadness, sorrow and great concern.

Bahamut examined the souls of the fifteen individuals presented - Heroes to be! Only he knows the many challenges that are in store for them – battle, hardship, pain, and suffering … yet overcoming such odds could lead to great rewards and satisfaction … justice and salvation! The Fate of Elsir Vale will be determined by these selected individuals … did they have within them the determination, skills and qualities that it will no doubt take?

The great dragon lifted his right forearm and pointed his claw over a section of the crowd of souls. Some vanished from view … chosen for a greater purpose ...


The remaining souls looked around, though it did little good. What just ahppened? No one could recognize one another, yet they all realized six individuals had left their presence. The great Bahamut lowered his right forearm, only to raise his left – pointing that claw over another area of the group of remaining souls. Still more vanished from view … chosen for another great purpose ...


Only a few souls remained now. Having not been chosen, they looked around wondering what would happen next. The great dragon spoke to those left behind in a calm, reassuring manner:

This is not your time … you are worthy candidates, so take heart … one day, your time will come so be ready.”

With that, the dragon-god lifted his wings and took flight, returning to the sky the same way he had arrived. The clouds swirled back into position and all was calm again.


The chosen individuals startled awake, as though regaining consciousness from a deep slumber - still groggy from a dream that seemed a bit too real. Was there meaning behind this dream or were the mushrooms in that stew a little too “special” … or perhaps the dream was a result of one too many beers? Regardless, one has to wonder what craziness is in store for these lucky individuals now...

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