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Old Jul 11th, 2013, 08:25 AM
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The Dreamers

Please paste your character bios and link your character sheets here.
Dreamer's Lure
What if you have another chance to live once again?
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Old Jul 11th, 2013, 08:43 PM
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Name: Aeternus (Formerly: Jacob Seld)
Gender: Male
Class: Summoner
Race: Human
Deities: Christian, although he had high doubts about it until he was reborn
Alignment: Lawful Good
Appearance: Aeternus appears much like he did in life, an a white male of average build. However, his reincarnation did change several physical traits, mainly to reflect the divine nature of his powers. First, while before he had messy brown hair, he now has orderly blonde hair. His eyes also changed from a darkish-red to a bright-blue. He also bears a rune resembling a pair of angel wings on the back of his right hand. The same rune appears on his forehead whenever he has summoned Lumina, his Eidolon. He normally wears a elegant white robe, trimmed with gold, almost appearing like a priest or pope.
Lumina takes on the appearance of an angel, her most striking feature being that she can sprout white feathery wings at will. Aside from that, Lumina has an appearance that would make it seem as if she were Aeternus's sister. She has long flowing blonde hair, and has the same bright blue eyes as Aeternus. She also bears the angel wing runes on Aeternus's right hand on her own left hand. She normally wears a simple white dress in contrast to Aeternus's elegant robes. She also carries around a greatsword adorned with mystic runes of gold.
Background: Jacob was infamous among his peers for his horrible luck. He had to drop out of law school to tend to his sick mother, his father became a cripple in a car wreck, he went through two divorces with cheating wives, and he got fired while the economy was crashing down into rock bottom. Those were among the many things that led Jacob to his doubts about God, who had apparently cursed him with this horrible life.
RP Sample:

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Old Jul 12th, 2013, 02:47 AM
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Name: Quinn Embers
Gender: Female
Class: Oracle (Ancestors)
Race: Human
Deities: Quinn believes in an all-powerful entity in the universe but does not believe that one has to go to a church for that entity to take attendance. Instead follows the ideologies of helping others and doing good within one’s own community.
Alignment: Neutral Good


Brilliant red hair pulled into a braid at her back holds her hair out of her face save for a section in front of her ears on either side that hangs down to her chest frames a fair skinned face and ice blue eyes above a small nose and expressive lips capable of communicating much without words. Standing at a decent 5’8” Quinn is not the largest of people and even the scale mail she wears does little to bulk up her frame. The scale is polished to a silver shine and the connecting leather and straps are dyed scarlet. Her underclothes are all done up in charcoal sewn with red thread.



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Old Jul 12th, 2013, 04:33 AM
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left-aligned image
Name: Linet Dusty.
Gender: Female.
Class: Ninja.
Race: Human.
Deities: Don't need 'em.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
Role: Token non-good teammate.
Theme: Lastendconductor.

Appearance: Linet didn't care about how she looked like in her old life, and she doesn't care to recall it now. Short of stature, her baggy woolen coat conceals most of her body - in fact, she doesn't show much skin beyond her face or hands. Her hair is rugged and cut short, as though the spirits lacked a hairdresser to help create her new form, and her eyes have taken a shade of brilliant violet.

RP Sample:
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Old Jul 13th, 2013, 11:35 PM
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Name: Modern: Ishmael "Gutter" Conteh
Current Name: He has taken none

Gender: Male

Class: Barbarian

Race: Half-Orc

Deities: Athiest

Alignment: Chaotic-murflefurfle

Appearance: Muscles, rippling and bulging are the most notable feature of this Half-Orc. His dark-olive skin is stretched, to the point of ripping, across the cables of muscles. Once we get past his over-compensating with muscles, he turns out to be a modest Half-Orc standing at 5foot 10inches and 2 1/2 inch tusks jutting from his lower jaw. His clothing and jewelry are spartan if at all existent. Hair covers his body in all the typical places, everywhere.

Background: Ishmael Conteh was born a strong and happy baby to Ibrahim and Sarah Conteh, at least this is what his parents told him. He remembers playing outdoors a lot and going to school. (Lord knows, he hated school.) However, much of those memories have faded.
Gutter was born on a Sunday, after church service let out. Outside the church doors Ibrahim and all the families were forced at gunpoint to give up many of their possessions and some of their children. His father was weak, the RUF troops took all he had and all he could do was beg. Gutter later realized such weakness could not hold the valuables such as he and his sister.
Now, how many of us can remember details of our birth? Gutter only remembers waking with a rifle in his hand and the bullet riddle bodies of Ibrahim and Sarah before him. He rarely visits that memory and it is starting to fade. After 7 years fighting for the SBU he's seen and done everything a man should see and do. Most notably, take a human life. This world is a cruel place and if you do not kill, you'll be killed.


RP Sample: The distinct pop of AK-47 fire has always been his background music.
"Hmm," thought Gutter, "this hurts less than I would have believed." Looking down as blood soaked his own pants. For once, a mild surprise creeped into his mood. "All the people I've done this too, this is what they've felt."
Faces flooded his vision, all wide-eyed and horror filled. None spoke, but all said, "Why!?!?!?"
As the faces fade ,Gutter realizes, "I feel nothing like them. I was born a monster and I will die at 14 years old, a Monster."
Eyes still upon the blood soaked clothes, Gutter noted the bleeding had stopped. "I just might get through this after all." Darkness drew down on him. "This . . . will leave . . . quite a scar."

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