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Old 08-17-2015, 10:36 AM
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White Plume Mountains

Game NameWhite Plume Mountain
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeFantasy, Classic Adventure
FlavourClassic dungeon crawl
Plot SummaryWhite Plume Mountain has always been subject of superstitious awe to the neighboring villagers. People still travel many miles to gaze upon this natural wonder, though few will approach it closely, as it is reputed to be the haunt of various demons and devils. The occasional disappearance of those who stray too close to the Plume reinforces this belief.

Thirteen hundred years ago, the wizard Keraptis was searching for a suitable haven where he could indulge his eccentricities without fear of interference. He visited White Plume Mountain, going closer than most dared to, and discovered the system of old lava tubes that riddle the cone and the underlying strata. With a little alteration, he thought, these would be perfect for his purposes. The area already had a bad reputation, and he could think of a few ways to make it worse. So, taking with him his fanatically loyal company of renegade gnomes, he disappeared below White Plume Mountain and vanished from the knowledge of men…

Standing on a stool, a stout halfling begins his speech, looking at each of the adventures that answered the call. It looked like a promising crowd, and that meant he'd get well more than what he was offered to round a party up.

"Today, the once-feared name of Keraptis is little known even to learned scholars. Little-known, that is, until several weeks ago, when three highly-valued magical weapons with the cryptic names of Wave, Whelm, and Blackrazor disappeared from the vaults of their owners in the midst of the city of Greyhawk. Rewards were posted, servants hanged, even the sanctuary of the Thieves’ Guild was violated in the frantic search for the priceless arms, but not even a single clue was turned up until the weapons’ former owners, wealthy collectors of various ancient artifacts, each received the same note:

Search ye far or search ye near
You’ll find no trace of the three
Unless you follow instructions clear
For the weapons abide with me.

North past forest, farm and furrow
You must go to the feathered mound
Then down away from the sun you’ll burrow
Forget life, forget light, forget sound.

To rescue Wave, you must do battle
With the Beast in the Boiling Bubble
Crost cavern vast, where chain-links rattle
Lies Whelm, past water-sprouts double.

Blackrazor yet remains to be won
Underneath inverted ziggurat.
That garnered, think not that you’re done
For now you’ll find you are caught

I care not, former owners brave
What heroes you seek to hire.
Though mighty, I’ll make each one my slave
Or send ‘em to the fire."

Game InformationThis is a conversion of the original first edition module to D&D 5e rules. White Plume Mountain originally was wrote in AD&D 1st edition rules, and part of series that included the Infamous Tomb of Horros. I have only ran through it once before as a player many moons ago; this will be a triad of firsts for me; it’ll be my first time DMing, first time DMing the module, and first time DMing a 5e campaign.

The game will be set in Greyhawk, as to not venture away from the original module. I will not be including maps, but I will provide a table of deities to help make character creation easier.


Application InformationName:
Race: Only those in the PHB.
Alignment: No evil characters, period.
Personality Traits (2):
Backstory: This should include how you started out as an adventure, what has come to define you among your fellow adventures in the world, and why you have answered the call to venture into the depths of White Plume and retrieve the ancient weapons Wave, Whelm, and Blackrazor. You should intertwine your background. (You are open to secret anything that wouldn’t be general knowledge, however please remember your name should be well known.)

Characters will start out at level 5
27 point buy for stats
HP are max at 1st level
Starting Equipment provided by your class, background, and purchased equipment. Follow the standard rules for starting gold.
Can use the Variant Human Traits
Variant Backgrounds will be permitted

I’m looking for players that can dedicate time to post two times a week. I will select players based on the quality of the application; I want to be able to envision your character and wish to see it develop.
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