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Old Oct 19th, 2022, 04:07 AM
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PotM September

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- better late than never - CONGRATS to Mallothi for winning the post of the Month September!!! The praise was real and the judges agreed with NightCheese's recommendation. To quote:

Throughout the entirety of this game, Mallothi has met each GM post with a most beautiful and poetic mix of humor, jaw-dropping world-building, suspense, and just plain 'ole good writing. This final post of the game did all of that and more. This post brought back adored NPCs, closed the circle on the mission at hand (paw?), and some other really cool stuff that I don't want to spoil for readers. As a player, I could not think of a post better suited to close out a two-year adventure.

If you are curious please click the link, start reading and show some RPXP love by clicking those scales at the right top of the post ;-)

If you want to read the other nominations, feel free to do so, the competition was tight, and these posts were also high-praised and well-written. Keep that RPXP coming for these posts that were so close to winning -->

September 2022 PotM
  • lostcheerio nominated bananabadger with this post. They mentioned that Bananabadger's Goliath barbarian, a boisterous sailor named Oar, has been a source of a lot of fun in this game but it also was a challenge to the DM (lostcheerio) to guide the story told since there could be a sad ending to a story. Just click the link of the post to find out how banabadger managed to deal with the adventures of a mammoth ;-)
  • Bananabader nominated Redworm with this post. Reason: Bards, amirite? They just can't die and revive like the rest of us. They have to be poetical about it. That's why we secretly love them.
    That sounds like a very strong recommendation so feel free to click the link and start reading why bards need some appreciation
  • Strangemund nominated Hafrogman for this post. Reason: It is a post that's funny from beginning to end, which anyone who writes comedy can tell you is downright sorcery, dark magic at best!
    -> Fun fact; Strangemund is no player in this game at all, just found this post and thought it was nomination-worthy

Last but not least --> Jon nominated Bluejack with this post BUT [B]Bluejack already won the Post-of-the-Month in January 2022 so this nomination was be discarded BUT feel free to read it and grant some RPXP, it is still a very good post to read :-)
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