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Old 11-08-2019, 06:38 PM
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Damn you, Inu, damn you straight to Baator.

I've read and am running it offline, hopefully that won't be a problem.

Thinking of potentially playing a Ranger of Keoland (big R, but probably the class too). How's the UA on Class Features that came out this week? One day I'll read before I ask questions.

Also in your Greyhawk how S&S are we going?

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Philip Berevan
left-aligned image
Name: Philip Berevan

Concept: Half Elf Storm Sorcerer of a fallen noble family. The original elf progenitors are way back in the family lineage. It has been half elves for several generations.

Appearance: Young, good looking Half Elf male. He tends get by on his good looks and charm. He has the general build of a human, if a bit more slender. His facial features are a smooth blend of elvish sharp angles and human softness. He is tall with a slight build. Having never worked as a laborer, he never gained any bulk. He In reality, his family fortune is gone along with his family. He spends his days rubbing elbows with Saltmarsh nobles while trying to catch a lucky break to turn his fortune around.

Backstory: Philip was born during the worst storm in a century. His noble house wasn't superstitious; so, he heard very little about the portents and signs that others in Saltmarsh attributed to the storm. He grew up with a group of irresponsible trouble makers. Although they never got into serious trouble, they did gain a reputation around town that has followed them into adulthood. Several of the gang are now working on fishing and cargo boats. Philip and his best friend, Ormal, moved up in society.

Things were very good for Philip for a while. His family's business, an import/trade company, was doing well. Ormal was also doing quite well through his family's ties. Years went by and Ormal and Philip maintained their friendship with a small rivalry. Ormal invited Philip to invest in a lucrative venture. However, Philip learned that it was an illegal smuggling operation, and he declined to invest. He regrets it every day of his life. He can't be sure, but he suspects Ormal's smuggling operation is putting his legitimate company out of business. He is quickly headed toward destitution, and Ormal is obscenely wealthy. His family, disgraced, packed up and left Saltmarsh. They chose to cut ties with Philip, as they saw their situation as his fault. He spends his remaining wealth trying to associate with successful business owners in Saltmarsh. But the stink of desperation clings to Philip.

RP: Rivals and Elements
Philip was taking the last of his savings out of the bank. He hoped to take a business owner to dinner. Diora Montague was not the wealthiest merchant in Saltmarsh, but it was somebody on the rise. Hopefully she wasn't on any of the nobles' radar just yet. Philip might convince her to take him on before she was too successful for Philip to schmooze. Plus, Philip thought, she has a daughter. I might worm my way into this wealth in a different way. He would just have to remember her name. Walking toward one of the nicer taverns, Philip was feeling confident. This was his last good chance to get back on top.

His bubble was soon popped. Who was headed his way? It was Ormal. He was wearing some fine clothes with his crest embroidered on the jacket. His goons (When did he get goons?) were dressed far too formally for how intimidating they looked. He tried to put the past behind him and put on a happy face. Ormal yelled to him before they were close enough to speak in a normal voice, "Philip! Dear friend, how are you?" Several people near by looked to see who was shouting. I hate him. "Ormal! What a pleasant surprise. I hadn't expected to see you out in the streets."
"Well, as you know, I have business dealings all throughout town. I've just come from one such and am on my way to another. You know how it is!"
"Yes, of course," Philip said, trying to hide his downhearted feelings. "Well, I must keep going. It was so good to see you, old friend."
"Where did you say you were headed?"
"I didn't... Really, it was great, but we should catch up some other time."
"It wouldn't be with Montague, would it?" Ormal asked with a mirthless grin. "I only ask because I'm just leaving a very productive meeting with her," Ormal said almost laughing. Philip looked at the sky behind Ormal. No! Montague is a small fish to catch. Why does he torment me?
"Is that so?" Philip responded, not really interested. His insides felt like lead.
[color="blue""It is,"[/color] Ormal said, no longer keeping up the jolly pretense. He continued, "She seemed very interested in a shipping deal. I suppose your offer will be competitive." Philip had no reply. His mind was reeling. As Ormal continued to stroll on by he noticed Philip clutching a small purse containing the last of his savings. Ormal paused, "Oh. Philip, I was so busy speaking about myself, I didn't notice you were trying to repay me that loan from... two years ago? Thank you so much for remembering." He elbowed the brawny goon on his right and pointed at the sack of coins. Philip's eyes went wide. He tried to resist, but the goon's grip was like iron. As he let go of the last of his money, he felt the last of his resolve go with it. I want to die. Just disappear.
Ormal continued walking and called out over his shoulder, "Farewell, friend. Say hi to Jeanie for me." Philip sank to his knees and wept. The folk around town who had stopped to watch the interaction averted their gaze and tried to forget seeing a man lose all his dignity. Philip sniffed and thought, Who the hell is Jeanie? Oh. The daughter. His head hung low. He had pinned all his hopes on this afternoon. There is nothing left for me here. I'm finished.

When the reality of his situation set in, he was dejected and ready to end it all. That night, he stole a skiff and rowed out into the darkness. The lights of the taverns and inns looked like tiny pin points out here. It was time to end this. Philip stood in the boat looking into the inky blackness surrounding the boat. He put one foot on the edge of the boat. A little wave splashed against the side. He was taken with a sudden fear and fell back into the boat. He thought he had prepared his soul, but couldn't do it. He was shaking and sobbing for what could have been hours in the bottom of the boat. What am I to do? I am afraid of life back on land, and I'm afraid to plunge into the cold depths to escape it.

As he rowed back with mixed feelings about the outcome of the night, a terrible storm approached. Philip rowed frantically. His rowing could not outpace the advance of the storm, and he was quickly in the thick of it. He managed to keep the boat afloat for ten long minutes. His strength was nearly spent, and he fell back into the boat ready to give up. Lying down on his back and looking up to the sky, he saw the brightly lit center of the storm. Lightning flashed from the center in all directions, and a shape appeared in the middle of it. Some sort of creature was dancing in the storm. It was an elemental!

The elemental saw the half elf watching it and approached. It looked at him curiously, and Philip could hear a voice like thunder, "It's you! How have you been liking my gift?" Philip was surprised and was unsure what to do. The elemental seemed to be waiting for Philip to respond. He tentatively replied, "Uh.. what gift?"
"Ho ho! You have squandered your years, half-elf! It's time for you to awaken!" The elemental reached down and embraced Philip. It wasn't a lover's embrace, but it was like that of a familiar friend. Philip was pulled to his feet and the elemental locked eyes with him. A feeling deep inside that Philip never acknowledged grew. It was a beautiful sort of chaos. It swirled inside of him at the same pace as the storm swirling around. It felt... good. It felt right. He looked up at the elemental who was now returning to the storm and shouted, "I... How... Um. THANK YOU!" The elemental smiled broadly and returned to the clouds and danced into the night. Philip, although in rough waters, felt very calm. A gentle breeze seemed to guide the boat back to shore without Philip rowing. He shifted his focus to port. The boat steered to port. He shifted his focus to starboard; the boat followed his lead to starboard. The little boat glided silently into the docks, and Philip walked ashore. He had a score to settle with Ormal, but first he needed to gain some leverage. He swallowed his pride and went looking for a job.

A seafaring and political campaign? Cool. And you mentioned a haunted house? Very cool.

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I love the way you formatted this ad! If you're willing to take on a brand newbie I'd love to apply. I'm literally just learning 5e so I'm still figuring out character ideas but I think I have one that would work.
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Old 11-10-2019, 06:25 PM
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Character name: Velthuin Beshair

Character Concept: Velthuin was born a Marsher, the hardy folk who have forsaken civilized comforts for the freedom from persecution and legal burdens. His life has known only the Marsh and its unyielding natural balance, the struggles of hunting, foraging, and gardening are a matter of course. Following in the traditions of his father, Velthuin is a skilled hunter and tracker, whose ranging abilities are acclimated to dark and dim environments; stalking their prey in the gloomy bounds of the swamp. Not all in his family firmly believe in the gifts of the Marsh, and his uncle has brought with him books of the cities, which the young mind of Velthuin has absorbed with rapt attention. So captivated has Velthuin become that he's even wondered aloud if the familial warnings of ritual sacrifice and the hexing powers of all the cities of the world might be overstated. This desire to know more, and a longing for something greater has taken root inside Velthuin, driving him towards the edges of the marsh, willing a spark.

Appearance: Descended from Half-Elf Marsher parents, the young Velthuin has just come of age, and shares the lithe frame and pointed ears common among half elves. Though his shoulder length Auburn hair often obscures this heritage. While taller than many true born elves, Velthuin is relatively short by human standards, though living deep within the swamp has left him unaware of this disparity. His gaunt cheeks and weathered skin highlight the demanding life of a Marsher, and stand in contrast to his vibrantly icy blue eyes. His wardrobe is functionally humble and worn thin, owing to the fact that everything he's owned has been homemade. The only exception to this is his light green tunic, which he's purchased upon arrival in Saltmarsh, with the money he earned navigating a hapless merchant through the marsh.

Storied RP Samples:

-Of fangs and foils-


-Second Sample-

In Progress.

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Not a problem at all. Just try to keep player knowledge separate from character knowledge, and we're a-o-k.

How S+S am I going? Hmm...
  • I am looking for characters that are motivated to adventure. Adventures aren't necessarily going to be "against the forces of evil" nor "saving the world from peril", or anything of that nature. You might fight truely evil things, and save the town in the meantime; but like Conan the Barbarian, it's the byproduct of hunting for treasure, vengeance, fun, or some other thing. For some reason, the usual life of being a [Sailor, soldier, trader, etc.your PC's background] is less appealing than adventuring.
  • There's a healthy criminal component to Saltmarsh, and they need not be your enemy. The morally grey component is there and available.
  • So, one thing I'm not going to have is fantasy superstitions/bigotry against non-humans and magic users. Not that I think it's an inherently bad trope, I just struggle playing it out personally. In addition, I think Saltmarsh (as presented in this campaign) is a bit more diverse than 1E/2E Greyhawk - there's even Tiefling from the Empire of Iuz buying fish en masse down at the market.
  • This isn't to say that all magic is friendly, or treated as friendly by common folk. It's just that a wizard who casts Firebolt isn't going to be assumed to be a demon worshipper. On the contrary, a warlock who does creepy stuff might get called out for their creepy doings.
  • Less knights in shining armor, more rogues in salt-crusted leathers... but the town itself has nice people and bad ones, and the skies aren't always grey.

I hope that sheds some light on how I'm looking at it. I can answer other questions on the topic if you like.

@Librarian: Thanks! I love spending a bit of time to make the advertisement neat.

As for being new, that's just fine.
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Old 11-11-2019, 09:55 AM
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Also, I've set the application deadline at Wednesday, November 27th; the day before American Thanksgiving.

My logic there is so all the apps are in, I can review the list over the following few days, and by Monday after the holiday- we'll come back to make some characters.
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oocfor reference to the barbarian primal path https://media.wizards.com/2016/dnd/d..._Barbarian.pdf

Name: Cervantes Seabaron

CHARACTER CONCEPT Cervantes is a Goliath Barbarian of the coastal Tribe "Storm Raiders". Raised by the nomadic sea barbarians as one of their own. He follows the path herald of the storm. The tribe is no longer around and most perished at sea. Cervantes is looking for a place to make a mark for his name and have songs sung about his heroics and adventures, looking for fame any way he can get it.

APPEARANCE: Cervantes Seabaron Stands at an astonishing height of 8ft, and weighs in at 550lbs of pure rock hard muscle. His facial features is that of a rough neck, stubbly beard long black hair with a red and black bandana on his head. Across his chest from right shoulder to his lower left side of his hip he wears a belt, no shirt, for pants he wears tattered black and white striped cotton pants. On his feet he wears black boots. He also has his old ships banner draped like a Cape down his back. The banner is black with a Red Flagoon of ale on it. He wields an anchor as a weapon as a human or Dwarf would wield a war hammer as a weapon.

ROLEPLAY: " Lower the sails, raise the anchor, set heading north" The quarter master mans the helm. Four sailors lower the main mast and the other 3 sails. I raise the anchor. The ship (Flagon of the sea) moves north out of the bay. The ship makes it to open waters. One eye from the crows nest yells "Ship ahead, looks like the Labyrinth the pirate ship of the Minotaurs "" With the drop of the final sail The Flagon picks speed and heads full coward towards the Labyrinth. With a hard pull simultaneously both ships turn broadside opposite of each other and let loose a volley of Canon shots.
Smoke Wulfgar

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I will be updating app later tonight
Goblins !!! If you are allowing or want a goblin sign me up.
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I have taken the Oath of Sangus
You call it paranoia, I call it situational awareness
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ApplicationCharacter name: Raven Stormbringer
right-aligned image

Character Concept: Variant human Tempest Cleric

Appearance: WIP

RP Samples: WIP
Originally Posted by orcbane

You got me once! But you won't get me twice, Finrod the sneaky!

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ApplicationName: White as Snow (Snow)

Sex: Female

Race: Tabaxi
right-aligned image

Description: Snow has a somewhat normal height at 5' 9". Her build is both a bit muscular from years as a bounty hunter and treasure seeker, and feminine mostly as a result from learning that being feminine often gets her what she wants. She is therefore both quick, intelligent and charming. her eyes are a beautiful emerald green color often accused of hypnotizing those who gaze to long at them. Her fur is as her name suggests, a pure white color like that of snow with small black dots. She is wearing dark blue traveling clothes with a hoodie.

Class: Rogue

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Background: Urban Bounty hunter

Trait: The best way to get me to do something is to tell me I can’t do it

Ideal: Chains are meant to be broken, as are those who would forge them.

Bond: Someone I loved died because of a mistake I made. That Will never happen again. Flaw: When I see something valuable, I can’t think about anything but how to steal it.

Concept: Snow is a wanderer and a sightseer. After her tragedy she wants to fill her life with someting new an exciting.


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ApplicationCharacter Name: Alwyn Kidagakath

Character Concept: A doe-eyed Triton, completely enamored by Saltmarsh, the colors, the sounds, the diverse creatures, even after a few years in the city. Though not traditionally bright, Alwyn is resourceful and can hold her own in a fight, as all her people were trained to. Through, as a curious optimist, she tends to jump in feet first without thinking. Still, she harbors a love for music especially and songs can be heard from her dank flat, mournful and foreign. She desperately longs to see more of the surface world and will take any work that pays enough to help her get there one day, well, anything except fishing jobs, most assume it is because hunting those you can hold a conversation with is not so pleasant, but others have said that the woman refuses to enter the ocean at all, causing speculation in certain circles.

Appearance: (OOC: I couldn’t find a picture that fit just right) The first thing that people notice about Alwyn is her eyes; big, bulging, yellow, almost glowing. Framing her eyes is white hair, sheared short that exposes her large fin-like ears to all, which are decadently pierced and ornamented with small shells, pearls, and gold. However that is the only place where a hint of luxury shines through, her blue-green skin is dulled and dried out, though tattooed patterns in purple can still be vaguely seen, her garments are dull shades of brown and worn down, and of course no shoes could cover her long webbed feet, so they are left bare, often covered in the grime of the streets.

Roleplay Samples:

You had a bad experience with the elements: the fire, the salt, the sea, or the storms. What happened?


You have a good friend or family member in Saltmarsh. What was your most pleasant experience with them?


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right-aligned image
Character name: Sauriv Korth

Character concept: "Yesss, I am of the famousss lizardfolk from Hool Marsssh. In sssoftssskin tounge I am 'eye for danger'. My tribe wasss destroyed by humansss and I am only sssurvivor. I wasss wandering for long time before Sssaltmatsssh. Sssoftssskinsss help in sssurvival, they like bonesss craftsss and give me food for it. Mossst are weak and helplesss, but thisss isss my new tribe and togheter we are ssstrong." Lizardfolk ranger with focus on personal survival. The alternate class abilities would be Deft Explorer (+5 to walking and swimming speedRoving) and Hunter's mark as spell-like ability, WIS mod times per day, replaces favoured enemyFavored foe on 1st level, Additional spells to spell list, may use each of these spells without expanding slot once per day, replaces Primeval AwarenessPrimal Awareness on 3rd level. He would be fighting using two-weapon fighting style and ranger archetype with two axes for melee, bow for ranged and blowgun with poison blowdarts for sneaky option (in far far future if he ever gets to pick that sort of gear). As in party I see him as secondary damage dealer/utility.

Apperance: Sauriv is short for a lizardfolk, having height of 5' 8''. His scales are light green, He has a light orange fin crest starting in the middle of forehead and going to the end of his neck and dark orange second one that starts few inches below the first and goes on his spine to the beggining of tail.

You have a distinct character flaw. When was a time that it got you into trouble?
Sauriv was obiously an outsider in Saltmarsh, both literally and mentally. It took him some time to adjust to human society and the road has been bumpy. The worst case was when he ate tavern owner's dog. The concept of pet animal was alien to him and even if it didn't, Sauriv would ignore it. He was hungry, the dog was there, what's more to think about? Only after the deed, when angry bartender threatened him with a pitchfork, the lizard understood that surviving here would be more tricky than just finding food. Of course he could take the bartender in a fight, but he saw other people around and they weren't happy ethier. If killing dog was bad, killing human would be worse, they could even attack him. There were other minor incidents of cultural clashes, but Sauriv learned his lesson well that day.

You have a good friend or family member in Saltmarsh. What was your most pleasant experience with them?
In Saltmarsh there is a boy around ten years old who was being bullied by others. Sauriv already lived here for a while and viewed some of the people here as his own. He approached them, put up his fins and hissed to scare away the bullies, which run away crying. He followed the boy, whose name was Korrin, for a few days, despite the fact that kid was also terrified of the lizardman at first, but after some time Sauriv and Korrin grew on each other. When the boy grew up he found a job as fishermen and always had some spare catch for his old time lizard friend.
Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Image1.png
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Size:	116.5 KB
ID:	82250  

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Thank you all who've put in an application! I see a lot of good stuff here!

The due date is little more than a week away- and in that time, I'm still very much open to answering questions about the setting.

Also, I thought I added those lore tidbits to the opening post - and apparently I did not. It's there now though!
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Application complete


if you got some feedback or change you want me to do ... go ahead
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