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Descent Into Avernus

Applications Closed

Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avenus
Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus
Game SystemDungeons and Dragons: 5th Edition
Theme MusicTwo Steps From Hell - Archangel

Plot Summary
right-aligned image
Rain pattered on the clay tiles of the nearby rooftop. The soot-colored sky lit briefly as a flash of lightning forked across it, momentarily illuminating the sea of faces that pushed through the gates with desperation. A boom of thunder cracked through the charged air, its warning coming too late - as it always did.

"No-" a woman cried out, her words cut short as someone pushed through, sending her to her knees on the muddy cobblestones. A man took her arm and helped her to her feet, only for a gauntleted fist to clench tightly around his shirt and toss him aside.

"Stop it!"
"Move out of my way!"
"Watch where you're going."
"Hey, he stole my-"

Another crack of lightning streaked through the air, sending a horse bolting through the crowd and nearly trampling those in its way. Even when the screams died down, the desperate pleas of the refugees battered the ears of all nearby.

"-een my child?"
"The end is here! The Holy Cit-"
"Let us through!"

The cacophony of voices continued, each so demanding that they trampled over each other, only letting pieces and words through to the ear.

"Get the gate - shut!" a man with a thick guttural voice called out. Torchlight danced shadows across his heavy armor, making the flaming badge with the blood red fist appear almost as if it were actually alight.

"There's another one. After 'im!" he said, calling out to another soldier as a man in white and gold armor slunk through the chaos at the gate. Two more of the mercenary company followed the man's orders, chasing after the newcomer as he ducked into an alleyway. The officer spat at the ground and cursed at no one in particular. A subordinate stared at the man wide-eyed, unsure what to say before giving up, his head frantically darting from the alley, to the gate, and to the masses still clambering through the streets. "Damn Hellriders," the captain cursed, trying to regain the attention of the nearby soldiers, "lotta good their piety did them now. I want every one of them tracked down, do you hear me?"

When no one answered, he grabbed the nearest Fist by the front of his armor and pulled him so close there was barely an inch between them. "I. Said. Go!" With a shove, he sent the young man into the crowd and sprawling into the muddy street. Citizens and refugees alike cried out as the heavily armed soldier crashed through them in the midst of his fall.

"What in the nine hells?"
"-ou are doing?"
"I'll tell you where you can shove your fist!"

It took only a moment before the electricity in the air caught. A shove met a punch before turning into a full out brawl between the citizens and those pledged to protect them.

Welcome to Baldur's Gate.

left-aligned image
The dark and the light...

Refugees from the Holy City of Elturel are flooding into Baldur's Gate bringing tales that would sound like the crazy ramblings of a madman were they not repeated by so many. Where the city once stood, nothing remains other than a crater to mark the thousands that once called the city home. The people of Baldur's Gate might even have considered themselves fortunate to be rid of their rival, if not for even more rumors popping up claiming that they would be next. Meanwhile, cultists are taking advantage of the chaos, culling the populace in the wake of the disaster. Even the great Flaming Fists are finding themselves overwhelmed, calling for volunteers where they can, and pressing adventurers into service where they can't.

Solving the mysteries of Baldur's Gate is only the beginning. In order to save the residents of the two cities, brave adventurers will need to traverse the lower planes themselves.

So begins the descent into Avernus.

Campaign Description
Campaign Description
Number of Players: 6 to 8

Tone: High-adventure, morality-testing, redemption (possibly) story. This adventure can, and will, Once the group is selected, we will work together to establish limits that everyone is comfortable with.get dark at times. However, even in hell, humor is always welcome.

Elements: The first couple levels are pretty straight-forward, though I will work hard to make them feel natural until it opens up as the group descends into Avernus. There is plenty of RP to be had, along with a good amount of combat, and some puzzles to be solved. Although the game is not a sandbox, the goal is to never have players, or characters, feel as if there is only one approach to something.

Post Rate: 2-3 posts/week. From what I've seen an experienced, PbP games seem to benefit from a decent posting rate. This allows everyone to stay invested, explore their characters, and see more of the plot progress than otherwise.

DM Style: My biggest concerns are making sure that everyone is having fun and that each character is getting their time to shine so no one feels glossed over. This will by my third game DMing and I've come to find that I'm more interested in great story-telling than mechanics so having players that are invested in the game and enjoy the role-playing aspect is really important to me. If you ever have questions, now or in the future, please ask. I'm almost always around and love to help.

Character and Application Information
Character Creation Details

Character Creation Details
right-aligned image
Application Deadline: Closed
Starting Level: 2nd
Races Allowed: Player's HandbookPHB, Sword Coast Adventurer's GuideSCAG, Volo's
Classes Allowed: PHB, Dungeon Master's GuideDMG, Xanthar's Guide to EverythingXGtE, and SCAG (Blood Hunter & Its on you to flavor it for Faerun.Artificer are allowed. UA material is on a case-by-case basis.)
Alignments Allowed: See notes belowGood, Neutral, or LE only.

Ability Scores: 27 pt buy See attribute point info below(+1)
Wealth: Background and Class Equipment only
Character Sheets: Character sheets are not needed before selection.




Public Application Section
Public Application Section

Secret Application Section
Secret Application Section

Additional Setting Information
Additional Setting Information

Here is a copy of the Baldur's Gate Gazetteer for anyone who is interested in helping their characters fit more cohesively into the world. It is long and by no means mandatory, but it is here if you would like to utilize it. Given that the Forgotten Realms has been worked on for years and Baldur's Gate is one of the most well developed cities in Faerun, there isn't a ton of world building to be done. However, there is still a lot we can do together to make the world a living and breathing extension of your characters, rather than a flat background that they play on.

If anyone is interested in originating from Elturel, here is some basic information that your character would know.
Please feel free to PM me if you have any ideas you want to run by me or anything you want to work on together.

In addition, there are some campaign specific rules that I've put together for you to view here. Some of these include deal with devils, equipment tracking, how alignment will be tracked (and why it is important.)



Please do not make any rolls in this thread, per RPG Crossing Guidelines.
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Frequently Asked Questions
How long will the adventure last, in terms of character levels?The adventure starts at level 2 and lasts through 13.
Is character advancement based on XP or Milestones?Milestones!
Do you allow multiclassing?Yep
Is two paragraphs the limit for the backstory?Definitely not. Write as much as you feel inspired to!
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right-aligned image

Name:Elidyr Tytanym
Race: Wood Elf
Class: Ranger (Gloomstalker)
Age: 111
Alignment: CN

Appearance: Light pale skin with bright blue eyes. Shoulder length black hair with silverish highlights is held back with a leather hair tie. Lean compact build on a 5’ 10” frame, with the traditional grace and fluidity of his elven kin. Extremely well crafted leathers protect him from head to toe. His light blue armor is embroidered with golden effects showcasing masterfully crafted layers. A belt wraps around his waist and holds smaller weapons and gear in place. His face is often shadowed by a hood, dark in color and masking his facial features. Under his hood is a youthful face, crested with the typical elven features. Long pointy ears, narrow jaw line and pronounced cheek bones wrap an entirely thin and slim, yet handsome elven face. A bow of yew rests across his back within easy reach, as does a full quiver of arrows. Also at his back, slid in between his armor and his quiver is the sheath to his thin and pointed blade. This sword is of straight, one sided blade with a tanto-ish style tip. It is extremely sharp, flexible and quick, just like the hunter himself.

Personality: Elidyr is a methodic, tactical and precise. He shows little emotions and is generally quite and reserved. He bestows the apparent qualities most hunters do. He tends to stay out of the lime light, out of trouble and away from confrontations. Elidyr is not a self sacrificing individual. He understands the need to survive, and relies solely on himself in order to do so. He feels no remorse when needed to make the tough calls. He is faithful, and entirely dedicated to his cause. He sees little reason for outside influences when in comparison to his own teachings and behavior.

Backstory: Eli has spent the entirety of his life under the council from a unique order of individuals. There, he learned to appreciate things such as religion, dedication and faith. It wasn't until some time in his adolescent years, when his skills started to naturally develop and maturity was able to grasp him, that he was exposed to just what the order really was. A small commune of devoted men and elves in co existence, who were so much more. Agents of the realm who worked behind the scenes, unknown to the kingdoms to sway the course of good and evil. When political bastions fell, the order would be there to prop them up. When armies were at near defeat, the order would be there with shields ready. For a life time they worked in secret, utilizing young and capable men and women like Eli to do their bidding.

Eli developed himself well, and quickly took to the traits associated with his kin. He was a humble student who seeked to better himself in any way. He was skillful, in a variety of talents, and extremely fortuitous. In his early adult hood Eli would become a dangerous hunter who would prey on the darkness where ever it would rear its head. He would elevate himself within the order to a stature capable of handling a great many things. He would travel, in the name of the secret society and do their bidding to keep the realm at rest.

Two Personality Traits
- I can become savage and ruthless in the presence of danger.
- I have been known to issue Long, uncomfortable pauses when in uncomfortable social situations.
One Background Ideal
- Faith. I put Faith into my order and their direction above all else.
One Background Bond
- I would die to protect and preserve my order.
Two Character Flaws
- My dedication to my cause can over shadow rational decision making.
- I get satisfaction from eviscerating my opponents in battle.

Summary: Elidyr can be conceptualized as a "Robot" who's passions have been hard wired into him by someone else. He is an agent, and weapon to be utilized for the greater good. He makes no reservation in any other sense. Eli is always at work in the sense of his purpose, weather it be righting wrongs, dispatching the darkness or simply training, there is always something to do and no rest for the wicked.

Secret Section

| Leo|

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The day has finally arrived and a Days ad has appeared!

DiA Application - Ravinia Mudbelle
right-aligned image
Name: Ravinia "Ravi" Mudbelle
Theme Song: "Fly High" by BURNOUT SYNDROMES (Amalee cover)
Age: 19
Race: Stout HalflingStrongheart Halfling
Sex: Female
Class:Artificer (Alchemist)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Folk Hero - Healer

Character Appearance: Always a bit "plain" looking in her own opinion compared to the beauty that was once her mother in her younger days, Ravi can always be found in wearing one of her many large open cloth jackets regardless of season with numerous, many times, hand sewn pockets on them to store bits and pieces of plants and roots that she has stumbled upon. Her long dirty-blonde hair is often tied up in a large bun with simple twine she commonly kept on hand for binding items together. Standing at just over three feet in height she has more of the appearance of a small child rather than a young woman on the cusp of adulthood. Underneath those large jackets she wears is usually a simple blouse made of light breathable fabric - definitely to make up for wearing a jacket!

Character Personality:
  • Two Personality Traits-
    • When I set my mind to something, I follow through no matter what gets in my way.
    • I get bored easily. When am I going to get on with my destiny?
  • Ideals -
    • Destiny. Nothing and no one can steer me away from my higher calling. (Any)
  • Bonds -
    • I have a family, but I have no idea where they are. One day, I hope to see them again.
  • Two Flaws -
    • I have a weakness for the vices of the city, especially hard drinks.
    • The people who knew me when I was young know my shameful secret, so I can never go home again.

Summary: A mostly selfish sense of curiosity mixed with sheer stubborness continually pushes Ravi forward towards whatever she deems interesting. Often times obsessing over simple questions until she can find a definite answer always with an underlying hope that said answer will be useful towards reaching her ultimate goal. When she is not obsessing over a question she is often mixing and creating whatever she can to stave off any sense of boredom that always seems to encroach on her downtime with upmost ferocity. Ravi will often lend a hand with her mother's work but has been kicked out more than once for "being just like her father," which always seemed to center around drinks of some sort. She never met the man yet the tales made him out to be a fairly interesting - if not, chaotic character.


RP Sample:

status: Slow for this week

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Interested, I'll work on an app
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Jrod, Retry, Knightfall! Thanks for your interest. I can't wait to see what you come up with. Let me know if you need anything or have any questions.

Originally Posted by Odyssey View Post
AHHHH Days! I wish I had more time in the day for another game, especially one of yours dang it! I'll lurk from the shadows though
You have a couple weeks to change your mind haha! Seriously though, I appreciate your kind words. Keep it in mind if something opens up
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right-aligned image

Name: Sarillar
Age: 35
Race: Human (Variant)
Class: Paladin (Oath of Conquest)
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Background: Faction Agent (Red Wizards of Thay)

Character Appearance: Sarillar always wears armor and clothes in black. Horrible burns cover much of his body, including his face. As such, he never removes his helmet or armor unless in private, and even then, for brief periods of time. Like a glacier, his movements are usually slow and methodical. He does not rush or run. His belief in his mandate is such that he cannot comprehend and eventuality where he does not enact his master's will. In the end, he will always succeed in what he came to do.

Character Personality:

Two Personality Traits: I will not tolerate those that defy the rule of Szass Tam or declare alternate faiths and worship of other gods. I have accepted my death and do not fear it. My master's own had has shown me there are far worse fates than death.
One Background Ideal: My master's word is law. None can resist him and I shall find success in championing his cause.
One Background Bond: I owe my life, such as it is, to the grace of Szass Tam and wll do anything to protect him and his interests.
Two Character Flaws: I am inflexible in my thinking and will not consider anything that runs contrary to the will of my master. Like my master, death is inevitable and preys upon those of week will.

Summary: Sarillar possesses an unshakable loyalty to his master, Szass Tam. His master's word is law and he will not be deterred by anything from carrying it out. This however, has made him very single minded in how he handles people and situations and has, on occasion, worked with those that might otherwise have been his enemies, to accomplish a task where their goals alligned.



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This looks very interesting. I'll need to think what sort of character I'd like to play in a game like this!

EDIT: The application below is now complete!

Edmund Trellian
right-aligned image
Edmund Trellian

Age: 23 years old

Race: Human (Variant)

Class: Wizard (War Magic)

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Background: City Watch Investigator (From the SCAG – Possibly the Baldur’s gate background feature for the Soldier – Active Duty – The Watch?)

Character Appearance: Edmund is tall at 6'2", but also quite lanky. He is not very particular about his appearance, and tends to let his thick, blonde hair grow until it gets into his eyes too much before having it cut. For the same reason he lets his equally blonde beard grow out until he visits a barber.

Edmund dresses in practical clothes; leather trousers, a grey shirt and a dark-brown weather-resistant overcoat. He usually carries a well-made oak staff with a crystal embedded in the top that looks thick enough to make an effective weapon.

- Traits: I am devoted to logic and reason and try not to let emotions control my actions. I am a curious student of human nature and the nature of other intelligent beings.
- Ideals: Knowledge. The path to power and self-improvement is through knowledge.
- Bond: It is the sacred duty of all intellectuals to preserve knowledge.
- Flaw: I have little patience for the poorly educated or stupid. I try my best not to be to abrasive with them but rarely succeed.

Summary: Edmund is a logical man not given to emotional displays who sees himself as someone apart from regular people in a way, a student of humanity rather than a member of the society. He is a keen seeker of knowledge, often finding parallels in the current situation with things he’s read about in history books or works of fiction. His main flaw is his impatience with people of lesser intellectual caliber than himself, especially those who seem to revel in their own ignorance instead of relying on those better equipped mentally to tackle a difficult situation.

Brief backstory: Edmund Trellian was the son of Albert Trellian, a relatively well-off merchant in Baldur’s Gate. His father was away on business most of the time, sometimes taking his mother with him. On one such occasions his mother was lost when the ship was caught in a storm, falling overboard when nobody was looking. His father was never the same after the tragedy.

Edmund was a bookish youth and as the fourth child he wasn’t expected to inherit the family business. When he showed interest and talent for magic, his father happily arranged for him to get an apprenticeship with a reputable mage in Elturel. Young Edmund eventually became a full-fledged mage under the tutelage of his master, Trevor Owelos. He got along well with the old man and was reluctant to leave the apprenticeship, feeling that he wasn’t ready to strike out on his own just yet.

Owelos was occasionally contracted by the Elturel city watch to help with difficult cases that required magical expertise beyond the mages employed by the watch. As he deemed Edmund ready for the challenge, he took his apprentice along when Owelos was asked to track down a powerful rogue sorcerer on the run.

As his master suspected, the thrill of the investigation and the hunt for the rogue mage fascinated Edmund. The hunt eventually led the pair to Baldur’s Gate, where they secured the permission of the watch to hunt down their quarry in the city. They eventually confronted the sorcerer in the harbor district, where he was trying to smuggle himself out of the city by getting onto a ship, capturing the renegade with minimal force and little threat to life.

Once the hunt was over, Edmund was offered a position as an investigator in the Baldur’s Gate city watch. Although he felt that this would limit the time he could spend advancing his magical skills, he had finally found his calling in life and accepted the offer. He spent several months training for the job with a senior investigator, but has now been allowed to take on cases of his own.


People say I'm evil and twisted, but I really have the heart of a young boy. In a jar, on my desk.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Definitely interested, application to follow shortly.


Basic Character Details:

Name: Mauk
Age: 22
Race: Tortle
Class: Druid - Circle of the Land (Arctic)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Background: Folk Hero

Character Appearance:

Character Personality:
When someone thinks of a Tortle, slow and meticulous come to mind. Not with Mauk though. He's quick witted, chatty and likes a laugh. Modesty is reflected in his appearance and speech.

Two Personality Traits:
If someone is in trouble, I’m always ready to lend help.
I’m confident in my own abilities and do what I can to instill confidence in others.

One Background Ideal:
Fairness. No one should get preferential treatment before the law, and no one is above the law.

One Background Bond:
I worked the land, I love the land, and I will protect the land.

Two Character Flaws:
I never start a fair fight.
My favour, once lost, is lost forever.

Summary: There's no such thing as luck. There's only preparation and planning.


The outskirts and environs of Baldur's gate are a patchwork of farms and animal breeders, all of them vital to the big city they depend on and ultimately support. One of those farms belong to Mauk's family - countless generations peacefully working the same patch of land and earning an honest living as farmers and breeders. Mauk, the oldest of his three siblings, has not long ago completed his apprenticeship in husbandry, and established himself as a very dependable person, who often paid visits to his neighbors farms and help them with anything he could when there was trouble with livestock. His skills naturally forked out and begun dabbling in alchemy, potion brewing and ultimately put his skills to use and help other people who got hurt one way or another. He never asked anything in return for his services, but accepted any donations or voluntary payments, which he then gave to his Father to sustain their farm and household.

However, recent events jolted Mauk from this peaceful way of life. The endless stream of Elturel refugees were beginning to put a strain on Baldur's Gate resources, patience and order keeping militias. Unrest was rampant, looting incidents increased in frequency, farms were being regularly raided for food. Something needed to be done - and not long after, calls for volunteers begun to appear on every city signboard. Almost all farms around the city begun sending their most able bodied youth to enlist, in an effort to counter the threat which displaced Elturel populace. As the most skilled in his family, Mauk did not needed to be asked twice.

RP Sample:

Father has summoned Mauk to the main courtyard. It was a cloudy, cold autumn evening, right around the beginning of Harvest.
Three young farmhands were lined up in front of them, looking gloom.
"- Son, one day you will be the head of this farm. It will be up to you to pass judgement on all matters - small or big. This will be your first."
Mauk expected this day to come. Father was growing old and - he had to admit - frail. He cast his eyes on the three persons in front of him. Two humans and a tabaxi. He knew the story - all too common these recent days. They've been hired as farmhands but instead of putting in an honest day's work, one them resorted to stealing. That could not stand. The problem was - there was no way of definitely proving who the culprit was. They were all bunk-mates in the same common room where the stolen goods were accidentally found. None admitted to the crime and none came forward as witness. They all had compelling stories but none had an alibi.
With a heavy heart but a clear mind, Mauk realized there was only one course of action. Father will probably not condone it, but this judgement was his to pass. He raised his head, pointed at all three and muttered just one word.
"- Expulsion."
It was was the fairest solution. If noone came forward, all three suspects were to face the penalty. Must have been one of them, right? So why take chances. Justice was blind.
The pleading look in the farmhands eyes turned to desperation. They were not only to be released from their employment, but the guards will make sure they will never set foot or find employment anywhere near Baldur's Gate. Guards enforced the law in the big city but they respected the law of the land that the farmers followed for countless generations.

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So tempting
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OHHHH! I have been interested in what this new adventure could bring. Holding a spot for a character concept I have been wanting to use for a while now....

The Grizzled Veteran
Public Info
right-aligned image

Name: Unferth Thanagor

Age: 112

Race: Hill Dwarf

Class: Warlock

Alignment: LN

Background: Mercenary Veteran (Vilhon Mercenary Corps)

Character Appearance:

Unferth stands at a stocky 4' 2" with full framed shoulders and a bit of a belly from enjoying a touch too much ale when the mood strikes. His face has deep lines through his cheeks that disappear into his well kept beard. His leather armor looks to be worn from years in mercenary service with adjustments and buckles in different places to stitch together old tears. A large battleaxe hangs from his belt while daggers are hidden among his effects for closer encounters.

His hood covers a shaved head marked with tattoos spanning from simple foul language in different dialects to bold geometric designs that also appear on his hands, forearms, and chest. He is rarely seen without a mug of ale or cigar of dwarven tobacco. His eyes can feel like they are boring holes into your mind, expectant and searching. The dwarf speaks with short, clipped sentences forcing others to get to the point quickly and efficiently.

Character Personality:

Personality Traits
- I keep my personal possessions in secret places which are known only to me

- I do nothing, move no finger or blade, unless I hear the jingling sound of coins

One Background Ideal
- Unsullied Honor: I never break my promises or my contracts for anyone or anything.

One Background Bond
- I seek to reclaim something of great importance to me, and it requires a great deal of coin and blood.

Character Flaws
- I would send an innocent to face his death if it means I will win the fight

- I have crippling debts that my work barely pays off

Summary: Unferth is a dwarf driven to earn as much coin as he can without breaking his word, even if that means a few civilians are hurt along the way. He keeps his reasons for such a ravenous appetite to himself, though it seems as if all the coin he gains is immediately vanished. The dwarf tends to be quiet, but when he does speak he tends to state things in a very "matter of fact" manner leaving others to assume he is just a cold, calculating merc.


Unferth was the second son to a minor dwarf noble within Citadel Sundbarr, though his family was forced to flee after the War of the Silver Marches. For the last few years the younger dwarf has found work among the Vilhon Mercenary Corps and has proven himself a capable, albeit unorthodox, fighter. He tends to stand directly in the melee with the other front line warriors, hacking away with his broad battle axe just as any normal trooper though odd occurrences seem to happen around him. His axe bites deeper than his wiry muscles would imply and on more than one occasion his foes have had their cuts cloaked in unnatural shadow, but his captain is pleased with the his performance and the company cares little how a job is done as long as they get paid.

As the years continued on, he continued with his grim resolve. He accepted ever more dangerous assignments and saw plenty of the young warriors placed under his command die, but the job was always completed despite the odds. He had even gained a minor reputation among his company that those assigned to him got all his bad luck. His team had just finished a job and were returning to Baldur's Gate when they came upon the stream of refugees starting a brawl with a dozen or more Flaming Fist members in the Blackgate district north of the Upper City. Unferth sensed an opportunity for some extra gold for he and his troops.

RP Sample:

Crixus cried out in pain as an arrow punched through his buckler and embedded itself in his hand. "Blasted greenskins, I will wring their filthy little necks!" The ambush had definitely not gone to plan compared to what the dwarf had seen it in his mind. Crixus and he were supposed to cut off the goblins escape route while the other five flushed them out of the thicket the raiding party had camped in. Obviously the oaf of human Unferth had brought along had not quite picked up on the idea of stealth, clomping through the high grass and not even trying to crouch down to blend in with his environment. A few goblins had begun to fire sporadically at the two mercenaries while a half dozen others rushed out to encircle them. "Time for plan B." The dwarf aimed his axe head skyward to fire a green blast of eldritch energy, signaling the others to attack. "Hopefully they get here in time..."

As the skirmish wore on, the rest of the Corpsmen had begun to hack away at the rear lines of the little raiders. First the archers were cut down then they crashed into the melee engulfing Crixus and Unferth. The warlock caught sight of their quarry, the goblin "chief" with a tiny red cape and one ear missing, attempting to flee the battle. The dwarf could slip through the greenskin line to run him down, but doing so would leave Crixus alone and surrounded. The job comes first. He slipped past a wild swing of a dagger and broke into a run so he could catch up with their target. He closed the distance and fired another blast of eldritch light, blowing a hole in the small creature's form. Unferth patted down the corpse, finding the locket and gold ring their employer had stolen from them as well as some extra coin in a hidden purse.

The mercenary veteran returned to the others as they dispatched the last of the goblin creatures. "Losses?"

"Just Crixus, sir. Two knife wounds to the back as he was strangling one of the buggers to death."

"Gather up his valuables and personal effects so we can see them to his family, contract now splits six ways instead of seven."

"Aye, sir." Unferth could tell Shani didn't like the order, but she complied just the same. Unferth's Corpsmen set about piling the bodies to burn while the dwarf wrote a small report. Crixus Lahgman, owed 1/7 of a 150 gp contract. Fell in battle when completing the job, family resides in Baldur's Gate.

"We are sons of Durin, and Durin's folk do not flee from a fight. I have no right to ask this of any of you, but will you follow me one last time?"

Tomb of Annihilation | Labyrinth | Broken Isles | Descent into Avernus

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Interested! Holding for an app
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Application complete

Name: Oghma
Age: 20
Race: Half-orc
Class Sorceress (Wild Magic)
Alignment: Neutral
Background: Outlander

left-aligned image

Character Appearance:
At 200 pounds and 6 feet even, Oghma is solidly built but not massive. She dresses in practical, working-class clothes, typically a linen shirt and leather pants, and vest or apron depending on what she is doing. She'll wear a midi-length skirt for festivals and special occasions. She keeps herself reasonably clean and groomed.

Personality Traits
1. She has a childlike love for the city's entertainments; in particular, she can't resist stopping and dreaming over any bard's performance.
2. She never learned to swim, and is deeply distrustful of bodies of water. She'll go to the shore, but not close enough to dip a toe in the water.

She will go to any lengths of discipline to achieve mastery over her powers.

She likes and works well with animals, particularly horses and dogs, and will forcefully intervene if she sees an animal being abused.

Two Character Flaws
1. She is deeply prejudiced against dwarves, having absorbed her tribe's beliefs since infancy, and believes all the worst stereotypes against them: that they are rigid, surly, humorless, and avowed oppressors and enemies of anyone with orcish blood.
2. Once she thinks she has a solution to a problem, she becomes wedded to it and has great difficulty thinking of alternatives. If Plan A fails, she's lost.

Summary: Unlike many (perhaps most) adventurers, Oghma is basically a mature, contented soul with no major traumatic events in her past. While she is well aware of the disdain with which many view her race, she is usually able to shrug it off as “just the way things are”. She’s been fortunate in her experiences since coming to Baldur’s Gate, appreciates the city for it, and sees no reason to go elsewhere. While the Elturel was certainly a catastrophe, it hasn’t hurt her personally — indeed, it has increased business at the inn. She works hard, both at the inn and at her studies, and enjoys the simple pleasures of life during her leisure hours.


Oghma comes from a semi-nomadic tribe of orcs and humans that have mixed so long that nobody knows or cares any longer what proportion of each race is in each individual. The tribe is herd-following (think Plains Indians following buffalo). While the tribe doesn't hesitate to battle, they don't necessarily go out of their way to find reasons to go to war. They do have a long-standing enmity with dwarves of a mountain stronghold along their migration route.

Oghma grew up in a stable, loving family, and there was nothing unusual about her until her sorcerous powers began to manifest at about 14 years of age. The source of her powers are a complete mystery to everyone, and she has always had great difficulty controlling them. Although nobody blamed her for the magical outbursts, it was clear she needed help, so she agreed to travel to the nearest city large enough to her to find other sorcerers in hopes of getting some guidance.

Arriving in Baldur's Gate, she was fortunate in getting a position as a hostler at the stable of an inn, since she had a knack for working with animals, particularly horses and dogs. She also worked in the kitchen scullery, and in exchange was given a few coins a week, meals, a place by the oven to sleep, and mornings off to seek sorcerous training. She was even more lucky in finding a human sorcerer, Silvanus, to guide her training. She was prepared for prejudice against her race, but has experienced less of it than she expected. After three years in Baldur's Gate, she feels greatly indebted to the city and its people for its tolerance.

RP Sample

"Let’s try it again," Silvanus said. "Just once more, and then we’re done for the day."

Oghma cupped her hands, closed her eyes, and concentrated on visualizing the swirling ball of colors forming out of pure Essence. When Silvanus shouted "Now!", she opened her eyes and quickly tossed the orb, watching as it splashed harmlessly against the sorcerer’s magically-shielded body.

"Well done, girl. I think you’ve got it down. I want you to practice, but remember, Chromatic Orb is a dangerous weapon; use it only when you must. For now, practice on rats or other vermin. I know I can trust you on that. And now, I have something for you."

Oghma carefully opened the velvet bag that her teacher handed her, then gasped. Tears came to her eyes as she spilled the violet crystal into her palm. "It — it’s beautiful," she stammered.

"Amethyst. Not all that valuable as gemstones go, but you’ll find it to be a fine tool as an arcane focus. Clarifies thought, helps remove negative emotions, and amplifies creativity. Use it well. And now, there’s something I’d like you to consider."

Something in Silvanus’s tone warned Oghma to take his words especially seriously. "Yes, Master?" she said, with a tiny quaver of uneasy anticipation.

"There’s talk that they might be recruiting soon, looking for folk to investigate the fallout from Elturel. You might think about applying."

"Me? I have barely any skills. Surely they’d want someone powerful like you. Besides, Mudge needs me at the inn."

"Might be the city needs you more, girl. But I don’t want to push you. Just promise me you’ll consider it. And now, off with you."

Oghma barely saw or heard anything as she walked through the city’s streets. She liked her work at the inn, was beginning to get a grasp on her powers, and didn’t really want any new complications in her life. But still, she couldn’t help wondering Could I really be — a hero?

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Very interested! How long will the adventure last, in terms of character levels?
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