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Old Jan 21st, 2014, 11:55 AM
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Sitting on the edge of his bed in his room, Belros breathed a heavy sigh. He hadn't realized until now how tired the days adventure had made him. Standing up to remove his armor and see to its care and cleaning first, he then sits to look at the wound in his arm. He was thankful for the healing touch of Torag and thankful that the wound wouldn't leave a scar. His muscles still ached from the blow however. Rubbing out the tired muscles in his body, he hoped that a nights sleep would bring some relief and renewed energy for the day tomorrow.

Moving over to the small table in his room, Belros takes out his holy text and begins to read. The words of his deity bring him encouragement as he reflects on the creative nature of Torag, of the Law, and of the Protection provided by Torag. Belros spends an hour or so in prayer to Torag being renewed and encouraged in his meditation.

Finally ready to settle into the bed, Belros tries to get comfortable. Although his body longs for sleep his mind can't quite settle itself. Too many questions still are unanswered. He laments the fact that they were unable to save Yargos, if indeed he did drown. Even though the man had such intentions that made the priest shutter, he still hated the thought of the man that they were sent to find drowning under their watch. Not to mention the fact of the information that they might have lost when he drowned. All these thoughts and more swirled in Belros' mind as he tried to drift off to sleep. His last thought for the evening centered on the question of whether they could indeed trust even Hestrem.
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