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Old Dec 20th, 2011, 11:11 AM
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The Party

Post your character bios here with links to your sheet for general access. Char gen is as follows:

Keep feats simple - core and advanced pathfinder books only. It's the system I'm most experienced with.
Traits can be selected from either the second darkness companion and the advanced player guide, with the exception of the campaign traits listed in the APG.
Ability scores are 2d6+6, allowed one set of re-roll if the scores are especially horrendous.
Starting wealth are the amounts listed in the pathfinder books (rolling, not average).
Hit Points are max at first level.
As usual, you can't buy anything worth more than half your total gold.
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Old Dec 20th, 2011, 12:12 PM
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NAME: Barrin Ironhite (character sheet)
RACE: Dwarf
CLASS: Fighter
CAMPAIGN TRAIT: Looking for Work

BIO/BG INFO (either or): It's hard to believe that this wide-eyed, wild-bearded dwarf is from so cosmopolitan a place as the Varisian Sky Citadel of Janderhoff, but such is the case. The craftshops and forges of the upper levels of that dwarven city-state, though, are seldom visited by Ironhite clansfolk, who make their livings deep beneath the surface, mining, scouting, or, as in Barrin's case, guarding the holdings against the never ending stream of dangerous Darklands creatures who constantly threaten dwarven life and livelihood.

After spending his youth training under his parents, aunts, and uncles, and then putting in a couple of years guarding a copper delve that attracted the attention of a marauding band of duergar scum, Barrin had saved enough money to equip himself to follow in the footsteps of his grandmother, a famous adventuring Ironhite who had ranged all over Avistan before retiring back to the deep passages to help raise her countless grandchildren on tales of surface world wonders.

And wonders are what draw Barrin. After a lifetime spent underground, trees and the open sky are constant revelations to him, as are the many different races and creatures he has encountered in his brief time out in the world. Making his way first to the city of Korvosa, he quickly lost most of his money, but earned the thanks of a trading coaster captain whose life he saved in a dockyard brawl. Barrin took ship on the coaster, and spent days staring at the enormity of the ocean when the vessel made Conqueror's Bay. By the time they had rounded the cape and put in at Magnimar, Barrin was practically an old hand, but on the final run up through the Varisian Gulf, he made the decision to part ways with his seafaring friends at Riddleport.

Now here the dwarf is, astonished at the sight of the ancient and mysterious Cyphergate, a little light in the purse, but ready for anything, anything this wide and wild new world has to offer.
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Old Dec 20th, 2011, 12:56 PM
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NAME: Alonso "Lon" Mescher
RACE: Human
CLASS: Sorcerer (Orc Bloodline)
CAMPAIGN TRAIT: Looking for Work

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Lon is a white human male slightly taller then most men and and of slim build. He has short dark brown hair and brown eyes with shadows under them. On closer inspection, his eyes also have a reddish hue, giving them a burgundy apearance. Lon's slim face usually wears an expression of nonchalance, with a hint what could either be called confidence or cockiness. He is currently clean shaven, and usually wears a white collared shirt, a dark green vest, and a brown pair of breeches. Lon also wears a belt with a dagger and a few pouches, as well as a sturdy but worn pair of boots on his feet. He would look rather roguish were it not for his obviously limited means.


Every planet we reach is dead

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Old Dec 20th, 2011, 01:51 PM
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ApplicationName: Erica Blackmarsh
Gender: Female
Race: Tiefling
Class: Alchemist
Campaign Trait: Fools For Friends
Biography: Erica lasted through most of her childhood without any displays of her true heritage, avoiding most of the sullen glares and hostilities that a Tiefling could usually expect from a small town off the map. She was innocent and charming, even from a young age, often talking her way out of most of the fights she got into from his parent’s reputation. Her father was a drunk and didn’t contribute anything to their family, while her mother was left to take care of the house and also deal with gathering funds.

Her mother was the one who influenced much of Erica’s early life, so far as being the one to choose her name in the first place. She thought her everything she knew, acting as her teacher whenever the opportunity of free time arose, even when it was better for her health to do otherwise. That ended up being her demise, though; when Erica was only nine years old she grew deathly ill and spent the next two years of her life in a bed-ridden state. Her father failed to help one bit throughout this, and even as she breathed her dying breaths he was preparing to move away from the small town in which they had lived for the last two decades.

After that point, Erica lived on the streets of his small town. Surrounded by forest and jungle, she knew not where to go beyond the borders of the village, dared not to look into the shifting shadows of the canopy beyond. After a few weeks, though, she gained the attention of a family close to her own – she became an adopted child at the age of twelve, but even her saviours ended up abandoning him. Nearing her puberty Erica started to display the signs of fiendish blood, small horns being the first to grow as her hair began to deepen in shade and hue. Her brilliant opal eyes dimmed until only a sliver of light glimmered within the iris, dull grey orbs peering out into the unwelcoming world she lived in.

From there she came to live on her own once again, searching through the remains of her home for the ways of the trade her mother had held so dear. She kept her notes safe and close to her heart, in the hopes that one day she would come to understand them; then she travelled eastward, smuggled on a wandering caravan. She never saw that town again, and neither did she want to; all she wished to do was find a new life in a bustling city, where none knew her face. The gold she had was spent on lodging and attempts to associate herself with regional alchemists, and she was all but spent when she finally found purchase under the guidance of a teacher.

In trade for sharing her mother’s notes, Erica received accommodation and sustenance under the care of Frederick Chen. Chen taught the young girl, now only just within the hands of puberty, the methods and mixtures of Alchemists. As time went by he taught the fledgling alchemist all he knew, on the condition that she would not ply her trade within the boundaries of the city. When he had taught Erica all that he could teach her, the girl’s gaze looked towards the great city of Riddleport, where gold was earned quick and lives were full. She received aid from Chen for the initial journey, but after that she was on his own; with the materials Chen had provided her before departing she found a pleasant home within the Leeward District and began crafting and selling alchemical goods. She would live there for a number of years, finding a number of friends and false-family amongst the twisting streets and back alleys of this new home. For once in her life, the 25 year-old Erics was comfortable, even with the growing sense of intrigue with which she views the aging pirate king.


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Old Dec 20th, 2011, 05:28 PM
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Name: Sand
Class: Rogue
Race: melancholy human
Trait: optimistic gambler

Character Sheet

Attached Thumbnails
Click image for larger version

Name:	Sand sketch.jpg
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ID:	49476   Click image for larger version

Name:	sand dungeon.jpg
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Good Player Thread If you can't look a bad guy in his beady fat face before you hyperdrive his life to the next galaxy you ain't killing a villain..." Rad Lomo

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Old Dec 20th, 2011, 06:28 PM
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Name: Gylmarix the Forsaken
right-aligned image

Gender: Male

Race: Elf

Class: Witch

Campaign Trait: Researching the Blot

Physical Appearance: A tall, gaunt elf of waxen complexion Gylmarix is a man whose life has become his body. Pale skin, glossy raven black hair and deep piercing eyes, he is more at home in the shadows and stands out from the rest of kind as being one not afraid of consorting with the hidden powers of the universe. Ever accompanied by his familiar, the raven Vyrn, Gylmarix is usualy seen enshrouded in layer upon layer of ancient robes and clothing with the ever increasing tools of his trade fastened to the many folds of his clothes.

Background: Gylmarix's background before his current... infamy grew is mostly unknown. It has been presumed that he grew in the village of his birth and that his childhood and early adult years were much the same as any Elf’s. Where the story of Gylmarix becomes well known, at least amongst Elf-kind, is during the Tragedy of Yoljis. A dark time for elf-kind Yoljis was a rare breed of Elven criminal, the one that got away. A fearsome wizard of near fiendish malevolence who managed to escape the authorities and as a result ended up going on a rampage across Elven lands for nigh on forty years. During this time the wizard Yoljis wiped out most of the villages on the outer territories of the Elven lands. After he had been defeated, the number of dead was so great and the betrayal of Yoljis so biting that something without precedent was done. The dead were buried; a single great mass grave was built and secreted away deep in the heartlands of the Elves.

In order to protect the necropolis, a guardian was chosen. Gylmarix, an elf both of mystery and slight infamy for his mysterious departure from Elf lands, was selected both for his notoriety as a magic user and his cunning as an adventurer. The call was sent out under the cover of secrecy from Elven lands summoning him from parts unknown to return and safeguard the Acre of Tragedy...

RP Sample:

Standing over bubbling pool of what appears to be liquified crystal, Gylmarix passes a hand over the fluid and looks at Vyrn. Several dozen meters beyond their silent communion a smoking remain smoulders quietly. "Spirits of the dead... Ancient charges long since silent. Open the way, part the mist. Grant me vision of that which would defile your resting place... As he finishes his incantation the surface of the liquid bubbles slightly before flashing brightly and then going dark again. Exhaling sharply in frustration the elf yells in appellation to black night sky and hunches over his scrying vessel gnashing his teeth.

I don't know why you keep trying. It's obvious that it is either beyond your sight, beyond your power or any one of a number of possibilities. You are a fool to have already tried so many times... Though, I will admit that I share your concerns... said Vyrn. The raven was perched on the edge of his master's scrying vessel. Hopping from one foot to another Vyrn did as he was wont to do and voiced Gylmarix's unspoken thoughts. "You know what you need to do. It can't be avoided any longer. You must seek out the source yourself, and not from here. If you are to continue to protect your charges you are going to have to leave them to their own devices for a time..."

Looking up and glaring at the self satisfied bird, Gylmarix continued to refuse to reply to the bird, only speaking once again as he started passing his hand over the liquified crystal fluid once again.

"Let my sight wander far wide and grant me vision over earth and great divide... Show me the place where many gather, a place to which I must now go hither...

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Old Dec 23rd, 2011, 02:23 AM
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NAME: Jeukai(Character sheet)
right-aligned image

GENDER: Female

RACE: Half-Orc

CLASS: Barbarian

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Physical Appearance: Jeukai is 4 feet and 6 inches high, 113 pounds with a body that suggests that she spent ages perfecting it for more violent sport, if the obvious, although not overwhelming, muscles didn't make it obvious. She bore light green skin, gray eyes, and black hair down to her waist. In the terms of garb, she most commonly wore a fur skirt and boots with a simple corset-like article of clothing to 'keep everything in order' in combat. An intimidating battleaxe was strapped to her back, and seemed like her weapon of choice, but she also held a short sword at her hip as a back-up; apparently, daggers are too small for this one.

BIO: Not much history to share, violence tends to follow her around due to her barely controllable rage. She's heard about the tournament and has decided that it's to her liking, especially with all the 'lovely' things she's heard about Riddleport. So, it's decided that while she cheats the devil and takes his gold, she's gonna let a little rage fly in his face when she finds him.

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