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Old Dec 21st, 2011, 08:30 PM
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Game Roster

Post a brief blurb here - basic description, generally known information, that kind of thing. And a link to your character sheet. I like to have all those links in one place for easy reference.
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Old Dec 22nd, 2011, 12:58 PM
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Astrid Kleimarr, Human Monk(Weapon Adept)
Physical Description: *glares from under her cloak*
Astrid is a young, if slightly battle-worn, human, standing an average 5'6". She has red wavy hair cropped short, and the light complexion common to the peoples of the area. While toned, she's lacking in bulky muscle, which leads others to believe that her strength behind a sword comes from some metaphysical source, rather than raw might. She doesn't cut a very developed figure, presumably due to nutrition rather than genetics.

Astrid is commonly seen in a grey sleeved traveling cloak, with warm(if loose) clothing underneath. She's never seen without her blade, a blue-tinted longsword on her left hip. If prodded, she'll insist the weapon was a gift from her order, and refuse to go further. She dislikes traveling with heavy loads, and often carries the bare minimum of supplies on her, in a bag that can be easily dropped at the first sign of combat.
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Old Dec 24th, 2011, 09:50 AM
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Description: From a distance, Kismet might be mistaken for a finely made mithral golem of an unusually small size. Her full plate armor was made by her, for her and tailored perfectly to fit her. It has a simplistic, polished design that mimics as closely as possible the contours of the human body and the helmet hides everything but her eyes. Stripped of her armor, she is an exotically lovely, surprisingly delicate-looking woman with saffron skin, slanted dark eyes, shining black hair and a slight, sweetly knowing smile on her lips.

Generally Known Information: Who's that odd foreigner?
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Old Dec 25th, 2011, 11:53 AM
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Name: Athkar (The Speaker of Athkar, Born Asvaldr Olafsson)
Race: Human
Class: Psion (Shaper)
Alignment: Neutral Good
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Physical Description:
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Black
Complexion: Fair

At 5'11" and 155 pounds, Athkar is very thin, especially for an Svalland native. In many ways, his appearance is typical of the follower of Al-Tariqa, with his shaved head, the signature blue robe of his order, and his perpetually tranquil expression. His features are soft and his bone structure is not prominent, and his face sometimes causes people to underestimate his age. He has ten runic tattoed in a vertical line up the center of his head, and more on his arms that are hidden by the long sleeves of his robes. These tattoos are actually Psionic Tattoos, and can move to any part of his body when necessary. When using Psionics, Athkar's eyes glow with bright white light.

The Speaker of Athkar's office is that of the Order's public face, which means he is the only member of the Order who is not bound by a Vow of Silence. A practiced negotiator, he is used to representing the interests of the Tariqa, and is comfortable dealing with people. Despite this, his experience with the real world is still slightly limited, and he will sometimes fumble certain social conventions when away from the monastary's familiar surroundings.

Athkar displays his emotions only occasionally, and said displays are understated when they occur. In part, this is due to his advancement along Al-Tariqa, or "The Way", a meditative form of mental discipline that is the central practice of his order. The deeper reason, however, is simply a matter of personality. Athkar has always been a man of cold passions, and his expressions of his emotions are, as per his nature, controlled and methodical. Athkar also habitually moves slowly and deliberately, and is capable of standing or sitting completely still for hours at a time.

Like most members of his Order, Athkar has little use for most material possessions and comforts. While he possesses a few magic items, their purpose is to aid his mental ability and inner power as he searches for Enlightenment. That they also help him defend himself is a plus.

Since she entered his life, Kismet has caused Athkar no small amount of emotional disruption. For one thing, her very presence is often enough to warm his usually-phlegmatic demeanor. Normally completely immune to anxiety, he finds himself prone to worrying about her well-being, and he feels instinctively protective and affectionate towards her, emotions he has no idea how to deal with. Athkar has never had a close friend in his adult life, and now that he has one, the strangeness of the experience is causing him quite a bit of consternation.
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Old Dec 25th, 2011, 05:22 PM
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Name: Isaiah Crell
Race: Human (Svalli)
Class: Bard (Archaeologist) 5/ Expedition Leader 1 (Pathfinder Delver)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Basic Description: This man is constantly dirty, his clothes stained with dust, oil and sweat, not to mention the many holes and rips. He has the money to replace them at anytime, but that would be a very bad idea. Isaiah is a very superstitious man and won’t replace his ‘lucky’ gear until the day it finally falls apart. Each knick and burn is a story, a lucky escape from a trap or tomb guardian. Some of these rips show through to his chest, the dull sheen of chainmail catching your eye, one can never be too careful after all. Isaiah’s eyes are sky blue and have that mischievous twinkle generally only found in children, whilst his hair is a sandy blonde colour constantly kept short (to avoid snagging in traps). He is also a fan of hats, they keep falling dust out of your eyes and look fancy, no archaeologist would dare be without his hat and whip. A charismatic and good looking fellow, Isaiah has no trouble finding company the rare nights he is in a major city, wooing women with his tales of adventure and charm. They think the scars and burns are quite exciting, but appreciate that his face is unmarred. By some insane streak of luck the archaeologist has never lost a body part except for half of his left pinkie, an unnecessary part of the body anyway, gets in the way when you’re disarming ancient Svalli puzzle locks.

Along with his ripped and dirty tunic and the hidden chain shirt Isaiah carries a fine looking shortbow with him at all times, the wood a golden colour with black markings along its length. This is just one of his many finds, an ancient bow that functions just as well today, the runes on the side are elvish and name the bow Skybreaker, Isaiah was quite thrilled when he could turn up no connection to anyone living or dead to this item because it meant he could keep it. Used to meeting all types of foes with all types of weaknesses Isaiah also carries a mace and sword with him, not much point smashing an ooze or slashing a skeleton is there? To complete his equipment list is a ratty old backpack, just as dirty, torn and burnt as the rest of him, probably more so. Though there is a hole in the left corner nothing ever falls out, there’s too much crammed into the bag for that to happen and strangely enough whatever item Isaiah needs, whichever of his huge stash of wands, scrolls and potions, is always right on top when he opens it.

Generally Known Info: Isaiah is an archaeologist, protégé to the great Garen Hearthkin, a half-elf famous for his many historical discoveries, the most well-known of which is a piece of Cayden's mug handle, now on display (and guard) at the church of Cayden. Garen was slain three years ago and Isaiah has continued his work faithfully since, recently uncovering a starknife owned by a prophet of Desna and returning it to the church (which is his connection to the story).

If your character has ever heard of Garen and his work (he was famous in Svalli) you would know he held up a code of honour about his work. Unlike the many treasure hunters, tomb robbers and bandits within the trade, Garen and his team were true researchers. Anything they found that had a proper owner (descendant or church) was to be returned to him, unless it was an evil artifact. He was also a kind man, never killing unless his life, his team or his research was in danger. Isaiah has picked up many of these traits and morals.

Mechanics/Party Role: The Archaeologist sub-type basically exchanges Bardic Performance for the skill set of a rogue. I can find and disarm any trap (magical or not) as well as a rogue, but do not have the same damage potential they get from sneak attack. Instead I bring a mixture of rogue, party face and knowledge skills, along with bardic spells, mainly battlefield control and illusion. The Pathfinder Delver class increases my rogue-like abilities and gives some cool cheating death skills, but I mainly took the class for flavour. When I'm not slinging spells, talking fast or opening a lock as a standard action I'm pretty good with a short bow too.

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Old Dec 26th, 2011, 09:28 PM
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Alona Cailean

Probably the only one of the group tall enough to look Athkar straight in the eye, the two could hardly be more different. Boisterous, good-natured and tavern-raised - Alona loves her brewing and brawling! A latent fey bloodline spices her style with a penchant for hearty laughter, even when it's entirely inappropriate. To be honest, she's not the most tactful of persons, often to the point of a flippant disregard for people she's lost interest in, or respect for. What she does respect is ability - pretty much anything done with quality and efficiency will earn her admiration. This is only slightly hypocritical, as she's a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. Her fighting, also, is all about versatility - a bit of range, a bit of magic, a lot of knees and elbows...not especially skilled in any one thing, but fairly adept at winging it. Come to that, this is often her approach to life - all tactics, no strategy.


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Old Dec 27th, 2011, 08:17 PM
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Prepared Spells

Description: A woman of average build and height, Elleria has a small nose, bright green eyes, and straight black hair that hangs to just above her shoulders. She generally wears simple travel clothes -- neither too constricting on her movements nor so loose as to get caught on jutting scenery. While normally quiet, Elleria tends to become very vocal when someone in need is being blatantly ignored by people who could easily help.

Generally Known Information: To most of Svalland, Elleria is just some random foreign woman. When she's been in an area for a few weeks, she may develop a reputation as either a helpful stranger or a pushy busybody, but she tries to move on before that happens.
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