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Individuals of Note

Marius Thelenas
Marius Thelenas, Hierarchist of Nesathra
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Nesathra's chief hierarchist is currently Marius Thelenas, a middle aged male Master Prefect who has spent considerable time at the Dalman’s cathedral in Erethambria. Thelenas is a good administrator and the cathedral serves its function within the community well. The only scandal surrounding the cathedral in recent years has been the behavior of Thelenas’ youngest son, Kynos Thelenas. Widely regarded as a scoundrel of the worst sort, Kynos has caused his father great consternation on more than one occasion.

Although Thelenas is a more than capable administrator, it is widely known that he answers directly to the Primarchs are like the Cardinals fo the Wardhyr, and there are only ever 13 of them at a time. While not a rule, usually each of the 11 major human cities has one spot reserve for a "Primarch" with another two floating, usually provided to other larger cities or rare cases. The new Dalman is almost always selected from one of the 13 Primarchs.Primarch Andaris, whose continued involvement in the micromanagement of Nesathra is unusual given his position as Primarch, and whose attention should be focused on Erethambria and Haryn as a whole—not Nesathra.
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