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Old Aug 3rd, 2011, 05:53 PM
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The Fires of Hope

Post your character applications here along with their respective character sheet links.

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Old Aug 10th, 2011, 05:44 PM
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OOC: Trints
Character Name: Lyne Thar
Race: Human
Alignment: Neutral
Class: Oracle
Curse: Clouded Vision
Mystery: Flame
Location: Town

A man of white robes, scars covering his body head to toe. Raggedy long black hair. Eyes pale and weary one remaining constantly closed. He doesn't stand very tall off the ground but an exact number can't be said. A small pendant dangles carelessly from his neck. Bearing the symbol of a desolate future. Not much else can be said for this man, not much else dare be spoken about him.

Personality: An offsetting man to say the least but not without just cause. His premonitions of the future leave terror in his eyes. He often tries not to make connections with people as there fate always seems to darken him just a little further. But he knows sometimes it is necessary. When these connections are made he is a most loyal companion as he feels he must do his best to protect them before they are gone.

Backstory: A small town filled with starving humans and bleak surroundings. Death was not an unfamiliar thing to Lyne. His parents gave everything they could to keep there son alive. even there own lives. Through his childhood he made friends only to see horrible premonitions of their future. After so long there was no more he could take. He grew tired and lost hope in this world of horror. He began honing his powers becoming more able to see and prevent the deaths of those close to him, but to no avail. It seemed no matter what he did they always ended up gone. After seeing the not so unexpected death of his best friend he carved a pendant of his bones. It may have seemed disgusting but it kept him close. The pendant resembled nothing but it's shape certainly wasn't uninteresting. To Lyne it represented the bleak future unless he could change it. As long as the world lived in such darkness there would be no hope. He vowed that he would bring light back to this world if it killed him. What better of source of light then fire? If he could harness fire he could surely bring light to the world. It's mystery was great, it lived yet he never knew it's future. Would it wreak havoc or simply flicker out. The contemplations devoured most of his time and the more he wondered the more confused he became. He knew the only way to understand flame was to go to a great source of it. He scoured the globe looking for a volcano. Not just an ordinary volcano though, this was named Mt.Hope. It was one of the few remaining sources of light left be it only a flaming red one. He spent years and years searching for this mountain. Very few knew it's location famous as it may be. He felt he was close when it happened, passing through a nearby town, he stumbled a tall rather brutish gentleman. It was said that he was part of a clan that worshiped the insanity that a few towns were overrun by a little while back. Lyne knew such an unsavory person was not one who could help him. So he decided to venture on. He grew weary that night and stayed at a local inn. He awoken to blood streaming down his eye and all of his belongings and part of his sight gone. He knew then that he could not do it alone he needed the aid of others if he was to be successful. With that in mind he set to find them. He did not know where his journey would begin so he set out west towards the nearest obelisk. Hoping to find mt.hope and hopefully end the darkness forever. He felt others with the same interest as him would be found there.

Look at the new one was missing some spells Charisma bonus ftw
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Old Aug 10th, 2011, 08:22 PM
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Name: Harnen
Age: 20
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Two-Handed Fighter
Race: Human
Description: Tall and powerfully built this human man possesses a rugged appearance, his scarred hide darkened by the sun and made leathery by the wind. His hair is cut short with premature strands of gray around his temples and his gaunt, angular features are covered in dark stubble. A vicious scar slashes through where his left eye used to be and beside that still cutting across his cheek is another slashing scar. The remaining eye is a steel-gray and sits beneath a dark and bushy eyebrow and his nose would be long and pointed if it wasnt smashed in and bent to the left. He has a wide mouth with windchapped lips. His strong neck which bears a jagged hang-mans scar, leads down to a pair of broad shoulders which lead off into long sinewy arms and strong hands, the knuckles sunken and palms calloused. His torso leads down to his hips in a pronounced V-shape, due to a hard life of physical labour and infrequent meals. Over his chest he wears an old and battered breastplate of scarred and pitted iron, with a wide leather belt holding his loose and tattered pants in place, the bottoms tucked into the tops of a pair of worn brown leather boots. A braided cord of leather is tied around his right bicep and covering his left wrist is a small metal buckler. A dingy linen wristwrap covers his right forearm and the bottom half of that hand with a slender dagger tucked beneath it and poking over his right shoulder is the hilt of the old, leather-wrapped hilt of a claymore. Jaded already in his short life of violence and hardship, Harnen is a grim figure who not only chooses not to speak but is unable to, his tongue having been cut out after a brief and bloody encounter with a small gang of raiders who had left him to die hanging from a tree when he was sixteen. He lives by a simple moral code, where he keeps to himself, fighting only to defend himself or when paid. Greedy but not to a fault, Harnen believes only in survival.
Location: Village

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Old Aug 11th, 2011, 12:25 AM
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Name:Besihel Tyrneaghymn


Alignment: Neutral. (AKA: True Neutral)

Class: Ninja

Race: Elf (Eternal Grudge Archetype)

Description: Sometimes referred to as the hulking twig, Besihel stands at 6'4" and only weighing in at 136 pounds. Every ounce of those 136 pounds is pure muscle wrapped around his massive frame. Those who get to see his face are totally baffled by his ability to be both beautiful and fierce at the same time. His eyes are a blazing red that almost seem to light the fire that is his short, jagged, blonde hair. For those who glimpse him coming out from the darkness only see the fire coming from his mask and the small patch of white mesh from what one could assume to be the elf's chest. His suit is so masterfully adorned that if one wasn't looking, they could assume that was his skin. A bow and quiver fall across each other on his back with a strange strait sword uniting them in the middle.

The elf was trained since the day he could walk and this has naturally formed who Besihel is as a person. He was taught only to see the world in shades of gray. Everyone has their own personal rabbit hole and no one is safe from the malice of a secret. A man can only be measured by how far the dagger has been shoved in. Besihel is in no way cynical in his world view. He has simply become well acquainted with shadows. He serves only his order and trusts only his sword.

Location: Village

Ok, I think it's done.
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Old Aug 11th, 2011, 09:44 AM
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Name: Ehlor
Age: 23
Alignment: Neutral Good
Class: Gunslinger
Race: Human
Description: Ehlor is roughly 6 foot tall with choppy light brown hair and light blue eyes. He doesn't talk much, and even when he does talk there's not much for him to say. He prefers to ignore people but will interact when necessary. Ehlor is loyal to his comrades, choosing to join up rather than to fight against them. His preferred weapons are revolvers.
Location: Village

Ehlor was raised by traveling nomads. They were a peaceful lot, believing that violence was a thing of evil. Ehlor had a fascination with technological contraptions, always attempting to gather parts as they traveled to fix whatever he could find, and when his father found a broken gun he figured that Ehlor could try to fix it and they could sell it. When his father realized that Ehlor was gathering ammunition from traders they passed with the intent of using the gun, he became furious and Ehlor was kicked out of the tribe.
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