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Old Jul 2nd, 2024, 08:46 AM
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PotM May


The judges had spoken, but the official announcement had been missing until now:

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Gosh, this Month was hard, there were many great posts and you even made it a challenge forcing up to choose between two good Strangemund's posts. But overall this post was praised and granted the lead --> click this link and click those scales to grant some RPXP love
To risk this announcement getting too long, I wanted to share the reasons for nominating, written by bananabadger. It is for all to learn why a post can stand out, why a post is impacting the reader, it provides information to take in.

Reason for Nomination: Mechanically, this is a simple "uncanny dodge" post, but story-wise, Pinotage does so much more. She ...
  • Recalls game lore from nearly 4 years previous and brings it back into play to describe her character's uncharacteristic, frantic retreat.
  • Continues to develop a relationship with a key NPC (the Lady Danicea)
  • Further develops her own character (an unlikely blend of "look-out-for-number-one" and charming concern for her allies which has come to define Sylana) by assisting another NPC (Turley the gnome).
  • Responds to the DM by echoing some of the DM's descriptions of the world beyond the underground passage, but also by building on those prompts and adding in concrete descriptions of the area.

Let us not forget about the other posts!!! Worthy being linked, read, and the RPXP love and appreciation:
  • lostcheerio nominated this post, written by Fillyjonk
  • EMIW nominated this post, written by Strangemund
  • Kaigen nominated another post by Strangemund (within the rules), this one

*** Please note that Rockerboy had already previously won, and their post could not be taken into consideration To read anyway because it was nominated for good reasons by Mirasiah --> click here ***
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