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Old Jul 11th, 2024, 09:22 AM
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glimmerWisp glimmerWisp
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Ah! This game looks so cool, even if I don't get in I will definitely be watching from the sidelines. I'll make my application sometime later today hopefully.
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Old Jul 11th, 2024, 05:27 PM
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@Glimmerwisp: I am 1 player over how many I wanted so the game is going to start rolling but please put your application in here and if we lose somebody, you'll be ready to join.
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Old Jul 11th, 2024, 06:46 PM
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lethos, the bloody

a quote: die if you must, but not with your spirit broken

lethos is the quintessential warrior with a heart that varies from gold to ice and dust and back again. i imagine shes practically covered in scars, from the thin white lines to scars shes gotten inked in or tattooed over

fears: minor (spiders, loud noises) major (confinement)

daring +2
grace 0
heart -1
wit +1
spirit +1

Intimidating demeanor, full body armor, A sword as tall as you

I’m the Juggernaut, Love!: When you first mark a Condition during a
physical conflict, you may upgrade your next Fight roll from a down
beat to a mixed beat, or from a mixed beat to an up beat. When you do,
answer one of these questions:
How does this conflict add to your reputation?
You see fear in an enemy’s eyes. How does it make you feel?
To strike against your opponent, you leave something else open.
What is it?
You feel invincible. What reminds you that you’re painfully mortal?
If the Fight is rolled is against another PC, answer one of these instead:
What does this conflict mean to you?
What would you rather be doing than fighting?

Better Bundle Up: When you give blunt but honest advice, roll +Spirit:
10+: They value your direct advice; you gain a String on them and
they take +1 forward to act on your advice
7–9: They may choose 1, or else give you a String on them
Point out a flaw they see in your thinking
Act contrary to your advice to show why you’re wrong

How’s that Milkshake Taste?: When dealing with a threat to your
community, but not yet engaged in physical conflict, you may take a
harmless action designed to wound their pride (like throwing a drink over
them). When you do, roll +Daring:
10+: Choose 2
7–9: Choose 1
They become flustered and retreat
Their allies see them as a fool, and they lose critical support
They become enraged and try to come for you; take a +1 forward
to Fight move against them
im offering solo fate, world of darkness, warhammer fantasy and 40k, along with twilight 2000 v4 games. if you're interested hit me up.
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