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Old Feb 10th, 2015, 01:24 AM
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Shinoa took another swig of wine, by this point buzzed enough to stop thinking about all the unanswered questions she had. She regaled the whole story of the orcs, between bouts of semi-drunken laughter.

"...And you wouldn't believe it! There was this one peasant. Big guy. Nothing but a pitchfork. Not even leather armor. He caught blade out of the orc's hand with that farming tool, and disarmed it. Poor thing went running. Cleaved that one down the spine before he could escape. I let the peasant have one of the orcs' greataxes and some armor, so... Let's just say I feel sorry for the next burglar that tries to steal from his home."

After more laughs were had, Shinoa said goodnight and stumbled back to bed, managing to change into nightclothes before falling asleep.


Shinoa Brightwall | Morgan The Fox

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Old Feb 10th, 2015, 02:33 AM
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End to a Long Day.The story of the battle with the Orcs brought both gasps and laughs from Simon, being rather amused at the feats of the man with the pitchfork. Shinoa's time spent with Simon was the much needed distraction she needed, letting her wind down from the events that had transpired that day. It was a wonder she was able to stay on her feet, but she had proven people countless times, that she is far more than she may seem. Simon returns to his work and Shinoa heads off to bed, finding sleep welcomed her far easier with the aid of wine.


Shinoa opens her eyes slowly, feeling better rested than she has in her entire life. She tries to grab ahold of the dream she had just had, knowing there is a reason to want to hold onto it. Why she wanted to hold onto it, she was not sure. The dream dances at the foreground of her thoughts, before it is gone like all the others. The sunlight can be seen peering through her high windows, letting her know it's morning. She gets up and prepares to start her day, knowing she has many things to do to prepare for her journey. In the back of her mind she knows things are going to be different, but why does she know that?

End Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Overview.
Chapter 1 Overview

Meeting with Family, learned of father's intention to go see Shinoa's sick mother.
Received a mission from Meno Car, in regards to witch hunting. (Complete: Paid.)
Interaction with three of the Lords of House Nesko.
Arrived at the Church, met a number of children capable of divine magic and knocked two of them out cold.
Met Maggie and was branded with the Symbol of Desna.
Interacted with a giant dragon illusion, fought through magical darkness and lost a few of the kids.
Met a dwarf of all things and sparred around with him, before ending up with two kids as prisoner.
Read the Note from Miakata and was invited to a meeting.
Was ambushed by a band of Orcs, fought them and killed them, met the Stable Hand and Pitchfork Master.
Returned home, locked up and interrogated children and had a nice night of bonding with Simon

Ryart Dominrall Rinson | Sil Ka'Visscar

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