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Old Jan 16th, 2012, 07:35 PM
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Setting-Specific Rules

Unless otherwise specified, these rules supersede the base Pathfinder rules where applicable in this campaign. You should be familiar with all of the concepts in this post.

Rule Description
Agarthan Firearm Mishaps When a standard, cartridge-loaded gun that is not "broken" misfires, the gun jams - the attack that misfired fails, and the weapon becomes "broken". If a "broken" gun misfires again, it acquires the "fused" condition, which is nearly impossible to undo in combat.
Character Alignment The standard alignment grid with its two axes (good/evil, law/chaos) is not applicable in Agarthan society. The Agarthan alignment structure contains ten alignments: Arbitration, Asceticism, Freedom, Glory, Individuality, Machination, Power, Structure, Trickery, and Unaligned. Each of these reflects a world view and state of mind, though all are very broad categories and there is room for the classical "good" and "evil" in each category. With the exception of Arbitration, Asceticism, and Unaligned, all alignments are opponents of two other alignments and allies of two other alignments.
Automatic Firearms Guns with clips or chain-fed ammunition and which were built to include the "Automatic" condition may spend twelve shots (the contents of a standard box clip) to make a scatter-fire attack. See "Combat Actions". Automatic fire is ideal for making an area attack at a distance and forcing enemies to seek cover.
Bayonets A bayonet or pistol-knife can be rigged to a firearm designed to receive one. Melee with a bayonet is considered a martial weapon attack, and in addition to doing more damage than melee with an unmodified gun, its use protects the gun mechanism from harm and avoids the misfire chance risked by making a melee attack with a standard gun. A character can threaten squares with a bayonet if they did not shoot on their last turn, and bayonets attached to two-handed firearms have the "Brace" quality.
Deities/Religions The religions and deities are covered in the "Tourists' Guide to Agartha". Each religion is associated with one of the non-Unaligned alignments, though it's possible to have an alignment and not follow its associated religion or to be associated with a religion and not have its alignment. If a character's alignment is considered "allied" with the alignment of a religion, then that character would be welcomed into that religion.
Dual-wielding firearms Firearms are divided into three primary categories: Light, One-handed, and Two-handed. These categories function identically to the same categories of melee weapons for the purpose of dual-wielding weapons.
Firearms and Grapple Loaded light firearms may be used in grapple just as light melee weapons may be, though they cannot be reloaded in a grapple. Pistol-knives are too awkward to use usefully in a grapple, but light and one-handed firearms may be used to make improvised weapon attacks in grapple even if they are equipped with a pistol-knife.
Gunners Gunners manning guns on a vehicle act on their own initiatives and their ability to full-attack is not hampered by the movements of the base platform. If the vehicle moves in anything but a straight line at constant speed all gunners on board suffer -4 penalties to attack rolls that round (Though Gyroscopic Mounting negates this penalty).
Magic Firearms Advanced firearms are complex mechanisms, which makes them difficult to enchant. In addition to the normal cost to enchant a weapon, add 10% of the cost of the base weapon per +1 equivalent modifier being added. "Antiques" such as muzzle-loaders are simple enough that this does not apply to them.
Melee with a Gun Guns are considered improvised weapons when used to melee (excluding special abilities, such as the Gunslinger's Pistol Whip), and attacking in this manner risks misfire as if the gun was fired, provided the gun is loaded. A character can't threaten squares with a gun in hand without a pistol-knife or bayonet.
Misfires and Scatter Attacks Roll the misfire chance as a separate attack roll against no target before any of the "real" attacks are made. If this roll results in a misfire, no targets in the scatter area are affected. An automatic-fire attack only rolls its misfire chance once, but note that it does misfire more often than a standard attack.
Sabotaged Guns A disable device check can be made to sabotage a gun. A sabotaged gun has a misfire range of 1-19.
Selection of Guns Rather than referring to the table on page 138 of "Pathfinder: Ultimate Combat" to select firearms, characters and NPCs arm themselves by building firearms on the tables under "Building Firearms".
Shooting from Prone There is no penalty for shooting firearms while prone. The normal +4 AC versus ranged attacks applies to characters shooting while prone.
Shooting from the Hip Characters may shoot from the hip to avoid provoking an Attack of Opportunity when making a ranged attack with a firearm. If a character has Quick Draw, any readied actions predicated on the character drawing a weapon do not trigger until after a shot from the hip. This tactic imposes a -6 penalty to hit, and both attack actions and full attack actions may be performed in this manner.
Spellcasting Classes No player character may have full spellcasting classes on both sides of a gestalt progression, and no single-class character may have more levels in these classes than 1/2 their number of hit dice, rounded down.
Vehicle Actions A Vehicle and its pilot act on the same initiative. If there is no pilot, use the vehicle's reflex save mod as the vehicle's initiative mod. The vehicle may make one move action in addition to firing any number of its Heart-controlled ranged weapons as if in a standard action each round. Double-moves and "all-ahead" (run) actions are also options, but neither increases the rate of speed gain from acceleration. Alternately, the Ship may attempt a Ram attack on its action, in which case it may move twice its current speed in a line directly forward, terminating when the prow comes into contact with an obstacle. The obstacle takes damage as described by the ramming damage of the ramming vehicle, and may make a reflex save for half damage. If a vehicle has Repair Automatons or other such minor abilities, their operation is a swift action.
Vehicle Saves If a Construct vehicle is required to make a Will save, it uses its own unless it is immune. If it is required to make a Fortitude save, it automatically passes (it is immune), and if it is required to make a Reflex save it should use the higher modifier between its own and its pilot's (if any). Many vehicles impose upon themselves reflex save penalties or bonuses, and these apply regardless of which save modifier is used.
Wet and Dirty Guns If a gun's mechanism becomes contaminated with water, dirt, grime, sand, or another substance, it gains the "contaminated" condition until cleaned. This condition stacks with "broken", but otherwise imposes the same penalties.
Skill Checks, Combat Actions, and Conditions This sheet details specific uses of skills, combat actions, and character/object conditions and qualities that will be relevant in most "City of Eternity" games.
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--[ A Guide to Applications ]--

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