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Old Jan 31st, 2012, 11:07 AM
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Technomagical Transportation

The link at the bottom of this post will take you to the tables from which vehicles are constructed. This is not an exhaustive list of vehicle options - vehicles can be built as per any spec, provided the purchaser has money and doesn't mind the builder starting from scratch, but this is both expensive and time consuming.

To construct a vehicle is simple - pick a Heart and a Hull (that are compatible), then select as many mods as you wish to pay for, up to the maximum number granted by the Heart and Hull in each mod category. Note that large ships cannot be crewed by a standard adventuring party, so hired help may become necessary. Additionally, the mods listed are not the only mods available - certain people and groups will be able to craft special mods that aren't listed, and you may wish to keep your vehicle's mod slots open, and of course the party will come into more wealth as their story progresses and acquire the money to requisition more expensive mods.

Note that mods can be removed, but this costs the same as adding them, and any weapons the mod removed must also be repurchased unless the owner of the vehicle finds a way to store the removed weapons. Mounted guns can be removed more easily, with a Craft (Technomagic) check or hiring laborers at a cost of 150 gp per mount.

Consult your DM if you want a paragraph description of any Hull type (They have been prepared beforehand in the expectation of these vehicles being encountered during play), but Heart breed descriptions can be found in the Hearts section of the Transportation thread.

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