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Old 04-28-2020, 12:46 AM
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I might be missing your point, but, since I am here I might as well share my two cents. At the risk of sounding trite and cheesy, I will quote William Blake:

'The eagle never lost so much time as when he submitted to learn of the crow'

In my experience, when I focus too much on how other people want me to do things, what I am actually doing sometimes starts feeling less meaningful, satisfying or fun for me. As a kid I used to go to guitar classes, and quit because I didn't enjoy it, and there were parts of my training that I didn't like at all, like performing songs I didn't like in front of strangers. Years later, as a teenager, I started trying things out on my own, and eventually found an approach to playing the guitar that was fun/satisfying/meaningful for me. Part of that was ignoring/avoiding playing things that appealed at first for most other people around me, and discovering my own tastes about what I liked to play, even though alot of people around me didn't share those tastes. I'm not that good or anything, but eventually I did play in a couple of music bands with friends and did a handful of concerts and things like that for a while. Now I just play and sing for fun with friends and family.

There are tons of approaches to RPGs, that's part of their value I think. For example, I play ocasionally in an evil, mafioso, Cyberpunk, storytelling type tabletop campaign, and honestly, it doesn't really fit with my personality much, and it's hard for me to connect or even figure out what my PC would do. But some of the players are old friends of mine, and we aparently enjoy our mutual company enough so that they don't kick me out, hehehe. A GM can tell you how he wants you to play in general terms in his game of course, but other than that I just try to figure what styles/approaches work for me. Or if you run a game yourself, it's easier to mold everything so that it ressonates with you, and then just find players who are willing to try it. I know for atleast some GMs, that is part of their motivation for running a game themselves.

About unemotional PCs, they might not be the easiest way to write a best-selling novel (I wouldn't know), but they should be valid as PCs for you to play RPGs with, if it's ok with the GM and you find that appealing. As for examples, the frigid calculating elf wizard in OOTS comes to mind, or I could totally see a kind of reptilian lizard-folk type character, with no mammalian social instincts or emotions, just the ocasional primal drive that he keeps under check with his reason and training. A friend of mine has a snake in a glass cage, and man, those things just rest, all alone for weeks, until they get hungry and prey is put in their cage.
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