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Old 12-07-2018, 03:39 PM
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Membership and charity drive contributors to receive Straight Path Games accessories!

Did you miss the Evil Hat offer? Never fear, there's more to come, and now Straight Path Games has stepped up to offer something for everyone. Admin Ronarscorruption has arranged it so that everyone who participates in the membership and charity drive who renews their own one-year membership, receives a one-year membership as a gift, donates $10 or more through our team donation page, or donates matching funds will receive the following PDFs at the end of the drive:

left-aligned image
Straight Classes
gives you the chance to pick up a new character at lightning speed. And better yet, they let you hand that character to someone who is new to the game, without overwhelming them with options. [PDF FOR PATHFINDER RPG]

left-aligned image
Adaptive Armory
provides rules that allow for the creation and upgrading of weapons and armors of any style and any level, tailored to the character who created it. If you want a laser rifle, you can make that! If you want a laser rifle that can also fire blasts of flame or grenades? or... a death ray that fires a beam of flesh-melting energy, and needs four hands to fire? You can do that too. [PDF FOR STARFINDER RPG]

Thanks Admin Ronarscorruption for these generous contributions!!!

Please support RPG Crossing's membership and charity drive and help us keep this community going and do good work at the same time. And some fun swag on the side doesn't hurt one bit.

Game on!

- Mark / Birched
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