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Old 06-07-2019, 09:15 AM
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Meet your judges

The Square WatchesAs your character traverses the great wide world in order to find the Archmage Rostamoinen, they will be judged. The current members of the Square of Nine will follow along, watching your character's every action. In this thread, you shall meet these judges. Each will introduce themselves herein.
advisoryIf you are not a judge, please do not post in this thread. Each of our judges will introduce themselves here Why should WE miss out on the Outplay character-creation fun?in-character, and they may provide some OOC details about themselves as well.
OUTPLAY X is live! My GM shifts are over, but judging continues.

GM of Uncaged: Our Fair Maidens, a folklore-inspired D&D 5e one-shot adventure.
Old 06-07-2019, 09:46 AM
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CuchulainenA hobbled man totters to one of the Gates. It would be generous to call him 'bent and stooped'. His spine is almost doubled over in an inverted U. A gnarled cane keeps him upright. A flowing grey beard hides most of his face, and ample scraggly grey hair still clings to his scalp. The skin around his eyes and cheeks is deeply weathered and lined. An elegant sword hangs from his hip.

The man sees a gathered crowd and stands as tall as he can (his spine more a C than a U). He shakes the cane at the group. "Thought I'd be the next member of the Nine to die, did yeh? Thought I'd be buried in that dang-blasted Labyrinth, did ye? You did, didn't yeh? Heh, heh! I'll bury you, too, you wait and see. I'll sit on my perch and watch you smug so-and-sos scatter away like cottonwood on the breeze. I'll be dancing on your grave with your lady-friends and singing yer shortcomings 20 years from now. You doubt it? You'll see, you'll see!"

This must be Cuchulainen, At least in terms of expected remaining lifespan, which is approximately -32.eldest of the Square of Nine. It is indeed shocking that he does not drop dead on the spot. But he continually surprises, in that way. He served as scorekeeper last year, and walked away from the Labyrinth without a scratch. They say he was a world-class bard, back in the day, weaving mystical tapestries of word and song for queens and gods. Nowadays his primary instruments seem to be cackles and spittle and that cudgel he uses as a cane. He employs them with incisive impact.
OOCHi I'm Wynamoinen! I've been participating in Outplay for 4 years now, twice on the player side and twice now on the organizer side. I've been doing RPGs for something like 18 years. I've run a few of my own games on site, and work with the NPSG.

I'll be serving as one of the D&D 5e GMs, and as a judge. I'm looking forward to seeing what you all produce!
OUTPLAY X is live! My GM shifts are over, but judging continues.

GM of Uncaged: Our Fair Maidens, a folklore-inspired D&D 5e one-shot adventure.

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Old 06-07-2019, 11:05 AM
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Archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew
left-aligned image
Archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew
A green haired and heavily tattoed gnome walks into the room, a wide smile on his face. The smile fades from his face as he looks at the crotchety Cuchulainen, but only for a moment before it returns.

"Bluster, do you mind?" he whispers. The wind to his left answers his call and begins to swirl and spin before moving towards the gnome's feet.

The elemental lifts his diminutive master 15 feet into the air, ensuring that he is the center of attention. The gnome’s high pitched voice is amplified as he speaks, and the words are easily heard by all in attendance.

"I am the archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew, he who sits on the right side of the square table. My exploits are many. I am the liberator of Manjula the Nixie, the tamer of the Vegan Dragon of Angor, the Quelcher of the Great Fire of Theronica and once I belched for 20 seconds straight." he explains, his chest puffing out with pride.

"And now it my place to judge the one who would have sit by my side. Because of this, I will be prioritizing things like good personal hygiene and the lack of communicable diseases. Other than that, what I am will be looking for is something special from each of you.

Dazzle me."
he says simply, making it clear that more than anything, he expected to be entertained.

OOCI'm Squeak and have been playing RPG's since the basic set came out in 1977. I've been involved both as a player and judge of Outplay for the past 8 years -- so this isn't my first rodeo.

I'll be a Pathfinder judge and am looking forward to a really fun time!

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Lord High Commander Kokabiel Strix A mailed fist clenches the cold iron scepter as the hobbled old man and superfluous gnome enter the chamber. They were guests here – yes, they were of the council, but the council was bent to the laws put in place, and the laws were enforced with extreme brutality, efficiency and prejudice. One man stood in horned platemail, wreathed in eerie darkfire prepared to enforce those rules, no matter the cost.

Those brave enough, foolish enough, or just plain greedy enough had been assembled in the grand chamber, and from his position on high, Kokabiel looked down at those who had assembled, and they were guilty, each and every one of some infraction – and they would pay the price in time, for there was a higher law in place, one that forced Kokabiel’s hand into acknowledging their presence, and sending them to their doom.

The man spoke loud and clear, used to addressing his innumerable soldiers his booming baritone voice resonated through the hall, adding to his intimidating armor and poise. His humble beginnings in the Order of Darkness, patroned by the The First Himself, left his visage obscured by darkness, no matter how bright the sunlight shone into the chamber. I am Lord High Commander Kokabiel Strix. I welcome the other council members, as well as those who wish to pit themselves against the preordained contest set before them.

Know this. I am an enforcer of the laws put down herein.
With a wave of his hand a document appears, and slowly unfurls, the end falling to the ground and rolling several feet away from Kokabiel. The contract, written and signed in blood, bears the symbol of many orders, including the council. I am a harsh but fair Master, and you will bend to my rule. I have been assigned to this post as the Lord Commandant of the Hell Knight Order of Darkness. Follow the rules, and you may yet live. Break them, and the fury of the Prince of Law will be brought down upon you.

Pausing for effect the Hell Knight commander looks around the room, making certain he has everyone’s attention.

Do what you must to dazzle and delight. But above all else; obey.

Dungeon Master Wodine Wodine is not easily amused, and yes, they very often use both third person and gender-neutral pronouns. Deal with it.

I’ve been playing roleplaying games since I was five years old, I received the complete boxed set starter for Advanced Dungeons and Dragons when I was eight, and I’ve been hooked nonstop ever since. I’m also an avid wargamer (Eldar/Tyranid/Dwarf/Lizardmen) and I am fluent in 2e, 3.x, and PF, as well as various other games such as Call of Cthulhu and GURPS, and I’m actively learning Shadowrun.

I’m one of the new Reds on the block, but I’ve been around long enough to have experienced my share of joys and woes of both Outplay and Iron DM.

Oh, and I’m the Pathfinder DM and have recused myself from judging.

You need not impress, onlyand OBEY.

Judgement DayWodine as Judge:

Wodine’s number one rule of roleplay gaming is that you should not let rules stand in the way of a good story. The rules are designed to help reduce the friction of the suspension of disbelief. Magic works so well, why? Because even though it is imaginary it works within the confines, we’ve agreed for it to be defined within. When rules hinder that they should be altered or removed, forthwith.

So what is Wodine looking for when they dispense their points?

Simple: Inspiration.

Anyone can google how to make a game breaking character. You’re not the first person to do it, and you’re not the last. I’ve been running games for almost a quarter century – you’re not the first munchkin I’ve met. Many have come before you having pilfered the forgotten depths of Reddit and the tombs of Paizo's lost forums - and they too have been vanquished. You’re also not the first person I’ve met who has copied a character concept verbatim out of some bestselling game/movie/story. That does not inspire. It is derivative. You think its unique to be Geralt, Duncan, Jaina, or Drizzt? Always someone wants to be Drizzt. Newsflash, you’re not Drizzt.

All I ask for is creativity and a devotion to the story being told. If you can do that, you’ll earn our respect and our points.
Posting stable. If I haven't responded recently give a poke.

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Old 06-08-2019, 09:52 AM
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The Druid of the CoastNext, a waterspout spinning with the force of a small tornado flys into the room, and over to one of the chairs. This elemental was not one conjured by the Archmage Mifflewerf Fettlegrew, no it had a free will of its own. Or so it seemed, but after a moment, the speed at which it spun began to slow down. Over the course of a few seconds, it came to a complete stop, before allowing a large mass of water to simply splash on the floor. When it did, what was left behind was a middle-aged looking man, with unremarkably average features. His hair was short enough that you couldn't tell if he had just gotten up out of bed or not. But, the stubble on his face, around a well-trimmed beard, left no doubt that he probably hadn't showered and cleaned up himself in a few days. There was no indication that he smelled bad, but it did give some context as to why Mifflewerf was concerned about personal hygiene for whoever would become their new associate. Despite the lack of notable features, this one had a reputation. Not a good or a bad one, mind you. Just one, that everyone seemed to know. He was simply called The Druid of The Coast. Which coast? THE coast. Which Druid? THE Druid. That was all one needed to know about him.

"Blah, Blah. Blah blah blah," he began to say in a bubbling gaspy voice, before stopping to cough up some residual water from his lungs. "Excuse me, what I meant to say is.... I am sure you all have impressive resumes. You wouldn't be here otherwise. But, make no mistake. None of us are really all that impressed. You can't rest on your laurels, boasting of past exploits to join us at this table. No, we have something else in mind. You will have to prove you are worthy with your deeds this day. Then, and only then, will we know that YOU are the one. One of the Nine."

OOCHey hey hey! It's Bhelogan here again. After mostly taking a break off last year's event, I'm back in the action this time. Like, DMing or something of that nature. I've been involved with Outplay since winning the 5E bracket in 2015. Ever since then, I have been involved on the backend with planning, running, judging and DMing to one extent or another.

I've been playing tabletop RPGs since D&D 2nd edition in the 90s. PbP has been my primary gaming format now for many years, as IRL keeps me on the road quite a bit for work. Trying to meet regularly in person, or even online just doesn't fit the schedule anymore. I like to challenge players quite a bit, but I view this as a collaborative storytelling event, not a DM vs. Player type contest. Looking forward to seeing what kind of trouble we can all get up to this year!

Now Recruiting for Mysoth - The King's Council
Characters: Saber - Svaly Contact: - Check out: My Map Tutorials

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KalasThe next through the gate was tall, lean, and handsome. Gently twining locks of brown hung to his shoulders. Stubble had sprouted thick on his face the night before and he'd woken too late to shave. His mouth quirked up in a half smile and his eyes twinkled with amusement. The man was young, half the age of the next youngest seated at the table if even that. With his loose fitting clothes and broad shoulders, he looked more like a competitor than a judge.

His chin tipped slightly upward, drinking it all in: the view of the stands, the faces of friends, and the quiet tension that underlay the gathering of the nine. Odd seeing the world from this angle, he mused in the seconds it took him to reach his seat.

Kalas had grown up in the stands. As a boy, he had spent hours with his friends pretending to be one of the judges. Later, he had given up on the dream and simply enjoyed the spectacle. Then, one day, there was an empty spot on the table. He had seen an opportunity. So what if he'd had to make a deal with the devil to take it?

"My name is Kalas," he said in a voice that sounded like the crashing of ocean waves. Someone - he thought he recognized the voice - made a lewd cry from the crowd. He snapped his fingers and the voice gurgled, then died. "And I am not to be trifled with. You may recognize me, but you do not know me. My eyes are ancient as the sea, my fury harsh as a sudden storm, and my displeasure cold and long. Each of you will hear my judgment."

Kalas hiccuped, startled. Then he was quiet.

OOCWhat's up everybody. It's Nas here. I've been around the site in various capacities for going on 10 years now. I watched the original Outplay happen and I'm half convinced it was my idea in the first place. I've called RPGX home for nearly my entire D&D career, and judging here is both a privilege and a way for me to give back to the community.
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PhilomenaThe pointed toes of her high-heeled leather boots encrusted with gaudy jewels precede Philomena through the gate. She steps the rest of the way through, her straw-coloured hair blowing gently in the breeze and contrasting nicely with her jet-black robes. She brushes some stray locks away daintily with well-manicured fingers. She beams out at those assembled, tilting her head slightly to the side in an over-the-top fashion.

"Greetings, mortals!" she says in a singsong voice. "I am Philomena. Are you enjoying your summons? I am so very eager to evaluate you!"

She gazes around the crowd, unblinking but with an overly-large smile.

OOCHi all! I'm Astra and super excited to be part of this!
Old 06-13-2019, 08:49 AM
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Ophelya - Guardian of your dreams
right-aligned image
Ophelya is pretty much how people would imagine a princess from an imperial lineage, a gift from the gods to her people. Her soft purple eyes are like astral bodies that fell from the sky. They are crowned with long red curly hair, occasionally whipped strands of it loose because of the breeze. Her small face is delicate, with pink lips around her little mouth under a thin but long nose. She often smiles as if she is trying to seduce the world. The maiden's body with perfect hourglass curves is more than enough to look most people in the eyes with heels. With her noble manners, she looks like a giant in any room. The princess enjoys dresses and jewelry with an eccentric taste for colourful thin clothes, and lace, letting her natural beauty overwhelm anybody in sight.

She dreams to try everything, be everything and challenge everything. Unfortunately, sometimes chewing bigger that she can handle, but finds ways to get away with it, using magic or her natural charms. Reality bender, she can make any of mortal dreams come true or make the worst nightmare real. Living goddess of her people, Ophelya joined the Square of Nine recently adding her naughty creativity to the fold of the next challenges.
About meHi Folks - It's my third year as a Pathfinder judge, looking forward to the competition. I will enjoy reading this year Outplay. Good luck!
Learning mutants and masterminds!

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