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Old 09-13-2019, 01:08 AM
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The Adventures of Saltmarsh (5e)

This is an open-roleplay adventure that is loosely based on the Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign. By loosely, I mean that I will be using the book, but I intend to allow characters to explore the area of Saltmarsh freely and of their own accord. Adventurers may join, leave, delay, or move quickly, each according to their availability. As such, each person who joins this exploration may be of any alignment, class, purpose, or goal.

Some members of this adventure may be brand new to DnD and fantasy roleplaying. Others may be more skilled, while others will likely have more experience than myself. Each person is free to move at their own pace, and I will do my best to care for each person's needs.

Because of the open adventure and free reign that I want to have here, I will be starting a primary game thread which will follow the primary campaign of Ghosts of Saltmarsh. If needed, I will open new threads for individuals or secondary groups. Each person is free to explore and follow along the journey of others, but they should take care to not allow their knowledge influence their behaviors in the game. For example, don't attack a neutral evil rogue just because you saw their true intentions on another thread.

I intend to move the primary story forward on a daily basis, which I plan to do around 7-8 PM Pacific time. I will be online throughout days, when I am home, to respond to actions. I request that each player makes a standard action plan for each character, just in case they are absent for an extended period of time.

This exploration is specifically for my personal friends who may come into the campaign as time allows for them. Other members of rpgcrossing are more than welcome to join, but be aware that this campaign is primarily for those who I am unable to play games with in person. Of course, single campaigns and secondary campaigns are available for everyone to enjoy.

Please introduce yourself below, and welcome to the Adventures of Saltmarsh! Please make a level 1 character using 5th edition rules. If you only have access to 3.5 information, then make a character using 3.5, and we can wriggle and learn as we go.


A heavy teal cloak sits upon the shoulders of what looks to be a half-elf and who seems like she has seen too many days on the sea. Not only are her clothes saturated with the odor of salt water and sea creatures, but her very skin seems to shimmer with silver scales. You feel certain that somewhere in her ancestry, inhabitants of the ocean met with the inhabitants of the land. She leans upon a staff made from coral, which is covered with a ever-flowing layer of salt water that originates from a spiny seashell.

“Travelers, Adventurers, Explorers!” she calls with a voice which reminds you of the foaming waves on a beach, “Riches await those who will brave the dark forests and wild ocean! The Dwarves dig deeper into the ground each day! War stirs in on the top of the seas, and evil lurks in the depths! The shadows creep through one forest, while demons lurk in another! Come, agents of the light, and cleanse this realm from those that would despoil the land of the King! Even you, smugglers and rogues, can find new life in this growing region!”

Her eyes darken and her face spasms for a fleeting moment. She falls to her knees and hand the ground, and the unmistakable clinking of gems in her coin purse fills the air in her silence. A withered hand is revealed as the fabric of her cloak is pulled back, its feeble, yet resolute, grip on the staff keeps her from falling in a heap. As she pushes herself up with her other hand, tiny hermit crabs and other coastal creatures fall skitter from her cloak toward the fountain.

“The port city of Saltmarsh awaits you!” she calls out between sputtering coughs, as she walks toward the fountain.

The coral staff seems to come alive as it nears the fountain. The water becomes agitated and swirls into a shallow whirlpool. As she dips the seashell into the clear water of the fountain, the water turns into brine. Moments later, an endless supply of small sea creatures swim and crawl from the shell. The brine turns into sea water, and the whirlpool becomes calm. The centerpiece of the fountain, which was once a tribute to a long-forgotten general., is overtaken by sea plants and barnacles. Magic infuses the area, and the cloaked woman steps into the fountain and walks toward the centerpiece.

“Procan, the God of Sea and Sky beckons you!” she announces with a glorious howl.

As her hand presses against the centerpiece, the fountain returns to turmoil and tempest. Seaspray and fog fill the fountain and surrounding area. A fury of noise stops as quickly as it began, while crabs and shrimp scurry back to the fountain. The courier is gone, and the centerpiece is replaced with a teal portal. Bubbling foam flows from the portal into the fountain, and an occasional fish drops into the pool. A rocky beach is seen beyond, as though the other end of the portal is located in the surf of Saltmarsh

Rising from his position on a nearby bench, soaked in sea water, a human talks loudly to no one in particular, “Well, I've always promised myself that I would walk through a portal that opens in front of me.” Without turning to the onlookers, he walks deliberately into the fountain and toward the portal. An explosion of mist emanates from the portal as he steps into it, throwing crabs into the air and onto nearby buildings. One crab lands on your shoulder and curiously looks into your eyes. As you maintain eye contact, you notice it blowing little bubbles out of its mouth. If only you were able to understand the crab, you would know that it was asking, “What the fluke just happened?”
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Adventures of Saltmarsh


In this game, we will be exploring the region and waters around Saltmarsh, which are described in greater detail in the Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign book. I want to give characters the ability to travel around and do as they please, though I would love to progress through the campaign book as well. All character alignments are welcome, and please inform me of your goals and purposes through spoiler text. This way each character can know the story, but we will use the honor system to prevent metagaming.

The tone of this adventure will be moderately serious. That said, those characters who are part of the campaign can share their desires. If they want the game to be more grim, then it will be. People who would like to see less grimness can certainly PM or spoiler text their thoughts in OOC.

The mix of this game will be based on roleplaying, as there are many members who may still be learning the combat mechanics. I assume that there will be people playing who do not have books, so their reliance on the SRD will be helpful. Combat and exploration will be key components as well. I hope that everyone can explore the way that makes them happy.

Anyone who has played Ghosts of Saltmarsh is welcome to join. Of course, please don't metagame and ruin it for the others – if you are able to help it. If you want, you can even choose to go on your own quests and adventures in the world of Saltmarsh. If you want to explore a region that is neglected within the campaign itself, then journey there for fun.

I would like to see at least one post per day, but I know that is not always viable. Because of this, I would like individuals to make a standard action that I can have them follow when they are absent. For example, if a character is absent during their time in the city, then perhaps they are working or studying. During a dungeon crawl, that character may focus on healing or guarding a back entrance.

The cutoff date can be Novemeber 1st, but I don't really mind if people come to the campaign late. In fact, I would love to see characters appear as a paladin for a specific quest or purpose. Some people can just stay in town and help guide others. Maybe two player characters – a LE rogue and CG ranger – could fight each other. Try to keep everything consensual and fun.


Online resources for 5th edition are available through rpgcrossing, but here are some links to help make it easier for you. and I don't particularly mind if players who make characters based on 3.5, as we will work those characters into the 5e world.

Feel free to use any source material, but avoid characters that will be absolutely overpowered when compared to people who are only using the SRD Unearthed Acana is acceptable.

I will accept a growing number of characters as the campaign progresses. I may make additional campaign threads, if it seems that the various adventurers want to do different things and this causes confusion in the primary campaign thread. This may mean that there will be two or three different threads going on at the same time, with characters returning and leaving the primary thread from time to time.

Feel free to share your character sheet with me in anyway that feels appropriate to you. Some people may have higher quality character sheets than others, and I am not too concerned about how they look. However, I would like everyone to be able to see the character sheet, but – like normal – to not allow this knowledge (such as hidden motives or items) to cause people to metagame.

We are going to start with level 1 characters. If you are using any level adjustments or anything that would make your character above level 1, then perhaps save that specific character for later in the game. If the average character in the campaign is level 4, then any new characters can come in as level 3 or with an ecl of 3. This way new characters still need to develop before they are equal to other members of the campaign.

Use 200 gold to start. Don't spend all your money on combat equipment. Instead, play around with special and fun items. Don't worry, I love magic items and cursed things, so I will certainly give players the opportunity to get more magical items. Work this money into your backstory. I would rather my players start with a little extra than be restricted to low amounts of starting money. You are heroes after all.

Your ability scores can be determined with base 10 with 24 points to put around. The maximum amount of points you can put into a single ability score is 18. When adding your racial bonuses, you can increase beyond 18.


Please ask any questions on this advertisement page, and I will create an FAQ page in time. Additionally, I will be making a general background page for Saltmarsh, as there are many people who do not have the Saltmarsh books. I will be taking liberties, as I do not want this campaign to be exactly what appears in Ghosts of Saltmarsh. Administrators, please let me know if I cross any lines.


Please introduce your character using this format!

Personality trait:
Assumptions: Your characters first impressions about the other characters that have applied who could potentially be in your party.
RP sample:

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Name{ Agatha Sageweave
Class: Bard
Race: Halfling
Very basic Background: Innkeeper of The laughing cat inn, off on an adventure to find more fun filled stories and maybe some treasure
Personality trait: Loyal and fun loving
Ideal: Helping those in need
Bond: My Ferret Shiny, My teacher Anna and my Inn The laughing Cat
Flaw: Can't take no as an answer and a big sweet tooth
Appearance: 3ft 3in with shoulder length brown hair and Hazel eyes, a scar over right eye and fair skin, roughly age 45
Personality: Very Protective and loyal loves a good story
Backstory: Current Innkeeper of the laughing cat in the sprawling village of RooksHaven, The daughter of the village blacksmith she met an old woman named Anna who was passing through one day, Anna quickly liked Agatha and taught her the lute and how to tell a great story and sing some fun (slightly offensive) fishermans songs. After a few years together Anna disappeared leaving Agatha feeling a bit lost. So the laughing cat was opened to fill the void and cater to both merchants and honest folk as well as lowly vagrants passing through wanting a warm fire and food for their stomachs.

Now a decade later a feel of wanderlust and a love of all things shiny and wanting new stories to tell leads to the decision to leave on an epic adventure
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Welcome to Saltmarsh, Agatha!

Tomorrow, I will have a game set and ready, and I will share the link with you. Additionally, I will make a couple other threads, such as a place for you to keep information about your character, an FAQ page, and general knowledge about the region, city, politics, and people of Saltmarsh!

Thank you for joining. Others should be joining soon!
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The game has been approved! This is the Adventures of Saltmarsh game forum!
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Name: Calista Evercraft
Class: Druid
Species:High Elf
Background: Sage
Personality trait: Honest to a fault
Ideal: Beauty
Bond:I seek to preserve a sacred text that my enemies consider heretical and seek to destroy.
Flaw: I have a 'tell' that reveals when I'm lying.
Personality: Bubbly and fun
Backstory: Calista was brought up in a small village outside of Waterdeep. Her family were high elves who lived in a hunting lodge. She learned from a young age the importance of school and learning along with hunting and survival. She grew up not wanting for anything but being appreciative of what she had. She went to a school for druids and then dreamt of becoming a scholar who could be intelligent in fields like herbology, alchemy, enchanting, medicine, cooking, and magic. She is just leaving school and coming to the town where she meets her party.
Assumptions: Your characters first impressions about the other characters that have applied who could potentially be in your party.: She is nervous and wants to be accepted. What if they don't like me, what if they think I talk to much... A lot of what if questions pop into her mind and usually she is the target of her own judgement
RP sample:

Calista has heard of the stories people have told of the sea-elves. They weren't the most magical but they did worship the god of the sea.
She knew that there must be something more to the story and wanted to explore that region.
She decided to look in her texts to find something to go off of. Standing in her room in the inn, she says to herself, "Oh here it is.... Huldra (or called Tallemaja in Swedish) is a troll-like woman living in the woods. She is fair and beautiful, but wild and has a long cow-tail which she hides behind her back upon meeting a human. It is said that Adam and Eve had many children, and that one day, when Eve was giving her children a bath, God came to visit. Eve had not finished bathing all of her children, and so hid those who were still dirty. God asked: “Are there not more children?” and when Eve said no, God said: “Then let all that is hidden, remain hidden,” and the hidden children became De Underjordiske (the ones living underground), lost souls who live under the surface of the earth, calling for someone to be with them, usually human passersby. Huldra was one of them, but she somehow remained above the ground. She is a flirtatious, young girl who is neither good nor evil."

What type of magic could these creatures possess?
Where would I find one to talk to so that I could write of these things?

Where will my adventure truly begin?

After reading some more, Calista got ready for bed and blew out the candles by the desk.
She lay in bed letting thoughts of sea elves drift her to sleep.

Note: i copied the story from here:
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Welcome, Calista Evercraft! We look forward to you joining our adventure in Saltmarsh!

Feel free to review the information available about our campaign here:

And when you are ready, please walk through the portal and begin your story on the Game Thread here:
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Name: Harriet
Class: Warlock
Species: Shield Dwarf
Background: Apprentice "alchemist/engineer"
Personality trait: Calculative
Ideal: To prove intelligence
Bond: Jasper crystal, money, and her young Ass Leonard
Flaw: Gullible + Greedy
Appearance: Hair the color of mud, pulled in a ponytail so tight the hair looks like it could snap, fair amount of acne, but overall straight clean teeth and bright brown bug eyes. A bit tall for a dwarf and more top heavy, though not necessarily fat but she lacks athleticism and strength. Appears to be a young adult.
Personality: Eager to please, show off, very optimistic about her future, surprisingly team oriented, though embarrassed of her past/patron
Backstory: Grew up in a house full of siblings and a thriving Shield Dwarf community, but often wondered how she fit in. Her fat fingers weren't good to aid her parents in their jewelery shop making trinkets and her lack of social awareness made her awful with customers. She wasn't necessarily mocked her whole life but was treated like a fragile egg as she was much more sensitive than other dwarfs. As she continued to age she often questioned her usefulness, never feeling smart or skilled, just helping with tasks as she could. She was always a curious person yet not especially well thought out. So on one night, during what she thought was a waking dream, she didnt think twice about the fat old man sitting on what looked to be the same type of horse at the foot of her bed, who promised the ability to show her family she wasnt frail in both mind and body. He was going to untap her abilities and teach her the ways of the arcane arts, get her a career she could be proud of, like building beautiful mines the dwarf ancestors would be in awe of. She replied with nothing more than "sure" and a labored yawn while she forced her way back to slumber. The next morning, an ugly wandering stray ass followed her to town, seeming to be stalking her for days following them meeting. She named it Leonard and kept it, after a she gave him a good bath. Later that week, a posting came up for young dwarf apprentices to learn the ways of engineering and to travel to places they may have never heard of. Something about the way her ass, Leonard, looked at her while she was dreaming of the possibilities made her sure that this may very well be her destiny. When she went to grab the advertisement from the bulletin, the paper fluttered with a sudden draft seeming to come from the tips of her fingers...
Assumptions: "how could we get what we want from this person? What do they want?" Generally suspicious but believes in the greater good of people, but hesitant to share weaknesses with them
RP sample:
Harriet travelled a long distance to the town of Saltmarsh to start her career and make a name for herself, although she was nervous to be out of her family's reach, she was determined. Leonard was permitted to be brought with the wave of caravans which brought workers to the new site for the mine. She was fresh off the wagon with stiff legs and a sore back, so she felt a walk toward the beach seemed like a lovely way to get a good look at the town...
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Greetings, Harriet! You are welcome to join the adventures in Saltmarsh!

You and Leonard will find a happy hope here. Since you are already in town, feel free to skip entering the town from the portal.

Thank you for joining our game!
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Name: Colin Cobbler

Class: Warlock (Celestial Patron)

Species: Human

Background: Colin left the warmth of his parents home for adventure, risk and riches. He is wanted in several far away regions for crimes including but not limited to:
-Theft -Breaking and Entering -Assault -Arson

Personality trait: Easily Bored, Apathetic

Ideal: Help yourself

Bond: My ever present Patron (I am an unwilling participant)

Flaw: There is at least one person in jail because of what I did. I'm alright with it.

Appearance: Skinny with muted brown clothing. Dark brown neck length hair, with blue eyes and a hard nose. If i cheat or lie, my appearance will be a tiny bit different (details and mechanics in character sheet)

Personality: Selfish, Pragmatic

Backstory: On one night in a bloody fight with what turned out to be an aasimar, He was stabbed in the chest...with a fist. The manicured fingers curled up into a fist and stabbed right into you without any effort. Or did he? The wound was missing.. The aasimar had vanished...or had he even been there..?
After that night Colin woke to a voice in his head. Giving him limits on his action.
Creeds to Adhere to:
-Do Not Murder -Do not Steal -Do not lie -Help innocents

Assumptions: Gullible targets or useful tools to get me more riches and good level of comfort in this life. My patron however keeps reminding me of the life I'll have to look forward to after this one... so maybe I could use these individuals to get rich without cutting corners (or throats).

RP sample:
Now Colin is pulled away from his wants and put in service of others' needs. He has joined with the church from time to time, but they tend to keep their distance. He's moved from job to job a bit until he started tracking criminals for the guard. He's technically helping people by getting these guys off the street. And every now and then he meets a former competitor and his death or detainment is too delightful for Colin to pass up.
He had heard of a portal in the middle of town and decided to take a look, could be that one of my contracts escaped through it.
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Name: Rael Bollinger
Class: Rogue (but will be leveling as Monk from here on out)
Species: Half-Elf
Background: (modified) Criminal (with elements of Guild Artisan)
Personality trait: Always Calm (criminal), Full of Witty Aphorisms (artisan)
Ideal: There's a spark of good in everone. (criminal)
Bond: The Bollinger family workshop, where I learned my first trade (artisan)
Flaw: A tell reveals when I'm lying. (criminal) (my ears itch)
Appearance: Rael is on the short side for a half-elf, and favors her elvish ancestry enough that she could probably pass for one. Her hair and eyes are both the same shade of oak-bark brown.
Personality: Rael is a strange combination of reserved and outgoing. She's friendly to all who approach her, but never quite opens up about herself.
Backstory: See RP sample.
Agatha seems like an entertaining sort, and her songs are amusing. If she's as kind-hearted and fun-loving as she seems, she's likely to make herself a target for thieves, and I should know. Perhaps I'll make it a project to teach her to integrate some caution without losing her spark.

Calista has probably been in school longer than I have been alive. She knows much, but her knowledge comes from books. Reality is something else again. But she will learn, and when she does, she'll be an asset. Best not to be too hard on her.

Harriet seems all right, but there's something off about that ass of hers. Leonard, she called it? Something about the way it stares. It's smarter than any ass has a right to be.

Colin, at least, I think I understand. He reminds me of any of half a dozen people I met in the Guild. Reminds me of me, if you get right down to it. Makes me wonder what he's doing here... what he's running from.

RP sample:
Well, now. I promised to tell you why I carry a crossbow. I told you the story is quite long, and I told you my throat was quite dry... but in light of your gracious hospitality and good wine, I can hardly refuse you a story.

You are correct that monks normally do not use crossbows... and nor do I. At least, not as a weapon. It is a tool. Granted, a tool with a limited scope of use. Rarely do I find a need to propel a pointed stick forward at high velocity, but when I do, a crossbow is very good for that.

I do not use it as a weapon, because in many ways a crossbow is completely counter to what I believe in. It is clumsy, and inflexible. Whenever it is activated, it sends a sharpened stick in the direction it is pointed... at a speed determined not by my hand, but by the winch and the string. I believe one should never hurt, when holding is enough; never harm, when hurting is enough; never maim, when harming is enough; and never kill, when maiming is enough. A crossbow knows no such mutability. So I do not use it as a weapon... but I keep it for sentimental and aesthetic value.

I do find that it is a good meditative tool. Being a good markswoman requires stillness of body, which in turn requires stillness of mind. And so I do practice with it - just as I practice climbing. It is a way to test and improve myself, nothing more and nothing less.

My father made crossbows; in fact, he still does. I think he always hoped that I would follow in his footsteps. I thought I was breaking with the family tradition, by striking out on my own. Little did I know how deeply I was honoring it... but I just could not picture a life lived in a dusty woodworking shop, making adventures possible for others instead of taking them myself.

We fought bitterly over it, and in the end I forced a sort of compromise. I agreed that whatever I chose, I would need a skill to fall back on; I agreed to make a crossbow under his instruction, and so I did. If you look on my crossbow, you will see the tiny "R" ahead of the Bollinger maker's mark; this was the crossbow I made with my own hands, in my father's shop. And when it was complete, I took it and left.

I came to the city, and took up with the guild. I tendered my crossbow as payment for my lessons. The guild, after all, does a fairly regular trade in goods of the kind; they are constantly buying and selling them. Indeed, if a weapon is well enough cared for to pass as new, they can buy and sell the same weapon many times---always selling it for more than they paid for it. There is a story among the "fixers" about a simple broadsword that has changed hands so many times that the guild has earned over a thousand gold pieces on it... far in excess of its actual value, of course.

So I was not surprised to find my crossbow on the market a few months later... and by then, I had learned enough, and lifted enough coin, to buy it back.

When my training was complete, I was given a beggar's assignment - harassing travelers for coin, and lightening the purses of those who ignored me from within my reach. I made the decision not to leave my crossbow behind, but I could hardly be an effective beggar with a naked weapon. So I partially dismantled it, and used it in a fake splint. I did well for a couple weeks, but took a foolhardy risk and stayed too long in the same area. I was picked up by a guard who saw me walking without my fake splint, and sent to the gaol for vagrancy.

I was never caught stealing, so I still have both hands... but most guards know how to break down, oil, and rebuild a crossbow, and when they examined my fake splint they knew it for what it was. They put it back together and confiscated it.

It was in gaol that I met my mentor. His name was Morgan, and he worked as a prison guard. But unlike the other guards, he cared. He made it his mission to inspire the people he met in gaol to a better path, and I for one listened. I learned to calm the chaos in my mind... to find my center... to take control of my whole self.

When I was released, I was determined to live a more honorable life than I had. I returned to my father's shop to make amends, and there I found my crossbow. Apparently the guard had returned it, on the (ironically correct) assumption that it had been stolen.

We had a nice, long talk. I learned that sowing wild oats is a bit of a family tradition; he had hoped that he might convince me to stay, but on some level he always knew it wouldn't work. He was certainly proud and pleased by my new path, and chuckled somewhat at my old. He unlaced once of his bracers, and showed me a brand that told me I wasn't the first rogue in my family. And he gave me back my crossbow.

So you see. I carry it, not as a weapon, but as a reminder of how I got here... and why.
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