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Old 03-15-2019, 01:18 PM
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A (Brief) Timeline of History

200BE: Great Evil sweeping the land. A group of adventurers gathered to stop it. One hero fell but the remainder survived and helped found various nations.
50BE: Mort Al’ Cor, Hero of the Great Evil and founder of Anring, fell to a supernatural curse rising again as Dreadlord Al’ Cor.
1FE:Hero John Clain gathers the might of the other Kingdoms and forms the First Empire to combat the rising threat of Al’ Cor. They succeed in boxing in and sealing away the Dreadlord in modern Deslay for several Centuries. Hero Tok Olak falls in this sealing.
403FE Hero Thorn Drumheller, founder of what is now Gaurraut disappears on expedition to the Buried Roads.
602FE Clain, in response to growing supernatural threats establishes the Hunters. A well trained and well organized task force, immediate successes make them popular within the Empire.
630FE Empire erupts into civil war. Clains grip squeezed too tight, remaining Heros resented his power and overreach into their affairs. Much to Clain’s dismay The Hunters, although called to action, refused to help Clain tip the balance and reestablish control. Hunters claim political affairs outside their mandate.
653FE Clain dies in final collapse of Empire, individual countries reform. Hunter Clans sign contracts with countries they reside in, lose much of their effectiveness and resources.
100AE Hero Vindaloo of Ludevine Disappears.
220AE The countries started to fragment further. Isolation most common, border wars became commonplace. Tribute to Hunters started to die down, Hunters started dying without recruits to replace them.
280AE Al’ Cor breaks the Seal holding him in Deslay, starts to re-expand his control.
290AE An adventuring party rises up and wages war on the Dreadlord. Hunters lose massive numbers supporting the effort, only a handful of Citadels remain manned.
303AE Only through extreme sacrifice is the DreadLord defeated. Only then does everyone realize, the Dreadlord curse is passed on. Dreadlord Balefinn begins her reign.
355AE Only Ludevine Citadel remains, Hunters fade to legend in much of the world as their influence wanes.
455AE Uptick in Supernatural occurances.
473AE Hunter Harrod comes to collect you.

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