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Old 03-15-2019, 05:06 PM
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READ FIRST- New Player Thread

Hello and Welcome to West Marches. Please be sure to read everything. If you have questions, please PM Eourl Thorson, Trapper, or Mightymconeshot.

WHAT IS WEST MARCHES?West Marches is a shared world between DMs and Players. What this means is that there is no one central DM. Purplerook and Mightymconeshot have Admin Privileges for this game and help answer questions for both DMs and GMs, but there is no one DM you are assigned to. As you participate you be in games with a variety of our DMs and may even be a DM yourself.

The system is also designed to take the pressure off DMs with having to plan overarching campaigns, villains, and worlds. Some DMs like to have reoccurring villains make appearances, but the basic premise of a mission falls on the players and their group to organize. Another basic premise is that all adventures take place outside the walls. For the moment (And this may change in the future), the outside world is dangerous. The city is perfectly safe and is for resting, buying, and organizing new adventures.

Background of West Marches One of the most basic questions we get asked is what is the history of West Marches.

When the “new world” was discovered thousands of miles across the Western Sea, a contest to settle that land and claim its riches ensued among the old world empires. While many ships landed and numerous outposts and cities were built, the new world proved to be far more dangerous than most anticipated – all but one settlement was eventually wiped out.

Founded just under a century ago, Westhaven was the only settlement to survive the new world. Countless resources were poured into keeping Westhaven safe from the unknown wilds that had claimed all of the other settlements. The entire area is protected by a great stone wall known by locals as “The Edge of the World.” Standing between eight and ten feet tall and stretching over 55 miles, the wall forms a rough ‘u’ shape with the open ends starting at the coast about 8 miles apart and extending nearly 20 miles inland. While city officials claim that wall was built entirely for the purpose of defending the Westhaven settlement, most locals know that large sections of the wall predate any known new world arrival. Who or what built those sections of the wall, as well as where they may have gone, remains a mystery.

Now only adventurers are brave - or stupid - enough to venture outside of the walls of Westhaven.

WHAT NOW?The next question you are probably have is how I do I get started.

The first thing you need to do is make a character. In West Marches we use the rolling method with a few modifications. This results in higher strength characters. It however also makes players use classes they wouldn't normally use.


1. Make Character Sheet Public
2. Fill in every detail (weight, ability descriptions, everything)

Basically a good rule for me is I should be able to run your character and all of their abilities with nothing more than their sheet. I shouldn't need to reference a rulebook.

Stats: use "rstat2" when rolling. Keep rolling until you have gotten at least two different 15s. You may either go Strength Down or Charisma up. For Strength Down your first roll is Strength, second roll is Dexterity, third roll is Constitution, fourth roll is Intelligence, fifth roll is Wisdom and sixth roll is Charisma. For Charisma up, your first roll is Charisma, your second roll is Wisdom, your third roll is Intelligence, your fourth roll is Constitution, your fifth roll is Dexterity, and sixth roll is Strength.

An Example

Dice Roll: [using: rstat2]
4d6kh3mod 2, 1, 5, 3 (keeping 2,3,5) Total = 10
4d6kh3mod 2, 6, 4, 3 (keeping 3,4,6) Total = 13
4d6kh3mod 6, 4, 5, 1 (keeping 4,5,6) Total = 15
4d6kh3mod 2, 1, 4, 2 (keeping 2,2,4) Total = 8
4d6kh3mod 2, 4, 4, 4 (keeping 4,4,4) Total = 12
4d6kh3mod 1, 4, 3, 6 (keeping 3,4,6) Total = 13
total modifier: 4

Since I did not get two different 15s, I would keep rolling. But for the purposes of this roll my stats would be.

Strength: 10 or Strength: 13
Dexterity: 13 or Dexterity:12
Constitution: 15 or Constitution: 8
Intelligence: 8 or Intelligence: 15
Wisdom: 12 or Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 13 or Charisma: 10

Please make all rolls in the dice rolling thread and use only 1 stat generating roll per post!

Other Character InfoWe also need the following from everyone

Name: Everyone Has one
Race: What Race/Subrace are you?
Class: All WoTC including Unearthed EXCEPT MYSTIC.
Personality/Description (May be broken apart as desired. Want both parts): Can be as simple as you want, but we need to know what you you look like and how you act/think.
Background: Where you from, why you here, how were you raised?
Link to Character Sheet: Please make sure to make it public. If you don't know how to do that let us know.
Link to Dice Roller with Stats: Link us to the final set of rolls.

When you have all of that done, Rook or Mighty will swing by to give you final approval. Well you wait you may set up an adventure with other players, explore some of the community threads, and say hello in the General OOC thread.

Other Important ItemsHit Points Max for first level. Upon leveling up roll and take the roll or average HP, whichever is higher.
Equipment: You begin play with the gear from your background and class choice + 25 gold pieces to spend how you'd like.

SwapsIf you would rather have a different item than what it is given, it is okay to swap out up to 15 gold difference meaning if an item costs 30, you can trade it in up to 45 or down to 15. Any more and you are going to have to ask for permission. Also, you don't pocket the extra if the new item is lower than the original.

I have made my charcter. Now what?So as it says, Now What?

Well you need to get character permission from a DM. We normally take a day or two to pop in and leave comments if we need something changed or fixed. Once we are satisfied, we will a post saying something like Good to Go at the top.

What you can do while you wait?Well you can start to organize your first adventure. You can use either or both threads to do so. There is an OOC thread and an IC thread. Now as was said before, the beauty of this system is that we DMs don't have to figure out every detail. You tell us what you want to do. Basic ideas are, go and retrieve or rescue an item; clear out a group of bad guys; aid a towns person; or explore!. Here are two examples

OOCHi all,

Looking for a group to join my Level 1 Dwarf Cleric Bob. I would like to clear out a den of bad guys located near the town.

ICSlamming through the door of the tavern, the short dwarf in heavy silver plate, loudly proclaimed to the room, "I am Bob, cleric of Tom, servant of Jim. My lord has sent me to secure this land. I have heard a band of scum have lived nearby for to long. Who will help me clear out this infestation?"

You can also check out any ongoing adventure or any of the shops around town.

I have been approved and found a group. Now what?Well you are almost ready to head out. 1 person from your new group needs to post in the Request Game thread. This tells us you have finished organizing your party and what you are doing. Now you need someone to run it.

Please format it something like this

Name Character Class and Race Level
Mighty Bob Dwarf Cleric 1

Pre-Formatted Table
(TABLE]Name| Character| Class and Race| Level[/TABLE]

Replace the ( with a [ to have it format properly.

We will arrange a DM for you and get you on your way.
Life is normal. Posting Monday thru Friday and very rarely game posts on Weekend.

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