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Tyron Thrae
right-aligned image

Name: Tyron Thrae
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Job/Background: Forester/Hunter
Personality: For a man that goes out into the forests as a living and spends days at a time hunting and away from civilization, Tyron is a very sociable individual, always willing to spark up conversation and be friendly with anyone and everyone he meets. He likes to make friends wherever he goes and always enjoys being around others whenever he's in a settlement. His reasoning behind this is since he's constantly going into the forest and woods to hunt, leaving him with his own thoughts most of the time, he wants to counteract that with human interaction as much as possible whenever he's back in town.

He's a man that likes to look at the brighter side of things as well. Whenever anything goes wrong he always tries to put a positive twist upon it. The world is hard enough as it is, and he doesn't want to burden himself any further with worries and troubles that he cannot fix. If he can, he will, and if he can't he shrugs it off and focuses on what he can fix and changes it. He attributes this quality to his time in the wilds as a teen, where he had to fend for himself or die, and so looks at the world in, what others might say, a strange sort of way.

Flaws: As much as he likes to be a part of society when he's out of the woods, it doesn't do much against his tactless nature. He speaks openly on what's in his mind without regard to other's feelings or with any sort of discrepancy, and can sometimes get confused when others get frustrated with him for this. He's beginning to understand why and is taking efforts to try and mitigate and control what he blurts out, but it's a difficult process, and he finds himself doing it more often than not.

He can also be a bit over-critical when it comes to others, especially when it comes to those he considers particularly close. If he thinks they can do better, he will say it outright instead of congratulating them on their efforts, believing that he is doing them a service and helping them out in the long term. He wouldn't have survived his teens had he not been overly critical of his own skills, and thus he uses the same logic on others. They cannot reach their full potential unless someone tells them the truth. This is however blunted by his optimistic nature, and he he tends to give roundabout compliments in convoluted ways.

Fears: Because of his over-critical nature, he fears the day that he won't live up to his own standards. But most of all, he fears being abandoned by those closest to him, and although he isn't clingy by any stretch of the imagination, it is a fear that he worries might happen in the future as it had in the past.

Tyron was born as the fifth child to a family in a small farming village several leagues from the nearest walled city. He has fond memories of his youth: times when he would play with his older siblings and his father; playing pranks on his mother and watching her freak out as he ran away, shrilling with laughter as she chased him around their large house. Life was simple back then, and he wishes he could go back to simpler times or at least change the way things turned out.

He remembers his father taking him out on a ride, far away from their farming village and he curses himself constantly for not paying attention to where they were going. Hunting his father said. He'd teach him how to be a man. And all the while, in the back of that waggon, Tyron was humming to himself, his mind far away on some grand, fanciful adventure. They stopped at mid-afternoon and his father sat him down on a thick log and told him he'd be back with his brothers shortly and rode off.

Tryon remembers waiting for hours, his feet kicking in the air as he hummed to himself, excited at the prospect of finally getting to hunt with his brothers and father. They'd gone in the past and he'd always asked to go with them, and today was finally that day.

But nightfall came and strange sounds were closing on his position. Tryon started getting nervous. His father would undoubtedly return.

He never did.

And for those years, as a child, he had to fend for himself. And against all odds he managed to survive. Barely. By the time he figured out how to shoot an arrow he was dangerously emaciated, his belly bulging outward on a dangerously skinny frame. Berries and leaves were a last resort until finally he managed to figure out, by sheer luck almost, how to make a crude bow. Not very effective, but it got the job done.

Tryon wonders often how he had not become completely feral during that time. Perhaps he had, and perhaps his mind simply blocked it all out to spare him the horror of what he had to stoop to in order to survive.

Things changed when he met Aubrie, almost by chance as she was wondering the woods close to her home. He was hunting for food, a rabbit he had seen scurrying away when he caught her eyes. She told him, years later, the fear she felt when he looked at her hungrily - not in a lecherous way - but as a predator looks at its next meal.

Much of what happened after was a blur, but Audrie tells him that she and her family managed to take him in and nurse him back to health. His memories after that moment return in flashes: of her father teaching him how to properly use a bow instead of the crude way he'd taught himself, of him constantly marking trees whenever he and Audrie's father went hunting together, and finally the day of their marriage.

They stayed with her family for several months, but soon decided to make a living of their own and sought out a nearby settlement.

Town Questions
What would you provide as a member of the town?
Game, constant meat for the butcher, protection by keeping predatory animals at bay.

What would you want to see provided to the town?
Some form of protection (guards, walls) and an established leadership to guide the town.

right-aligned image

Name: Aubrie Thrae
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Job/Background: Wizard's Apprentice
Personality: If there was one word to describe Aubrie it would be ambitious. She knows her station in life and knows that nobility will never reach her, but that doesn't mean that she can't try. And an ambitious person is made far more dangerous when they're intelligent, and Aubrie is incredibly so. What she cannot achieve through her blood, she realizes she can achieve through raw power, and so learns the arcane arts studiously, absorbing every bit of knowledge she gets so that she may attain the most amount of power possible. And with that power giving her children a future that is more than mere peasants.

The ambition and cunning of Aubrie is counterbalanced with her warmth. She genuinely cares for others and understands that power is meaningless if trust and respect aren't there to go along with it. And although she's only a wizard's apprentice, she tries to benefit the settlement as much as she can with what she's learned any way she can. When she's not studying, she can often be seen speaking with her friends or asking about the situation of others in the town and ways she can help make their lives easier or better, cataloging everything in a small journal that she can get to when she has more influence over the town.

Flaws: Despite her warmth, Aubrie can be quite the petty individual. Every slight thrown her way she will take one step further and will not budge until the other party apologizes, even if she was originally at fault. She is incredibly stubborn with this and even if she knows she's in the wrong, will outright refuse to admit it, going along with the narrative that she was wholly innocent until the other party relents. And although she's secure enough in herself not to see vague insults every which way, whenever she does recognize a slight against her person by another, she will go out of her way to bring as much trouble and inconvenience to that individual as possible.

Fears: She fears giving birth to children and leaving them a barren future instead of one that is filled with prosperity and opportunity.
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