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The Return to Karredral

Applications are closed. Thank you to everyone who applied.

Game NameThe Return to Karredral
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeReclaim an ancient sorcerous empire and build a new homeland for your people… or seize its buried riches and forgotten power for yourself.
FlavourOld-school sword-and-sorcery, open-world exploration and dungeon-crawling, with a healthy dose of ancient mysteries and factional intrigue.

Plot Summary
The Return to Karredral

The Fallen Empire
right-aligned image

At the height of its power, the might of Karredral eclipsed that of any nation before or since. A sorcerous empire of unmatched grandeur and potence, Karredral stood as a monument to the brilliance and ambition of humanity. From their capital in the shining metropolis of Karred Maghan, the lords of the Karredrim extended their benevolent rule over far-flung human lands, and waged war after victorious war against the ancient kingdoms of the old and failing races that stood against them. Ever seeking to expand the limits of human potential, Karredral’s sorcerer-lords communed with otherworldly forces, mingling their blood and that of their people with the spirits of fire and stone, water and air, heaven and hell, until the bloodlines of the Karredrim coursed with primal magic. Nothing, it seemed, was beyond Karredral’s reach, no ambition too lofty for the empire’s more-than-human masters.

None can now say what folly or mischance led to the empire’s ruin. The cult of the Prophetess Adha, who led her followers from doomed Karredral before it fell, record only that she foretold a terrible cataclysm, wrought of the sorcerer-lords’ own hubris, and that those who were wise enough to heed her foretelling were far outnumbered by those who stayed behind and perished. Others whisper that it was the treachery of the elder races, jealous and fearful of Karredral’s rise, who worked some unspeakable curse on the land and brought about the empire’s ruin. All that is known with certainty is that few survived, and those who did - both the followers of the Prophetess and the scattered survivors who fled the cataclysm itself - dispersed into the kingdoms on the empire’s border-marches, seeking refuge among the elder races with whom Karredral had once made war.

Their reception was kinder in some lands than in others, but nowhere was it warm. In the ancient forest kingdoms of the elves, the mountain fastnesses of the dwarves, and the monolithic basalt cities of the dragonborn, the fleeing bands of human and near-human Karredrim were granted shelter in exchange for their service, becoming vassals and servants to their former foes. In other lands, the homeless Karredrim faced a never-ending war for survival against the savage gnolls, ogres, and fouler things that lurked at Karredral’s wild border, and regarded the refugees in their midst as no more than slaves or food. In time, the scattered remnants of the human diaspora acclimated to their new existence, whether as a barely-tolerated underclass among the elder races or as hard-bitten nomads and settlers surviving on their own, and the ancient glories of lost Karredral faded into legend. Only the bloodlines of the Karredrim, and the traces of otherworldly power still to be found in their descendants, served as a reminder of the heights to which humanity had once aspired.

left-aligned image
Varad’s Ambition

For centuries, the lands that had once been Karredral lay abandoned. Those who ventured within its borders in search of ancient knowledge or unclaimed riches seldom returned, and those few who did spoke of a land shrouded in curses and wild magic, haunted by nameless sorcerous prodigies and the unquiet spirits of those who perished there long ago. The nomadic tribes dwelling along the ancient empire’s border regarded it with superstitious dread, and elven stargazers, dwarven loremasters and dragonborn sages alike counseled their people against curiosity. None were more adamant than the Adhari, the cult venerating the Prophetess Adha, that fallen Karredral should be left well enough alone. To the Adhari, any attempt to explore or reclaim the cursed lands would be a sacrilege, renewing the ancient empire’s sins and inviting the same divine wrath that destroyed Karredral.

None have dared that wrath - until now.

Last year, a warlord called Varad, descendant of the nomadic Karredrim, led his clan into the southern border-marches of Karredral and carved out a settlement there, driving back with blade and flame the fell creatures they encountered. From this foothold in the cursed lands of Karredral, Varad sent forth messengers, spreading word throughout the elder kingdoms and trackless wilds to all descendants of the Karredrim. He declared his intention to reclaim the ancient homeland of humanity, to scourge every province of the corruption that had overrun it, to rebuild ruined Karred Maghan more glorious than ever and to make his capital there, and to rally to his banner the far-flung Karredrim to reclaim what is theirs.

Word of Varad’s reckless crusade spreads like wildfire among the human denizens of every land it reaches, drawing the adventurous, the ambitious, and the desperate among the descendants of the Karredrim. Some are drawn by the promise of unclaimed treasures or forgotten magical knowledge, some by the heretical faith of an Adhari splinter sect that rejects the teachings of the Prophetess, some by the prick of ancient pride or the promise of freedom long denied them, some by yearning for a homeland for a people long dispossessed. To the most adventurous among the returning Karredrim, those willing to brave the unexplored reaches of the fallen empire and blaze a trail for the armies and settlers to follow, Varad offers the richest rewards - a share in the wonders and treasures they discover, and a position of lordship and renown in the new empire to be forged.

But even as the Karredrim flock to Varad’s banner, his boldness invites rebuke and opposition. The lords of the elder races watch the exodus from their lands with growing unease. They counsel their human wards that Varad’s rash campaign is doomed, but in their hearts, they fear a resurgent Karredral should he succeed. The human priests of the orthodox Adhari cult rail against Varad’s quest, pronouncing him a false prophet, leading his followers blindly into the same disaster that befell the ancient empire. And all along the borders of old Karredral, every bandit clan, beast tribe, petty noble and mercenary adventurer sees Varad’s success and begins to wonder. Have the terrors of the fallen lands been exaggerated all along? Have fortune and power lain just over the horizon all these centuries, waiting to be reclaimed? And if so… why should it be Varad, and not they, who reclaims them?

The Fate of Karredral
right-aligned image

Of the thousands now pouring across Karredral’s borders, you are among the powerful and adventurous few whose deeds will shape the fate of Karredral. Have you come in search of wealth, or glory, or knowledge, or a homeland for your dispossessed people? Will you join in Varad’s quest to forge a new empire, and take your place among its founding heroes, or will you challenge his ambitions, seizing the riches of Karredral for yourself - or laying a claim of your own to the land? Are you eager to see Karredral reclaimed at all, or will you align yourself with those who would see Varad’s schemes fail, and the lands of Karredral left abandoned? Will you discover the ancient empire’s lost history, and the secret of its cataclysmic end… or perish among its bleak wastes and forgotten ruins, one more unknown end in this cursed land?

Your fate, and the fate of Karredral, lie in your hands...

Guidelines for Application


This game will focus on the Karredrim, the scattered human and near-human descendants of those few refugees who escaped the fall of Karredral hundreds of years ago. Those refugees, and their descendants, fall into two major groups: those who took refuge among the elder races (elves, dwarves, and dragonborn) in their kingdoms beyond Karredral’s borders, and those who carved out new lives for themselves in wilderness regions, allying or warring with the beast races already living there.

Those among the first group (often still referred to as exiles, despite the many human generations that have passed) have carved out niches for themselves in the realms of their elven, dwarven, and dragonborn hosts. While many exiles still work as menial laborers, some have managed to acquire a measure of wealth and status, living as merchants, artisans, bureaucrats, and even mages. Even the most comfortable and accomplished among the exile communities cannot shake the ancient stigma of their birth, however - the elder races have long memories, and no exile, no matter how skilled or loyal, can ever fully shed their second-class status. The precise forms of this discrimination vary from kingdom to kingdom, from the cool condescension of the elves to the rigidly-enforced apartheid enforced by the dragonborn - but even among the most tolerant and enlightened communities of the elder races, it is rare for the Karredrim to be accorded full equality. The Adhari, the cult of the Prophetess Adha, is the dominant religion among exile Karredrim; with its emphasis on humility and repentance for the sins of humanity’s past, the cult’s doctrine has the endorsement of the elder races.

Those Karredrim who took to the wilderness now name themselves the “free” Karredrim, scorning the subservience to which their exile kin submitted themselves long ago. That freedom has come at a price, however - free Karredrim, whether nomads or farmers, live tenuous and primitive lives in wild, untamed, and hostile lands. The scattered bands of refugees who fled Karredral long ago quickly banded together into extended tribes, seeking safety in numbers against the many hostile denizens of the lands into which they fled. In the centuries since, those tribes have merged, split, and formed anew, warring with each other or raiding the outskirts of the elder kingdoms as often as they’ve fought against the beast tribes. Some have entered into alliances with the various orcs, gnolls, tabaxi, lizardmen, ogres, and other, stranger neighbors, settling into peaceful trade relations and even intermarriages, and have adopted the worship of the wild spirits and primal forces that the beast tribes revere. While petty kingdoms and even empires of free Karredrim have briefly formed in the wilderlands, none have succeeded in remaining unified for very long amid the constant warfare and fractious politics of the wilderlands. The most recent, and so far the most successful such attempt has been the confederation of tribes unified under the leadership of Varad and his clan… a unification achieved with much bloodshed.

Your character could be an exile or a free Karredrim. Exiles are likely to have “civilized” backgrounds such as Sage, Acolyte (of the Adhari), Soldier, Entertainer, Guild Artisan, etc., while free Karredrim are more likely to have backgrounds such as Outlander or Folk Hero. Free Karredrim are also the only ones who are likely to have the Noble background (albeit bumpkin nobility from some petty kingdom), as exile Karredrim are excluded from such social distinctions among the elder races. You are welcome to adjust the given backgrounds, or create your own, in order to fit your character concept.


The sorcerer-lords of ancient Karredral mingled their bloodlines, and those of their people, with primal and otherworldly beings, creating lineages of magically-endowed humans that persist to this day among the exiled Karredrim. As such, the following races (from most to least common) are counted among the “humans” who claim descent from Karredral and are now returning en masse at Varad’s call:

Human: By far the most numerous Karredrim are ordinary humans, although they might have some faint mark of a supernatural bloodline (an unusual hair or eye color, for example). Although ordinary humans were the commoners of ancient Karredral, today their mundane bloodline carries no special stigma. Varad himself, who would be emperor of a new Karredral, is human.

Genasi: Bred with elemental spirits for their hardiness in extreme environments and gift for simple magics, the Genasi were a caste of laborers and servants in old Karredral, although they occasionally exceeded their station and rose to prominence. Today, Genasi live among both exile and free Karredrim, and bear no special distinction or privilege for their elemental heritage (although they are looked upon with mild distaste by the Adhari cult).

Goliath: Sorcerously imbued with the remorseless strength of ice and stone, the goliath were bred as a soldier caste by the lords of Karredral and trained from birth to fight in the empire’s wars of expansion and conquest. Though they retain their great strength and hardiness, the goliath who survive today among the exiles are more likely to be laborers or craftsmen than soldiers, and are particularly common in the dwarven and dragonborn kingdoms. Among the free Karredrim, however, the goliath retain their martial culture, and their prowess as warriors makes them honored or feared among human and beast clans alike.

Gnome: One of the odder human subraces of the Karredrim, the diminutive but brilliant gnomes, like the hulking goliath, were sorcerously engineered to serve the needs of Karredral's ancient masters. Where the goliath were created as soldiers for the sorcerer-lords of Karredrim, however, the gnomes were created as engineers, architects, scribes, librarians, lab assistants, etc., doing the grunt work for the magical innovation taking place at Karredral's height. Since Karredral's destruction, the gnomes have mostly found a place among the exiles, where their innate curiosity and intelligence have made them useful in countless ways to their elder race masters - but some gnomish tinkers, mendicant scholars, and hedge mages can be found among the free Karredrim, as well.

Tiefling: As the sorceror-lords of Karredral grew more decadent and reckless, they extended their experiments to include the interbreeding of human and fiend. Never numerous even at the empire’s height, the tieflings were bred as exotic curiosities, sorcerous adepts, or assassins, whose demonic appearance kept them removed from society and closely leashed to their masters’ sides. Today, tieflings are shunned outright in the elder kingdoms and by the Adhari. Some among the free Karredrim share this distrust, but there are some human clans and fiefdoms that welcome tieflings in spite of their lineage, judging them instead by their deeds.

Aasimar: While they bred their servants and soldiers with those of demons and lesser spirits, the lords of Karredral mingled their own bloodlines with those of angels. At the height of Karredral’s power, the aasimar were the empire’s glorious aristocracy, the shining lawgivers before whom all others bowed. Never common to begin with, most of the aasimar perished in whatever catastrophe befell the empire, leaving only a tiny handful bearing angelic blood. Today, the small number of aasimar live almost exclusively among the free Karredrim; as descendants of Karredral’s ruling caste, they are reviled by both the elder races and the cult of the Adhari.

In addition, half-elves and half-orcs were not part of ancient Karredral’s population, but have become common in the elven kingdoms and in the wilderland, respectively. Despite their non-human blood, both races are considered “Karredrim” by most other humans. While they (particularly half-elves) are likely to be regarded with some suspicion by the other Karredrim under Varad’s banner, Varad has included them in his call to retake humanity’s former homeland.

Finally, a member of one of the “beast races” (basically, most of the stuff from Volo’s) may be considered with a very good explanation for why that particular individual is taking part in reclaiming Karredral despite not being Karredrim themselves. Elves, dwarves, and dragonborn are unlikely to work as characters - the elder races are overtly hostile to the reclamation of Karredral and would have little reason to be cooperating with it, so an incredibly good backstory would be needed for such a character.


Barbarians, druids, fighters, rangers (revised UA version allowed), rogues, and wizards are all common among the Karredrim. Barbarians and druids are far more common among the free Karredrim, while wizards (and related sub-classes like arcane tricksters and eldritch knights) are more common among the exiles - but with a good backstory, any class could fit with either background. (Note that, since the game will be placing a good amount of emphasis on wilderness survival and exploration, outdoorsy characters like rangers and druids will have a good chance to flex their skills).

Sorcerers are quite common among the Karredrim, especially among those with supernatural bloodlines. Genasi sorcerers are likely to have the Draconic Ancestry subtype (reskinned here as a simple elemental affinity, without necessarily having any relation to dragons per se), while aasimar and tieflings are likely to have the Divine Soul or Shadow Magic subtypes. Any of the Karredrim might display an affinity to wild magic, although this connection to forces of raw chaos makes those around them understandably nervous, and harkens to certain ominous legends about the disaster that befell Karredral...

Most clerics and paladins common among the Karredrim in these days serve the Adhari, the cult dedicated to the Prophetess who led the largest group of survivors out of Karredral and into exile in the elder kingdoms. This makes them bitterly opposed to what Varad is trying to accomplish, and highly unlikely to support the reclamation of Karredral. However, dissenters among the Adhari have long questioned the orthodox cult’s ban on returning to Karredral, and some extremist heretics have even preached of a new prophecy, of a divine mandate to return to Karredral and a savior who will lead the Karredrim there. Varad’s crusade has emboldened these heretics, seeming to them to be the fulfilment of their prophecies, and membership within this rival sect of the Adhari has swelled in the past year among those pouring into Varad’s settlement. PC clerics or paladins might be members of this heretical faith.

Warlocks are very rare, but can be found among the free Karredrim in service to primal nature spirits (i.e. the Fey pact). Any other background for a warlock probably involves some connection to Karredral itself, and to the dark magical secrets and rites performed there - dealings with eldritch and otherworldly patrons were common in ancient Karredral, and a PC warlock might be rediscovering those ancient pacts.

Monks and bards don’t fit super-well with the vibe of the setting; I might consider one with an amazing application, but I’m not as likely to take them as other classes.

Alignment and Personality

In the interests of party harmony and the tone of the game, characters with an evil alignment will not be accepted. Characters don’t necessarily need to be selfless and heroic in their motivation, but they should at least have a baseline willingness to work together harmoniously and do the right thing when possible.

Please give me a complete set of Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds, and Flaws - ideally at least one of each, or as many as you would like to include. These very emphatically do not need to be the ones from the PHB - you can use those if they inspire you, but feel free to create your own as well.

Character Creation Guidelines

Characters will begin at 5th level, and should have backstories that make sense for characters with that level of power and experience. Hit points will be calculated using the average values given in the PHB for each hit die, not rolled.

Starting abilities will be standard 27-point buy per the PHB, plus additions from race, ability score increases, and feats. In addition, all PCs may place an extra +1 in any ability for which they do not already have a racial bonus. So, for example, tieflings would receive +2 Charisma, +1 Intelligence, and +1 to one other ability of their choice; variant humans receive +1 to three abilities, rather than two. (The purpose of this is to allow characters of non-human races to be any class without mechanical handicap, instead of being forced to choose between playing a class for whose abilities they have a racial bonus, or starting with sub-optimal primary ability scores.)

Characters will have standard starting equipment packages, with reasonable substitutions or additions based on backstory. In addition, wizards may add eight spell levels’ worth of additional spells to their spellbooks, on top of those gained from leveling up to 5th, in order to round out their spell selection (so they might gain four 2nd level spells, two 3rd level spells and two 1st level spells, or any other combination adding up to eight).

As far as non-standard character options, I’ve got Xanathar’s and Volo’s, but I am open to considering UA material as well, if I can get a look at it first and decide if it’s going to work or not. I’ll even consider homebrewed material if it isn’t mechanically problematic and it fleshes out the setting in interesting ways.

Your character sheet does not need to be complete to submit your application, but it certainly can’t hurt your chances.

Character History:
You don’t have to write me a novel, but your backstory should be at least a good couple of paragraphs that show that you’ve put some serious thought into making your character interesting and fitting them into the setting. Feel free to expand on the setting information presented and add details to help flesh it out - people, places, groups, history, etc. I will be building the setting and planning the game around the history, relationships, and plot hooks you build into your characters, so the more of this you give me, the more likely you are to be accepted, and the better the game will be for everyone. Cookie-cutter characters, with generic backstories that make no reference to this game’s setting information, are not likely to be accepted.

I do not need an RP sample, but feel free to provide links to posts in other games you’ve played that you feel particularly showcase your writing talent and your skill at role-playing.

Character Portrait:
Please embed a portrait for your character. A cool, evocative, and aesthetically-appropriate image for your character helps bring the game to life by giving everyone else something to visualize for your character, and it shows the thoughtfulness and sensibility you’re bringing to your character’s creation. The internet is brimming over with awesome fantasy art that’s just a Google search away - browse around and see what you can find to inspire your creativity and help bring your character to life.

Quality and Style
You don’t need to be a brilliant writer, but good writing adds a lot to a game, and poor writing detracts from it. Skillful and polished writing (both in your application and in any sample posts you choose to link to) will do a lot to improve your odds of being in the game.

Posting Rate
In my experience, PbP games benefit enormously from a rapid posting rate. When the game moves along at a brisk pace, the plot has a chance to progress, the characters have a chance to develop, and the game maintains its momentum and stays fresh and exciting for everyone. I am therefore looking for players who can commit to posting once per day with a fair degree of reliability, including on weekends. There’s nothing wrong with liking a slower posting rate, but if that’s your preference, this might not be the game for you.

I will not, as a general rule, wait for all players to post before making my next DM post, unless the game is in combat or another tense situation in which all PCs should have the opportunity to act. Under normal, non-combat circumstances, I will assume that anyone who hasn’t posted in 24 hours didn’t have anything they wanted to add to the scene right then, and move things along. In a tense situation like combat, I won’t skip people outright, but if you know you’re not going to be able to do a proper combat post within 24 hours or so, I’d ask that you drop me a quick PM, and I will play your character for that round of combat so that we can keep things moving.

Application Deadline
I am not setting a hard deadline - applications will remain open until there are a good spread of applications and I can pick four to six that I’m excited about, that fit together and work with the game’s premise, and that flesh out the setting in interesting ways. Until applications close, you are welcome to continue improving your submission, ask questions and get feedback from me, coordinate with other players etc. to make the best application you can.

Do not make any rolls in this thread, per RPG Crossing Guidelines. There’s nothing you need to roll for anyway.
Now Running: The Return to Karredral.
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Very very interested. Placeholder here!
right-aligned image

Name: Oloro “Watcher” Navali
Race: Goliath
Class: Barbarian (Ancestral Guardian)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Personality: WIP

History: WIP
Posts inconsistent for a bit; just had my first child!
I have taken the Oath!
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Tardon tealeaf
Name: Tardon tealeaf
Race: human(variant)
Class: ranger
Background: solider
Traits:I’ve lost too many friends, and I’m slow to make new ones.
I’m always polite and respectful.
Ideals: In life as in war, the stronger force wins.
Bonds:I’ll never forget the crushing defeat my company suffered or the enemies who dealt it.
Flaws: The monstrous enemy we faced in battle still leaves me quivering with fear.
Backstory: Tardon tealeaf was born to Juliana a bard and Cedric a farmer. He grew up hearing tales of the fey his mother would tell and learned the language while doing so. He took to arms at his father's request and spent time in the elven army guarding the city from the wilds. It was here he learned elven, the longbow and perception. He spent hours doing nothing but staring into the forest learning to open his awareness. Having learned sylen earlier elven was easier to his ears that most of the others.

Varads tales spread to his mother before going to him. She knew of tardons skill and used her connections to get him out there. Though it was saddening for both to have him leave it was the only visable answer to a better life.

Varad left and joined a scouting party where he learned to fight cocatrice and death dogs. Monster's that had formed from the destruction of karredrel. He learned to fight using the wounds created to cause further damage and end these creatures lives.

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Krumir Grudgewielder
right-aligned image
this with tusks

Name: Krumir Grudgewielder, The Laughing Orc
Race: Half-Orc
Class: Paladin (Oath of the Ancients) / Fey Patron Warlock
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Background: Folk Hero (The Summer Queen shines her smile at me in blessing)
Trait: I’m confident in my own abilities and do what I can to instill confidence in others.
Ideal: Freedom. Tyrants come in various forms and races, but as long as I live, I will not allow them to continue the enslavement of others.
Bond: My tribe looks up to me for their future, and my Queen esteems my faithfulness. I aim to please both.
Flaw: I’m convinced of the significance of my destiny, and blind to my shortcomings and the risk of failure.

Appearance and Personality: Slavery does not make the best of living conditions, but Krumir grew strong despite harsh odds. He stands at a full height of almost 6'10"seven feet, and is as strong and implacable as a mountain. His gray-green skin is marked by numerous scars all over his body and face; undeniable signs that at one point in his life he was the property of a harsh master. He is young but cunning, and has a quality for leadership that not many of his kin possess. He loves his people and would gladly die for them, and they for him, as was proven by their shared journey to Ghol Varad. Yet his greatest love is reserved for his patron Ororra, for whom he was irrevocably fallen in love with.

The laughing orc got his nickname for his boisterous mood in battle, wearing his ragtag heavy armor and swinging at foes with his two-handed axe with a near-manic glee. Yet this lightheartedness also extends beyond the battlefield, for Krumir often jests with his brethren and shares his wealth when in abundance. A good laugh, a good fight, and a good woman; these are things that give Krumir an exuberance for life. Joining Varad's forces has made him hopeful for his own destiny and his own people; perhaps now they can build a life for themselves that would be free from domination.


Me and My Game/sI only started playing in the West Marches D&D5E game as a deep gnome wizard named Woke; I have another game using a system called Index Card RPG that's currently just starting, and another where I get to learn some GURPS! Basically I'm exploring different game systems here and it's been a blast!

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Name: Zion Runningblade
Race: Human
Class: Paladin - Oath of Conquest
God: Torm
Personality: He gets along with others just fine, then there are times when he sits by himself. He's ferocious in a fight, someone you know will be there. He's been helping others for a long time, hearing stories of Karredal and now that there's an opportunity, he is going to see to it that the people arrive back in their ancestral land.

Appearance: 6' tall, dark green eyes and bright red hair. Medium build and athletic. Has a bow at is back, a sword at his left hip and a shield in his hand. A dagger sheathed at his right thigh. He wears a chain shirt, prefers the flexibility of it compared to a full suit of armor. While not cocky, he does walk with confidence of one not afraid of a challenge.
right-aligned image
Background: Folk Hero (I stood alone against a terrible monster)
Personality Trait: I judge people by their actions, not their words.
Ideals: Respect: People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.
Bonds: I protect those that cannot protect themselves.
Flaws: I'm convinced of the significance of my destiny and blind to my shortcomings and the risk of failure.
Backstory: Zion grew up in a town, it had a wall around it. There two ways in, a gate in the front and the rear, a secret passage that was tunneled underground from 50 yards and under the wall into a basement of a building. Soldiers were always around, guarding the town and the farm outside. The farmer would enter the gate for the night. No one stayed outside the gate at night, except the nomads that roamed around. They were near the wild borders, all sorts of creatures were out there, it was folly to be caught out there alone. Men were either killed or made into slaves, depending on the creatures. The women were either killed or taken for breeding, thus, the rise of the half-orcs. Children, may the gods protect them were either killed, made into slaves, or made into a meal. You always had to be on the alert, the monsters were relentless.

Zion had asked his family if it was always like this and will be always like this. His grandfather started reading to him from a book that was handed down to him for centuries, passing it on to each family member. New books were written after the people left and what their new life had been like and is. Not a lot was said about the exiles for the stories always varied. They were slaves, but some were living the good life, especially the elven slaves. Some were doing nothing but hard labors, especially from the dwarves. As he gotten older, he had read the books over and over. He asked how all this happened, but no one knew. His grandfather had notes, he feels it was the cult. No proof, but everything seems to be pointed to them.

When he began his teen years, his grandfather sat him down and handed him the family crest and told him the Runningblades were a long line of noble dignity. The men were warriors of faith, paladins, the women were of the cloth of faith, clerics. He asked Zion, who was the oldest, to carry on the tradition and train to be a paladin. Yes, he knew it wasn't the same back then, but that wasn't the point, it was pride, and the determination, the thrive and never giving up. Zion had a couple of uncles that were paladins, one of them had given up hoping for anything better, his own father, now retired, didn't have the same spirit now like he did when Zion was a youngin. Things will get better his grandfather insisted, nothing ever stayed the same, might take longer than other things, but everything always changes, either for good or bad. They had enough bad times, the good had to come sooner or later. His grandfather, a man of great wisdom and knowledge, had never let Zion down, he a proud man, and the lad was determined not let the old man down.

So Zion went into training, he was taught how to fight properly, he taught how to treat others. He was going to be a warrior of faith he was told. Fighting and destroying evil was only a third of it, the second part was treating others as equals, regardless of station they were in. Always help your fellow man, do it for two reasons, one is it the thing to do, the right thing. The second is, treat them as you would like to be treated and in most cases, you will be treated as you like. The third and last part was, to learn obedience and keep your anger in check. May not like some things, may not like some folks, but violence isn't the answer, the only time violence is needed is defeating evil. Other than that, it was not solve anything, IF anything, it will make things worse.

As he gotten older, he learned the proper etiquette, he learned how to fight, not only with his hands and weapons but with the shield as well. The time came to take an oath and there were many to chose from. The way his people been struggling against the monsters outside, the way they were treated by the other races. Sure, he can understand how they feel, but his fellow humans were not part of that time. How can they treat them as if they were the same as their ancestors? One oath was too weak he thought, especially this day and age. He finally found the perfect one, the Oath of Conquest. When he took the oath, his grandfather, who now was on the decline, took him to their favorite fishing hole and the talked. The old man warned him about some of the paladins that taken that same oath had become known as Hell Knights and to check his feelings and his gut instincts at all time. It will be a matter of time before they will shun all that is good and there's isn't much left as it is. Zion promised.

He had gotten better in everything now and was a man's man. While he was a paladin, there were levels of status, at the level where he was, he was called Myrnidon. No one could remember where or how that name came about, they just knew it was a ancient word. Zion didn't like it much, he couldn't wait to rise higher and be called a Champion. Then that day came, word spread like wildfire. A man named Varad was raising an army and he was leading the humans back to their homeland, Karredal. Thhe other races had mixed feelings of it, the Cult, they were against it and his grandfather wasn't surprised by that. Varad needed adventures to out and scout and perhaps clean out any filth that was in his way. This is it his grandfather exclaimed, the time for them has finally come and told Zion to go forth and do his people and his family proud.

Goals: Zion's goal is to bring his people back to their true home, to rise in power and live in peace once more. He is tired of all the suffering they had gone thru because of their ancestors. It wasn't fair and he was going to everything he can to end the suffering and begin the glory.

About the player: Been playing D&D since 1979, started with the red box Basic Edition. Moved on to 1st edition when it came out, then the 2nd edition. We would mix the two editions together. 1979 thru 1990 I think, played tabletop. Had one campaign that lasted at least 10 years. Every Saturday, we played between 1pm to 11pm. Only stopped to wolf down dinner. The life got in way, played tabletop with one or two different groups, played by e-mail on Prodigy, we all had password for one e-mail. We would log on and post our moves. 1993 I played online only, either thru e-mail or NWN on AOL (american online) off and on, then in 2002, my cousin and very best friend who also was my first dm that got me into the game (didn't have much of a choice then. LOL) had died from crohn. He was only 31, devastated all of us. Well, I stopped playing completely, I just lost all interest. Then 2005 I began getting the itch again, started with other rpg and then saw NWN on the shelf. I remember looking at the box and thought to myself, "Wow, cool graphics, they really improved it." Now remember, I was completely out of the loop then. When I started playing it, had things I never heard of or remembered, I played on the server and saw classes I never heard of. On the server, I found out 3.0 had come out. In 2014 I discovered this website. I played 1st, 2nd, 3.e editions on here, had no idea what pathfinder was until I found out a co worker plays and he told me about it. I tried 4th edition, didn't like it. So on here, been playing all the editions except 4th until last month, decided to give it another go at it. Still playing it thus far. Also playing Pathfinder on here as well. Then, once a week, every Saturday night, I play on roll20 site with a group. Half the group I knew from playing with them online back in the early 90's. So I guess I am experienced, rusty, and a newbie in some areas. My toughest part of playing on here is posting. While I do post regularly, I see many players posts paragraphs of their move and thoughts each time. I can now and then, nowhere that much like others, but I do try. There you have it. Damn, I just realized I been playing 40 years this year. Getting old. LOL
Leaning against the wall, watching the others rush by him, he grins. "Go ahead, go get that treasure that's laying there. Be more for me after you die."

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Korbyn Application
right-aligned image
Race:Variant Human

Background Story:

Background:Fugitive of the Adhari (using Outlander proficiencies/languages/equipment)
Personality Trait: I am initially distrustful of new people and fear that they are hunting me. But I open up once I can see their emotions.
Ideal: Belonging. It is best to belong to a cause greater than yourself. (Lawful)
Bond: I escaped the Cult of the Adhari and am seeking refuge with their enemy, Varad.
Flaw: I was blinded by the Adhari. I haven't reconciled with my past and the terrible things I've done to the people I now call allies.

Character Concept: Korbyn is a Pact of the Chain warlock with a Great Old One patron. He has the Voice of the Chain Master invocation which, as far as I can tell from RAW, allows him to perceive through his familiar's senses without using an action. His eyes have been removed, so the only way for him to see is through his familiar's eyes.

His patron hasn't noticed Korbyn yet, and Korbyn doesn't even know he has a patron. Korbyn was using artifacts recovered from Karredrim to gain the powers of telepathy and mind reading (detect thoughts) and didn't realize that he was unwittingly entering a pact with a GOO patron. This pact manifests itself as a strange connection amongst all the warlocks who serve this GOO--a shared memory of physical changes they've made to the world. So when Korbyn sees a journal from a different warlock, he remembers writing it even though he didn't literally write it. Likewise, if he saw an item that one of them crafted he'd remember making it, or an engraving on a rock--he'd remember engraving it. But he wouldn't remember any context, what the words, engravings, item meant, etc. I haven't really developed the GOO patron more than that, but I would guess that there were several GOO/fiend/etc patrons in Karredrim. So it's not like Korbyn is running around remembering stuff that every ancient warlock did. Just the few who also happened to have the same patron as Korbyn.

Plot hook ideas:
  • Finding out more about his GOO patron (and objects/writings etc that he remembers making.)
  • Proving his usefulness to Varad. The Adhari and Varad would very likely be major enemies of each other and Korbyn doesn't want to get traded away in some sort of prisoner swap.
  • The Adhari are still trying to hunt Korbyn down.
  • Calen in particular would have a very personal interest in finding and finally killing Korbyn.
  • Who knows what happened to Nahdir (I left that open ended.) Korbyn was her trusted lieutenant and she only sentenced him to death because she knew that politically she had to. Perhaps she's seeking Korbyn out as well, but not as an enemy?
  • Korbyn made many enemies during his time as an Adhari Inquisitor. Perhaps they still seek revenge.

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This sounds very interesting. I have so many character concepts that would fit this game, I'll do some thinking and get an application up ASAP.
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I believe the application is complete. If you would like a link to the Character Sheet just let me know and I'll send it to you, MemoryBeast.


Name: "Magnanimon"

Race: Half-Elf

Class: Bard (College of Lore)

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Background: Entertainer (open to working with DM to change this to fit better if needed).

Appearance: Magnanimon is shorter than most human men, but not by a lot. He has a slender build, dirty blond hair, and vibrantly green eyes. His ears are clearly pointed, but not nearly as long as a true elf's. His skin is a creamy white, with a slightly unhealthy look in certain lighting. His fingers are quite long compared to any human, and somewhat bony, a remnant of childhood malnutrition. He walks straight, has good posture, and maintains a slight but amiable smile on his face most of the time. He wears clothing that is faux-rich, in the style of entertainers. They appear of higher quality from a distance, but upon closer inspection it becomes apparent that the embroidery on his cloak is actually paint and cracks frequently, his ruffled shirt is stitched together out of a roughspun tunic and discarded kerchiefs. But his lyre... that truly is a masterpiece. Made with gold and silver leaf, and expert woodworking. It's frame is carved to be an elf and a she-elf clasping hands with outstretched arms, their mouths open in song, eyes closed in musical rapture their legs disappearing into vines and leaves that form the curved bottom of the frame.

Personality Traits:
Inquisitive - Every answer asks two new questions, and Magnanimon can't stop himself from seeking answers!
Hopeful - All stories have their darkness and light, but in the end the heroes will triumph.

Story and Saga - Great deeds must be remembered and preserved, and many great deeds are on the horizon, and Magnanimon the Great will be the one to record them!

Pride of My Mentor - He aims to compose epics and ballads worthy of his mentor's approbation.

A New Home - He fervently hopes that Varad's quest succeeds. His mother, his cousins, his aunts and uncles all deserve a better home, and a free life.

Naive Romantic - He has delved into stories of heroes and gods his whole life. Certainly real adventure is just as triumphant and glorious! Isn't it?

Prone to illness - His mixed-blood and substandard living conditions as a child have left his constitution somewhat lacking.

Magnanimon is a composer, poet, and storyteller. He has been traveling with the "Excited Exiles" entertainment troupe for a while to earn money enough to finance his journey to Karredral, learning tricks of the entertainer trade along the way. He is eager to be among the first to chronicle the many great deeds that are sure to occur there, and certainly many secrets will be uncovered if the crusade is successful. Ever eager for tales and knowledge, Magnanimon cannot resist the promise of seeing a new grand saga unfold before his own eyes.

He is a half-elf, that much is apparent from his features, but he hasn't shared his parentage with anyone he's met in his short time travelling. What he has shared is that he is eager to join Varad's expedition for personal glory and knowledge of secrets held there, but also for the freedom of the exiled humans, which he considers "his people," despite their often suspicious or hostile attitude toward his slightly pointed ears and vaguely almond shaped eyes.

My Personal Experience:
I've played RPGs for several years now, though usually as a DM. I am brand new to PBP, but I it's not my first forum rodeo and I have played via live chat on discord several times as well. I love text based medium as it allows players to be so much more in-character and interactive with their environment. I'm open to modifying anything about this character to fit the campaign if the DM thinks it would make for a better experience.

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My application is now complete. I would welcome a review, if you intend to do any. I have filled in the character sheet, but might change some minor things as I take a closer look and get new and interesting ideas.

In my backstory I made up a fair bit of stuff that might or might not fit with the DM’s view of the world, and possibly the vision of other players who might get selected for the game. Nothing there is written in stone (heck, it’s not even printed on paper!) so I’m willing and able to make any changes needed to the background. The same goes for the other details, if something isn’t quite working I’m happy to work on changing that.

Sir Devon Stonefort
right-aligned image
Name: Sir Devon Stonefort

Race: Aasimar (Scourge)

Class: Fighter and Warlock

Background: Noble

Alignment: Lawful-Good

Appearance: Sir Devon is a tall, fit and broad-shouldered man with an attractive face framed by his flowing golden-blonde hair. His eyes are strikingly blue and have a tendency to change at times of great emotion, when they start to glow slightly with bright yellow light. When out and about he tends to wear knightly armor, heavy steel breastplate armor with armored plates covering his shoulders, arms and legs, and carry a kite shield and black-bladed sword. His shield bears the coat-of-arms of his family, a white field with a grey fort in the middle with a black sword standing vertically behind the fort. He usually wears a dark-red cloak over his armor.

Personality Traits:
- I am full of self-loathing because of the shadow inside me but at the same time I am determined to use that shadow for good.
- I feel that nobility has a duty towards the lower classes. They should uphold the law and protect those who cannot protect themselves.

Ideal: Duty. Since leaving my position as the head of the Stonefort family I have vowed to spend my life looking for ways to rid my family of the darkness I carry within me.

Bond: Family. My younger brother now rules the Stonefort family and my two younger sisters work as his emissaries. I have left the family to protect them but if they are threatened I will do what I have to do to keep them safe.

Flaw: I am plagued with guilt. Both over what my grandfather and his ancestors did to secure ever more power for the Stonefort family, but also for carrying the evil that embodies my ancestor's lust for power inside me.

Brief Backstory: The Stoneford family is the remnant of one of the great houses of Karredral, exiled shortly before the fall of the realm after failing in a bid for even more power. Centuries later, the family is counted among the “free” Keddedrim, and holds lands in a fertile valley not too far from the border of their old homeland. Now, centuries after their exile, the need for power still resides within the family, due to a dark shadow summoned centuries ago by one of their more ambitious ancestors.

Sir Devon Stonefort was the first in line to inherit the title of Lord Stonefort after his grandfather, the current lord, passed away. When he visited his grandfather on the old man’s deathbed, the dying lord told his grandson about a shadow that had plagued every generation of the family. He told him the story of their ancestor, who had sought out help from something supernatural from beyond the veil to aid him in seizing more power in the constant struggle of the powerful noble houses of Kerradrim. In return, the shadow had influenced the lord and his inheritors since, granting them impressive powers but also demanding constant aggression and war.

Devon was devastated by the news of the curse, but he accepted it as his burden, knowing that if he were to die before the shadow moved to him from his grandfather, it would simply possess his brother or one of his sisters.

After his grandfather passed away, ravaged by the disease that had claimed most of the previous lords long before their time, Devon found that he was able to converse with the shadow, after a fashion. He pleaded with the entity, but it would not budge, claiming the two of them were tied together for eternity.

In a desperate bid to save his family from further influence from the shadow entity, Devon gave up his title, his lands and his family, leaving all to his brother. He decided to dedicate his life to find a way to rid his family of this darkness once and for all. Until that time, he would use the powers of the shadow for good, standing up to those who would harm those who could not defend themselves.

When the news about Varad’s quest to reclaim Karredral reached him, Devon knew he had a unique opportunity to explore the lands of his ancestors, looking for secrets of this ancient realm. Possibly one of those secrets might help him rid his family of his dark passenger once and for all.


Goals and ambitions: Sir Devon has two main reasons for traveling away from his family. He wants to limit the power of the darkness inside him, that has influenced the lords of Stonefort for the previous generations, over his family and keep it away from his brother. But he also wants to vex the dark entity by using his power to do good. For this reason, his day-to day goal is to protect the general population, especially when the local lords fail to do so. At the same time he understands that social order must prevail and will not actively undermine the rightful rulers.

His long-term goal is to rid himself of the shadow that has possessed his ancestors, and now rests within him, or at least ensure that the curse ends with him.

About me: I’ve been a role-player for uncomfortably close to 30 years now and have played in PbP games for a few years now. I’m currently playing in two other games on this lovely forum, the excellent Haryn: Where Gods Tread, and The Breaking of Exandria. Feel free to dig around to see what kind of player I am from those, or other (now sadly dead) games I’ve been in. I come to the forum daily (often more than once per day) and for a fast-moving game I can find the time to post daily.
People say I'm evil and twisted, but I really have the heart of a young boy. In a jar, on my desk.

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Okay, I think I'm finished for a review! I'm willing to change anything that doesn't quite fit for the story, or if any additional things need to be addressed.

Travish 'Trav' of the Nightstalkers
right-aligned image

Name: Travish Nightstalker

Race: Human (Varant)

Class: 3 Fighter (Arcane Archer) 2 Rogue

Background: Outlander

Alignment: NG

Appearance/Personality: Travish is unremarkable in appearance and height, although his skill with a bow is another matter entirely. His exact age is something of a mystery but if he were to guess, he is somewhere in early-twenties. His black hair is long enough to be pulled back and out of the way. His clothes are well-worn, almost ragged, but his leather armor and weapons are clean and have thoughtful care to them. When he speaks, it's usually in a hushed, low voice hardly breaking above a whisper. But don't let that fool you, he has a venomous tongue that has landed him in hot water more than once. His stubbornness knows little bounds, and he has learned well to be crafty and conniving than outright obstinate.

Trav generally has a nervous bearing, like a mouse skittering from cupboard to cupboard. With those he admires or considers a friend, he is attentive and eager despite himself. His brown eyes have a glossed-over expression, a near vacancy it would seem until something or someone perks an interest. If one were looking, they could catch a profound and perhaps untapped intelligence in him. This intelligence is the source of his undeniable curiosity that has lead to more than a little trouble from time to time, and his newfound taste of freedom has only deepened his inquisitive spirit. Books, while he cannot really read them well, are the greatest source of awe and mystery to him.

Travish has a bad habit of calling those he views as above him as Lord, Lady, or Master-- regardless if they are any of those. He often falls back into old patterns of following along only to rear back and remember that he doesn't need to pursue instructions headlessly.

Personality Traits:
- I am timid, opting not to speak up for myself.
- I hide my stubbornness and disdain for those of powerful beneath a mask of servility.
- I have unbridled curiosity. Sometimes it leads to trouble.

- Independence - No one will tell me what to do ever again. I am my own master.
- Freedom Fighter. Everyone should be allowed to do as they please.

- After the genocide of my clan, I was taken and used. I will make that responsible pay dearly.
- I escaped, but my time as a captive has permanently been marked with scars and tattoos.
- I am loyal to those who have proven themselves.

- When I am told to do something, I will do it out of habit and without question.
- I would rather die than ever be captured and used again
- I have a hot-headed, stubborn streak that can and will get me into trouble.

Brief Backstory: As the oral history goes, the Nightstalker Clan were once the eyes and ears of those of importance and the right hands of the powerful. They were the protectors, invaluable scouts of the vast armies, the webs within the courts that caught pesky flies within their networks. The Nightstalkers were also proud innovators of a jealously guarded military style of archery. The nature of this deadly artform was passed down from generation to generation, as well as the great history of their ancestors' work. As it’s said, no man has ever become a great man on their own, and the Nightstalker’s ancestors were thought to be one of the keys toward that greatness.

Travish is the son of Vish, the once predominant militant and leader of the Nightstalker Clan. The Nightstalker Clan was, at first, a nomadic tribe of “free” Karredrals, their roaming giving them a vast knowledge of the lands. They acted as guides through dangerous territories for those less versed. But slowly, one by one the Nightstalkers turned back to their old ways-- from gentle guides to hired mercenaries. Sadly, this was once again the beginning of the end as they emerged from relative seclusion to offer their services. Their influence and power grew over the decades, but their enemies also increased in number. Neighboring tribes and those threatened by the Nightstalker’s ambitions began to conspire against them.

Travish was not yet seven Winters when the Clan was struck by a devastating attack. Travish’s father Vesh was slaughtered without warning. The few survivors were taken and scattered, absorbed into other clans and their skills utilized for their own. Travish is one of these displaced Nightstalkers, moved from nobel-to-nobel, either having been sold or taken. His knowledge of the land was useful as a scout, and the secrets of Nightstalker archery made him a deadly weapon. At best an indentured servant and the worst a slave, the first chance Travish got to escape his fate, he took it-- by botching an assassination attempt he was meant to carry out.


Goals and ambitions:
- Travish burns for vengeance, he wants to see those who killed his family and clan brought down; however possible, and bring honor to the Nightstalkers.
- Trav wants to find his own purpose beyond the orders of others; to be worthy and find independence for himself. The call of Varad might be a way to make a name for himself.
- He needs to break free from Lord Cravmond. Travish fled, but there is no doubt his time with freedom might be cut short. Perhaps there is a way rid himself of the powerful, malicious man. He'll look for a way wherever it may take him.

About me: I've been role-playing games for a few years now, and I've fallen into the deep end. I've played PbP games before, although pretty new to this site. I'm a character and story driven player, and I'm always on the look-out for games that have a continually moving plot. I post daily, and I'm active most of the time. I've been lucky enough to be a part of two great games, The Breaking of Exandria and The Empty Hills.
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Very interested placeholder! Should have it up by tonight.
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Are gnomes considered an elder race?

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Application Status - Submitted for Consideration

left-aligned image
Name: Finnelis
Race: Wood Half Elf (SCAG)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Class: Sorcerer - Draconic Bloodline (Blue)
Background: Mercenary Veteran (Free Karredrim)
Option 1 - Wardens of Ghol Varad
Personality Traits: I face problems head-on. A simple, direct solution is the best path to success. I can stare down a hell hound without flinching.
Ideal: Nation. My city, nation, or people are all that matter.
Bond: Those who fight beside me are those worth dying for.
Flaw: My hatred of my enemies is blind and unreasoning.
Appearance: Finnelis is a clean cut with an almost military look to him. He has long dark hair and darkened skin from the many patrols he has run outside Ragthar. He is typically dressed in the uniform of the Elite consisting of plain clothes and boots. His eyes reveal his elven heritage and are a light green, but when they surge of electricity flows through him, they change color to an almost sky blue.
Personality: Finnelis is a man with a chip on his shoulder with something to prove. For his entire life, he had been regarded of something of an outcast - a bastard version of the true blood of the Karredim never fully being accepted into society. He is straight forward and true to his brethren, even though they may not regard him as such. Finnelis would live and die to prove that he is a warrior of strength and duty. The blood that does flow him is charged with elemental energy, and he cautiously employs that to demonstrate that his birthright is true.

Roleplay Example: The Job

Posting Rate: Maximum: Many times per workday (M-F CST). Only once or twice on weekends; Minimum: once per day during workday, none on weekends.

Posting Status (July):Multiple times per workday (M-F); Maybe once to none on weekends; Minimal during July 4th holiday

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Welcome back to the GMing circle!! I'm interested and would hate to miss a chance to play with you again. I'll try to get something worked up.
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Name: Agamemnon Wick
Race: Aasimar
Alignment: CG
Class: Sorcerer (draconic bloodline| gold)
Background: Folk Hero

Personality Traits:
I have a strong sense of right and wrong and desire to help people if I can. Nevertheless, I have set my mind on a single goal, and I will not suffer anything to deter me from it.
Ideals: A strange fate has been laid upon me; I cannot let anything stand between it and me.
Bonds: I once suffered horribly at the hands of people who blindly follow a god—I do not trust zealots for any cause except my own.
Flaws: I believe I may have killed many innocents in a fit of rage long ago; I am haunted by gory images that I cannot find a place for in my memories.

He cannot bring himself to hate them.

For all the months worth of sleepless nights. For all the compromises he had to make with his dignity in order to survive and stay ahead of them. For every panicked moment he spent hiding, staying perfectly still until every muscle shuddered with pain, waiting for their sentries to pass by.

He once fancied himself a bit of a traveling hero, wandering here and there in search of people to help and battles against evil to join. In his travels, he had met several tribes of “free Karredrim” who had wandered aimlessly in the wastelands for generations. Most of them had cultivated a sort of hodge-podge cult centered around the memory of their long-lost civilization’s benefits. But when he passed through one particular camp and used his ancestral gift to heal a little girl whose broken leg had turned septic, they all looked at him (with sunken eyes that never seemed pointed in the same direction), mouths agape (with horrifically broken, yellowed teeth), with a religious awe and decided that he was the reincarnation of the long-dead hero of their tribe, “Greyghost the Healer”.

And so when he tried to leave, they hunted him. Across field and plain, over rivers and mountains, they bore the juggernaut of their crusade to capture and bring home “the Glorious”, as they took to calling him. For 13 months, 2 weeks, and 4 days, they hounded his every step, believing he was testing their faith, until the day they caught him, knocked him out, and dragged him back to their cave in jubilation.

When he awoke, he was gagged and tethered to an ancient stone altar, covered in nonsensical hieroglyphs that they’d painted all over him, except for his left hand. He could hear the crowd reciting together the story of “Greyghost”, who promised to return from the land of the dead to lead them to a renewed Karred Maghan. Now that he had returned to them, he just needed something from his past to remind him of his destiny. The crowd began chanting, and someone produced a stone axe and the skeletal left hand of Greyghost.

When they raised the axe above Wick’s left wrist, he passed out. Somewhere behind the walls of sleep, he began to feel his left wrist itching and burning as though he’d stuck it into a nest of fire ants. When he awoke, he saw Greyghost’s hand adjoining itself to the now-bloody stump of his left wrist—muscles and tendons and nerves growing and twisting themselves together over the bleached bones like vines on a trellis. In a moment, his hand looked like new, except for the slight discoloration of the skin.

He does not remember how he freed himself. In his dreams, he recalls brief flashes—none of them provide him with much comfort. He now seeks answers about the strange powers in his new hand in the one place he believes they can be found: the ancient human homeland of Karredral.

He cannot bring himself to hate these humans; they may be the only ones who can give him the answers he seeks.

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