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Old Jan 22nd, 2014, 07:34 PM
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Vallak Silverkin..The Legend Begins

Vallak Silverkin was born in the war torn city of Kenabres, the firstborn child of the great paladins Andus and Beleria Silverkin. The Silverkin's had tried for several years to have a child, and their joy at having a son was almost indescribable.

However, the joy was to be short lived. That much joy, that much goodness, and that much innocence was a shining magnet to the forces of evil. It is still not known how the single demon penetrated the defenses of the wardstone, but once through, it was drawn to the Silverkin house like a moth to a flame.

The Silverkin's did not sense the entity until it was too late, a fact that Vallak's father regretted all the way to his grave years later. When they did detect it, they dropped the dinner dishes and rushed up the flight of stairs to the baby's room. The demon was standing above the basinet with the infant Vallak grasped in it's claws. As the desperate parents lunged forward, the demon leapt out the window and into the night.

The alarm was raised throughout the town. Crusaders donned gear and charged towards the Worldwound, hoping to locate the demon and recover the corpse of the poor infant victim. As the evening turned to morning, and the morning turned to afternoon, one by one the crusaders returned to the town of Kenabres, all empty handed. Knowing that the infant could not have survived, a memorial service was planned for the following morning.

The next morning as the memorial service gathered, a lone rider came limping into town. Both the mount and the rider were covered with grievous wounds, blood and gore caking the rider's white flowing locks. As townsfolk ran to assist her, the rider tumbled from the saddle cradling a bundle protectively in her arms. An elf and a young boy of five cried out and ran towards the rider as she fell. The bundle was the infant Vallak Silverkin, barely clinging to life. The rider was the paladin Alanna Frostmane. She was dead before she hit the ground.

Vallak was raised to honor both the Silverkin name and the sacrifice of Alanna Frostmane. He knows that his faith will be tested, and that he may have to bury family and friends in his quest to rid the world of demonic influence. Vallak and his younger brother Kallav have trained since childhood. They understand that their lives are only as important as the lives of the innocents that they save. They have been taught to embrace sacrifice in the name of good.

Now that his training is complete, Vallak longs for the day when his sword tastes the flesh of demonkind for the first time. His instructors have told him that he is too reckless...too foolhardy. They do not understand what it means to be a Silverkin. They will soon learn.

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