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Old Apr 27th, 2023, 12:40 PM
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It was like child's play. To a third-party individual it would certainly look as much as well! The spectral hand was conjured and provided the needed tools to unfasten the locked door across the hall where the muffled bickering could be heard.

It took maybe ten seconds top to accomplish the feat. With a satisfying >Click< that was almost inaudible over the chat going on within. Cali's work was seamless and awe-inspiring to behold. Practically picking a lock at a distance without even using her own hands!

The door began to move inwards, creaking loudly as it did. Cali had not done this, neither had the two within. It was just simple bad luck brought on from an ill-fitted door frame and hinge. Nothing more. Nothing less.

A cry came from within the room "SHUT-!" the words came sharply with a sharp panic-induced infliction. "the door! Hide!"

"WHERE?!" a hissed replied in response.

There was an uneasy silence that followed. Jules could hear the claw sounds from the other room halt as well before starting once more. Lumbering about the room, yet definitely moving towards the hallway.
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Old Jun 1st, 2023, 01:20 AM
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It wasn't even begrudging, the admiration Jules had for Cali's magical talent. Especially this. High wizards couldn't pick a lock like that. Well, there were probably spells for that sort of thing, but still!

The dummies in the room made enough racket to make the creaking door seem like a church mouse, and Jules heard the telltale sound of a hunter picking up the sound of prey in the room at the end of the hall. Better get in the room and smooth things over. The Thing is on the move. I'll try and slow it down so we can get a look at it.

Jules followed Cali to the other room, removing little sharp sticks like one might use in a miniature spike trap from her belt. She whispered some words and as she did, the spikes lifted from her hand and spun to face the end of the hall. With another druidic command, the spikes launched to where she bid them. Even before they landed, they began to grow and twist across the floor and into the room that held their enemy. Soon the whole hallway was covered in a tangled Spike growth centered on the end of the hall. 20' radiusmass of painfully sharp points.

Jules Bonus Action Hideducked into the room's doorway with the Mage and his retinue, but peered down the hall to see what the creature would make of this new predicament and what even it was.

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