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Old Nov 14th, 2020, 08:34 AM
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October POTM

October was here, then it was not, passing into history like all things in life. But, it left behind some excellent writing here on our boards, and some of it was recognized, and rewarded with a nomination for Post of the Month.

But, only one post can claim the title each month, and for October, that post was by our winner, SonofSamwhich!

You can find the winning post HERE, and other nominated posts here.

This was an introduction post in a new game, and SonofSamWich took us on a deep dive into the PC's character, with just a touch of awkward humor, and a deft hand at details. Nicely done!

Go enjoy the scene, and take a gander at the other fine players who were nominated in October. Enjoy them over some turkey dinner. Then, remember to come back and nominate those players in your games who are worthy of the November Post of the Month competition, because it's going on already!
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