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Old Apr 18th, 2022, 05:23 AM
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Setting specific Feats

Caramon’s Fist
You have been trained to not only inflict pain but also to use it to weaken your target.
• Your unarmed strike critical hit range becomes 19-20.
• When you score a critical hit your target must make a Constitution saving throw against a DC equal to 8 + your Strength or Dexterity bonus (your choice) + your proficiency bonus. On a failed save the target has disadvantage on their next attack and is knocked prone. A successful save indicates the target is just knocked prone.

Kit’s Grin
You have a knack for using your natural charm to get out of bad situations.
• Your Charisma score increases by 1 to a maximum of 20.
• You have advantage on saving throws against the charmed, frightened, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, and stunned conditions.

Lord Soth’s Darkness
Your body has begun manifesting some of the darkness that consumed Lord Soth. While you do not serve the Death Knight, you have, at least, begun embracing his path. (Another explanation for these powers may also apply).
• You learn one 1st level spell that inflicts necrotic damage and may cast that spell once without expending a spell slot. Once you do, you may not do so again until you complete a long rest. However, you may still use a spell slot to cast it again if you have one.
• You gain devil’s sight with a range of 30 feet. If you already have devil’s sight you gain no additional benefit.

Tanis’ Wise Words
You have the ability to always think of the right thing to say and to make others feel at ease around you.
• Your Charisma score increases by 1 to a maximum of 20.
• You have advantage on your first charisma skill or ability check you make against a creature.
• You are immune to the charmed condition.
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