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Old Apr 17th, 2022, 11:30 AM
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Coinage (simplified)
1 Platinum piece (PP) = 10 Electrum pieces = 100 Steel pieces
1 electrum pieces are rarely usedElectrum piece (EP) = 10 Steel pieces
1 the equivalent of the standard DnD gold pieceSteel piece(STL) = 10 Silver Pieces = 20 Gold pieces
1 Silver piece (SP) = 2 Gold pieces = 10 Copper pieces
1 Gold piece (GP) = 5 Copper pieces
1 Copper piece (CP)

Bronze (BP) and Iron pieces (IP) are not currently used, though they have been in the past.

Coins and their value in Dragonlance are a pain in the “draconian’s tail” so I took the liberty of simplifying things so that we won’t be spending hours converting steel pieces to silver and copper ones.

The idea behind this “anomaly” is that gold lost its value after the Cataclysm with steel (but not iron) taking its place as the most valuable metal (platinum and electrum are very rare), since it was the metal that could be used to forge weapons and armor for war. Things are no longer as chaotic as they were in the Age of Despair (or are they?) but the value of steel remains the same with one (1) steel piece (STL) being the equivalent of one (1) gold piece (GP) of any “standard” DnD setting. It will take some getting used to, I know, but I am sure that we will manage.
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