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Haryn: Where Gods Tread

Game NameHaryn: Where Gods Tread
Game SystemDnD 5e
ThemeOn Haryn there are no kings, the dragons are long dead, and Gods walk among mortals. Traditional fantasy archetypes are challenged and players can truly forge their own destiny.
FlavourThe Haryn campaign will emphasize character development, morality and choice, political machinations, and tactical strategy on multiple levels. Forewarning, this is an *adult* style world and may involve graphic themes, touching on bigotry, harrowing events, and moral ambiguity.
Plot Summary
Game Details
Erethambria, Capital City of Haryn and Seat of the Wardhyr Church
right-aligned image

This is a fully fleshed world crafted over years where campaigns explored the mysteries and inner-workings of the Haryn and its history. Haryn was designed with a mind of “realistic” fantasy. For example, why wouldn’t dragons and giants dominate every fantasy landscape? Their lack of tyranny had to be explained. How would the evolution of technology be affected by magic? IT was contemplated and incorporated.

After advancing onto new projects, systems, and new campaign worlds, Haryn has sat on the shelf gathering dust for nearly a decade, but I have now re-purposed it for 5th Edition and am looking for players who would like to explore a truly unique setting with a rich history and make decisions that will alter the ever-growing history of Haryn. Many of the events described in the extensive "History of Haryn" are actually the events of past campaigns. Now, with an intertwined rich history, the Haryn setting allows a multitude of choices in any given campaign—where successful efforts could echo throughout the annals, or where aspirant heroes are ground to dust under the ever-churning wheels of destiny.

The background material for the world is In excess of 75 pages and 60,000 wordsextensive. I do not require, nor expect, you to read all the material before submitting your application—or even before we begin playing—however, feel free to do so. The entire background material can be found HERE. Throughout the application I will also link specific information that may be pertinent to a specific character.

A Brief History of Haryn

The Wardhyr
There are seven deities in the Wardhyr pantheon, each with his or her own portfolio of influences and interests. The Church teaches that Ahlya is the chief deity of the pantheon, though her position as such is due primarily to her predating the arrival of the pantheon on Haryn in her previous incarnation as the fire goddess Tleizasaage and the fact that she opened Haryn to the other gods in the concluding days of the Great Revolution.

There have been three other gods worshiped by humans on Haryn during recorded history. They are described below, though worship of them is non-existent and futile as they are dead and no longer grant divine power to any supplicant.

Postscript About the Wardhyr
I have received some feedback since posting the initial ad and wanted to give some more color on the Wardhyr and the Church.

The Wardhyr are not, in anyway, inherently tyrannical or evil. The Church is the dominant force in Haryn society, but it is also the primary reason why dragons and elves do not rule the land, why a sick child does not die in its crib, and why society can exist in relative peace for hundreds of years at a time. Remember, unlike virtually every other fantasy or historical setting--there has *never* been outright war between the Wardhyr adherents. Firespeakers have never clashed with Gonduthons on the field of battle, dwarves and gnomes and humans and halflings have been at peace with one The Waroc and Elves are different threats and entirely different cultures.another for 1500 years. Even when Fenhrial was exiled no civil war or conflict emerged. The Church of the Wardhyr has accomplished what very few other organizations have (in parallel universes) relative harmony and peace within one society for many centuries. The reason people follow the Wardhyr is not out of fear or mindless automation,they follow it because the Wardhyr and the Church has made their lives better.

Game Rules
  • I will expect you to have read as a minimum the free Basic Rules before applying. If you have the PHB, even better. If you're thinking 'My God, who can be bothered to read this much?!’ then D&D probably isn't for you, and this campaign is especially not for you.
  • Although not required, reading through the Haryn material will greatly assist you in the character creation process. LINK.
  • Posting rate: Every other day (3x a week). I am looking for a faster pace base of players.
  • Your character posts should be more than a handful of lines. I'll expect to see some sensible embellishment, something nice to read that pushes the story forward and engages your fellow players. You are not just playing with the DM, you are also playing with your team. Posts should try to include the 4 core elements of pbp roleplay, a DESCRIPTIVE element, a HOOK (or ENGAGE) element, an ACTION element, and a MOTIVE element.
  • I'll expect you to fully read each post made before yours as missing things can cripple the flow.
  • I'll expect you to use a spellchecker.
  • A stat block is required and it's the player's responsibility to ensure it is up to date after each post.
  • If you have a question or problem in game - just ask! I am quite flexible when given good basis and explanation. However, as they say - the DM's word is final.
Character Creation
  • All published WotC 5e material is allowed. UNEARTHED ARCANA IS NOT ALLOWED (with exception of Skill Feats).
  • You do not need a fully finalized character sheet upon application.
  • Include the word "steel" in your application.
  • Beginning at level 3.
  • We will be using standard point buy for ability scores - 15,14,13,12,10,8.
  • Number of Players: I am looking for a group of five to seven, although I will run a Although VERY early in the applicaiton process, there seems to be some interest in exploring the more heretical, rebellious concepts of Haryn. For your information, while some rebellion and conflict with the Wardhyr Church is good, there is limited room for that in the primary group (meaning one such person may be selected for the primary group). However, if there is a strong enough interest and applications from our heretics, the secound group may be made up of a concept of "outcasts," heretics, and others who are a bit less conforming to traditions of Haryn. Please keep that in mind while submitting characters.second group in its own independent campaign if there is enough solid applications. The anticipated party composition will be 2-3 Waroc and 3-4 Wardhyr I have no issues with you submitting BOTH a waroc character and a Wardhyr charactercharacters. If there is little interest in Waroc characters than the campaign can progress with a Wardhyr only party.
  • Application Deadline: July 15th July 6, Midnight PST

Character Guide & Application TemplateFeel free to add more to this if you feel it necessary, but all applications should include the following.
Name: Haryn names follow the traditional racial name suggestions.
Race: The table below describes the role each playable race has in Haryn. If you wish to play a Rare or Exceedingly Rare race, then you'll need to supplement your application with a compelling and appropriate reason, or better yet, PM me to discuss beforehand. (Links to more detailed race descriptions can be found by clicking on each race's name)

Class + Subclass: The roles of traditional D&D classes are altered in Haryn, as some classes are only available to certain races or members of certain organizations. Although the clergy are heavily involved in the structure of Haryn, please please please do not feel obligated to play one for that reason alone. “ If you have an idea or desire to play a class that falls outside the normal parameters, please feel free to PM and discuss the concept. (Links to more detailed class descriptions, limitations, and roles of each class in Haryn can be found by clicking on each class)

Appearance: Please include a picture accompanied by a descriptive paragraph.
Alignment: Any, subject to class restrictions.
Chosen Deity: Religion is central to the Haryn structure. Both the Wardhyr and the Waroc tribal totems are worshipped as a whole pantheon, although individuals may have loyalty to a specific god or totem.
Background: Published or custom (we can discuss mechanics)
Personality Traits: One to two traits.
Ideal: One Ideal
Bond: One Bond
Flaw: One or more Flaws
Personality: Describe the personality of your character.
History: Provide a short back-story, such as where you acquired your talents.

About You
Realistic posting rate: You will be held to this all campaign. So ensure it's realistically something you can maintain.
Previous role playing experience: I am looking for a mix of people and will take veterans and enthusiastic newer players.
Number of forum games you're currently playing: Given the scope of the campaign, the expected storyline, and my style I would like you to ensure that you have sufficient time to focus on Haryn.
Roleplay Sample: Optional - recommended if you do not have a strong history of previous/current game participation. Feel free to link to prior game posts so I don't have to troll through your post history.
Don't Roll Dice in This ThreadDon't roll dice in this thread. Not that you'd have any reason to.

ByronBulbLunn BonerattleGoblinBarbarian (Ancestral Guardian)Complete
PeasOfCrabForalvic SteelhoofDwarvenBarbarian (Dwarven Battlerager)Complete
GeneTOslov DubenecHumanBard (Glamour)Complete
NasrithLiam the LeopardHumanBard (Swords)Complete
TomplumNeddy "Ten-Cuts" CourserHumanCleric/ThiefComplete
Chri2mOmrik LindalHalflingDruid (Circle of the Moon)Complete
BanalityBobJhorry CandlemanHumanFighter (Battlemaster)Complete
Parzival FairBrand GreymaneHumanFighter (Cavalier)Complete
GirlplayEllyjoybellRock GnomeFighter (Champion)Complete
StonesungAltan TsusnumHobgoblinFighter (Purple Dragonknight)WIP
hafrogmanDain BladewalkerHobgoblinFighter (Samurai)Complete
Kaneda ShepardOz PinkoGoblinFighter/RogueComplete
PeasOfCrabTurrak, son of Turrhec, of the Haagl TalanGoblinLegendteller (Grave cleric)Complete
The Rat QueenMelisendeHumanLifegiverComplete
AnthrueserBranHumanPaladin of DevotionComplete
saratek187Constance WintersborneHumanPaladin of VengeanceComplete
GothaRazil RatrunnerGoblinRanger (Gloomstalker)Complete
KymrelAkrin VeltHumanRogue (Arcane Trickster)Complete
MartynAleksander Lliam SteelgraveHumanRogue (Inquisitive)Complete
DrachenspiritKilra NightwoodAasimarWarlockComplete
MontageManiacKayne CyireHalf-ElfWarlock/PaladinComplete
Begon UgoKilgoreOrcWaroc Tribal LegendtellerComplete
AladdinPeltbrand LaughshieldGnomeWavewalker (Tempest)Complete
JReidIovyth Tor'ValeonHumanWizardComplete
TheDragonQueenRayna VidravHumanWizard - NecromancyComplete
We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.
Pillaging in Saga of the Jomsvikings, surviving the trap of Krakole Pass, and Weaving the Epic Saga of Haryn
I have taken the Oath of Sangus

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Nice, man. Perfect timing too, one of my games just fell through. Let me read through some of this stuff and I'll get an application up.
Sorry folks, life caught up with me. I'm still catching up to it; be patient with me!
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Thanks for the opportunity, but I'm going to withdraw this application. Good luck and have a great game!
I have taken the Oath of Sangus

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right-aligned image
Name: Kilra Nightwood

Race: Aasimar

Class: Warlock
- - - - - - - Celestial Patron, Pact of the Chain, Redish-brown Weasel Familiar

Alignment: CG


Appearance: Kilra stands at an impressive I rolled randomly for this so I'm going for it.6'4" tall. She is tall and lean and weighs something less than 140 lbs. She has emerald green jewel-toned eyes with hair that is deep auburn colored in some places, blending to an almost bright red in others. She is very beautiful, and tends to stand out, not only because of her height. She almost always has her hood up on her robe, unless she is in the company of those who know her well, and far from civilization.

Chosen Deity: Whatever is popular where she is, actually no chosen Diety.

Background: Sailor

Personality Traits: Kilra likes a job well done, especially if she can convince someone else to do it.

Ideal: Freedom: For her the sea represents freedom, the freedom to go anywhere and do anything. This is why she took to it early on.

Bond: In a harbor town, I have a dear friend whose friendship stole me from the sea.

Flaw: I'll say anything to avoid having to do extra work.

Personality: Kilra is easy going and carefree, though driven when it comes to seeking out new things and places. She's got a smile for days for her friends, and a never-forget attitude to those who have wronged or hurt her or her friends. She's secretive and closed off to anyone she doesn't know, and with good reason. She respects those that solve things with weapons and force, but she doesn't just believe, she knows that it is the way of wielding magical power that truly changes thing. It is her steel resolve that has always gotten her though things.

History: Kilra hails from the Selshan Isles. Her family actually owns land on several islands and some islands outright. They raise all manner of crops, but Muscadines are their biggest yield and money maker. Kilra comes from a bloodline that manifests an Aasimar every 6th or 7th generation. They actually look for it in the large family, and try to downplay it and even hide the fact. The rest of her family, even her twin brother have darker olive skin, and some deeply tanned and light brown. If there hadn't been witnesses, Kilra would have been thought planted on her mother at her birth.

For Kilra, she's felt like she was the pawn in a larger game her whole life.

At an early age she was touched by dark powers, and her inner Celestial light was replaced by shadow. For many years she struggled with this, and it made her family crazy almost. Strange abilities and powers of shadow and darkness started to emerge. One day it was bad enough for her, this internal struggle, that she stowed away on a ship owned by an older cousin. Her twin brother was a sailor's apprentice of sorts, and kept her in hiding for a few days until a storm caused them to run ashore; a minor shipwreck if you will. She was found out and fled into the interior of the small island during the stormy night.
She crawled out on a rocky outcropping, intent on throwing herself off of it, when her skeletal ghostly wings sprouted forth. She didn't realize they wouldn't allow her to fly, so she lay down on the ledge, thinking she didn't even have the power to freely kill herself. She cried out for whoever and whatever had made her this way to free her from the miserable life. A bright light came from nowhere, and everywhere, and spoke to her. The Celestial says it is the one who blessed her bloodline and it can show her enlightenment and peace, as well as the freedom she speaks of and how to control these forces within her.

She agrees, just wanting out of her miserable existence and makes a pact right then and there. She finds that her Patron is the spirit of a long gone celestial who sees the pact as a way for it to continue to influence the world. It says it will open her eyes to a world and ways that have been hidden to her. And it does.

She quickly finds that it wants and demands a few things. At first she feels she can't go on with this Pact, though it's life binding, but then she just gets used to it after she learns more and more. She finds that when she is using an eldritch invocation, she must speak the patron's name aloud or risk incurring its displeasure.

She is also "Blessed", or cursed depending on how you view it, with a 'Binding Mark.' When using an eldritch invocation, a golden halo springs into existence slightly above her head (1 inch off her head). She's learned to keep a large, tall hood over her head should she need to keep this hidden.

Over the next several years, she learns, practices, travels the Isles and the coast. She even researches when she can.
It was here, several years ago that she met her now dear friend Rayna. That... is another story.


About You

Realistic posting rate: Usually once a day. Work trips and occasional family events may have me skipping a day.

Previous role playing experience: Many, many, genres. My favorites are D&D 2E & Cortex Serenity RPG. D&D 5E is growing on me though. I've been RPing Play-by-post off and on - mostly on - since 2001. Before that it was table top when I could find a game, usually D&D, but occasionally Mechwarrior a time or two.

Number of forum games you're currently playing: 8, not counting this one, and 2 Games I am DM/GM of.

Roleplay Sample: Links forthcoming.

CharacterPost LocationType of Post
SapphireLinkCharacter Depth
RazaLinkCharacter Vehemence
Alpha MaleLinkCharacter Humor
Posting Status: Slow Bit of a stomach bug put me on bed rest for a bit. Catching up slowly.

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Name: Razli Ratrunner

Race: Goblin

Class: Ranger (Gloomstalker)

right-aligned image

Short and gaunt Ralzi is a runt even for a Goblin but he carries himself as someone who basks in violence. His face is round with sharp ears and beady red eyes. His gaze is playful but vicious. When he stares at you he looks through you showing neither dominance or submission. His mouth is small normally resting half open, baring his sharp teeth in a cheeky grin that is both a welcoming and a warning.

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Chosen Deity: The Badger and the Bat make the Rat.

Background: Outlander

Personality Traits: I blow up at the slightest insult.
I'm driven by a wanderlust that led me away from home.

Ideal: Independence. I am a free spirit--no one tells me what to do.

Bond: My family, clan, or tribe is the most important thing in my life, even when they are far from me

Flaw: I too often hear veiled insults and threats in every word addressed to me, and I'm quick to anger.
I'd rather kill someone in their sleep than fight fair.

Personality: Razli is cheeky, cunning, and malicious. He enjoys a fair bit of mischief but is sensitive at being the on the receiving end of jokes. He hides his warmer side behind a vicious napoleon complex, normally pushing even friendly fights further than it needs to be to compensate for his small size. If you are one of the few who can get him to drop his charade you will find an oddly gentle and curious soul with a disdain for violence. Like his namesake he has a passion for exploring and will try to sneak himself into any crack or crevice he can finds, to many female ogres chagrin.


Realistic posting rate: I am normally able to make a few post from work and have ample free time after. I began doing pbp so that it will force be to continue writing even when the motivation wanes. I should be able to keep up with one major post a week and two or three minor follow ups.

Previous role playing experience: I have been doing table top games for about 14 years mostly WoD and variants of DND. I began doing Pbp a few years ago on this sight including a little GM experience.

Number of forum games you're currently playing:4

Roleplay Sample: A post

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Wow. Fantastic details, love the setting after what I've already read. Somehow the Maccinor have captured my imagination. I'm thinking about applying with a Rogue Arcane Trickster who has the unenviable job of spying on the clergy for reasons...

My application is now complete!

Akrin Velt – Also known as Jaspin Howser
right-aligned image
Name: Akrin Velt

Alias: Jaspin Howser

Race: Human (Variant)

Class + Subclass: Rogue – Arcane Trickster

Appearance: Akrin is a man who most people can look at in a crowd and forget again after they look away. He is of average height, neither especially broad or skinny. His dark hair and brown eyes don’t stand out in any way, nor does the three-day stubble he tends to sport. He could be considered handsome by some, but his narrow chin and a nose slightly too large for his face mute that effect somewhat.

A man of many faces, Akrin dresses for the role he plays at any given moment. With his current assignment he prefers a tough leather armor covered by a gentile west and roomy jacket with puffy sleeves, designed to hide the bulk of his armor. He wears dark leather trousers and tends to be armed with a long but light blade, a sharp steel dagger in his belt and a second hidden in his high leather boots. When out of the city he tends to bring a small rug sack and either a short but powerful bow or a crossbow, as well as a quiver filled with the corresponding ammunition.

Alignment: Chaotic-Good. Akrin beliefs the theocratical system has to change, and wants that change to lead to a better society.

Chosen Deity: Akrin pays lip service to the Pantheon of the Wardhyr and occasionally says a prayer to Darwyth when the stakes are high, but he is not a very religious person.

Background: Criminal (Spy)

Personality Traits:
- I am a man of infinite patience. Once I have a mission, it doesn’t matter how tough things look or how long it might take me, I see things through.
- I look down on the wealthy upper classes, people who have never had to go hungry and have never wanted for anything in their lives. People who work hard and excel at what they do are to be respected, not those who were born to riches and high status.

Ideal: Change. The gods will eventually die or leave this world and humanity has to be ready when that time comes. If the clergy loses its divine authority there could be complete chaos. It is better to erode the power of the religious orders slowly before this happens and eventually set up a system with a purely secular government.

Bond: I am a sworn member of the Maccinor and a true believer in the cause they fight for. I will die before betraying my fellow conspirators, but I will also kill without hesitation anyone who has betrayed the cause or threatens the organization in any way.

Flaw: I have a weakness for a pretty face, an expensive bottle of liquor and a high-stakes card game. Preferably all at once.

Personality: Arkin is so used to playing a role he sometimes forgets what he likes or dislikes himself, or confuses it with the role he most recently played in the service of the Maccinor. He is a driven individual, a true believer in the change he is trying to bring to society, but when he’s not on the job he can be relaxed and pleasant to be around.

Although they would probably never notice, Arkin has a strong dislike for authority figures and overly religious people. When the two combine he has nothing but contempt to offer. This means that he will never call a member of the clergy his friend, but he will pretend to be to get closer to them.

Akrin avoids confrontation, preferring to solve problems without resorting to violence. He is a decent swordsman but lacks any notion of personal honor. If challenged to a duel by someone he thinks he would be unable to defeat, he is more likely to run away or try to kill his target in secret before the duel is to take place than to show up and die for some perceived notion of honor. If he needs to kill someone, he feels that it is best to do it in such a way that this someone has no idea it’s coming. It’s better for everyone involved if the death is quick, quiet and risk-free for Akrin.



About me
Realistic posting rate: I can post on most days, if needed. Since real life has a way of interfering, let’s call it 3-4 times per week.

Previous role playing experience: I am 41 years old and have been playing role playing games for 27 years now, and although I still have a face-to-face game going, the reality of adult life means my group can't play as often as we'd like. This is why I turned to PbP a few years ago, and have found it to be a wonderful addition. I started playing back in the early 90s with the old D&D from the red and blue (and black and gold) boxes, then migrated to AD&D 2nd edition. I didn't play much 3/3.5 but a bit of Pathfinder and now quite a bit of 5e now that it is out. I have played too many other game systems to count through the years.

Number of forum games you're currently playing: I currently play in two games here on RPG Crossing. I play Edmund Trellian, a wizard and investigator, in the Curse of Strahd and Chabal, an elven Preserver Wizard in the Dark Sun game Under the Dark Sun. As you can see from browsing the games I post quickly and with (I hope) fairly good quality.

I also play in two active FFG Star Wars games on a different forum (as well as one that appears to be dead or on a long hiatus, sadly). I play Colthar Taverian, a former Imperial spy turned rebel for all the wrong reasons in Friends Like These and Liaka Atala, a Twi’lek rebel squadron leader in Hope’s Endeavor. Both of those are fairly slow paced but have great players with excellent posts.

Although it might seem I’m in a fair number of games, I am very confident I have the time and motivation to play in another game or three! A clear indication of this is the fact that I am often the first player to post after a GM post moves the story forward and I respond to posts by other players when that is called for in a prompt manner.

People say I'm evil and twisted, but I really have the heart of a young boy. In a jar, on my desk.

I have taken the Oath of Sangus.

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Greetings! This is your friendly moderator check-in. Based on the opening post's comment that "this is an *adult* style world and may involve graphic themes, touching on erotica, bigotry, harrowing events, and moral ambiguity" I'm just making sure that everyone present is aware of the site's PG-13 rules (which we don't enforce to be mean, but rather because we will lose Google advertising). It is quite possible to touch on volatile subjects in the gaming setting while remaining PG-13. It has also happened in the past that some people take them too far. Please think carefully about how you address subjects that may make other players uncomfortable and that might stray out of the PG-13 arena.

Many thanks! We appreciate everything everyone does to make this a great place to play.

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Originally Posted by kymrel View Post
Wow. Fantastic details, love the setting after what I've already read. Somehow the Maccinor have captured my imagination. I'm thinking about applying with a Rogue Arcane Trickster who has the unenviable job of spying on the clergy for reasons...
I will have rogue details up by tonight, just need to proof first (and there is a lot of rogue material).

@Aethera - Thanks for the heads up. Edited the themes a bit and will make sure everyone stays within community guidelines.
We understand how dangerous a mask can be. We all become what we pretend to be.
Pillaging in Saga of the Jomsvikings, surviving the trap of Krakole Pass, and Weaving the Epic Saga of Haryn
I have taken the Oath of Sangus
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Thanks again, Dark Paladin. The game sounds awesome.
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Character Application
Name: Rayna Vidrav
Race: Human
Class + Subclass: Phaedashyn Wizard - School of Necromancy
STR: 9
DEX: 13
CON: 15
INT: 16
WIS: 14
CHA: 11
left-aligned image

Appearance: With her steelly gaze, Rayna always focuses on her next goal. Brown eyes gleam with intense interest as reddish blonde wisps of hair break free from a makeshift band to hold back the main she never quite learned how to tame. Some would call Rayna petite, others call her fun sized, but that just made it that much easier to read books and study things that others didn't seem to notice. A little on the chubbier side, she never liked to go out exercising much, unless she had her nose in a book. On her head, she always had a Find Familar spelllittle pet rat reading over whatever she was reading.

right-aligned image
Chosen Deity: Gonduthon
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Languages: Common and Elven, two more
Background: Anthropologist
Personality Traits: I prefer the company of those who aren't like me, including people of other races. I would risk life and limb to discover more about dead cultures.
Ideal: Knowledge By understanding other races and cultures, we learn to understand ourselves.
Bond: I want to learn more about a particular elvenhumanoid culture that fascinates me.
Flaw: I talk to myself, and I don't make friends easily. I tend to get caught up in the knowledge and forget the people around me have feelings.
Personality: Rayna loves to know everything, even at the risk of sounding rude or insensitive. She gets very excited when she comes across ruins, especially those of the elves. When she finds someone stupid enough to ask her what she found she will ramble on for hours regarding what the findings could potentially mean, and take notes to the extreme regarding the potential. Her journals are filled with thoughts, findings, and pictures.
Skill Proficiency Insight, Religion
History: As a young child Rayna always loved to hear stories. Especially history books. When she grew up she learned that there was ways to literally unearth the stories of the past, those that have long been forgotten. Since she had an affinity for reading and history, and had a bit of power, Rayna fought hard to get into one of the largest Wizard schools for humans at Port Navos.

The best day of her life was getting accepted into the school, she took the trip there from her home town of Sevenspires as quickly as she could. While there, she studied until she fell asleep each night, her drool sticking pages together of ancient texts to this day. Due to her interest in history, it was suggested she focus in Necromancy, a spell school that got little attention due to it's darker abilities. Rayna was hesitant at first, but the ability to potentially find and talk to the deceased of long forgotten creatures, even if far down the road, was something she couldn't pass up on. While in Port Navos she made a few friends, including an Aasimar Warlock due to her interest in the strange combination. Since then they have been fast friends and will talk over anything and everything as long as drinks are included. Now she has graduated, and is ready to go on a journey, to explore the words from the past, and prove that the magic of Phaedashyn was better than that of Aedar. Perhaps her friend, Kilra, will join, or perhaps this is when they go their separate ways.

About You
Realistic posting rate: 3 x a week is fine, if not more.
Previous role playing experience: DM and player of 5e for over 4 years, started playing in 2002. Have played Pathfinder, Starfinder (DMed as well), 3.5, GURPS, Shadowrun, Mechwarrior, and Rifts
Number of forum games you're currently playing: DMing two, player in seven. This amount doesn't affect my ability to participate in multiple stories.
Roleplay Sample:

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Character Application

Name: Jhorry Candleman
Race: Human (standard)
Class+Subclass: Fighter + Battle Master
STR: 16
DEX: 11
CON: 15
INT: 13
WIS: 9
CHA: 14
Jhorry stands around six feet tall with short, dark brown hair and a muscular build. His face is ruggedly handsome with heavy, dark brows, dark brown eyes, long lashes, and a strong jaw that he tries to keep with less than a day’s stubble. His left ear is heavily damaged, barely there at all, and he has many small scars over his body and calloused hands from years of dangerous work. His clothing tends towards simple tunics, pants, and boots, and his armor and weapons are functional and unadorned but very well taken care of, many with a careful stitch or two from rough hands repairing them.
Alignment: NG
Chosen Deity: The Wardhyr, although he tends to pray to Ehrilon more often than the others
Background: Mercenary Veteran
Personality Traits: I can stare down a Hell-Hound without flinching
Ideal: There's a reason I'm good at what I do, I pay attention to the details.
Bond: Someone saved my life on the battlefield. To this day, I will never leave a friend behind.
Flaw: I enjoy the open road. Underground and tight spaces make me very nervous.

At first, Jhorry seems terse, reserved, and a little brooding with closed body language—crossed arms and piercing eyes. After getting to know him, however, that’s just how his face is. He is soft spoken but is constantly cracking wise with off the cuff comments, observations and sassy remarks. As such, he seldom seems to take situations seriously in word, although that is in direct opposition to his actions, as he will spring to work efficiently if needed. His work ethic is strong, and he puts in more than his full share setting up camp, pulling out chairs for companions, carrying gear or drinks for them, and making sure they get back to their beds safely after going deep in their cups. Jhorry isn’t a full boy scout though. He enjoys laughter and fun, occasionally drinking, gambling, or indulging in moderation, but he does make sure that he always can move out in the morning. He’s hard of hearing in his left ear after being hit in the head by a mace years back, and much of his terseness and reserve is due to this as he is loathe to draw attention to the fact that he occasionally has difficulties fully hearing what was said to him.

Born to candlemakers in Grethambria, Jhorry was a spirited but dutiful child who dreamed of glory and heroism while helping his parents with their shop. He was inspired by the warriors, paladins, and knights of the Wardhyr, often spending his free time shadowing their training grounds and barracks. He was a friendly child as well, making friends easily with both the local children and the warriors he looked up to, but his family was poor, and as he grew, the money or status needed to gain a place in the church’s legions never materialized, and there never seemed to be spare coin despite the work he did for his parents and afterwards in odd jobs around the neighborhood.

Until one day, at seventeen, his mother presented him a sword. It was scrubbed of the rust that once riddled it, shining dully in the candlelight of their home, obviously much used and blade nicked, but still whole. She had scrounged coppers for years, saving to make her son’s dream a reality, and she took him to meet a company of men who were staying at a local inn, sending him off with a pack of supplies. The band of men were members of Myrdon’s Cavalry, and they accompanied the now overjoyed lad to Vorsevren.

It was a long trip, but that gave him time for some of the mercenaries to instruct the lad on the basics of the blade, and his good humor and willingness to work hard endeared him to them. He didn’t fully embarrass himself in the tournament a few months later, and over the next three years, he grew in both skill and courage in his training. Since then, he has traveled on and off with various mercenary companies and alone, working as a guard for various caravans or security work, enjoying his new life to the fullest.

About You

Realistic posting rate: 3+ per week
Previous role playing experience: Over 20 years tabletop. Over 15 online.
Number of forum games you're currently playing: None here. I just made an account, but I’ve been lurking looking for a game that struck my fancy for the last 6 months.
Roleplay Sample:
Combat Roleplay
’The Wadhyr help us all.’
Jhorry shifted his weight to steady his stance, wishing he had more than leathers between him and the beast’s jaws. His shield was splintered, and he hoped one of his traveling companions knew mending magic, as a few more blows might cause the still solid wood to break beyond use. Still, there was work to be done, and he and the steel in his hand had spent more time in skirmishes such as this than most he was traveling with.

“Hey, ugly,” he yelled as the beast started eyeing his fellows, “everybody knows the sweetest meat’s wrapped toughest. Come get a bite.”

He smacked the flat of his blade against the shield, making a loud clang, then readied himself to take the brunt of the creature’s assault. Forget reparative magic. He hoped there was a healer present.

Out of Combat Roleplay
Jhorry never was one to drink to excess, but he knew the power libation held in engendering camaraderie in both colleagues and employers alike. As such, he’d offered to buy the first round, and was on his way back to the table with a tray of frothy brews from the bar in the backwater inn his caravan had opted to stop in this evening. He deftly dodged around a serving girl, giving her a small tightening of the mouth that passed as a smile before coming up to his table.

“Drink up,” he said, smile slightly larger and warmer as he slid into his seat, pushing the tray to the middle of the table where all could reach and snagging a tankard for himself.

“What’s on docket for tonight?” he added, “Bertram, you challenging the entertainment to a singing competition again?”
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Posting interest. I’ll try to have something up around Thursday or Friday.

PCs: Dramoth "Nova" / Rhokax Soulreader / Keeruk / Kayne Cyire / Nicholas McLeod
GM: Scales of War 5e & Yeohven: Fall from Grace
Work is... well... it's something. Sorry for any delays!
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right-aligned image
Name: Aleksander Lliam Steelgrave
Race: Human
Class: Rogue/Inquisitive
STR 10DEX 16CON 12INT 14WIS 14Cha 8

Alignment: LN
Chosen Deity: Gonduthon
Background: Urban Bounty Hunter
Personality Traits: I am always calm, no matter what the situation. I never raise my voice or let my emotions control me.
Ideal: No one should get preferential treatment before the law, and no one is above the law
Bond: Someone I loved died because of I mistake I made. That will never happen again.
Flaw: I am too enamored of ale, wine, and other intoxicants.
Once I pick a goal, I become obsessed with it to the detriment of everything else in my life.



Adversary: Maurice St. Claire (pronounced Sinclaire)- A master spy to whom Xander unwittingly fed bad information, who then took revenge by assassinating Xander's sister Oretta.

About MeRealistic posting rate: I'm retired- I can post once every day (some days more). However I doubt you'll find a whole group that will post more than 3 per week.
Previous role playing experience: Every edition of DND, Rolemaster, Traveler, Shadowrun 2e /3e/5e, Behind Enemy Lines
Number of forum games you're currently playing: Two. (One is primarily combat so I'm not sure it counts )
Roleplay Sample:

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Application - Complete
right-aligned image
Race: Orc
Class: Waroc Tribal Legendteller (Circle of the Moon Druid)
Alignment: Chaotic good
Deity: Boar: Celvedal of Many Scars

Appearance: Grizzled and wizened, Kilgore looks every bit his advanced age. His pale green skin is stretched taut against his skull which only serves to accentuate his sharp and yellowing protruding tusks. His face always wears a severe expression, severe enough to give even fellow Waroc pause. His hair has receded to the point that it hangs white and limp in a pony-tail that starts at the back of his bald scalp.

The devout follower of Celvedal rarely wears clothing to cover his upper body. He prefers to display the innumerable ritual scars that cover his sallow skin. He has a stylized boar print branded into his right cheek.

Personality: Kilgore loves the Waroc and he detests the humans for their self-serving betrayal. Kilgore believes that the Waroc stand for all that is right in the world. They live in harmony with nature and move with the seasons, as it should be. Humans have corrupted the land in their relentless quest for progress.

Because of these beliefs, the orc legendteller, can come across as irascible, especially when confronted with non-pious Waroc. He sees himself as a protector of Waroc culture and this can cause him to be initially distrusting to any and all outsiders. He is not one to counsel patience when confronted with danger, seeing the appropriate response to be violence, overwhelming violence and rage. When he speaks he is soft spoken, with a rattling phlegm filled voice. He believes that actions matter much more than words.

Background: Far Traveler
Ideal: I seek to prove my self worthy of Celvedal's favor by matching my actions against his example.
Bond: I will do anything...ANYTHING... to protect the my people.
Flaw: Don't expect me to save those who can't save themselves. It is nature's way that the strong thrive and the weak perish.

History: 44GR, the date of the Great Betrayal. According to the humans, almost 1,300 years ago, lost in the mists of time. To us of the Waroc...it was only yesterday. The humans and their allies have moved on, pushing into the great Plains and beyond, as they always do. No thought to the past or to the consequences of their cowardly actions on that fateful day and everyday since. We remember...we do not and will not forget their treachery.

This is the sour curdled milk that all Waroc young are weaned on from birth. Their wandering existence on the outskirts of civilization have led the Orcs and their kin to be hard and merciless. This was the environment into which Kilgore was raised and thrived. For some...maybe for most of the Waroc, the tales of the past are soon forgotten or paid lip service. It is inevitable at some point as limited resources need to be harnessed towards daily survival.

For Kilgore, the stories of the past, the anger at the Great Betrayal, became his daily nourishment. His ready anger was recognized early and he was raised in the shadow of the Boar following in the footsteps of Celvedal. His family was proud of his spiritual journey and he grew into a fanatic for his totem. In his twenty fifth year he completed his rite of passage and earned the right to be known as a Legendteller. He journeyed through the snows and ice of the Valley of Storms and onto the Northern Steppes. After weeks of tracking he was able to confront the white furred Dire Bear. Though deeply scarred from the encounter, Kilgore was able to incapacitate the bear long enough to remove a dagger-like canine tooth. The tooth now hangs around Kilgore's neck, a sign of his rank and status in the tribe.

Through the years Kilgore led his kin in battle. It was in this atmosphere of pain and rage that Kilgore felt most at peace. He led his people from the front, leaving the tactics and strategy to those so inclined. Wild shaping into various beasts of nature, Kilgore would rip through the Wardhyr ranks. He relished the opportunity to punish the humans for their insolence.

What bothered him the most, though he would never admit it, was that he always assumed he would meet someone of the Wardhyr that would prove his bigotry wrong. That day never came.

About MePosting Rate: Every day with no problem
Previous RPG experience: 5e since December
Number of games in progress: 7 active campaigns, 1 as DM
RP Samples:
Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.
I have taken The Oath of Sangus

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left-aligned image

Name: Ellyjoybell (will answer to Elly, Joy, or Bell)
Race: Rock Gnome
Class: Fighter - champion (archer)

Appearance: Elly has a long, feminine figure and a pretty face, which gets her called 'cute' a lot - which she could honestly live without. Her narrow frame makes her look tall, though in truth she's just slightly above average height for a Gnome. With her dirty, blond hair and lovely, blue eyes, she could have been quite a heartbreaker if she wanted to be. And mostly, she doesn't want to be. She's never worn a single iota of makeup in her life and abandoned wearing dresses when she was a little girl. Her hair is almost always in practical braids and she doesn't much consider or care about fashion. The only accessory she ever wears is a simple, beaded necklace. She never bothered to adorn her armor with any kind of decoration and dresses for utility, not fashion.

Alignment: neutral good
Chosen Deity: none / all
Background: Urchin

Personality Traits: Somber: she has a hard time relaxing and not overthinking things or taking everything seriously.
Generous: she is very giving of her time and attention, always willing to listen and help any good cause.
Ideal: Where I have the ability, I will strive to make the world a better place for everyone.
Bond: Redemption: Elly has been a killer nearly all her life but has had a hard time coming to terms with it. She actively seeks to do good and make amends for the harm that she feels that she's caused in the world.
Flaw: Elly can't take a joke and thinks that pranks of any kind are cruel, and has a really hard time hiding the fact. Cruelty of any kind causes her to lose her composure.



Girlplay is a creative spinner who roleplays on Earth.

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