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Old 12-24-2018, 01:28 AM
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Holiday Special

Those of you who have the time and want to add something to your characters or one of your contacts background:
How did NAME spend a Christmas he will always remember (good or bad)? Or what was her/his most memorable New Year‘s Eve?

There will be a small ingame boon for those participating, fitting the spirit of the season
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Warning: kids at home :-D
Old 12-25-2018, 07:45 PM
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Trish Southerland:

Christmas had been pretty lonely for Trish the last couple years, her parents wouldn't talk to her and her sister barely spoke to her anymore. They were all good little corporate drones and to be honest were more then a little scared that they'd lose what they had from association with their "criminal daughter". Still she was doing good (deeds) now and that had to count for something, even if it didn't pay for much more then barely being able keep the lights on...Most of the time anyway.

She was still shaken about the troll that had attacked her, even though it'd been over a week ago. He hadn't come back, thank god, but she was still worried that he might. Trish hadn't really thought about the dangers of having a street clinic like this. She just thought that it would be regular poor people coming, not kamikaze huffing 'borg trolls wanting her to fix their 'ware by waving a magic wand over it. Who then proceeded to lose his drek when he found out it wasn't that simple.

Then just out of nowhere a sexy little thing with pink hair swooped into rescue her like something out of a trid. Then they kind of saved each other. It was all very romantic minus the ultra violence that had been inflicted on Sarah. Thank god for all that bioware Sarah had or she probably wouldn't have survived. Sarah had been ready to bounce when she woke up two days later but Trish was bound and determined not to let a good dead be punished (well any more then it already had been that is). She was going to take care of Sarah until she was good and healthy again, to which Sarah acquiesced easily enough. They both knew she really didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

Talking to her for the next few days as they came up on Christmas (2076? Whatever year last year was in game.) Trish found that she liked Sarah quite a bit, she was also impressed that she knew so much about medicine. Once she got better, barring any pressing plans Sarah might have, Trish was going to ask her to stay on at the clinic. Trish could sure use the help and she wasn't sure she was ready to let this crazy girl who fell into her life go so soon. Even if she was pretty vague about things of a personal nature.

Christmas eve Trish got away to do some "errands" which entailed going out to find some sort of Christmas present for Sarah. It was just intended as a thank you for saving my life, no really, that's all it was, nothing more, just a thank you, really. It took her some searching since she didn't have much money and tourist town wasn't exactly a shopping mecca eventually she found a little shop that did old fashioned actual hand made clothing. Trish ended up trading a bottle of anti anxiety meds and thirty scrip for a jacket for Sarah to replace the one that the troll destroyed.

It was the best she could do, and honestly she was embarrassed that she couldn't do better. She still had to mindset of growing up well off and that expensive = good. She just prayed that she wouldn't offend Sarah with it. On the way back home she couldn't help but think about how they had decorated the little plastic Christmas tree that had been donated to the clinic. How her heart beat when she brushed against Sarah. She knew right well that from her examination that Sarah had tailored pheromones so she took that into account, though it was beyond her why Sarah had thought she needed something like that.

The next morning Trish woke up feeling fairly excited, almost like when she was a kid. She really hoped Sarah would like her present, there was a good chance she'd die of shame if she didn't. She got up, got a quick shower and got dressed then went out to the recovery room where Sarah had been sleeping. "Merry Christmas." She said softly as she came in, not wanting to wake her if she was still sleeping. To Trish's surprise Sarah was gone. She furrowed her eyebrows a bit and walked around the clinic calling out for her, but nothing. She was just gone, not even a note.

Once she realized Sarah had left she sniffed and looked up at the roof to keep tears from spilling. After a few moments of composing herself she blinked them away and tossed the wrapped box with the jacket in it on one of the desks. "I guess I'll just give it to someone who looks like they need it." She said to no one sharply. "You should know better, you should fragging know better." She took a breath and went about getting the clinic ready to open.

A hour and thirty nine minutes later Trish was in the back when she heard the door chime. "Please take a seat I'll be with you in just a minute." She called out and closed down her 'link. "It's okay doc I won't take up to much time, it only hurts when I laugh..." Came the familiar voice from out front. "Sarah?" Trish asked quietly and hurried out front to see her standing there with a wrapped box and a smile, even though she looked pale and tired. "Then don't laugh, next patient." Trish said finishing the dopey joke with a warm smile.

"I got you something, just a little well y'know. To y'know say thank you for saving me and taking care of me. I...It, it means a lot to me. I just wanted you to know that." Sarah said fumbling a little bit with the words. "Oh!" Trish said and ran off, leaving Sarah standing there blinking, and her jaw may have gone a little slack from surprise. "huh"

Trish wasn't gone long though, she was back in the window with the present she bought Sarah. "I got you something for saving me too!" She said with an excited little smile. I hope she likes it, I hope she likes it, I hope she likes it kept running through her head nervously. She came out into the reception area and over to Sarah, very close to Sarah who didn't back off or seem against it at all. Trish leaned in to kiss her, this was it I...don't even know if she's lez. She thought a jolt of panic ripping through her as she was almost there. She couldn't remember Sarah ever eluding one way or the other as to her sexuality. So what would have been a beautiful kiss turned into an awkward hug with Trish's cheeks a bright red.

Sarah hugged her back as tightly as she could with broken ribs and smiled. Eventually they broke the hug and exchanged gifts. Trish muttering an apology before they even got them unwrapped. Sarah just kind of tore through the wrapper while Trish was slower and methodical about opening it. "Oh wiz, this is perfect!" Sarah exclaimed happily and hugged the jacket tightly rocking from side to side. "Totally the best thing I've ever been given. Thank you so much!" She hugged Trish again with one arm, and Trish kind of felt silly for worrying. Sarah was great she should have known she'd be happy about it. Once Sarah let go she prodded Trish to hurry up and open hers. From her look she was as worried as Trish had been.

Inside the box Trish found a lovely silver chain with three charms. A caduceus (the medical symbol), a four leaf clover, and a (faux) ruby heart. "Do you...Do you like it?" Sarah asked nervously. Trish looked up and smiled widely tears welling up in her eyes again. "It's beautiful, I love it. Thank you sweetie." Trish said and then kissed it. Sarah smiled happily and moved over to hold Trish's hair for her so she could put it on. Once it was on Sarah slipped on the jacket and did a little twirl, then gasped a bit as the pain of the move bled through her damage compensator.

Trish moved over to her and gingerly sat her down. "Worth it." She said with a small happy sounding laugh. "I thought that fit you so perfectly, the healer who I wish nothing but luck and love to." Trish smiled warmly and put her arm around Sarah's shoulders and gently tugged her over so she could lean against her shoulder. "I'll think about you every time I put it on." Sarah smiled. "Merry Christmas." Trish couldn't help herself and gave Sarah a light kiss on top of the head. "Merry Christmas."

Both of them still wear the gifts from that first Christmas together every day.
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