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I did end up putting Wren's last background point into Ally, which is less of a friend and more of a peculiar stalker.
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Thank you for the opportunity to apply. I appreciate any suggestions you might have.

Charles “C” Rodriguez
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Name: Charles “C” Rodriguez
Age: 19
Clan: Tremere

Appearance: People immediately see a tattooed homie. Multiple face tats evidence a life of vague criminality and bad decisions. Easily forgettable and dispensable, if not for those tats.

Personality: On the exterior, “C” is just as rough and idiotic as you would expect from a homeboy that grew up on the wrong side of Jack City. A quick temper comes with the neighborhood; with a life of “fronting” to keep up appearances. His interior was largely the same, until he met Father B.

Father B saw someone inside Charles that “C” didn’t know existed. Someone that could be accepted. Someone that was not letting everyone down. Someone that didn’t have to live with shame and disgrace anymore.

With a little prodding, and eight months later in a gang rehab program, Charles’s interior began to blossom, showing signs of the mind of a philosopher. Someone that thinks through ideas. And then Father B was shot dead, and the developing interior grinded to a halt.

Charles’s personality is now in-progress, showing signs of his rough past and potential for something else. He recently got work as a bouncer at the Discoteca Alba. Possibilities abound.

Goals: “C” will find and exact justice for the killing of Father B. This is high on his agenda, but doesn’t involve much thought. Other goals are more interior for Charles; searching for the ideas Father B promoted. Not so much Father B’s God, but something else; something perhaps Charles will now be able to find and understand in his unlife as a Tremere.

Stance on Humans: Humans should be both pitied and revered. They don’t know the truth, yet still have the capacity to believe, even if that belief is misguided. Part of the truth is that humans are food, the other part is that we are monsters.

Introduction: Looking around in silence somewhat menacingly, Charles gestured quickly toward his face with both hands - each in a thumbs-up shape. “I’m C.” Continuing to stare from face to face, mouth half-way open as if he was going to say more… but nothing more was said. After a pause, Charles looked down, apparently finished.

OOC: Why this character?: I’ve really enjoyed reading Tattoos on the Heart, a book about gang related outreach and rehabilitation. This character represents some of the stories in this book. I find it interesting to explore someone seeking out redemption through being a damned vampire.
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