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Old Oct 18th, 2014, 03:12 PM
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Our Stalwart Cannon Fodder

Please post your applications here.

(just go to your application post, click Edit, copy all, reply to this thread, paste, and post )
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Old Oct 18th, 2014, 03:16 PM
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Name : Khelon

Race : Human

Description : Standing at least six feet above the ground, Khelon is bald, brawny, and beautiful. A chiseled jawline holds up the rest of his strong features, namely a stoic nose flanked by eyes greener than healthy grass. He took to cutting his hair when he was barely a mature adult, and has since become permanently bald via genetic predisposition. Ragged facial hair rests under his prominent cheekbones, and the rest of his body has its fair share of follicles, but Khelon's crown is indistinguishable from a spruce sphere. He dresses in layers of hides and furs (constituting a sort of light armor), and carries a greatsword in leatherbound metal scabbard, with makeshift straps on a side to hold two javelins. A fur cap graces his lovely head, made of the same material as his boots.

Class : Barbarian

Icons : The High Druid, Positive

Background : Before taking up a greatsword and using his meaty muscles to win bread, Khelon was a diver. He held his breath and dove with his clan for various underwater delights, not limited to mussels, medicinal mollusks, and pearls. His family's specialty was the mollusks, and he would often accompany his sisters (he was his parents' only son) to settlements like Bustleton for bartering, predominantly serving to dissuade thieves and bandits from their craft. While on one of these trips, he was noticed by passing caravan guards, and took up employment protecting traders during the colder seasons, when the lakes would freeze over.

Uniqueness : He enjoys mosquito bites, but not to the point of actively seeking them out. They're so satisfying to itch and easy to ignore, for Khelon anyway. His sisters never understood.

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Old Oct 18th, 2014, 04:38 PM
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Name: Mushi Jasmine

Race: Tiefling

Class: Wizard

Description: Cloaked in robes and shadows most of the time, Mushi's features are difficult to make out. Medium-long hair pokes out from the top of his hood, ranging from silvery-white to a black that's almost blue. A sharp nose divides his narrow face, and neither beard nor mustache adorns the area. Much like his hair, his eyes almost seem to shift color from a silvery-gray or pale blue that almost looks human to a crimson that clearly betrays his ancestry. He is tall and thin, though he could easily be well muscled underneath his robe and no one would know. Mushi is both clever and charming, but be careful when trying to keep up with his knowledge of tea - or his sense of "humor".

Icons: The Archmage, positive

Background: Taken in as a student of a friend of the Archmage from a young age, Mushi has always sought knowledge, justice, and tea. His past as a professional researcher at a magical university gave him the skills to find what he wants to know, while his natural ability to curse his foes has given him a slightly violent sense of justice. His reputation as a tea-making prodigy has earned him friends the world over.

OUT: "I always prepare and serve tea exactly as it should be. No exceptions - even if sometimes the proper way to serve is to fling hot tea at a person's face. Such is the will of the gods."
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Old Oct 19th, 2014, 12:45 PM
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right-aligned image

Name: Tiko Egarè
Race: Halfling

Description: A wild swath of unusual silver hair tops Tiko's head, matching the scruff of his stubby beard. Grey eyes, barely darker than his hair, stand out from underneath a heavy brow. He is tall (for a halfling) and lean, with quick reflexes to match his lightning wit.

Class: Rogue

Icons: The elf queen, positive

Background: An orphan raised by the thieves' guild, Tiko has acted as a professional gambler (he cheats) and a cat burglar (he skims the take) before finding his true calling, as a con artist (perfection).

OUT: Tiko has tattoos on the backs of his hands, and is convinced that they are slowly changing over time. Nobody has been close enough to him for long enough for him to get confirmation of this, however, and he's half afraid he's simply going mad.

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Old Oct 20th, 2014, 01:00 AM
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Name: Malik Trener

Race: Dark Elf

Description: Malik is not a tall or imposing man, only 5’ tall and thin as a whip. He has the dark skin and light hair typical of his race with a long, black streak starting at each of his temples. He wears his hair long and pulled back giving clear view of his sharp nose and red eyes while also causing him to have a mild resemblance to a skunk. He dresses simply in heavy traveling cloths and large, well made waterproof boots as if he was about to slog through a swamp. Around his neck is a pendant with a sphere unevenly quartered, which few will recognize as the Sphere of Orthus. Attached to a wide, black belt on his waist, near a small pouch where he keeps his valuables, is a large nasty looking knife in a simple leather scabbard.

Class: Cleric


The Priestess, Positive


While many Dark Elves, especially those who live deep in the earth, have fallen to worship of a loathsome demon there still exists a few shrines to the gods of old who the majority of Dark Elves worshipped back when they were more cooperative with their Wood and High Elven beretheren. One such god is Orthus, a god who has had only one priest for generations. Malik was raised to be that priest since childhood, including an extensive education in Santa Cora.


Malik was chosen to be the newest priest of Orthus the same way all preists are chosen: they are prophesized to be so on the day they are born. Malik’s prophecy is a little different than most, his states that he will be the last lone priest of Orthus. It is the word ‘lone’ in the prophecy that gives him and his father hope. It may be that he will simply die before passing the rites on, letting the worship of Orthus vanish from the world forever, but it may also be that he will go on to found a new church and usher in a new age of hope.
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