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Old Dec 12th, 2009, 05:43 PM
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Eight-hundred and ninety-three years ago, six great heroes combated a terrible evil. The quest to defeat this horror took years, and the final battle lasted for three days without end. Though they prevailed, it was at a great cost. Two of their own were killed by the beast, their souls crushed and devoured to fuel its rampage, and the land was in turmoil.

Resolving to save the land from the inevitable anarchy, and to raise a new generation who would make sure the same sort of tragedy never happened again, the remaining four founded a school to train adventurers of all size and kind. The students would be taught the ways of combat, and of honor, virtue, and generosity. Over time, these students were organized into a guild who were not just strong on the battlefield, but of heart and soul, as well. This was the founding of the Trailblazers.

"Adventurers." The man before you stands just over seven feet tall. His gray skin and prominent tusks give away his heritage. A long scar runs down his cheek and along the side of his neck, disappearing beneath his platemail. "Brave or foolish individuals who travel across the realms delving into ancient tombs, fighting terrible monsters and defeating evil men who would bend the world to their whims, returning home with riches and glory." He twirls a Dragon between his fingers. Many eyes follow the movement of the small shining coin, more money than most people have seen in their lives. He clenches his fist around it, startling most everyone with the sudden motion. "Small wonder that the lifestyle attracts so many headstrong youths. It is a lucrative life, but a dangerous one. For every hero who emerges victorious, there are many who fall, to monsters or traps, or cowardice. But those who come prepared, with the right skills and the right allies, may yet survive."
You are a young would-be adventurer. But you are more than that. For reasons of your own, you have interest in a long-standing adventurer's guild known as the Trailblazers. But they are more than simply soldiers swinging swords or mages throwing fireballs; The Trailblazers hold themselves to a higher standard. They are one part mercenary corps, one part law enforcement, and one part adventurer's guild.

Should you be accepted, you and a group of individuals you are matched with based on your skillsets shall be employed as a Trailblazer party (often called an Expedition), and given mission with tasks to complete. You will work together as a group, and form a bond with your fellow Trailblazers as strong as family. They will be your companions. You will share the rewards for your successes, and the dangers of failure, and when one of you falls, the others will bring you back to be raised. Not even death will break an Expedition's bonds.

You don't know what your first assignment will be, but whatever it is, you'll be ready.
Well, I'm back folks, once again. And I've got another game I want to play. I have recently acquired Pathfinder, and would very much like to play. The concept is one I've been rolling around in my head for a while, and it should be a nice way for me to get back into the groove of DMing.

For those of you that know how I DM, all my standards still apply, go ahead and skip the rest of this paragraph. For the rest of you, it should be a fairly simple affair. I'm looking for mature, at least moderately reliable players with a solid grasp of tabletop roleplaying and the English language. I've stopped listing rules, because all of my rules can be whittled down to a single sentence. I want this to be fun for all my players, and I will not tolerate anyone ruining it for everyone else.
Game InformationGame Name: Heroes Do More Than Fight
System: Pathfinder
Game Master: Prometheus
Players: 4 to 6
Campaign Setting: Pathfinder Core, mostly.
Applications Due: Saturday, December 12th, 2009, 12:01 PM, PST

Character CreationLevel 1
Stats: Heroic (2d6+6)
Starting Gold: 150 gp
Alignment: Any willing to work for a NG Adventurers' Guild.
Classes/Races: Core

OOC-Application FormCharacter Name:


In-Character ApplicationWhy are you interested in the Trailblazers?
Why should the Trailblazers be interested in you?

Feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns.

Still impossible to kill,
DM of Beyond Evergrove
Player in Out of the Abyss
Status (3/26/18): On a short hiatus. Work + allergies + probably sick.
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