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Old 12-13-2017, 03:06 PM
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So some background information:In an activate game I play a homebrew demon race created by the DM called Negarians. (Physically think Nergle from the Billy and Mandy cartoon show). Now Negarian's all without exception have an odd personality quirk about them that define who they are as a person. This quirk is amplified to the umpteenth degree to where no matter what quirk it is the Negarian in question will come off as very odd. It is different for each Negarian.

Now my negarian's name was Gary and the DM asked me to pick his quirk. Me being a cheeky fellow decided I would make him a nihilist because I had decided to play the parties healer and the idea of playing a healer who thought life was pointless and that we are all going to die anyway struck me as interest. The DM agreed, but added the caveat that I make Gary a happy nihilist. I decided to take this one step further and made Gary's personality and mannerism a fusion of Mr. Rodgers, Ned Flanders, and Bob Ross just for utter sngs.

Now Gary is happy that life doesn't matter and that everyone will die at some point. He makes no qualms about telling other people this regularly. Ironically I began using this rhetoric as a sort of inspiration to assist other party members by basically telling them all the horrible things that were happening to them didn't mean anything and that they should do whatever they wanted because life did not mean anything and they were all going to die.

Thus we have set the stage......

The scene:The party has entered into a dungeon room with a very large female demon guarding it. She poses us a riddle saying that if we answer incorrectly that she will kill us all. Naturally we as the players suck at riddles and a fight breaks out. This demon happens to be able to manipulate darkness and quickly envelopes the room in a freezing darkness making everyone in the party blind and slowly taking cold damage. Now Gary this whole time is calmly and happily healing his team mates where he can. He is also immune to the darkness effects thanks to his race making him literally the only one on his team who can really do anything.

The demon female notices this and naturally Gary engages her in friendly dialogue despite her repeatedly failed attempts to slay his allies. (She quickly notices Gary is the healer and zeros in on him.) The demoness swears that she would kill Gary first and Gary happily responds "That's the spirit!" So the fight continues and after several tense rounds another of the player's character fall unconscious due to dropping below 0 HP. At this point everyone else in the party with the exception of Gary is seriously wounded. Upon seeing the PC drop unconscious, the demons dismisses her darkness and tells Gary that she failed to keep her promise to him since she has killed someone else before him. She declares that she will let the remaining PC's pass safely.

Now out of game I knew the PC wasn't dead yet and I suspected our DM was being lenient to us for trying to fight something we shouldn't have. But in game Gary also knew the PC was not dead and I couldn't help myself.

Demon - "You can leave. I killed another before I killed you."
Gary - "Oh no no no. You can't give up so easily. She isn't dead I assure you. She is just unconscious. Now come on and try to kill me again!"
DM - Looks at me as the player with a stupified look of "Did you really just do that?"
Other Players - Sending me equal parts death glares and resisting the urge to bust out laughing
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Old 12-21-2017, 11:01 PM
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OOCoh my. I'm not beating that one
I solemnly swear I am up to absolutely no good
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Old 05-01-2018, 01:01 PM
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Just scrolling through these forums, thought I'd like to add something to them. And boy do I have some stupidity to add lol

My worst/best idiot moment was on my very first ever character, in my very first ever D&D game. We were in a cave/dungeon area, and I had just found a dragon egg that some Orcs had been keeping. And since I personally love dragons, I thought I had a new pet that I could raise and basically become Eragon. Yeah... No. I kept the egg while we cleared out the cave/dungeon, and at the end we stumbled across.... a black dragon. An ancient black dragon. Seeing as how I personally know 99% of all black dragons are evil, but my character did not... I thought it would be a great idea to convince this dragon to let me basically adopt its unhatched child. Nope. The dragon told me I was stupid, then told us to leave and don't come back, because if we do come back it would murder us. So we left, but as we were leaving we noticed a rather large group of militia men, and we asked what they were doing. They said they were coming to kill the dragon, and that they had some weird special dagger that could do it. So, me being me and being obsessed with dragons, I rushed back into the cave/dungeon and quickly told the dragon that it was in danger and it should leave.

Remember how it had said it would kill us if we came back? Yeah.....
I got oneshot with ancient black dragon acid breath.

I'm not mad though. I got to see an ancient black dragon. Totally worth the death.
DM:*Rolls Random Dice*
Party: *Trembles In Fear* WHY ARE YOU ROLLING???
DM:*Smiles* Oh, No Reason.
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Old 07-25-2019, 10:51 AM
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Valuable lore

Not so much an idiot PC as a DM going along with it, but I still giggle when I think about it. Hope it's not too long a read for a minor laugh...

The StoryTo warm up and get to know each other at the start of our campaign, we had to travel through a cold mountain range from our starter town to some forgotten country and go and generally do good, and were forewarned that there might be vicious, horrible owl-bears eating adventurers at night. So we asked our ranger/scout how best to avoid such creatures while traveling: perhaps he knew of a repellent of some sort?

So, proceeding to fail horribly at his knowledge: nature check, he rummages through his starter equipment pack, and comes up with the ancient and well-known tidbit of lore that compound butter (for lack of a better translation: butter with garlic and herbs in) is a quite efficient repellent for owl-bears (though it might attract other creatures), and most effective when rubbed/spread all over one's body.
Anyway, being our scout who had rolled an abhorringly average intelligence and wisdom score but was pretty good charisma-wise (turned out, he was actually a rogue, and managed to convince us he was an experienced scout of the tundra-lands), he managed to convince the entire party to cover themselves in garliccy butter for the rest of the trip.
Come nightfall, the DM rolls for the random chance of an encounter, with extra chances for owlbears. Naturally, as these things go, no monsters showed up. Anxious to have a laugh at our "scout" getting found out, he has us roll every watch, every night, for the rest of the journey. We did come across a party of goblins, but admittedly "at least they were not owlbears; this stuff definitely works. Trust me, as a scout I know what I'm talking about".

So, sticky and smelling of weeks-old rancid butter and garlic, we arrive at our destination and set to our good works. And, as doing good generally goes, after a while we hightail it out of there, and set back out the way we came, through the mountains:

- The party: "Before we move through the rest of the mountain range, we all cover ourselves, and our pack-pony, again in compound butter to keep the owl-bears away."
- DM: "You check your bagage, but since none of you remembered to stock a new supply of butter, and your starter's equipment didn't contain that much butter in the first place (you even had to succeed a luck roll to see if you had any at all), it seems you ran out on the way over here."
- The party: "Well, we'll just have to continue and hope we'll be fine. We were doubtfull about the whole butter-thing from the start anyway".

And thus, as clichés go, the first night we roll again for encounters: lo and behold, we roll straight up for an owl-bear to come blundering through our camp.
Naturally, our scouts reputation after this ordeal was rock-solid, and for the rest of the campaign the party has travelled through anything resembling mountains covered in compound butter, with the first order of business when coming to a town or city being to buy more butter. Some merchants did ask what we needed so much for, and after some explanation saw the merit, spreading this vital new knowledge through the lands and making compound butter much harder to come by. Eventually they even stopped looking at us strangely, and just said "That smell... you must be adventurers travelling to the mountains."

We never did encounter an owl-bear ever again.

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Old 07-25-2019, 05:01 PM
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So this happened during my first ever serious outage into DMing a game...

Party sitting in drinking happily in a tavern, when a fight erupts between a gang of goblins and some shady human types. The party is sat square in the middle of the groups and manages to extract themselves without getting involved. So there they are pressed up against a wall with nowhere to escape watching the brawl unfold. In my planning, I had envisaged eventually forcing them to choose a side in order to lead the campaign into a gang warfare direction. Unbeknownst to me, the wizard would have other ideas. Out comes a flaming sphere spell, tearing across the tavern, setting things on fire and burninating a bunch from both sides.

Both groups make a hasty exit whilst casting glares at the party. Ok, initial plot derailed. It's ok. I will save it!

I tell the party they hear the bells of the approaching guard. So surrounded by burning tavern, they quite rightly go to escape. They head outside, to remember that the setting is Sharn.... The tavern is also placed on a lone spire, and there isnt exactly a route to escape to, especially since they werent toting their full adventuring gear. So, rather than stay and explain the situation to the guard and maybe try and sweet talk their way out of it with the 'Good intentions' routine. No. They think, "well ****, in for a penny, in for a pound" and proceed to fight the guard.

So they have an inferno behind them, a plummet to their deaths to either side, and a fight against the city guard ahead of them. I think i shut down at this point, because i don't remember how i let them get away with it (first campaign i ever started, i wasn't eager to end on our FIRST SESSION), but i did. It was the death of the campaign though, because it essentially derailed into all kinds of tom foolery and i gave up a few sessions later. It took me some serious willpower to get back up on that horse and try again, but i am glad i did because i discovered that i also love DMing ..... from the later experiences... not that one...
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Old 09-10-2019, 07:00 PM
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Setting the Scene:After having activated an ancient dwarven mechanism which we had no clue what it would actually do, we discovered the "sewers" beneath the massive trade city above us were actually one giant machine design to allow the city to fly. (Think Borderlands) Very quickly we learned that someone else had already gained control of the main "bridge" of the ship and that it was too well guarded for us to assault. Golems were currently wandering the "sewers" slaughtering any living creature not wearing a specific magical crest.

Barricading ourselves in the main engineering room we had used earlier to activate the flying city, we debated our best course of action. While doing so, one of our player's is holding on to the big lever labeled "Purge" thinking that if enemies arrived he could threaten to pull it in order to stall for time. (Again, we have no idea what would actually happen if we pulled it. In character we thought it might wipe out living things on the floor we were on) We decided that we should escape as this is way above our pay grade but that we would try to hide out in the room until things died down.

There were only two ways in or out of the room. The first was a large pressured vault door and the second was a thick glass viewing pane. We decide that if worst comes to worst we would jump out the window and feather fall our way down. In comes the most amusing and destructive "accident" I've seen in a game in a long while........



Good times.......
~ To be alive is not to live; living requires reaching beyond survival for something more. Reach for that something and find what dreams breath life into your existence. ~
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