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Old 09-13-2019, 10:02 AM
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Been thinking about joining this game for some time now!

WIP Application
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Name: Thomdril Deepvein

Race: Shield Dwarf

Class: Fighter (Battle Master)

Description: Though exceptionally tall and wide for a dwarf, Thomdril or 'Fat Thom' as his friends affectionally called him, had a bulk and strength that was simply built for the mines. He stands at a dizzying height of 5'2, towering over most of his miner folk, with shoulders as wide as two dwarves. He possesses both the power and the stubbornness of an owlbear, but rarely uses it in anger. He's more prone to falling in a ditch drunk, as he is wont to spend many a night carousing and bumping tankards with his mates. After being the only survivor of a particularly gruesome cave-in however, Thom has grown a bit more morose and somber. He spent several months on his own under the lightless shafts of the great mines of Ograhnn, learning to survive and fend for himself and increasingly got good at it; yet part of his mind was broken. He suffers from terrors and nightmares, especially when he is surrounded in darkness; he hears whispers and voices from it sometimes, thinking they are from the loved ones he lost in the mines, beckoning to him.

Background: From Elemental EvilEarthspur Miner
Personality: I hate the horrors of the Underdark with a passion. They took my friends and family and almost got me. The enemy of my enemy is my friend; I can part with almost anyone provided they weren't responsible for what had happened to me.
Ideal: Fate. Everything happens for a reason. Moradin wants me alive still, so I'm damn well gonna live my life to the full; but I'd be thrice damned if I didn't try to avenge me mates.
Bond: Moments before the cave-in occurred, I heard the unmistakable sound of drow talking in their language. From the words I made out, I hold them responsible for all those deaths.
Flaw: I hate to admit it, but I'm afraid of the dark.

I'm happy to supply more should you need it!Brief Background: Back when the miners were forced to deal with the denizens of the Underdark in times of boundary disputes or illegal transactions, Thom had gained a workable understanding of their language. That was probably the only reason he had survived the explosion that day, for he was running to warn his superiors about spies before everything else happened. Now, Fat Thom uses his skills in that tongue to track down his enemies; the drow who were behind that tragic mishap that seemed to have happened so long ago, now. He didn't understand all the details, but all he knew was that there would be a meeting at a place called 'Bhaerynden'. Whoever they were and whatever their reasons were for killing everyone he loved, Thom would get his answers no matter the cost.
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Old Yesterday, 12:37 PM
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Interest, WIP

| Leo|

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Old Yesterday, 03:34 PM
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Name: Baldrum Kegbreaker

Class: Wizard

Race: Shield Dwarf


Reason for being in the Underdark: Baldrum is both a wizard and a brewer, and many of the finest ingredients for his drinks and spells can only be found deep underground. Although he rarely goes unaccompanied, a dwarf by the name of Brandabar Breadwine brought to his attention a particularly poisonous mushroom that could be used both as an ingredient for his Stout, but as a fine replacement for some of his more dangerous concoctions. Unable to secure a group to sally forth down into the dark with, he has began the journey on his own to seek out the exotic components he needs.

Roleplaying Sample:

With no true morning or night in the Underdark, Baldrum has been limited to relying on his own internal since of time. Slowly and cautiously he wiggles his way from beneath the overhang that he took cover in during his rest. Reaching back into the snug hole, he drags out his bag and equipment that he tucked further back to prevent on sneakthiefs from running off with while he caught up on his sleep. His fourth day in the Underdark in search of mushrooms and other fungus for his brews had proved fruitless.

What a fine mess I'm in, he thought to himself as he took a swig from his aleskin.

With nothing to show for his expedition, and no armed support to allow him to travel much further, he began to debate on whether it was very smart to venture forth. He had the supplies for another week or so at least, and could stretch them further, although he would need to seek out a safe source of water if he planned on going for more than a day or two.

In his head he began to debate with himself, having no one to talk it over with, and having no inkling to start trekking off in no particular direction without a hint at which way he might find his prize.

It is a short walk back home. Mayhaps you will find some fools willing to travel back this way. More sets of eyes make less work after all. Doesn't hurt to have someone keeping watch neither.

True, but on the other hand I did plan for another few days before returning, and I have nothing to show for it. I hate a wasted effort. Besides, I have made it so far.

Better a wasted effort, then a lost effort when something crawls out of a hole at night and slits your throat. Don't fool yourself into thinking it isn't so dangerous just because you got by this far.

"Two more days, I give it two more days of searching before I turn my behind around and march back..." he said firmly to himself. Slipping on his armor, and grabbing a hold of his ax, Baldrum made ready to depart just a little further into the Underdark, in hopes of finding a water source, likely also the location of those mushrooms.
“Bless me Father, I ate a lizard.” - Brother Francis Gerard, A Canticle for Leibowitz
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