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Old 12-14-2012, 10:56 PM
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The Calendar

Many cultures have local calendars, but just like Common as a language there is a fairly universal calendar that anyone will be able to relate to. In the common calendar year one is the first year the calendar was utilized.

Most of the KKoD Games occur in a known as the Age of Peace. Though war and strife occur, the name was coined by virtue of it being the quiet era of history following the defeat of the great historical villain Nevermore. Current historians use the shorthand "A.P." in calendars, with "B.A.P" for the years Before the Age of Peace.

The Numbers1 year = 12 months
1 year = 72 weeks
1 year = 360 days

1 month = 6 weeks
1 month = 30 days

1 week = 5 days

The Days of the WeekLuan

The Months
left-aligned image
The year begins at the start of winter.
Month (Birthstone)
Firstmonth (Tourmaline)
Midwinter (Emerald)
Deadtime (Garnet)
Frostmelt (Sapphire)
Blooming (Topaz)
Alderbotten (Turquoise)
Showers (Opal)
Midsummer (Hematite)
Uanmes (Agate)
Leafall (Diamond)
Harvestmoons (Ruby)
Darkening (Malachite)

The Moons
right-aligned image
There are two moons that run so constant, clocks and calendars are set by them. One moon, of blue hue, rises alone during winter. The other, of green, during summer. During fall and spring they share the night sky. The wintermoon is generally referred to as Gorm. The summermoon is known as Glas.

The first day of winter is marked by the setting of the Summermoon the last night of Darkening.
The morning after the rising of the summermoon is the first day of spring.
The first day of summer follows the setting of the wintermoon.
Autumn begins when the wintermoon rises again.

The world is an inherently magical place. Much of that is attributed to these moons, though their positions in the sky don't affect casting. Whenever one moon sets or rises, when they are equal and when they reach their apex the weather gets bizarre and magical.

The Age of Peace [1 A.P. to present] follows the largely unremarkable time after Nevermore's fall when the world was reeling from its brush with near destruction. The need to rebuild, repopulate, and recover from such a great tragedy smoothed the temperament of most good aligned races. Old rivalries were put aside. Only lingering grudges remained of the ancient blood-feuds as the need to keep those wishing to fill the power vacuum at bay and restore good and order in the world took precedence. The Age of Peace has been so placid, much of the world has been lulled into a sense of tranquility so great the average person considers the stories of the Era of Sorrow to be fabricated myth, or over exaggerated stories meant to scare people into good behavior.

The Era of Sorrow [50 B.A.P. to 0 B.A.P] records the tragedy of Nevermore's reign. Civilization, good, and freedom were nearly snuffed out. The Era of Sorrow ended when a band of intrepid heroes, the final hope for the forces of good, defeated Nevermore in a one-way mission.

The Enmity Age [(approximately 1000 B.A.P) to 50 B.A.P] marked a period of strife on the disc when nearly every nation, race, tribe, clan, and species was at war. Warlords, powerful wizards, kings, and chiefs were in constant struggle over territory, property, and prestige. It was in these wars many racial prejudices, such as the uneasy relationships between Dwarves and Elves, formed. The strife lasted for generations and came to an end not because of the ushering in of peace, but due to the iron gripped despotism of Nevermore's rise to power. Once Nevermore's claim to the entire disc was effectively unchallenged, it ushered in the fifty darkest years in recorded history.

The Lost Times [Prehistory to approximately 1000 B.A.P] is so named for the uncertainty of the time. Though scraps of prehistory remain, and it is clear all manner of people, creatures, magical beasts, etc. have existed for millennia... record of those times were destroyed or lost. The constant warfare of the Enmity Age and the desolation of the Era of Sorrow were responsible for the destruction of libraries, constant and continual loss of life, exodus by powerful beings to other planes, and all manner of small and large losses of information. With records lost, it is only the memory of some of the longer lived races which contributes to reconstructing the past.
Who is truly a hero?
One who will lay down his life for his friend. Not for millions, not for glory, not for fame. For one person. In the dark, where no one will ever know or see.

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